Randy pops out and the crowd loses their shit.

Everyone looks clean and a bit older.

Randy smiles suddenly donning a leather jacket, "This has been a wild ride, thank you to our twenty guinea pigs. Now REMEMBER that you want to see your name, they were voting for a winner! I'll tally the votes."

Henrietta and Tweek recoil and hold each other's hands.

Randy melodramatically places the cover of the urn down next to it.

"First vote…" [Tweek]

The crowd erupts into cheers, camera shows shot of Tweek's parents' faces in the crowd.

"Next vote…" Randy dramatically pauses and the audience screams in anticipation. He giggles and opens the vote, [Henrietta]

Henrietta's family is shown, ha mother claps extremely hard. Her brother Bradley is gay and smiling real hard.

"Next vote…" the camera shows Tweek's face, glowing with sweat. [Tweek]

A shot of Craig proud and horny.

"Fourth vote," Randy holds the vote for an extra second, [Tweek]

The gays in the audience yell for gay Tweek. "Takes five votes to win. Five votes left. Next vote…" [Henrietta] .

The crowd doesn't get as loud, most of the goths refuse to play along to the conformist applause.

"Next vote…" Randy makes a face of surprise as he reveals the next vote, written in fancy cursive. [Henrietta] The audience screams as Wendy is shown grinning shittily. "We're tied, three votes Tweek, three votes Henrietta. Three votes left," Randy grandstands as Henrietta is shown slightly perturbed by the loud reaction by emos in the audience.

The camera shows Tweek, who is on the edge of his seat.

"Seventh vote," Randy opens this vote fast, [Henry]

A camera shot of the jury shows Craig looking pissed off, Nichole's black mouth breaks into a wide smile.

"And the next vote…" Randy gives a shit eating grin, "And the winner of Survivor: South Park… [Henrietta]

Henrietta gasps and falls to the floor.

The pre merge hussies run out to camera mug. Firkle jumps on Henrietta's big tummy like "wee", she still on the floor.

Randy lookin all jolly as the cast is hugging each other on the stage, it's mad noisy and he screams "A wild debut season, we'll talk more with our contestants in a minute, we'll be asking Towelie is he clean? We'll talk to Wendy, Cartman, and more after some messages, shoutout to these tunes arranged by Veronica Crabtree!" the camera shows Mrs. Crabtree rockin out on that synth as the screen fades out.

After the Cheesy Poofs commercial, it cuts to the twenty castaways sitting on a three tiered bench. Randy waves his hand around to signal for the audience to shut the fuck up.

"This was a shocking season all the way thru, but to many the most shocking moment came right at the close, when our winner Henrietta Biggle," the camera shows a close-up of her looking all dolled-up and happy, "committed goth-on-goth crime on her friend Pete Hastie," close-up on Pete nodding sadly before cutting away to footage of Pete shedding a faggy lil tear as his torch gets snuffed.

Back to Randy, "Pete, after playing such a strategic game, how did it feel to get taken out by your right-hand bitch?"

"I probably should have won but I honestly don't give a fuck anymore Randy," Pete wincing as Bebe is shown nodding emphatically the row behind him.

"But let's be realistic Pete, had Henrietta stuck to plan and took you to the end- I mean, who on that jury would have voted for Pete?" Randy insists douchily.

Awkward silence as part of the crowd cheers wildly, Bebe and Tweek awkwardly raise their hands. Kenny shrugs.

Randy painfully changes the subject, "And let's not forget about Tweek, just a few votes short of the hundred dollars," loud applause is heard. "Tweek, how has your life been since the show ended?"

Tweek blushes. "Survivor really changed my life, it inspired me and my boyfriend to take the next step and now we're married," he shows off his ring. Craig reaches down to him from the bench above, straining to reach Tweek over Cartman's fat thigh.

The audience screams wildly as Randy is all like "ooooh." As they quiet down Randy takes the opportunity to address Craig, "And would the new Mr. Tweek ever return to Survivor again?"

Craig is repulsed by this question. "No." The top of Pete's discomforted-looking face is visible in the bottom of the haphazard camera shot.

"One of Tweek's most noted moves was his blindside of my own little boy, Stan," cheers are heard as the camera closes in on Stan, who's wearing a fancy turtleneck sweater. He awkwardly waves of the applause as Randy continues, "Stan how did it feel to be beat by your sister this season?"

The women in the audience scream loudly as Shelly pops up and shows off her biceps.

Stan doesn't know what to say, his moment clearly stolen. "I don't know, proud?"

"Thanks, turd," Shelly turns around and condescends him, provoking laughs from the audience. Red's livid face is visible in the background of the shot.

A return from another gay commercial shows a flashback to the goth tribe going to rocks, Michael looking apathetic as he strolls away from Tribal Council.

Randy looks amused, "The goth tribe was, frankly, a train wreck at the start of this game. I can't believe one of you won!" He exaggerates an incredulous expression to provoke laughs from the audience. "Michael, how did it feel to be taken out by drawing the wrong rock?"

Michael looks surprised to be asked a question. "Uhh, it was pretty gay I guess, but this whole experience was pretty gay."

"Firkle, often deemed the weakest link of the Black tribe. Just when it seemed like the tribe swap saved your life, you were sent packing. Are you and the other goths still friends?"

"Yeah it's cool," Firkle and Michael look uncomfortable as the shot closes in on them and Butters. "This was like two years ago anyway, I don't care man."

Henrietta pipes up, clutching her hundred dollar check possessively. "Just because I won the game of capitalism doesn't mean I've changed or any of us have changed. I'm gonna spend this hundred dollars on cigarettes and eyeliner."

