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Chapter 1

Jason was not having a good day. He had just gotten back from an Outlaw mission with Roy and Kori that had taken them much, much longer than it should've. The mission had taken them off world, and what should've taken them a week on Kori's Tamaranian beauty of a ship, had ended up taking over a month and a half. Then, when Jason had finally gotten back to Gotham, it was to an all hands on deck Arkham breakout that left everyone exhausted. It had taken all week just to get things to settled down and most of the criminals back in jail. At this point Jason was just ready to fall into bed and sleep for 24 hours, regardless of the injuries he should really probably clean up. Sadly, as he crawled through the window into his apartment safehouse, he discovered that was not to be.

As he entered his kitchen the first thing he saw was his idiot brother perched on his kitchen counter still in his Nightwing attire, sans mask, munching on Jason's wheat-ees, swinging his legs back in forth like the six year old Jason swore he was. Honestly, at this point Jason should probably just be expecting this, but give him a break. It'd been a long... Well at this point, let's just go with few years. It'd been a long few years.

"What do you want now?" Jason sighed, slouching against the kitchen door frame.

"What, I can't simply visit my little brother? Maybe I don't want anything! Ever considered that?" Dick said, gesturing wildly with both hands, one still hold the box he'd been eating straight out of, and sending bits of cereal flying. Jason narrowed his eyes at him. If he had to clean that shit up, Dick would be paying for it.

"You always want something. The last time you were here you were trying to bribe me to babysit the demon brat, and before that it was 'why don't you hangout with Tim? You should be nicer!' and before that it was trying to get me to meet with Steph, and before that… Well, need I go on? Really, Dickhead, you're too predictable." Dick took a moment to think about that, playing weighing the thought tilting his head back and forth, before just shrugging.

"Okay, so maybe you have a point," Dick paused to shove another handful on cereal in his mouth and chew for a moment, contemplating, "But I haven't seen you in like, two months! I mean, you could've at least called once in a while. That's totally explanation enough for me being here!"

Jason sighed again, but didn't argue, DIck wasn't wrong. Their relationship had gotten a lot better over the years since Jason's resurrection. After Jason had recovered from the insanity induced by the Lazarus pit, and all the madness that that let to, he'd even say their relationship had improved to them actually being close. Sure they weren't best friends, or joined at the hip, or any of that shit, but it was to the point Jason didn't mind hanging out with his brother just to spend some time with the guy. So yes, not seeing each other in two months really was enough of an explanation for him being here. Still, Jason was way too tired to put up with any socialization today, especially someone with Dick's energy levels. He was waaay too hyper to deal with right now. Fellow zombies, he could deal with. He'd had a delightful conversation of half mumbled gibberish with Tim the other day before either of them had had their coffee when they were on day three of only two hours of sleep. Dick with his frankly unnatural levels of energy? No. Just, no.

"Just come back tomorrow, okay? I'm dead right now. Well, I mean, I've been dead for years now, but right now especially. Just, let's talk later." Dick narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips at Jason. He never did like Jason's death jokes. But finally he jumped off the counter, shoved another handful of cereal in his mouth before tossing the box back on the counter and crossed the room to Jason, planting his hands on his hips.

"Fine. But you're letting me bandage you up first, those cuts need cleaning or you're going to get them infected."

"Fine. First aid kit's in the cabinet by the fridge, bottom shelf." Jason said with another put upon sigh. He'd been that a lot lately, but what could he say? Dickhead just drew it out of him.

Dick found the medkit and was gently pushing Jason into a nearby chair in seconds, making short work of cleaning up the cuts with barely a hiss from Jason before he was bandaging them. They were all good at playing nurse. They'd done it enough times, and more often without help than with, that at this point any of them could've probably do it blindfolded and half asleep. But Jason was fully willing to admit it was nice not to have to pay any of it a bit of attention, and just doze while Dick took care of it. Did he mention how exhausted him was?

"Done. Now go get some rest. Patrol tomorrow?" Dick said, slapping Jason's shoulder good naturedly, and standing from were he'd been kneeling next to Jason to clean up his wounds.

