Yeah, you're right to be horrified of such a notification. I know some of you will be sad – some outright angry, deservedly so – to hear this, but this story is being discontinued. Now just hear me out. The truth is, I messed up with the story. Granted this story was incepted when I joined FF for the first time, however the story is a bit weaker and wasn't going the way I intended for it to go. Then we have the problems with the story itself; forget about the grammar which nearly butchered any hopes for the story in the first 10 chapter, the development and flawed characterization almost ruined it. The reason why I'm cancelling this story is because I am taking a shift in my writing style and storytelling methods.

If you guys read the new chapters for my other story "A Swift Knucklehead of an Uzumaki" you'll see just how much my style has changed. But this isn't all bad news. The good news is, now three of my stories are currently active. "How Naruto Screwed with History", whose six existing chapters will be broken into 12 and the official new chapter starts from Chapter 13; "Naruto the Weird, OP Shinobi" which is a jab at the neglect genre, and finally "Swift Knucklehead" which I recommend for you guys to read.

Finally, "The Uchiha Prodigy" will have a rewrite along with "Naruto Uzumaki: The Shinobi Mage", but it will take some – by which I mean a LOT – time. I need to plan the story out properly, develop how the characters are going to mature, and of course, proper writing style. I'm really sorry about this guys. Trust me, I have a deep emotional connection with this story as it more or less put me on the fanfiction map so it hurts me more than it does you. Let's just hope that I can start working on the rewrite soon. If and when I do start publishing the rewriting, I'll post a notice here. But I can assure you this, the rewrite version is going to be loads, LOADS, better than this story. ;)

Thank you for understanding and those of you who've stuck to the story from the beginning, I love you all. You're confidence boosts are the reason why I was able to take the story so far. Take care.