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Little Mouse

Part 1

Raven swung her crossed legs a little sitting on the edge of the large stage looking out at the vast number of empty seats and looking up at the private box seats that hung on the side of the walls. Large curtains could conceal whoever was sitting in those box seats from the rest of the crowd, but not block the view of the stage from the people sitting in those box seats. Although she didn't want to admit it, Raven knew those seats were usually occupied by criminals; mob bosses to be more precise. After all, this is Gotham city and despite all the good this Batman does; the mob still controls this city. One man in particular lives in this chaotic city and he owns the entire underworld. Raven shook her head to stop herself from thinking about it.

She just moved to Gotham from Smallville because none of the preforming arts theaters were hiring there, it is a small town after all so there really were only two theaters, and they wouldn't even give her a chance to audition for a single play. They also didn't want to hire her because she was twenty-three with no stage experience at all. Gotham's Theater of Preforming Arts gave her a chance and they were all shocked at her flawless audition.

Her voice, everyone fell in love with her voice and were always amazed at how she could change it up to match her character's personality. Raven immediately got the lead role in the play Phantom of the Opera and she was elated. That musical was the reason she became an actress. When she was onstage the world around her just disappeared and it was just her and her fellow cast members.

Raven also confused her cast members because on stage she could be outgoing, flawless, and gave off an air of confidence; but when she was off the stage she was an extremely shy girl. She also didn't have many friends. Women were jealous of her natural looks and men couldn't just be friends. Her black hair, that reached to her mid back, had a natural small wave to it that most women would kill for. Her hair was very fine and soft to the touch just like her mother's had been. Her skin was pale which only added to her unique beauty, but what really pulled people in were her ocean blue eyes.

"Oh there you are Raven!" she recognized the high pitched voice of her cast member Ruby. Her and Ruby talked a lot at the theater, but that was as far as their 'friendship' went. Raven never hung out with her outside the theater. Actually, she didn't really hang out with anyone outside the theater. This was her home and was really the only place where she interacted with people. The rest of the time, she kept to herself because she simply preferred it that way.

"Yes?" Raven responded as Ruby sat next to her, brushing her auburn hair behind her shoulder.

"Ok so I know you don't like going out, but I have this huge favor to ask." Ruby put on puppy dog eyes.

"Um what is it?" Raven asked cautiously and Ruby smiled.

"Ok so you're fairly new to Gotham so consider this a chance to be able to go out and meet people and make friends," Ruby started clearing trying to sell Raven on something she wouldn't want to do.

"And?" Raven asked raising a perfect eyebrow that Ruby was bitterly jealous of.

"Ok so there's this nightclub along the edge of Gotham," Ruby said quickly, "it's like impossible to get into; but I happened to snag entrance tickets last year, only two."

"Doesn't Barb like those things more?" Raven asked with a sigh, "and you should really watch what you do; opening night is two days away." Ruby rolled her eyes.

"I know," she replied, "and Barb is busy; all my friends are busy and you can't enter the club alone. You have to be with someone."

"Why?" Raven asked confused, "that seems odd for a club." Ruby shrugged.

"Rules of the street in Gotham," Ruby replied, "it kind of goes for all night clubs in this city because you never know which is owned by the mob."

"Ruby I don't know." Raven said chewing her lip and Ruby grabbed her shoulders in panic.

"Please Raven," she begged, "I've waited a year to get a chance to go to this nightclub and my entrance tickets are only valid for tonight." Raven bit her lip. She knew Ruby's character; she knew that Ruby would end up ditching her in the club to go hook up with some guy. But Ruby was right, Raven really did need to start making some friends; although a night club wasn't exactly the best place to do so, but it's a start.

"I guess I'll go." Raven said reluctantly…very reluctantly. Ruby jumped up in excitement smiling brightly.

"Great!" she said, "I'll pick you up at nine! Oh and do you have a nightclub dress?" Raven shook her head and Ruby sighed.

"Well you're lucky we're the same size," she shook her head again, "ok I'll come over at eight thirty to help you get ready. See you then." Ruby waved at Raven as she ran backstage.

"Raven," the stage director, Jack, said walking up to her, "Ruby finally got you to go outside your comfort zone?" Jack was an older man, around the age of fifty.

"Kind of." Raven smiled politely while standing up.

"Just don't overdo it," he scolded, "this play opens in two days and is sold out. I need you at top condition to perform."

"Don't worry sir," she smiled, "I'll be fine."

"Ok," Ruby said barging into Raven's apartment before she had even opened the door fully. Being the polite, shy girl she is; Raven just sighed and closed the door.

