It all started back when I was ten years old. I was walking through the streets of Riften when I met an elderly man sitting on a bench. When I saw him he looked really lonely and as I was a young girl I walked up and took a seat next to him.

He looked down at me as I sat next to him and smiled. He introduced himself as a mage from the collage of Winterhold. He said that he was near the end of his life but without a successor to his work. When I questioned him about his work, he responded by saying that it was like conjuration spells, only it summoned creatures from the caster's mind instead of Oblivion.

Now being a kid, I had a pretty great imagination for coming up with nice looking monsters so I told the old man that I would try and help him and since I was living in the Riften orphanage at the time I was sure that no one would even know I was gone.

The old man agreed to take me as his apprentice if I showed and aptitude in magic, which I did surprising me and the old man. We left Riften a week later after we had gathered supplies and made our way to a small home he had built in The Rift when he left the collage.

There we lived for nearly five years as he taught me normal magic along with his brand of special conjuration. I also became a talented artist while training as the old man suggested that I make drawings of the monsters I would use as not to forget what they looked like as adrenaline can make a person act differently.

Following his advice and drew the monsters on small cards. Each had a name and a small description of said monsters. I had also added a ranking system to them as to signify their level of power as well as the power needed to summon them.

It was in the fifth year that the old man had passed away. I buried him near the small house we shared and spent more than a week crying over the loss of my teacher and friend. After I had recovered from mourning, I packed my cards into a special holster that fit on my belt, while the backups that I made were tucked safely into my rucksack. With one final farewell to the old man I left the house to explore the world.

My name is Alisa, and this is my story.