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13. Friday the 13th


It was a snowy, wintery, white night outside of Titans Tower. The weather felt as if it was below freezing temperature and the strong gusts of wind could be heard next to every window. It was the second Friday of the new year and the Titans were just glad that no bad guys had decided to brave the cold weather and force them out of the warmth and protection of their home. The only villain who would probably be evil enough to do so was Red X, but he'd laid low ever since his encounter with Raven and Robin that night. Robin had heard of him causing a little trouble in Gotham, then soon after heard through the grapevine, aka Tim, that Jason was now Alfred's personal henchman for six months after being punished by Bruce for some "unknown" reason.

But back to current issues. January had begun on a Sunday this year which meant that this particular second Friday fell on the thirteenth. You know what that meant, right? Movie night at the tower. Every single Friday the 13th, Beast Boy insisted they binge watch all of the movies in the horror franchise of the same name. Usually, a villain would interrupt them or the other four would bail on him after the first film, but after the turbulent year 2016 had been for them, they wanted to start the new year off with more team bonding time. So, they had invited Titans East over for a Jason Voorhees extravaganza.

Thankfully, Raven and Robin had mostly moved on from being placed dead center in a slasher-like nightmare. It had been a tough challenge, and one could even say Robin had developed some sort of PTSD-type symptoms that were so bad to the point that he couldn't even stand to be alone in a room with either Starfire or Beast Boy for weeks. For an even longer period of time, he had a recurring nightmare about him discovering his parents' dead bodies hanging from the ceiling of his room in the tower. It killed his spirit every time and caused him to show an emotional side of him the other three had never witnessed before.

With no surprise, Raven had been there with him every step of the way, picking him up when he fell, wiping his fallen tears when he cried, and holding him in her arms when he would tremble. She'd even taught him how to meditate and control his stressful emotions. She still had her own demons to fight and get over since living with her father and witnessing all of the satanic rituals he conducted only reminded her of the evil that lurked inside of her. However, the whole thing had almost been some sort of humbling experience. It reminded them that they were only human and had real emotions and real feelings. Just because they were superheroes, that didn't mean they weren't allowed to feel.

Thankfully, the whole sing-off part of the dream had provided some benefits in the real world. She was no longer as shy and reserved as she'd been before. She was a little more open with her teammates and even strangers. She even once participated in karaoke night with them, but it was only because someone at the party had spiked her punch. All bets said it was either Speedy or Beast Boy who'd done the deed, but it was something they all chuckled at now.

Speaking of Speedy, he sure was sitting a tad bit too close to Raven on the sofa as they prepared to watch the first movie in the series. "You know, Raven," he nudged her with his elbow and breathed softly to where only she could hear, "if Robin doesn't treat you right, I'm always one call away."

Raven nodded once in annoyance, her deep set eyes as blank as a clean sheet of copy paper. "That's good to know, Speedy."

"What makes you think I'm not treating her right?"

"Eep!" Speedy practically blasted out of his seat like a rocket as Robin's voice crept up behind him. He turned to the black-haired boy with a cheesy grin on his reddened face and said casually, "Oh, no reason."

"Smart answer," Robin raised an eyebrow, then smirked before hopping over the ledge of the couch so that he was now sitting in the redhead's seat. Raven looked up from the book she'd been pretending to read and gave Robin the medium-size smile only he could force out of her. Robin returned the gesture before swiftly kissing her on her small, button nose. It was the small things that reminded them daily of how and why they loved each other so much. They just got one another and didn't have to do much to show their affection and connection.

"Blagh," Speedy playfully spat in disgust and moved to sit next to a bored Aqualad and an eager Mas y Menos (Bumblebee very rarely let them watch horror movies) on the loveseat.

"I am back with the popped corn, Friends! Shall we begin the movie?" Starfire screeched, startling everyone in the room as she flew in from the kitchen with two large bowls of butter lovers' popcorn. The smell caught them all by the noses in a good way, and in seconds, Speedy, Beast Boy, Kid Flash, and Cyborg were swallowing up their last pieces.

