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Katie's perspective:

What the heck? Everyone was looking at me like I'm broken. I'm fine, I just never get hungry anymore and you shouldn't eat when your not hungry. But, Kendall... I disappointed him. I never want to do that again- I'll try to get "better". Only for him. I don't know who thought making residential hospitals was a good idea, but I guess I'm about to test their theory.

-2 weeks later-

Here we are, outside my hospital prison. I think Kendall might scream, or cry...he might just explode. I wouldnt blame him, who could have ever seen this coming? I just couldnt bring myself to walk in.

Just before I walked in, something made me jump, "Katie!" Kendall exclaimed, forcefully but not harsh. "Come talk to me in the car." I agreed without a second thought and we walked to the van. I'm going to tell that I never knew my brother was so full of surprises. I assumed Kendall just wanted to say goodbye alone since he is so against showing emotion in front of the guys but the engine roared and soon we were taking off down the road.

"Kendall, where are we going?" I asked concerned.

"I'm not ready to send you off to life at a hospital, baby sister, I just can't so we are going to spend a little more time together because I don't know when we'll be able to again."

"That's so sweet, big brother," I whispered, eyes watered. "But I asked where we were going..."

Kendall laughed, "Your favorite place for us to go- the natural history museum!" I smiled, only Kendall could bring out the real me. I'm a gigantic nerd but no one but Kendall, my mom and my teachers would know that.

-3 1/2 hours later-

Walking out of the museum with my hands full of souvenirs Kendall bought me, the reality that I hadn't escaped going to the hospital hit me. How would I fit in with a bunch of possibly dying children? Am I actually in the same situation? I wanted to tell Kendall how I was feeling and was about to when someone high beams shined in my face...

Kendall's perspective:

I could have sworn I was just in the car with Katie so why am I in a hospital bed? Gosh, everything hurts right now. Squeezing my eyes shut and letting out a soft moan, I tried to remember what had and happened in the car...and my birthday.

"Kendall, dude open your eyes." I knew that voice, my friend...my friend...god, what is wrong with my brain? I relaxed and open my eyes, only to slam them back shut.

"James, don't rush him! Relax as long as you would like, buddy." Logan whispered, he was going to be a great doctor. Wait...I remember his name! There you go brain, that's how you work!

"Thanks Loges," My coarse voice caused to me cringe as I opened my eyes.

"Kendall, your awake!" Carlos squealed. He sounds like a little kid on Christmas.

"Yeah, buddy. I just have a question..."

"A car ran a red light, not seeing you- he slammed on his breaks but still hit you." Logan interrupted. His explanation brought the real experience rushing back to my brain, but he should let me finish because that wasn't my question.

"I was gonna ask what my last name is but, um, thanks" I replied. It was weird how many gaps were in my memory. I knew I was Kendall from the band Big Time Rush, my bandmates/best friends were James, Logan, and Carlos. We were hockey players in Minnesota before we came out to California. My dad died so we all lived in the Palms Woods with just my mom and my little sister Katie- KATIE! The whole reason we came to the hospital the first time, my adorable, precious baby sister had an eating disorder. Oh my god, why couldn't I forget how sick and fragile she looked when we all found out? That was all I remembered, that and bringing Katie to the hospital, taking her to the museum, the crash- if I hadn't taken her, there would've never been a crash. I-she-we would have been unharmed, minus the anorexia project.

"Kendall," James started, bringing my attention back to the room. "You really don't remember your last name?" I shook my head shamefully and he gave me a sad smile, "It's Knight."

I laughed gently, "That's so cool, Kendall Knight- my initials are KK. Same with Katie...where is she? I'm going there now!" My smile dissipated as I demanded for my little sister. The boys understood though and easily agreed to show me the way.

-Jordi's perspective-2 hours ago-

Things have been weird since Emma left. We were all sit in the swamp in complete silence without her. Even Kara shut her mouth for a change, then Dr. McAndrew walked in. "Hey guys, there is a new girl in Emma's old room. She is 14, her name is Katrina Knight and I was hoping you guys could make her feel welcome."

"Sure, no problem," I smiled. Being new in a hospital was hard so I was willing to help her. Dash seemed excited for a new girl, Kara even seem hopeful but poor Leo seemed hesitant to see the girl taking Emma's room.

"Okay great, so I'll just sh-" at the second Dr. McAndrew's phone rang. He did that weird 'one second' hand gesture. "Hello...really?...oh my god...who was with her?...well, are they okay?...ok...yeah, ok...thanks, bye." A dark look crossed his face.

"What's wrong?!" Leo demanded, also noticing the stressed look.

"That girl I wanted you to meet, she got into a car accident on the way here. She'll be fine but we'll wait a bit before I introduce you." I gave him a concerned nod, meeting her could wait but the girl was traumatized for sure.

