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Notes: This story verse is pretty much the same as in Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki for readers of the original work but with some obvious changes.

Update: I changed Hiruzen's, Danzo's, Tsunade's and Kushina's Power Ranks with the addition of the SS and X rank's

Introduction Arc

Chapter One: Council Meeting Drama in aftermath of Destruction

It was the aftermath of the Kyubi attack that saw many Shinobi Adept and Civilians dead as Konoha's forced led by Hiruzen Sarutobi, Danzo Shimaru and Minato Namikaze led a successful though costly defense of their city against the mighty Biju Kyubi no Kitsune. Kyubi also known as Kushina Uzumaki had been put under a powerful Genjutsu by apparently the thought to be dead Obito Uchiha now going by the name of Tobi and went on a forced rampage against the city she loved. The rampage stopped once Minato Namikaze freed her from Obito's control she still had no clue why the man she had seen as a son did what he did and gave his soul to Shingami Sama in exchange for also consuming Obito or as he had been calling himself Tobi's soul as well. Now the aftermath of Kushina's whom could be either male or as she preferred to be seen female when in her human and humanoid forms not in her genderless true form was to be discussed as well as the fate of Kyubi's and Minato's son Naruto.

The Konoha High Council consisted of three parts officially The Hokage whom was the head of the council and vested with quite a bit of power over itself and executive veto power over its decisions was the first part of the council. Currently the Hokage was the reinstated third Hokage the Mid SS ranked Hiruzen Sarutobi whom was once Hokage prior to Minato being Hokage and thus it was natural to place him in charge once more. The next part of the council were the clan heads of Konoha's most important clan's wealthy and influential enough to have a seat on its government.

Currently the Clan Council consisted of the following 15 members

29-year-old Upper A ranked Jonin Shibi Aburame was the current head of the Aburame clan and thus a member of the council

28-year-old Upper A ranked Jonin Choza Akimichi was the current head of the Akimichi clan and thus a member of the council

currently the Hatake Clan seat was held by 25-year-old Low S ranked Kikyo Hatake an Jonin and also a very powerful Miko

sitting on the Hyuga seat was 31-year-old Mid S ranked Hiashi Hyuga the head of the both the Hyuga clan itself and its main house

sitting on the seat occupied by the Inuzuka clans head was the 26-year-old Jonin Kunoichi the Mid S ranked Tsume Inuzuka

Currently sitting on the Namikaze seat was as before Mid S ranked Minako Namikaze the 25-year-old older Jonin sister of Minato Namikaze the deceased ex Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure she looked a lot like her brother save she was female and didn't hate Kushina for her part in last nights' events.

sitting on the Kurama clan seat was 50-year-old Mid A ranked Unkai Kurama an Jonin taking over charge of said clan after the death of his son Kazama Kurama whom died during the Kyubi attack

28-year-old Low S ranked Jonin Shikaku Nara was the head of the Nara clan and as such was a member of the council he is also the commander of Konoha's Shinobi forces answerable only to the Hokage

18-year-old Low A ranked Asuma Sarutobi sat on the Sarutobi clan seat a position formerly occupied by his father Hiruzen Sarutobi but granted to the young Jonin as a test by both Hiruzen and the rest of the Sarutobi clan as a test this was his first council meeting.

Sitting on the Senju Seat was 70-year-old Mid SS ranked Tsunade Senju the current head of the Senju clan a powerful Medic-Nin in charge of Konoha's Medical facilities she like Kikyo held the powers of an Miko. Also despite her advance age the daughter of Hashirama Senju retained her youth because of her Senju Blood granting her Eternal Youth and a advance healing factor she could only die in battle.

The 23-year-old Mid S ranked Akira Shihoin was the head of the Shihoin clan and unlike the others in the room the beautiful Jonin had dark skin to match her purple hair both features that ran strong in her clan's blood.

Sitting still on the Shimaru seat was the 60-year-old Low SS ranked Danzo Shimaru the oldest member of the Shinobi Council and a bit of an extremist though everything he has done he has done for his beloved homeland. He was also known as the Shinobi of Darkness and the head of the secretive Root Branch of Konoha ANBU founded by Tobirama Senju his mentor and second Hokage

The Uchiha clan head was 29-year-old Mid A ranked Fugaku Uchiha whom seemed a bit nervous as he has heard about Obito's of all people involvement in last night's events he hoped the repercussions of his now truly dead kinsmen's very surprising actions were not too severe.

Sitting on the Uzumaki seat though a adopted member of said clan and despite the clan currently being the smallest in Konoha but important enough due to a treaty between the two allied City States of Konoha and Uzushio was the Kyubi Kushina Uzumaki. It should be noted that the still grieving and guilt stricken despite the reinsurances of her friends that the attack was not her fault mother was currently holding her newborn son Naruto Uzumaki as he was to be called a Half Biju. Of course she like the rest of her Biju Kin was above S rank in power she was Mid X rank and very proud of her great power

Finally siting on the Yamanaka Clan Seat was 27-year-old Upper A ranked Inoichi Yamanaka head of said clan and a powerful Jonin and a key member of Konohagakure's Intelligence division.