On the other hand, Raven was trying her best to calm Robin and his frantic breathing down. Starfire's words and arrival with the popcorn had sent him into one of his PTSD-like, panicky episodes as he remembered the green-eyed alien saying those exact words right after killing Jinx and right before attempting to kill him, Jason, and his love in his dream.

"It's okay, Robin," Raven uttered as she delicately massaged his shivering shoulder. None of the others really seemed to notice his current panic attack as they laughed and joked about their favorite scene from the movie. "It's not real, remember?" she tried to remind him. She knew today was going to be one of the rare, bad days he had. Usually, nowadays, he was the same as before any of it happened, but some days he was not so good. But one of their promises to each other was that they'd support each other through the good times and the bad times.

Robin tried his best to slow his breathing, but the anger rising in him made that a great challenge. "Tell that to my parents and Terra."

"Robin, listen to me," she began assertively, copping his sweaty chin in her hand. "You can't change the past. There was no way you could've prevented your parents' or Terra's unfortunate deaths. Stop blaming yourself for something you didn't have control over. It's just life."

"I know," he heaved a deep sigh, squeezing his eyes tight in humiliation as he did. "But can you truly say you're not scared? You can honestly admit that you don't feel an ounce of fear whenever you're alone with either of them? You mean to tell me you don't have nightmares about being plunged in the chest with a knife over and over again until you no longer exist?"

Raven stared at her passionate boyfriend and observed the heaviness of the distraught and exhaustion that was lurking on his good-looking face. "Yes, I'll admit, sometimes I get…uncomfortable." She paused as her fingers slowly crawled across the couch cushion to reach his firm thigh. She used every chance she could to remind him that she was right beside his side. "But how many times do I have to tell you? Especially after the whole Wicked Scary 3 ordeal and surviving your crazy, murder-filled nightmare, I don't do fear."

Robin suddenly tensed up, his jaw clenched tight and his feet planted firmly on the ground. "Yeah, but you're forgetting one extreme detail," he directed at her with a mumble and without even looking her in her face.

Raven drew her hand back from the warm body heat of his thigh and hid it under her cape for comfort. "And what is that?"

Then, he finally turned to face her with the most somber look she'd ever witnessed on someone whose eyes she couldn't even see. She could tell his mood was slightly dampened, but she could also see the loving and longing for her that was seeping from his face and body language. She knew then, whatever he was about to say hurt him because of how much he loved her.

"You didn't survive my nightmare," he finally forced, his voice breaking as he spoke.

Raven grimaced deeply as guilt suddenly swallowed her. How could she let that slip up happen? She knew the memory of her dying also haunted him ever since they'd gone through hell and back. It was something they never discussed, but she knew they would have to one day or he'd never truly move past it.

"Okay, quiet, everyone. The movie's starting!" Beast Boy—who was thankfully fully at peace now—exclaimed eagerly before plopping next to Star who was lying happily in the arms of her always ravenous, redhead boyfriend. Bumblebee and Cyborg were on the far opposite side of the sofa cuddling, while Raven and Robin were right in the center, trying their best to be okay with the thought of reliving a serial killer.

Moments later, "You guys okay?" Bumblebee's concerned voice asked as the harsh killings began on the screen.

Robin turned to her with a serious, upside down smile as his answer. Raven was leaning fearfully—though she'd never admit it—on his shoulder and closing her violet eyes to avoid the frightening, memory-provoking scenes. He could practically feel her trembling against him and breathing slowly to keep calm. He had no idea why she always tried to paint herself as if she wasn't scared. He figured she was just trying to stay emotionally strong, especially now for him since his recovery was taking much longer to cease. He knew exactly how she felt, but there was nothing wrong with being scared. The strongest, bravest people always have something they're afraid of. He was just as fearful, but at least they could be fearful together.

With this type of thinking, he found her hand under her cloak and pulled it into his lap. She looked up at him with big, confused eyes like she'd done on the loveseat at Wally's house in his dream. He loved that with all she'd been through, she could still manage to look so innocent and untainted. He gave her a small smile to which in return she replied with an even smaller, timid smile.

Then, he turned back to Bumblebee, who was still waiting on an actual, vocal answer and whispered proudly, "At first, my answer was no, but now," he paused, giving the smaller woman next to him a tight, needy squeeze of her hand and finished, "it's yes. We have each other. Of course we're okay."

