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"Whoa, where are you going?" Steve asked as Danny stood up from the table. They had just finished eating and after the whole Catherine staying behind in Afghanistan, Steve was hoping they could stay and have a few beers. Besides, Steve owed Danny at least that on top of paying for dinner what with him traveling all the way around the world to save Steve.

"I have to pick up Grace in twenty minutes," Danny explained. He noticed Steve's face fell slightly and quickly continued. "We could come over after I get her if you want."

"I mean if that's what you want to do…I'd never say no to seeing Gracie…" Steve replied as he shrugged. Danny held back a smirk as his best friend played nonchalance.

"I'll have Grace bring a movie. You just make sure there's popcorn," Danny said before he turned and left the restaurant.

He walked over to his car and pulled out his keys. As he unlocked the door he smiled. Bringing Grace to Steve's would do his partner good. Steve was always happier when Grace was around.

"Stop! Give me your keys," a voice from behind Danny ordered. Danny closed his eyes and inwardly groaned. He turned around and saw a kid in his low twenties pointing a gun at him.

"Come on man. You don't want to do this," Danny tried with a calm voice. He shifted and the kids hand shook.

"Don't move!" the kid shouted with wide eyes.

"Do you want me to stay still or give you my keys?" Danny asked with a raised brow not being able to help his self.

"Don't be a smart-ass!" the kid shouted. Danny took a small step forward and opened his mouth to say something but a loud gunshot rang out.

The next thing Danny knew there was pain. Then, he realized he was looking up at the sky, the stars twinkling down at him. That was when the screams and shouts made their way to his ears.


Steve took his change from the waiter and thanked him. Leaving a tip, Steve made his way to the door of the restaurant. A loud crack, that Steve deciphered to be a gunshot, rang out. Steve's head whipped around and, without hesitation, pulled his gun and ran out of the building. As he glanced around Steve saw the few people who were outside screaming and running for cover.

"No, no, no, no," Steve muttered desperately as his eyes fell on his partner lying on the pavement. Clearing the scene, Steve ran to Danny's side and dropped to his knees. Blue eyes roamed Danny's body and Steve gasped at the growing red stain on Danny's chest.

"Someone call 911!" Steve shouted as he desperately put pressure on the gunshot wound. Danny let out a groan and Steve apologized before he glanced up. A man was on his phone nearby. "Tell them we have an officer down!"

"Stay with me Danny. Please just stay with me," Steve begged as he looked back down at his best friend.

"HPD is on their way," the man who was on his phone said to Steve. Steve nodded his head at the man in 'thanks'. He looked back down at Danny and he felt his heart skip a beat when he saw Danny had become unnaturally still.

"Danny? Danny? Hey buddy come on," Steve said as he shook his partner. Danny limply jostled and Steve's throat went dry. "Danno?"

Steve felt for a pulse but there was none. Oh God, Steve thought as he forced a swallow. His panic rose a notch but Steve kicked into SEAL mode and hastily began CPR.

It felt like hours before Steve felt hands pull him away from Danny. The urge to fight them off rose up but Steve didn't have the energy. He dropped to the ground and his eyes fell on two EMT's as they began to work on Danny.

"Steve," a male voice called out and Steve hazily looked over to see Duke crouched down next to him. "You okay?"

Steve just stared at the older man. Movement nearby had Steve turning his attention to Danny. The EMT's had put him on a stretcher and were now raising it up. With strength he didn't know he still had, Steve shoved his self to his feet. He could hear Duke as he called after him but Steve ignored the older man and hastily followed after his partner.

The EMT's loaded Danny into the ambulance and Steve quickly jumped in after them. A warning look was sent his way from one of the EMT's but Steve returned it with one of his own. The EMT sighed and continued to work on Danny. Steve made sure to stay out of their way. A silent mantra of 'please Danny stay with me' was on repeat in the SEAL's head.

It wasn't until one of the EMT's announced that they had a pulse did Steve breath out a sigh of relief. It didn't last long, however, as Steve's eyes focused on the EMT's as they tried to stem the bleeding. Steve could feel the bile as it rose up and he swallowed and forced it back down.

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