"Deal. Now get outta here."

"You got it!" Dick laughed as he crawled out the window, flipping off the sill without even firing his grappling hook.

"Show off." Jason mumbled, already shuffling over to the window to close and lock it. Really, Jason was way too tired to deal with this shit.

After a quick shower, Jason fell into bed and was asleep in a blink of an eye, not giving his brother another thought.


Waking up was an exercise of wills. His whole body felt like it'd been in a stampede, muscles tinged, and his head throbbed, and really sleep was much, much more tempting. Still, he really did need to get up. For one, his stomach was growling loud enough to wake the neighbors so he should at least deal with that. So with a groan, he pulled himself up and got to work.

Jason pushed himself through getting dressed, making breakfast, and brushing his teeth moving like the zombie he was, sound effects included, (damn his body was sore). And so with his attention elsewhere, it was decidedly easy not to notice the one glaring difference in his appearance. Till of course, as he was doing his afternoon shopping the overly friendly cashier complimented him on his hair, and more specifically, it's color. Apparently bright fucking red with a hot pink stripe was 'a bold fashion choice' and he must be 'incredibly brave!'.

… Seriously, what the fuck. Red? Hot PINK?! WHAT?! When the hell did THAT happen?!

… It was Dick wasn't it? … Of course it was.

As soon as Jason made it home and had his groceries up, he called Dick. There was really no one else this could be, and Jason knew Dick had been in his apartment last night unsupervised for some length of time. Honestly he should have expected one type of prank or another.

"Like your new hair?" Dick picked up, laughing, on the second ring.

"You are an asshole."

Dick just laughed in reply.

"You better have a way to fix this, or I'm going to team up with Tim and get you back. You know he's been plotting your demise since you replaced all his coffee with decaf. If he doesn't have a plan already in place for his revenge I will be shocked, but with a little help from moi I'm sure we can make it ten times worse for you."

"Okay! Okay! Fine! Jeeze, Tim's already bad enough! You know he filled my whole apartment with legos the other day while I was asleep, right? I stepped on waaay too many of them, and i still don't think he's done! Don't you join in! I'll give you the solution to fix it later tonight."

"... Fine, but if you don't have it, I'll make you regret it, you hear?"

"You got it Jay. I'll see you tonight! I got to go though, police business and all. You're lucky you caught me on my break, it's been busy here."

"Bye Dickhead, see you tonight. Say hi to Amy for me, and make sure to tell her she deserves better than her dunderhead partner!"

Dick laughed at that.

"Will do, goodbye Jay!" And with that, he hung up.


As soon as night fell, Red Hood was off like a shot, racing across the rooftops to their rondevu point. He was beyond ready to have his hair back to normal. There was no reason to give his brothers any more blackmail opportunities than they have already had.

The meeting spot was closer to Red Hood's territory than Nightwing's, the area worn down, and the buildings around them older, though not old enough for the rich to call them classy and try to make anything of them. The buildings were cloaked in deep shadows made softer by the weak, yellowing street lights, that could not be depended upon not to flicker. Below them, the few shops that were still open illuminated the streets with their own flickering signs of neon. And as Hood arrived, across from him stood phone lines, upon which a flauntingly relaxed figure laid, in a position that could only be comfortable for an acrobat.

"You comfy up there, asshole?"

"Could sleep like a baby." Jason huffed, of course he could.

"You going to give me that solution you promised?"

"Hmmmm, I don't wanna."

"Dick!" The figure let out a deep chuckle that had the wire he was laying on shaking.

"Okay! Okay," Nightwing sat up quickly, causing the phone line to wobble violently, but the man kept his balance like he was born up there, (which may as well be true), dug out a little spray can from somewhere on his person that Jason didn't want to think about, (There were no visible pockets in that suit, and it was skin tight-where did he keep this stuff?!) and tossed it to him. Jason caught the object in one hand, already getting ready to rip off his helmet and use the thing when they heard the scream. It must've been close, seeing as how loud and sharp the sound was, and with a shared glance, the duo was off, running and jumping between rooftops racing towards the sound even as Jason stuffed the small can in his jacket, grumbling.