Bumblebee smirked, rolling her eyes at the lovey-doveyness that she often showed to Cyborg. It was definitely unusual and sort of endearing to see Raven and Robin sharing the same type of intimacy. "Good to know, Leader Boy."

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" A shrieking, frightful scream suddenly flooded the walls of the tower, causing everyone to jump in their seats. Somehow Speedy ended up tumbling to the ground causing the popcorn bowl to fly out of his hands and on top of Aqualad's head. The dark-haired boy glared at the redhead with eyes that could kill as butter ran down the side of his face and popcorn kernels stuck to the ends of his black strands.

"Hehe, sorry," Speedy chuckled in fear for his life and shielded himself with one of the laughing twins.

"Dudes, what was that?!" Beast Boy reminded everyone of the scream as he held onto Raven's arm for dear life.

"It sounded like a scream from the film," Starfire reasoned with nervousness on her tongue. Her and Kid Flash were squeezing each other in fear. The others couldn't tell who was more scared.

Suddenly, the lights and the television flickered causing a quick shadow of darkness to sweep over them. Then, in no time, all of the power had died down, leaving them in pitch black coldness and silence.

"Eek!" they all heard Starfire shriek.

"I got you, Babe," Kid Flash's shaky, obviously scared voice came next in the darkness.

"Chh, chh, chh…ha, ha, ha…kill, kill, kill, mom, mom, mom…." Strange noises filled their ears.

Cyborg gulped loudly enough for everyone to hear, then turned on the flashlight on his arm to see the frightened looks on all of their faces. "Don't tell me that's—"

"Jason Voorhees!" Beast Boy cried out, his whole body shivering as if he was standing in the middle of a deadly blizzard.

Raven sank low in the couch, suddenly embarrassed. Robin took notice of this and looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. "It's happening again, isn't it?" The violet haired girl just nodded ashamedly, never looking up from the carpet as she did.

"What's happening again?" Aqualad questioned for his teammates and Kid Flash since they had no idea what the two were referring to.

Out of the blue, Beast Boy's frightened demeanor quickly turned to one of eager anticipation. "No way! The Wicked Scary 3 thing is happening again, but this time with Jason Voorhees?!"

"I'm afraid so," Raven breathed in an annoyed monotone. This type of situation wasn't as fun for her as it was for Beast Boy.

"Awesome!" he screamed with the pump of his fist. "Don't admit you're scared yet, Raven. Living the movie is much better than watching the movie for the hundredth time! Come on, guys. Let's split up and play run from the killer!"

Raven and Robin both groaned in sync as the others hopped up from the couches, laughing and joking about who would get killed first. The two birds stayed planted. Raven because she was slightly embarrassed; Robin partly because he wouldn't leave her alone and partly because he couldn't wait to say I told you so.

"Go on. Just say it already," she deadpanned and crossed her arms over her slow moving chest.

Robin smirked, but it didn't hold much girth since she already knew what he would say. "I thought you didn't do fear."

Raven glanced up at him with a blank face, but the moment her amethyst eyes fell on his handsome, confident smirk, she couldn't help but smirk back. "What can I say?" She hunched a shoulder. "We all get a little scared sometimes."

All at once, the lights and power flickered back on, highlighting the slight, happy beams on both of their faces. "Aww man! Raven!" they heard Beast Boy cry out somewhere in the tower.

They both laughed out loud at his silliness. "There's nothing wrong with being scared, Raven. Trust me I had to learn that the hard way. You've risked your life for us numerous times. You're honestly the bravest person I know."

"I know, Robin," she droned with no emotion as usual. Then, she took it upon herself to fall into his chest, bringing a strong whiff of lavender and honey with her. He wrapped his arms around her neck and hair and pulled her closer, but the moment he did, a disappointed Beast Boy burst through the double doors with the others following closely behind. But this time, the two birds didn't pull away from each other in embarrassment as they often did.

"Come on, Raven! You ruined the fun!" the green boy cried out as a sheepish smirk slowly found the girl's face once again.

And all she could manage to say was, "Hehe, sorry."


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