A young couple were sitting at breakfast in their Chateau in Rome reading the local newspaper, and of course stealing glances at the Daily Prophet that had been delivered as well. The two had a ritual every morning to make love, eat breakfast, and read the local newspaper. The two didn't even receive the Daily Prophet since their relocation and knew whatever was in it was either good news or bad news. It had been sent by Daphne Greengrass who was in a close working relationship with the young married couple and they noticed it was dated from yesterday.

After stealing the tenth glance at it Harry sighed, "Go ahead my love, open the paper."

They didn't have to look past the headline to know what had happened, "

Neither said a word as they began to read the article:

The couple sat the newspaper down with faint smiles. It seems Collin had gotten the big article he was hoping to get to right, but the sadness of the news washed over the two who had been so affected by the life of Albus Dumbledore.

Harry stood up running his hand through his hair gently and took deep breaths. He did not want to make his official return to Britain, not yet, but he knew it was time.

"Come my love you can't hide from British Media forever." The beautiful redhead spoke to the annoyed looking green-eyed man.

"I don't owe it to them. I owe it to him. He gave me the chances, he gave me the weapons, and when things looked bad, he stood beside me in the times that counted. Can't we stay off the radar for a little longer?"

"And what just not go to the funeral?"

This stumped Harry. He had of course never considered not going to the funeral that just would be improper, and completely unfair to the greatest light wizard of the last generation. Hell he was the one that gave the ceremony at his wedding five years ago he couldn't just not go, "No of course not. Dumbledore knew full well how I felt about him in the end though. I don't know why the media is in a firestorm about our return to Britain over this."

"Don't you think it's time to return my love? You read what Colin said, and you know he is right. He practically wrote the article to you." Susan asked carefully.

This made the man sigh. They had been traveling the world and living in Rome ever since the fall of Voldemort. They had completely avoided all the celebrating, and award ceremonies, and anything else that included the post war celebrations. They had lost too much, and most of the advanced DA had come out to stay with Harry for extended periods of time, and even vacationed with Susan and himself from time to time. The group had stayed very tight knit over the years.

"Here I thought you enjoyed the Italian lifestyle. We get up in the morning and we make love. We go to the town for a walk, we come back and make love." Harry grabbed his wife by the waist, "Then we eat lunch from working up such an appetite, and then we make love again. It's been a perfect life."

Susan rolled her eyes and giggled as the boy kissed her on the neck, "Yes it's amazing I wasn't a balloon the week after we beat Voldemort, I thought I would never get you to stop."

Harry grinned, "Well it looks like I finally got the job done."

As the 21-year-old man said this he grazed the woman's still very flat stomach, but they both knew that wouldn't be the case for long, "Are we going to tell everyone tonight?"

Susan laughed, "Sirius is going to faint."

Harry waved a hand, "Maybe it will light a fire under his ass and will convince him to go give Emmeline her first baby before she locks him in a closet and ties him up."

This caused both to laugh as they shared one last look knowing what to do next. They quickly scrambled upstairs and began to get dressed. When they were ready, they took each other's hands and apparated straight across international borders, and the channel. 1500 miles was nothing to these two power houses. They were able to travel incredible distances due to their training, and intensive studies in the Potter, Bones, and Black family grimoires. It was their family magic after all that had allowed them to gather such a name on the continent. They had traveled from dueling circuit to dueling circuit decimating competition everywhere they went. They were the power couple of Europe, and few could even hope to match their magical prowess, and much fewer their ferocity. Susan and Harry had sat down through many interviews over the years to answer the questions of how two such young people were capable of such extraordinary magic, but the answer was simple. They trained their bodies to the brink of collapse for years to get ready for the war, and by the time it was over the results couldn't be undone. Of course, they also stayed on top of their training even with Advanced DA when they came down for visits. They would have the greatest assortment of light Wizards the world would ever see, and most were expecting a golden age that would begin the day Harry Potter entered the Political field with his genius of a wife.

Of course, no one knew that Harry was still the master of Death as well. He had retired the Elder Wand as soon as the battle was won against Voldemort and began to use his original Phoenix feather wand once again. The wand seemed to serve him even more efficiently since he became the Master of Death, but it was one thing he was never going to pry into much. Dangerous things can happen to people who tamper with death, and Harry had seen that go wrong the hard way.

When the couple arrived just outside the grounds of Hogwarts the gates were open, and thankfully they were a little late, so most of the press was already inside taking pictures. This was the first time their arrival in Britain would be public. They had of course returned for some weddings, birthday parties, and other events that their friends held but nothing major. This would be their supposed triumphant return, and Harry figured his wife was right, and perhaps it was time to return home, and make sure their hard work was not for nothing.