The 30-member Civilian Council consisted of Civilian Councilmen career elected politicians whom ran things that the Clan Council didn't namely civilian affairs. Both Councils had the right to vote on things that affected them enough and if the Hokage allowed it as it was he whom was the leader of both Councils. They were in name still subordinate to the Hokage and like the rest of Konoha's High Council including the Hokage answerable to the powerful Fire Lord currently in charge of the greater Land of Fire. Just as the last of the Civilians sat down the reinstated Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi a Shinobi by career choice but Adept by virtue of his powerful Chakra stood up preparing to speak to the High Council flanked by advisors Koharu and Homura and their guest Ozai Oda the current Fire Lord.

"Now that we are all seated I am going to make one thing clear before we continue especially to you civilians as some of you are under suspicion still but for now we shall bring up the matter of Minato Namikaze our former Hokage and in one case secret husband" spoke Hiruzen solemnly. He and Ozai both gave Kushina reassuring looks of empathy for her loses as she sat uncomfortably under their gaze still feeling a great deal of guilt for her role in last night's events despite it not being her fault. Both Hiruzen and Ozai knew how close Kushina had been to the majority of Konoha's and the Land of Fire' Adept and Yokai population as her cover had been that she was a Kitsune blood adopted as she was by the Uzumaki family. They also knew that this was the second adopted son of the Kyubi to go rogue the first being Orochimaru now Obito the last person anyone expected to be a traitor had been revealed as a traitor.

There was still her Adopted Son InuYasha a Inu Yokai Hanyo whom she adopted along with Karin Uzumaki sent unknowns to her but known to Hiruzen, Ozai and Danzo their way secretly by Orochimaru whom still cared for his mother figure and was secretly still loyal to Konoha despite the staged events surrounding his supposed exile. Though to be fair he actually did found Otogakure in the Land of Sound as a place where outcasts and other less fortunate or unwanted Adepts, Hanyo and Yokai could live and prosper and couldn't return anymore due to that. Anyways back to the meeting WE SHOULD PUNISH THAT DEMONESS FOR ATTACKING US shouted a fat Merchant whom was part of the Civilian Council getting glares from the Clan council and the Mebuki Haruno led half of the Civilian council. Said merchant was part of the Aki Haruno led half of the Civilian council that was responsible for a majority of the Hokage's headaches.

"No we will not Councilmen Taka she was not acting under own accord and any whom shall harm her or her son the Yondaime's heir shall be punished by death Minato's family has suffered enough" said Hiruzen as both Kushina and Minaka sent him grateful looks that he returned with a smile. The Aki led half of the Civilian council evenly divided in half between her followers and that of her sister Mebuki Haruno both sisters were Adepts Aki Low A rank and Mebuki Mid A rank both Jonin's though their family was not part of the Clan Council. BUT STILL THE HUSBAND STEALING BTICH SHOULD PAY AND HER ABOMINATON OF A SON SHOULD BE PUT TO DEATH shouted or rather shrieked Aki loudly. All even her own followers winced at the volume and she got glares from quite a lot of people for her words though her own followers nodded in agreement.

Danzo rose though only possessing one arm due to a accident early in his career and one eye the old Warhawk as he had been called for his militant though undeniably patriotic views actually glared at Aki and then turned to Kushina. "I nor ROOT will allow that to happen Kushina and her son are too valuable to Konoha to kill off Councilwoman Aki and besides you have no place in deciding punishment to her giving her status as a vassal of the Land of Fire and Shinobi of Konohagakure" said Danzo his tone cold and hard as he stared at Aki with his one eye. Aki glared back but sat back down as did Danzo before shooting Kushina a look that said she had his support. "Yes, Aki San all of my Kingdoms Vassals are under my protection and only I may decide their fates she didn't choose to attack us willingly and I know she wouldn't have done so by choice so try and tempt me I will not be merciful to any whom would harm my vassals or their families" said Ozai.

The meeting continued for quite a while eventually concluding with Kushina being able to keep her son and raise him in the Uzumaki Clan Grounds and ensured his enrollment in the Konoha Adept Academy when he got old enough.

End of Chapter

That's it for the chapter now for Questions and Answers!

Question One: Why is the Kyubi Kushina?

Answer: Kushina is indeed the Kyubi in this story no you have not misheard though being a Biju she actually is genderless she just prefers to see herself as female and prefers her Female Human and Female Humanoid forms over the male versions of those forms. All Biju can turn into those forms in addition to their true genderless Biju forms and Of course in this rewrite Kyubi being Naruto's mother will not be part of his harem.

Question Two: Why start over when you got so far with Chronicles of Naruto?

Answer: Because the plot was not going to my liking and I wanted to start fresh somewhat sorry if this bothers readers whom were enjoying the story and I do apologize to them for any serious problems this may have caused the but that's how things roll.

That's it for today see you all next post wherever that may be!