"Here's your dress," Ruby said handing Raven a tight fitted black dress with a one shoulder strap and it had a cut in the side to show off part of her waist. It was way outside Raven's comfort zone.

"Maybe I could just wear one of my dresses," Raven said and Ruby rolled her eyes.

"Come on Raven," she huffed, "time is ticking." Raven sighed before walking into her room and putting on the dress that showed off her perfect curves. She put on a pair of two inch black heels. She kept her hair down, her natural waves being enough for her. She applied simple make up that included black mascara and perfect black eyeliner with a small wing. A dark red lipstick complemented her pale skin.

"Ok let's go," Ruby said impatiently pushing a reluctant Raven out the door after she grabbed her bag along with her apartment keys.

The club was on the edge of Gotham and in an area where Raven would never walk around alone. This made her regret her decision even more as she got out of Ruby's car and followed her to the warehouse like building. There was already a large line of people waiting to get in; Ruby told her this line was let in once all those with entrance tickets entered; but those in line rarely got in.

"Thank you," Ruby gave the bouncer a flirty smile and Raven just nodded before Ruby pulled her though the door and into the club where the music was blasting and the party was in full swing. Raven looked around the club taking in its luxurious feeling and she understood why this club was so popular. There were four bars spread out around the club and a large dance floor. There were large booths and seating areas around the club and bar tables without stools placed around the club.

The people here were also decked out like Ruby was. Their outfits, dresses, and the woman's make up were all very flashy. Raven's shyness increased as she gained some people's attention while Ruby pulled her over to the bar on the other side of the club. Raven looked up and noticed on the second level of the building was another room that could block out the noises of the club with the sliding glass windows. No one down in the club would be able to see who was up there, but Raven was sure that the people in there could see everyone in the club. She briefly wondered if that room was built in specifically so those in the club could be watched.

"Margarita please," Ruby yelled at the young bartender as Raven took a seat in the very last barstool at the bar that hid her nicely in the corner; although it didn't hide her enough like she had hoped.

"And you sweetie?" the bartender asked looking at Raven.

"Oh just a water please." Raven said trying not to strain her voice too much. The bartender gave her a curious look before filling a glass of water.

"I'll be back." Ruby said clearly lying and walked away from Raven and onto the dance floor. Raven wanted to leave then, but Ruby was kind of her ride home and she refused to walk out onto those dark streets alone to wait for a taxi.

"Not a drinker?" a young man said from next to her and Raven could tell by the earpiece in his ear that he was security.

"Uh no," Raven smiled politely, "I'm the designated driver." The man chuckled a little.

"It's ok to have at least one drink though girl," he said putting on a nice smile clearly seeing that she was very uncomfortable in this kind of atmosphere.

"Try to have some fun," he said to her, "this is the place to do that; you know let loose."

"I'll remember that." Raven smiled a little and he walked away.

Raven could still see Ruby dancing on the floor as she had stayed in her seat. They've been at the club for two hours and Raven only got out of her seat to use the restroom then quickly returned to it; thankful that nobody had snagged it in her absence. She had made some casual small talk on occasion with the busy bartender, who she learned was named Nick, and she shied away from the drunk men that tried to pull her out onto the dance floor. They would leave her alone when the security guard she met earlier shooed them off. She didn't like being here; this was way outside her comfort area and she just wanted to go home. She also couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched; but no matter how many times she looked around she couldn't find anyone staring at her and this made her even more uncomfortable.

Raven took her eyes off Ruby when a phone at the bar rang and the bartender quickly picked it up. She noticed that he seemed a little uncomfortable, no; it was more like afraid of whoever was on the other line. Nick's eyes flashed to Raven briefly and she quickly looked away hearing the phone click as he hung up. Raven looked around to try and find Ruby again, but she couldn't find her so-called 'friend' anywhere.

"Here you go Raven," the bartended said gaining her attention. He was setting a martini glass in front of her that was filled with a bright green like liquid.

"Oh I didn't order this Nick," she said pushing the glass back towards him. Nick gave a polite smile.

"The boss ordered it for you." He replied and Raven looked at him in confusion.

"Boss?" she asked and he cleared his throat pushing the drink back towards her.

"The owner of the club," he replied, "it's rude to refuse a drink from him. Don't worry I didn't put a lot of alcohol in this drink; so you'll be fine." Raven bit her lip wrapping her fingers around the glass watching Nick quickly turn away to attend to other people. Raven took a deep breath before raising the glass to her lips; after all she was raised to be polite and it was rude to refuse a drink someone buys for you. She took a sip to test it and gave a small smile looking down at the drink.