When they arrived at the site for the funeral by the edge of the Black Lake many whispers broke out as the current Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt was giving a speech. Most of the eyes had flitted back to Harry and Susan who were standing in the back quietly keeping their eyes forward. Daphne Greengrass quietly stood up and motioned for Harry and Susan to come take the two saved spots next to her.

Daphne had become the Potter Bones official spokesman. She handled a lot of their finances, and all their press releases. She worked very closely with Harry and Susan over the years, and always gave statements to the press when they would realize that Harry and Susan had returned once again without talking to the media. It was a well-paying job for sure, and she of course knew it was going to lead to bigger things once she got a bit of a name for herself which was happening quickly.

The speeches went on and on, and all Harry could do was stare at the white tomb behind Kingsley and say prayers for the man who had cost Harry so much, but had also given him his best chance at success. The man he had fought beside until the very end of the war.

When the last of the speeches were over Kingsley looked out into the crowd and asked if anyone wanted to say any last words, and Harry knew he had to say something. To absolute silence Harry stood. Susan patted him on the leg as he walked out into the aisle, and to the front center of everyone. Kingsley greeted the boy with a hug, and a whisper, "I hoped you would say something. Thank you, Harry."

Harry nodded giving the man a slight smile and turned to address the crowd, "Good afternoon everyone. I am Harry Potter."

This led to some laughter throughout the crowd, and Ron who was sitting near the front shouted, "Unnecessary introduction if I have ever heard one!"

Leading to more chuckles throughout the crowd Harry grinned at his best mate and continued, "As Ron pointed out many of you know my story, but not many know for a while Dumbledore and I did not see eye to eye. This was while I was still in school, and I felt that the headmaster was keeping things from me that was going to affect that war against Voldemort. In a rare turn of events I was actually right, but it took awhile for Dumbledore to realize it."

A small smile graced the young man's lips as he recalled the memory, "It was in this time that my idolization of the man began to wane, but my respect grew. I understood at some point during the best Summer of my life that the Headmaster was always looking out for me, and he did everything he thought was necessary to keep me alive, and safe. We may not have agreed on the methods, but at no point did I ever have to fear that he wasn't working in the best interest of the greater good, which is an interest he and I shared. Dumbledore was the leader the world needed during the war against Grindelwald, and he became a Titan of magical power as he stood up to his once friend for the betterment of the world. He sacrificed a lot back then, and he never stopped sacrificing for those he cared about."

Harry looked back to the grave of the man and sighed, "I will the man that showed me the way when the world turned to me in its darkest hours against Voldemort. The teacher I respected, the friend I always had, and the man I cared about. The world may never know a greater light wizard."

It was at this point that Harry turned and placed a hand on the white tomb, and whispered, "Until the next great adventure headmaster."

There was applause, a demand for pictures, and a lot of shaking hands. There were then lots of small words exchanged between Harry and Susans' closest friends as they invited them to the restored Potter Manor for an evening of privacy.

The husband and wife put their team of house elves to prepare for guests, but Harry was making a constant fuss of making sure his lovely pregnant wife stayed down for the remainder of the evening, and to let him take care of the rest until the guests arrived, and one by one they did.

There were of course the seven original defense leaders. Neville and Hannah had fallen further and further for each other as the years from school faded away. They had already been blessed with one child, and Neville was taking his first huge job in the world as the Hogwarts Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher, while Hannah was going to be his assistant for the next few years until Professor Sprout retires, and the husband and wife would have to flip for who would get which position.

Ron had Katie Bell attached to his hip. It was a couple Harry would have never seen coming, but after three years of being on the Canons reserve team together Ron was promoted to starting keeper, and Katie was traded to the Holyhead Harpies. It all started with a bet with Katie who was sweeping the nation with her offensive abilities as a chaser, and prowess as an overall player that Ron had made a friendly bet with her that if she couldn't put up five goals against him then she would buy him dinner. She put up 6, but still allowed Ron to take her out to dinner, the rest was history.

Hermione and Collin gave dating a start during Hermione's last year of schooling, the two hit off great, and with all their common ground being from the muggle world it was a promising relationship. No one in the group outside of those two new what happened to their relationship, but when Hermione graduated the two broke things off mutually and Hermione joined the Unspeakables right out of school. Collin had become quite the casanova standing at over 6'3, and being a war hero made him the desired eye candy to many witches, and he showed no signs of slowing down, and even had the impossible Gabrielle Delacour on his arm that evening. Hermione came in with Daphne with one arm looped through hers as the two rattled on about some impossible theory of the protean charm. Daphne and Hermione were the best of friends, and Hermione's close friendship with the Pureblood Princess was one of the big reasons Harry had trusted the girl enough to allow her to be their financial advisor, and public PR spokesperson. Daphne had big dreams, and she had all the right connections in this home to make it if she so desired.

