Age of the Greek Baby Challenge.

Challenge: After being sent through the veil, Harry wakes up in his Animagus form-a sparkling- on Earth, but not his Earth. Beyond disoriented he unknowingly releases a distress signal from where he is stranded. He's found by somebody, and isn't capable of speech, but rather clicks, chirps and whirs- Cybertronian baby speech.

I don't own Harry Potter or Transformers- this applies the entire story.

Drabble/One Shot series.


Harry had no idea what had happened.

One moment, he had been fighting Death Eaters in the Ministry- the next he had been falling.

And falling.

And falling.

And then there had been a voice.

"Close your eyes…"

Harry closed his eyes. The voice felt too much like home-safe-love to do anything but obey, his instincts humming with trust and happiness.

And then something warm and light, something like love and joy washed over his body dragging something that screamed and thrashed out of him. Then he was falling again, everything shifting and changing and swirling together until he could no longer tell which way was up or down nor would he remember anything of the encounter except an unexplainable warmth later on.

On the side of the veil Harry Potter had come from, though he was not aware of it, Voldemort screamed.

The home-safe-love that had been shared with Harry had turned to anger-vengeance-disgust as the Presence that had so welcomed Harry eradicated Tom Riddle in his entirety, using the piece of him that had clung to Harry as a parasite as a bridge to the others.


When Harry wakes the last thing he remembers is falling and warmth. He has no idea where he is or what happened as he comes to.

His eyes dart around his surroundings and all he can see are trees. A low whir of distress escapes from him without his permission and it is only then that Harry realizes he is in his Animagus form.

He'd had the biggest problems trying to figure out what he had been. He hadn't been able to figure it out either- all he'd found out while trying to shift had been his form had a kind of metallic hide, and was large. Looking at himself now, he knows he would have never guessed 'robot'.

It shouldn't have been possible.


Harry is unaware of why his emotions are so hard to deal with, why they are jumping all over the place, and why he can't seem to push them away as he always has.

He is unaware that he is comparatively a baby of an entirely different race of beings, and he is unaware of the programs his growing panic activates.

A signal goes out.