Nick was telling the truth, she couldn't taste a lot of alcohol and the drink itself was sweet like candy. It provided her a comforting feeling so she drank it over the next hour, taking slow sips to savor the free drink she had surprisingly liked. Ruby had disappeared completely, so Raven sat in the corner hoping she would return instead of just ditching her. Thirty more minutes had gone by and Raven had finished her free drink and returned to drinking water thinking about just calling a taxi at this point to come and take her home even though she really didn't want to.

"Miss," she jumped when a hand was placed on her shoulder and turned to see a man with brown hair that was nicely brushed back and a had well shaved beard that matched his hair color. He was wearing a simple black suit similar to the other security guard.

"Um yes?" she asked feeling uncomfortable with his hand on her bare shoulder.

"The owner of the club wants to meet you." He said in a polite tone and she bit her lip.

"Oh I'm sorry," she said, "I need to wait for my friend." The man gave a small smile.

"He bought you a drink ma'am," he said politely but there was a hint of warning in his tone, "the least you can do is thank him." Raven pursed her lips together praying for Ruby to intervene, but it never happened; so being the girl that was taught to be polite since she was a child, Raven nodded and grabbed her purse. The man placed a hand on her back lightly and led her though the crowed and towards a door that led to a staircase. She couldn't help but notice it was on the side of the second floor lounge. The man told her to wait outside the door when he walked in and came out a moment later.

"Go on in." the man said holding the door opened for her.

"Thank you." She replied quietly and walked into the lounge. It was tiled with smooth black tile like the dance floor, and there were two long white leather couches across from one another. There was a small elegant chandler hanging in the center above a glass coffee table that was lined with gold bars. She also noticed the private bar in the corner stocked with high end liquor, but no bartender. She looked back to the couch and her heart froze along with her body.

Sitting on the edge of the couch, in a spot where he could see everyone in the club but they couldn't see him, was the King of Gotham himself; the Joker. she had prayed she could avoid seeing him during her time here while she built up her career enough to move out of this crime filled city; but there he was only a few feet away.

He was looking away from her, watching the people in his club through the spotless glass. The music from the club was muffled since the glass windows were closed. His legs were spread out a little as he rested his hands on a cane with a gold handle; she noticed the gold and silver rings on his fingers as well. The cane was positioned between his legs as he sat straight up in his seat. He was wearing black suiting pants and a white shirt that was unbuttoned to his torso showing off the tattoos he was famous for. A silk purple bowtie was draped around his neck untied. There was a thick gold watch on one wrist and a simple gold chain bracelet on the same wrist. She could also tell that he had his ears pierced and didn't have to guess that the studs were real diamonds and probably stolen property.

Her heart fluttered and she jumped when the door closed behind her, leaving her alone with the most dangerous and feared man in Gotham; blocking her only escape as well. This was a time when she wished she could turn back time and make a different decision. She should've stayed home where she was comfortable and safe. After all, her mother always told her that night clubs were dangerous places for young women.

"Did you enjoy the drink hun?" his voice echoed in the room and she jumped a little at it. It was smooth and polite; but she knew that at any moment he could go crazy and kill her along with everyone else in the club if he felt like it. So she took a breath to collect herself before answering, not wanting to risk angering him by not answering.

"Y-Yes," she couldn't help but stutter, "Um thank you, but I need to get back and find my friend now."

"Oh I believe she left with a partner for the night," He said still not looking at her, but she could see the smirk playing on his lips and the small glint of silver.

"Oh," Raven breathed knowing Ruby would do that but still hopefully that she wouldn't at the same time; "W-Well I should go call a cab then." She froze when he finally looked at her with cold blue eyes. She couldn't move as his eyes looked her up and down, analyzing her. Raven shivered when he gave a big smile and laughed emphasizing each of the 'Ha's.' Being an actress, Raven knew he probably worked long and hard on that laugh that scared even the bravest of men.

"Don't look so scared little mouse," he chuckled then gestured to the empty couch across from him, "please take a seat, I insist." She wanted to refuse, but was reminded how dangerous this man was when her eyes landed on the gun harness draped over his white shirt that held two fully loaded guns. She nodded and walked over to the couch then sat down crossing her legs like the well-mannered woman she was raised to be; she could feel his eyes on her the whole time as she looked at her hands. She could see him lean forward, putting his weight on the cane.

"Does the Little Mouse have a name?" he purred, amusement clear in his voice. Raven looked up meeting his cold eyes.

"Raven," she murmured and he smirked leaning back in his seat.

"A perfect name for such an exquisite woman." He purred and she quickly looked down at her hands a small blush forming on her pale cheeks. Joker chuckled watching her fiddle with her dress in nervousness.

