Author's Note: So these are just some weird stream-of-consciousness/drabblish things that I have laying around or feel like writing sometimes. No idea if anyone is interested but hey... here they are anyway. May add to, may not. Are probably all disconnected and strange. Enjoy, anyway if you read.

1. Sam and autonomy

Maybe that was why he fought so hard. Why he bucked and rebelled and fought against control. Maybe, even from a young age he had felt it, felt how little choice he had. Forced into a life he didn't want. Nudged and watched and morphed by a 1000 forces, by hundreds of possessed people who wore the kindest smile. How often had it all been taken away from him? How often had the choice been ripped from his bare and bloody hands?

He could almost hear the voices of everyone, everything that had stooped in and taken away his choice, his autonomy, the grip on his own body, his own mind.

His own life.

They spoke.

Want to stop hunting? We'll kill your girl and force revenge on you.

We'll tell your brother all about you, because we know he won't tell you.

We'll possess you and make you do terrible things.

We'll take away your choice of life and death.

We'll take away your possibility for redemption.

We'll mould you when you're at your lowest and pollute you with the vilest of drugs.

We'll blame you when we push you and you fall.

We'll try to pollute you again, try to turn you into the weapon everyone has always wanted you to be.

There. That wasn't so bad, was it?

We'll make giving in your only choice.

Then again, we'll kill with your hands. Destruct in your name. Rip and tear and crush what you love.

Strong enough to defeat the devil? We'll torture you for eternity, desecrate every part of your body and defile your very soul.

We'll take you back in pieces, whether you want us to or not.

We'll shove back your soul.

We'll haunt you even when your rid of us.

We'll breach your mind, tear at it and take away anyone that could help you hold your sanity.

We'll have you promise things and resent you for keeping them.

We'll give you a chance to do some good, hand it to you on a silver platter, then take it when it's almost done.

Want to die? We'll trick you, take away your choice over life and death.

We'll be in you again.

We'll use you again.

We'll kill friends with your hands, burn their eyes and souls.

We'll release you, and expect you to forgive us because that's what you do.

And when you get angry, we'll be affronted.

After all, you don't have a choice in what you feel. Not if it isn't what we want you to feel.

So maybe Sam fought to make his life his again. And he wouldn't stop doing it for the rest of his life.