Luna and Ginny came out of the floo holding hands, and no one even raised an eyelash at the site. Luna had gone on to intern under Rolf Scamander a Magizoologist, and Ginny was playing with Katie on the Hollyhead Harpies, both were as happy as could be, and to Harry that was all that mattered.

Sirius and Remus came through next. Sirius with his arm around Emmeline Black Nee Vance. The two had married shortly after the war, and apparently fired up an old romance that had been cooking before his stay in Azakban. Remus however was walking towards him with a boy that was just five years old, but as soon as Harry made eye contact with the boy he surged towards him and lifted his Godson off the ground, "Hey Teddy, long time no see!"

"Uncle Harry!" Teddy bellowed in excitement planting a wet kiss on Harry's cheek.

Susan embraced Remus as he laughed at Harry and his only son's antics, "Nymphadora sends her regards, but they are keeping her for the cleanup crew at Hogwarts to make sure none of the guests stay on the grounds for longer than they should."

Harry grinned hugging his honorary uncle, and fellow Marauder, "As long as my Godson gets to keep making appearances we can always harass momma nymmy later."

Remus groaned, "Oh please don't let her hear you call her that."

This caused some laughter to ring out throughout the group, and Harry just beamed as he saw everyone gather and chat with high spirits. Losing Dumbledore wasn't the hit it certainly could have been. The man helped the light win two wars, and was over a hundred years old, he lived a great life, and Harry was certain he was happy in the next great adventure. Everyone that knew him at all in fact were certain of it.

Dinner was served with the last of the guests arriving, and pleasant conversations continued through the night before Neville put his hands on the table, "Harry we all need to talk."

This brought silence around the table, and Harry looked at the boy with an even face, "Okay Neville what's on your mind?"

Taking a deep breath the man stared into his mentors eyes, "Harry...you and Susan have been traveling the world and living your lives together for five years. I am sure it has been a great five years, and my God if anyone deserved a break it was you two, but mate...we need you back in the country. We have to make sure all the hardwork and effort we went into winning the war stays in place. We have to make sure something like Voldemort never happens again, but the public needs a face to rally behind. A young Dumbledore. A new leader of the light, and one that someone can trust."

Harry clapped his hands, "So you want us all to rally behind you? Splendid! I was really dreading taking up that mantle. You have my support 100% mate." Harry raised his glass, "To the Longbottom of Longbottom's, our new leader of the light."

Dead silence went around the table as everyone stared at Harry with a bewildered expression, but before anyone could say anything Susan broke down laughing first, "You oversold that one my love. Just tell them."

Ron looked at the couple strangely, "Tell us what?"

Harry took Susan's hand gently, "What we want to tell all of you is that Neville is right. It is time for Susan and I step into the limelight and take up the mantles we are responsible for. If we want our child to be brought up in a great world, then first we have to make it a good one ourselves."

Colin spit out his drink hard, "Wait did you say child?"

Susan beamed at everyone, "He certainly did. We are as of only two weeks ago expecting our first. I have been dying to tell everyone!"

It happened immediately, but Harry was pretty certain Sirius was first out of his seat and starting the whooping. What happened next was many hugs, tears, and congratulations. Harry and Susan at the end were holding hands, and Hannah asked, "So do you think its a boy or a girl?"

Susan answered, "It's a boy. Call it mother's intuition. James Albus Potter."

This silenced everyone, but smiles were evident everywhere. Colin shook his head, "Your kid is going to be a legend. Born to two titans of magical power, and dueling beast. Is it possible to start his training while he is still in there?"

This caused a series of laughter, and Harry clapped Neville's arm, "Ready to be a Godfather mate?"

Neville looked amazed, "Me?"

Susan put her arm around Hannah, "Well you and Hannah. That is if you accept of course."

Hannah squealed and more laughter erupted from the group, "I'll take that as a yes."

The next round of hugs started, and when it was all over and seats had been taken Ron stood up, "I would like to propose a toast. To Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, to Harry James Potter, and James Albus Potter, the greatest light wizards to ever live!"

The cheers was answered, and Harry took a look into Susan's eyes and the two shared a smile. What a great life to live together, and it all started with a scheme, and an alliance.

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