"Relax little Mouse," he purred, "I won't pounce." She looked up at this statement and noticed he had gone back to watching the people in the club. It didn't escape her notice that what he said was a reference to a cat pouncing on a mouse and that made her all the more scared of her situation.

"What brings you to my club Mouse?" Joker asked looking back at her and she bit her lip while rubbing her hands together. She was in a life or death situation and she knew she wouldn't get anything by lying or not answering; it wouldn't help her situation at all.

"Ruby said I need to make friends," she replied, "so I reluctantly agreed to come with her tonight."

"New to town are we?" he purred and she bit her lip while nodding.

"Well your only friend seems to have ditched you." He continued in a small mocking tone.

"O-Oh," she stuttered looking down, "She's not really a friend, more of a fellow cast member."

"Oh," Joker hummed leaning forward again, "into theater are we?" Raven pursed her lips together. Was she really having a conversation with the Joker?

"Y-Yes," she stuttered out, "at Gotham's main performing arts theater. We're opening Phantom of the Opera in two days."

"And what role does the Little Mouse have?" he questioned and she tucked her hair behind her ear in nervousness.

"I-I'm the lead role." She muttered.

"How wonderful," he hummed, "quite a talent you must have to get such a large role; perhaps I should make a trip to the theater this week." Raven's heart skipped a beat at those words.

"Well if you do," she replied looking back up again as he stared at her with those cold eyes, "I hope you'll enjoy the performance." Joker tilted his head while he looked her over, analyzing her. He leaned forward on his cane again his eyes never leaving hers.

"What do you think of my club Raven?" he asked in a serious tone.

"Um," Raven pursed her lips together again, "Very nice." She finally said.

"But?" his voice took on a darker tone and she jumped a little.

"Oh no I didn't mean anything bad," she quickly said looking away at the crowed, "I'm just not fond of places with large crowds." Her body relaxed a little when he leaned back in his seat giving a small chuckle.

"A performer who is uncomfortable in crowds," he chuckled again, "how curious." Raven cleared her throat.

"It's different when I'm on stage." She replied still looking out at all the people.

"Elaborate mouse." He demanded and she sighed completely forgetting who she was talking to.

"I don't know," she said, "when I'm on stage I guess the world around me just vanishes." Joker studied her as she gazed out at the crowd. There was something intriguing about this woman. That, and it's been awhile since he's had someone to play with. This shy little mouse may be fun to have as his new pet.

Raven jumped when he stood up suddenly and her eyes landed on him as she came back to reality watching him walk around the coffee table while swinging his cane back and forth a little. She shook a little when he stopped right in front of her, his cane clicking against the tiled floor as he set it down in front of him resting one hand on top of the other. He stared down at her smiling at her unease before holding out a hand. Raven blinked and looked at his outstretched hand, terrified at what could possibly be going through his mind. Not knowing what else to do, she placed her hand in his taking note of the smoothness. He smiled brightly while pulling her to her feet then released her hand to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I do believe it's bed time for the Little Mouse," he said, "after all, she has a big performance coming up." Raven pursed her lips together when he stood beside her and placed an arm behind her, laying a hand on her shoulder. He then led her to the exit and tapped his cane on the door. The man that brought her up here opened the at the tapping sound.

"Bring the car around back Frost," Joker said and Frost nodded. Joker led Raven out a back door that was out of sight from everyone. She stood outside, behind the club with Joker standing next to her. His arm still around her shoulders and he spun his can around with his other hand. He had the looked of complete ease while Raven was trying so hard not to shake or cry in fear. Finally, a black Mercedes pulled around being driven by the man named Frost. Joker led her to the back door and opened it. Before she got in the car, he leaned down behind her; his lips brushing her ear.

"I do hope your performance doesn't disappoint." He purred and she bit her lip before she got in and the car door closed. Joker's haunting figure disappeared in the distance as the car drove away, back to the city.

Once safely in her apartment, Raven sank onto her bed as reality finally hit her. She had come face to face with the Joker and was still alive. She didn't know if she should cry in relief or in fear that something might happen to her.

Two days later, there was thirty minutes before the opening show begun and people were already starting to fill the theater; all talking excitedly about the upcoming show. Many talking about their hopes that the main cast would put on an amazing performance.

"No pressure or anything Raven," Ruby said dressed in her robe and she chuckled a little. Raven gave a friendly smile watching Ruby walk away. The day after the club night, Ruby had called to ensure Raven had gotten home safely, but didn't apologize for leaving her in the first place. Raven also kept her encounter with the Joker a secret; not like she had anyone to tell in the first place.

