"This is an intervention"

They were not stupid. Many of them had gone through it before. They knew how much it hurt, how the pain lasted for months and the phantom pain would forever haunt them, reminding each of them of what they had lost.

The boy seemed to have forgotten this fact and had been hiding his pain behind a falsely blinding smile and his dry sarcastic humour that they had all been well accustomed to even before the whole fiasco began.

Much to the boy's dismay, he could not fully hide his pained hiss when he stepped wrong or the dark circles that had developed under his eyes. Nor could he fully dismiss how he flinched slightly when someone got too close.

He had done an unfortunately excellent job at shaking off any signs of anything being amiss and even better at avoiding all attempts by others to question him. It had gone on long enough though, and the older Vikings who had experienced amputation couldn't simply stand by and watch as the young lad worked himself into the ground.

"Intervention? What for?"

The question was one of sincere confusion mixed with a hint of defensiveness. It was a reaction they had expected, but it did not bode well for the coming conversation. They continued regardless. After all, they are Vikings! And Vikings do not back down!

"Hiccup, are you alright?"

The question was redundant. They all knew the answer. Glances were exchanged, conveying a silent debate amongst themselves.

"I'm fine."

Word Count: 253

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