This is a re-write of Words of Betrayal. I published this story in 2014. Fan fiction, writing and publishing my stories in English were so very new. I am Dutch, so writing in another language was ( and still is) a challenge. I have met amazing and talented people, who enjoy stories and love Revolution, from all over the world. I learned so many valuable things. I really wanted to return to this story and autumn felt like a great time to start. Rainy afternoons are on its way and I am really looking forward to spend time with this story again. I want to give all these amazing characters more space and time for their stories within this story.

Words of Betrayal

A story about life and the truth.


The cold wind that brushes the tall trees in the landscape around her creeps through her leather jacket. They have been walking for hours. Monroe's wide shoulders are in front of her. Her mother is walking next to her. The fields and paths around her feel desolated.

With every step she takes, her heart is with Miles. There is still no sign of him after they had split up ten miles south of Austin. He never made it back to their camp. She needs to find him so she can yell at him for not keeping his stupid to a minimum.

She had woken up before sunrise without him but with a deep fear of losing another piece of herself. Her body had ached, remembering every bruise from every second she fought Jason. She had heard the rhythm of Monroe's boots behind her when she had grabbed her stuff to leave camp. Monroe's eyes had found hers when she had looked up. The same raw fear of losing Miles she felt roaring deep inside of her had been there in his eyes before he had looked away.

The path they have been following ends. They stop in front of a forgotten, deserted road. She can't track over pavement. She knows Monroe knows that. She knows him bitching about her tracking skills is more raw fear for Miles, hidden in more of his insults.

They split up. She finds a path close to a stream that meanders through the landscape. She decides to follow it. Sunlight touches the clear water. The sound of the stream finding its way through the landscape keeps her company. But she barely feels the sun.

She knows she is taking a risk. She knows being out here on her own makes her vulnerable. But she knows she has to. She has to do this, for Miles. It is not like she has never been on her own. She can fight. She can survive. That is what she does. That is who she is. But he has always been there, a home on the horizon to return to.

Her mind filled with stubborn strength refuses to think about what could have happened. She just needs to find Miles. But instead of finding Miles, Tom Neville finds her.

Time has lost its meaning from the moment Tom Neville tells her to keep moving and bring him to their camp. When he asks about Jason, hearing his name hurts. She starts walking with Neville behind her.

She can hear Monroe's voice again. He is going to kill you Charlie, when he finds out what happened. She had been sitting in the back of the wagon. She had felt the truth and his low voice deep inside of her. Because she knew he was right. She had listened to him and Miles and their plans to shoot Neville. She had felt numb but a part of her had realized that Miles and Monroe, had talked about protecting her.

She keeps Tom away from their camp. She needs to do this on her own. This is her mess. She walks him to one of their safe houses. She knows Miles and Monroe left weapons there. But as soon as she reaches for a weapon taped under a table in the living room, he knows what she is doing.

And then it is him and her in an empty house with all her guilt and all his rage. And she knows Miles is not coming. Monroe is not coming. Not this time. Nobody is coming. She tries to keep the truth away from Tom Neville, even with her back against a wall and with his face and gun right in front of her. But she can't. Because she killed Jason. Guilt is slowly killing her Matheson strength to survive.

Neville threatens to use her as bait to draw in Monroe. And Miles. And everyone she cares about to work his way through all of them to find out what happened to Jason. She can see their faces so clearly that she can almost touch them. They are there with her. There is no time to think about why and when it happened. But her mind, and heart, have decided that Monroe belongs to the people who matter to her. She doesn't have to think about it. It is just there. With Neville in front of her and knowing what will be next so close, her heart can finally admit that freely.

She knows it is going to end here when he asks about what happened to his son one more time. She can't let him hurt them. She can't keep the truth away from him. She tells him it was her. She can see the rage and despair in his eyes before he pulls the trigger. Shock and adrenaline moves through her body so fast there is no time to understand what is happening. And then, there is nothing left but the harsh sound of him pulling the trigger and an empty gun and the deafening sound of still being alive.

She is still breathing. Her mind is trying to understand what happened. She is trembling. Tom Neville breaks right there in front of her. He lets her go. She doesn't know why. She doesn't deserve it. But he lets her walk away, too lost in his own grieve and guilt.

She walks outside. The sound of the wind moving through the branches of the trees is all round above her. It brushes the skin of her face. She stumbles over the roots of an old tree. She looks back one more time before her mind tells her to keep on going. Her thoughts are chaotic. She needs to warn the others. She needs to keep on going. Find someone. Anyone.

Her tracker mind finds the path Monroe took. She recognizes the print of his boots. She knows he is not alone when she finds a second pair of prints in the mud. She hears them before she sees them. Monroe's voice is filled with bitter rage when he mentions a night in Philly. Her mother's voice is filled with loathing when she tells him she was his prisoner. She takes one more step until she can see both of them on a path near a creek. They don't see her. Monroe's face is filled with harsh lines. Rachel's eyes scream hate.

Her mind is slowly understanding what they are talking about. But somehow, it feels like it has nothing to do with her. She knows she can't stay here. Their words linger in the air around her. And she tries to keep it out, but what she just found out about her mother screams betrayal.

But it is not just that. Miles is out there. They split up to find him. She took a risk when they had split up and she made the choice to be on her own to find Miles. They should be looking for him. She thinks about all the chances she gave her mother. She thinks about all the times she fought for Monroe. All the times she saved his life. She thinks about how they had fought together. And instead of looking for Miles, both her mother and Monroe are in the middle of one of their selfish hate fights. More betrayal fills her heart.

Their camp is the only place she can think of when she turns around and starts walking again. The weight of the last few days presses on her shoulders. And suddenly, she misses Miles so much that it is almost impossible to breathe.

Author's Note: I really wanted to change this scene and explore what would happen if Charlie would find out about 'Philly' at this point in the story. I wanted to show how important Miles is to her and to write more of her strength in this chapter. She lead Neville away from their camp because she feels this is what she has to do. She knows what Neville is capable of and she knows she can't lead him to the people she cares about because he will hurt them to find out what happened to Jason. I always loved how strong she is in this episode, although her loneliness and guilt were so intense. I never really understood how after all the guilt we saw from Rachel for leaving her children and after all the times Bass and Charlie fought with each other, Bass all of a sudden decides Charlie will be fine out there on her own ( knowing Neville will kill her when he finds her) and Rachel just decides to follow him, knowing Charlie is out there on her own as well. I wanted to let Charlie hear their argument about 'that night in Philly' to create room to explore the consequences of that moment.

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