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-a few days later-

Jordi's perspective:

I was sooooo bored so I settled on aimlessly walking the halls when I noticed a short, thin brunette walking in front of me.

"Hey Katrina! Katie! Hey wait up!" I exclaimed running to catch up with her. As soon as I was close enough I tapped her shoulder, "Please don't ignore me, I promise not to call you Katrina,"

"That'd be nice since its not my name," laughed...Emma, as she turned around. EMMA! I stood frozen, why was she here? "Relax, I'm just here for my weekly check in, and I forgot something in my old room..." I laughed as looked at her, I had missed her so much. I still remember when I liked her- but now, I think I like Katie. Sure, she's anorexic but she is tough and clever and energetic. Looking at my old crush, I realized how similar she looked to my new crush- I guess I have a type. " gonna stare at me all day?"

"What? Oh sorry, I'll walk you to your old room. I know the new girl there," I explained as we headed for the elevator. Emma's smiled dropped but reappeared quickly but fake this time, as if hoping I didn't notice. But of course I did, I knew her too well.

"There's a new girl? In my she a red bander?"

"Yeah, well as of tonight- I actually have to bring her down to the swamp for the 'ceremony' soon," I smiled as we approached the door.

"Well, any red bander is my friend," Emma stated, kindly. My grin widened as I knocked on the door. Katie opened the door and smiled at me. Her long brown hair laying straight down just like Emma. Looking at there clothes though you could see the personality difference. Katie was wearing black jeans and a purple tank top with an all different color striped shirt over it while Emma was wearing light blue jeans and a white button up with her pink leather jacket over it.

"Hey, weirdo. You brought a friend, I'm sorry- you are?" Katie greeted with the fakest friendliness I have ever heard but I knew she was trying not to let it show. It's the thought that counts right?

"I'm Emma," Emma smiled and extended her hand. "What's your name?"

"Katrina," wait, what did she just say?!

"But you hate when people-"

"Give me nicknames- I know," no, that is not what I was going to say, KATIE! The silence was literally killer, no one even moved for at least 2 minutes which made the fact that both girls smiles were fake more obvious. Finally Emma moved toward the bathroom garbage can and started to go in it, earned confused looks from me and Katie.

"There is it!" She smiles as she pulls her red band out and put it on her wrist, "Thank god I hid under the bag!" Katie eyes lit up and a evil look crossed her face.

"Oh, this is Thumbelina! I've heard so much about you...and Leo, who you fake loved! He can do better," Oh no! The two most twisted, stubborn minds are about to clash...

"Well here it is, the stereotype, the reason I didn't want be be called anorexic, the kid who clearly wasn't loved at home," Emma spatted, it was so unlike her. This is not going well.

"My brother and mom love me!" Katie screamed but not as angry this time, almost scared sounding as tears gathered in her eyes.

"Wh-what about you dad?" Emma stuttered, genuinely concerned- there's my friend! Katie sighed and looked down at the ground.

"Dead." She stated blankly. The look on Emma's face described my feelings, it was like someone taking a hammer to your heart. I couldn't imagine, I had fake my mother's death for so long but to actually loss a parent, one it seems like she was close to, that was worse. I was at a loss for words but luckily Emma wasn't.

"Oh Katrina, I'm so sorry. And I'm also sorry we got off on the wrong foot, more like the worst foot ever but red banders are an alliance and support each other and i want to do that for you, please?" Katie nodded, thank god she agreed to be...whatever kind of almost friends they were.

"Please call me Katie," our soon to be red bander added. Finally.

"Well Katie, I better speed up my check in so I can be at your initiation, see you guys at the swamp," Emma waved before leaving. I smiled and grabbed Katie's hand. She quickly smiled back and practically dragged me to the swamp. It was awesome to see a look of hope and joy in our group, a life not too hospital based yet but I knew in our big friendship circle we would always have hope and joy.

Katie's perspective:

That Emma girl is about as good at first impressions as me...or Kara. But nothing kept me from enjoying the "ceremony". I will always remember what, surprisingly, Emma said to me when she gave me her extra red band.

"This red band has been in my coat pocket for a long time, but it wasn't part of our society until now. I got this when I first got here, I was passed out and everyone thought I was going to die. I had a surgery to get a feeding tube put in but that didn't last long- I almost choked myself and they had to take it out. I took off this red band in shame and didn't tell anyone that story until now. Since then I've learned two important things, one being that wearing a red band can symbol strength, not shame, when your getting better, and part of the right society, and two being no one can make you get better because then your not really better. Katie they can shove as much food in your mouth as they want but progress is when YOU put it in your mouth. You don't have to feel bad about it- food keeps you alive and truly better is being happy about that and thankful for the food your given. It's hard but this red band makes you part of a group that is going to make it much easier." It meant the world to me that she said all that- the girl was deep and as different as we were, we could probably be close friends. Later Jordi walked me back to my room as I played with the red band on my wrist.

"You know, you and Emma look really similar." Jordi stated randomly.

"What ? No we don't! After you get past height, eye color, hair color, hair length, and skin color, what do we have in common?" I fought, for who know what reason.

"You're smiles, you're both human, and skinny-" I flinched, "Sorry," Jordi whispered. That why it bothered me so much to look like her...


"...the stereotype...anorexic..."

*end flashback*

Did what I looked like set me up to be anorexic? Was I going to suffer forever? Are me and Emma the stereotype? God, I hope not.

"It's okay, thanks for walking me- see you tomorrow, Jordi!" I waved as I walked into my room. He waved back as I closed the door. Then my phone buzzed:

From: Kendall

I get it come see you tomorrow, baby sister :)

YAY! That was just what I needed to cheer me up.