-Katie's perspective-

I woke up laying in a bed, my mom was in the room too, decorating it. This was a hospital for sure but this bed was a normal one, like the bed in my room kind of. "Mom?" I whispered. My mom turned to me abruptly, startled.

"Oh, hi sweetie. I was just setting up-this is going to be your room while your here. How are you feeling?" I looked around the room, it was a pretty, pale lime color for who knows what reason but I liked it, there was a wooden desk, a small couch and coffee table, a nightstand next to the bed and two door I'm guessing lead to the closet and bathroom. It would be cozy for while I was here, especially when we got done hanging my stuff.

"Katie!" Kendall yelled running in. The sound of his voice made me smile and I simply pulled him into a hug. "I'm so glad your ok...why is there a bandage on your head?" He asked as the other boys walked in. I instantly reached up to my head.

"I do? Huh, I didn't notice...I'm sure it's nothing. What about you, big brother?"

"Eh, I'm fine," Kendall shrugged.

Logan looked shocked, oh no..."Kendall- you have a concussion, 3 bruised ribs, cuts on your stomach from glass and 10 minutes ago you didn't know you last name!" I was petrified, poor Kendall. I subtly loosened my hold on him.

"And there's that...wow that sounds painful!" Kendall grimaced. I laughed only he would react to a terrible car accident like it was nothing and he was fine.

"Katie, honey, we've got to go but we'll visit soon okay?" My mom said, gently. I smiled and nodded, giving everyone a hug before sitting back on my bed.

"Be good baby sister, get better." Kendall directed before leaving with the others.

"Of course, Kenny...Bye!" I waved. As they disappeared down the hall, I flopped back down on my bed. I have no friends here, if I'm this bored the whole time- I'll go insane. Finally, I grabbed my phone, blast the music and finished decorating. I could live with this room for a little. Soon there was a knock on my door, I turned off the music and opened it. A middle aged, handsome man stood outside.

"Hello, I'm Dr. McAndrew and I'm your primary doctor for the time your here. I see you've woken from the car crash and settled in and was wondering if you were up to meeting some kids you're age." He greeted. I smiled, that sounded pretty good right now but as I looked down at myself I realized what a train wreck I was at the moment.

"Sure, can you just give me a few minutes to freshen up?" I replied in the polite voice I used for adults I needed to like me.

"Of course, you can get ready while I go get them if that works for you?" I nodded, because I didn't really want to roam the hospital yet.

"Perfect, be right back." I waved and closed the door as he walked down the hall. As soon as my door closed, I got to work become presentable. I threw on black jeans and a blue plaid shirt, pulled my hair back in a high ponytail and tied up my black Vans. I wanted them to like me but for me so I went with simply looking natural and showing my style. Soon enough there was another knock on my door and I calmly went to open it. 3 boys and 1 girl stood in the doorframe, oh god this was a little over whelming- I'm not exactly known for my people skills.

"Hi, um come in," I greeted opening the door wider. They all enter and scattered between sitting on the couch, desk chair and bed. "So, I'm Katie and you are..."

"I thought we were meeting someone named Katrina." A dark skinned boy whispered to the kid next to him.

"Katie is probably short for Katrina, genius." The boy with a slight Spanish accent whispered. I stood there awkwardly, wondering if they knew I could hear them and fighting the urge to ask.

"I'm Leo," the bald boy sitting at my desk said, finally answering my question!

"Kara," the blonde girl added, with a bored tone- spoiled brat much!

"I'm Jordi," Spanish accent guy replied.

"And I am Dash!" the last boy stated. "Is Katie short for Katrina?"

"Yeah, please call me Katie." I almost begged, Katrina sounded too formal for me. There was an awkward pause, this was going well *sarcasm*! Kara was scanning my room.

"Big Time Rush fan?" She asked, staring at my poster. I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, my brother, Kendall, is in the band." I looked up to the poster, I had made it- hope to use their concert to become rich.

Kara's jaw dropped, "You're Kendall Knight's sister? But he is so hot and you're in skeletor's old room!" I'm pretty sure that was a bad insult so my eyes dulled and my expression went blank, it was my natural show no emotion look I learned from the guys.

"Hey, don't pick on Thumbelina," Dash scolded. I swallowed a laughed.

"Her name was Thumbelina?" I bit my lip, the last thing I should do is insult their old friend.

"It's Emma," Leo muttered, depressingly. "Her name is Emma," Suddenly I felt bad for referring to her as past tense.

"Right, sorry." I mumbled, "So what do you do around here for fun?"

Jordi smiled, "Well, Katie-short-for-Katrina," I rolled my eyes. "We hang out on the roof a lot but really just make our own rules."

"Sounds fun, I can do that," I smiled.