"Another tribe that got off to a rough start was the Blue tribe, let's take a look," Randy points to a random corner. Footage plays of Token bossing the tribe around loudly, Tweek crying, Towelie smoking weed and Token getting blindsided as Clyde's mouth is AGAPE.

"Token, your ouster was another shocker," Randy talks to the black boy as he is seen nodding confidently in agreement. "Seeing the season play out, do you still think they made a mistake?"

"You know Randy, uh, it doesn't matter if my going or not going would have helped their game, I was voted out for a bigger reason, and that is racism," Token looking very woke in a hat and shades. Clyde looks very uncomfortable in the row in front of him.

Craig makes a pouty face, "I voted you out because you were being annoying."

Token scoffs, "It's okay Craig, I know you're ruh. It's fine."

Randy breaks in to whitesplain the situation, "But Nichole, you made it all the way to top five!" Black women can be heard cheering in the audience.

Nichole opens her mouth to answer, but is cut off by Wendy sitting a few seats over. "Randy, it's uncanny how this game emulates real life. I thought my smarts could win me that hundred bucks but in the end, the ugliness of the game got to me, I couldn't be an assassin anymore." Cartman, two seats down from Wendy, is visible stifling his laughter. Wendy gets stank realizing this, but continues anyway, "In the end it mattered more to me to get out racist, chauvinist assholes like Eric Cartman than figuring out my best path to victory."

Randy's eyes open up wide shiestily. "Cartman, do you have a response to that?"

Cartman rolls his eyes. "It's just a game, bitch. Need some help getting that sand out of your vagina?"

Nichole breaks ha silence. "It's easy for you to say it's just a game when you haven't been pushed down every day of your life for being a monkey or a welfare queen. I had to represent my people ever since Token got voted out on Day 2, and I think my longevity in the game is thanks solely to me. I didn't get no help." More screams from the black women in the audience as Token raises a fist in solidarity.

Randy awkwardly smiles and segways into the next segment, "Another very controversial castaway, he smoked, he overdosed, he raped, it's none other than Towelie." The crowd boos.

Towelie waves his short towel arms "I'm not a crook!" He slurs.

"Towelie, what caused your behaviour out on the island?" Randy incredulously asks.

Towelie rolls another joint, earning glares from Kyle and Butters in the row above him. "It was all strategy see, it would have worked if Bebe didn't have her baybay, see?"

Bebe agrees with a short nod, Randy jumps to her, "Bebe, you lost your baby because of the cannibalistic nature of this cast, how have you been?"

She shakes her blonde ass head, "I've been doing well, I adopted a small handkerchief to ease the pain. She's about four months old now and I'm so happy." The camera cuts to a picture of Bebe cradling her handkerchief.

"So no hard feelings toward the cast for their actions?" Randy pries.

Bebe fakes a smile. "I try to forget," clearly trying to ignore Cartman sitting right the tit next to her.

Tired of being tiptoed around, Cartman jumps his fat tits into the conversation. "Aight listen, if you were out there with nothing, absolutely nothing to eat but the Cheesey Poof dust out the bag and maybe a pinecone, when Keeny's gay ass stole the damn piggy, that you wouldn't eat the retarded towel miscarriage?"

Wendy is seen slowly turning toward Cartman in feminist rage, the cast breaks into argument as Randy frightenedly signals for a commercial break.

The Chinpokomon commercial ends and some of the contestants have switched seats due to the argument. Randy clearly looks pressed for time. "Alright really quick, just to talk to a few more of you, Kyle how did it feel to suck so hard in this game?"

Kyle purses his lips sentimentally. "I mean I think I learned something, it wasn't really about winning the hundred dollars I mean, Henrietta's still kind of a loser and I got that stipend check-"

Randy cuts him off, "Butters your elimination was heartbreaking, have you recovered?"

Butters frowns with regret. "I do feel like I have some unfinished business out there in the woods, but I am oh so proud of myself for how hard I tried, hi Mom and Dad!" he excitedly waves to his parents in the audience.

"And finally Henrietta, what do you have to say to any Survivor hopefuls out there, who are dreaming of applying?"

Henrietta looks bemused. "Fuck you mom!"

"I'm afraid we're all out of time to talk to our incredible cast, because we need to show you a special sneak preview of our NEXT season, that's right we got renewed! And we are going to the MYSTIC RUINS," he points to another corner of the camera shot.

A dramatic drum begins to play and a man begins to scream "Oh way ohhhh," A flock of chaos land on the muddy ground. "In the hot and humid jungle of South America, twenty four people will hit the ground running." The silhouette of a girl with braids is shown diving for a flag.

"They will build a new society and while getting acquainted with this exotic, mystical new location," shots of the jungle and suspiciously cultural-looking pyramid thing, "they'll be battling the elements - and each other."

Several sets of legs shown running down the beach, "With the prize money raising to a thousand dollars, the game can only get uglier… this spring Survivor is BACK!"

Sneakers shown running through the jungle. "Speed's my game."

Bottom half of a fat body shown working on a puzzle with a voiceover, "Wahaha they'll never see me coming."

Female with prominent cameltoe legs are shown as the tribal screaming intensifies, "I want to show the world that I can overcome the HIV virus AND the game of Survivor."

The logo spins around, 'Survivor: Mystic Ruins; Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games' APRIL

Randy and the twenty South Park biddies are having their after party. "Thank you for watching catch you next season!" He shoots his gun for the last time. It hits Kenny.

AN: The jury's votes were Kenny, Craig, and Bebe voted for Tweek and the other six voted for Henrietta. I know a lot of you were rooting for Tweek to win, however it makes more sense to us that jury didn't respect his game. Thanks again for reading, I hope you stick around for our other seasons we plan to do! We are very proud that we actually finished this. If you have any lingering questions don't be afraid to leave a review!