"Come on everyone," the director called, "look alive." Raven let the hair and make-up artist pulled her black hair back into a wig cap before putting on the brow wig that resembled Christine's curly brown hair. Raven walked to side lines looking out at the crowd along with some other cast members. She noted that the closest box seat on the right side of the theater had its curtains closed around it so the people below couldn't see who was in it. It was even hard to make out any figures from her spot. Raven shook her head before walking away; only in Gotham can you be preforming in front of some mob boss and no one calls the cops. She pushed those thoughts aside and lined up with her other cast members as the prologue of the play begun.

The crowd was stunned into silence at Raven's flawless voice and outstanding performance. All eyes were on her throughout the play; everyone in the audience didn't want to take their eyes off her as she glided along the stage with perfection. Everyone in the theater would agree that she had a natural born talent for acting.

"Outstanding!" The director clapped after the curtains had closed and the cast took a final bow, "flawless performance from all of you."

"And excellent job Raven," Barb said smiling at her. Barb was a woman in her mid-thirties who had the role of Madame Giry in this play.

"Thank you," Raven smiled politely just wanting to go home now.

"All right everyone," the director silenced the talking cast, "clean up now, go out and celebrate; but not too hard. Just because we do still have a performance tomorrow night, so the second main cast better be in top condition." Ruby smiled brightly, but on the inside she was extremely jealous of Raven's flawless performance. How could she possibly live up to that? Raven quickly walked to the dressing room anxious to get home to rest. Because Ruby was the main performer tomorrow night; Raven had the day off and she was personally looking forward to watching movies all day or even reading a book.

"Raven," a backstage person walked up to her with a bag, "this was dropped off for you." Raven gave a confused look as she took the bag with a smile and 'thank you.' Once she was in the private dressing room she shared with Ruby she opened the bag and pulled out a note her heart picking up in pace as she read the elegantly written note.

'A gift for a flawless performance. Put it on then get into the car waiting for you behind the theater.' ~Mr. J~

Raven's hands shook as she held the paper in her hand; thankful that Ruby wasn't in the room to pry and no one could see her pale face go even paler. She took a deep breath then pulled out a short, tight fitted, dark purple dress. She could tell just by holding it that it would stop right at her mid-thighs. White jewels outlined the top edge of the dress going from the left and lifting up to the right side of the one shoulder strap. She bit her lip before, slowly, dressing into the dress knowing Joker wouldn't take a refusal kindly. She pulled on a long black coat that covered the dress and left the room.

"You don't want to come celebrate with us?" Blake asked dressed out of his phantom outfit and clean of his makeup. Raven gave her usual polite smile as she pulled her purse on her shoulder.

"Sorry," she said, "but I'm really tired." Blake nodded and walked off after saying goodnight.

Just as the note said, there was a black Mercedes waiting for Raven behind the theater and out of the site of people. The man driving the car was the same man that drove her home a couple nights ago; Frost, she believed his name is. It was already eleven at night and Raven tugged at her purse strap in fear and nervousness as Frost drove her to the edge of town; towards Joker's club.

"Jacket," he said stopping in front of the closed door outside the lounge she had prayed she would never have to return to. Raven, reluctantly, removed her coat exposing the elegant, short, purple dress and Frost held the door open for her. She murmured a 'thank you' to him before entering the room and hearing the door shut behind her. Joker was standing behind the private bar inspecting wine bottles.

Tonight he was wearing black pants and a buttoned up burgundy shirt, the color matched her dress, and it was unbuttoned enough to show off his collarbone, but not as far down as the white shirt he was wearing that first night. He still had the gold and silver rings on along with the watch and bracelet and a black gun harness draped over his shirt with two guns in the holders. She stood quietly and nervously in the room watching him uncork a red wine and pouring two full glasses before turning to her with a bright, silver smile. He laughed at her, clearly amused at her fear, as he walked up to her.

"Don't look so tense Little Mouse," he purred handing her a glass of wine and she took it, "come now, join me in a drink." Raven watched as he walked over to the couch and took a seat before bringing the glass to his lips. She, slowly, followed sitting across from him and also taking a sip of the red wind.

"A Cabernet Sauvignon," she said clearing her throat and trying to hide her fear. Joker's grin grew as his eyes sparkled.

"Little Mouse knows her wine," he said approvingly before looking away from her and at the fully packed dance floor; the loud music once again muffled by the closed windows. Raven took the opportunity to look down at her wine glass before taking another drink. She didn't usually drink alcohol, but right now, she didn't know what else to do.

"You truly stunned your audience little mouse," Joker said after a while and Raven looked up to see him smirking at her. He had crossed one leg over the other while resting his arm on the back of the couch and holding his almost empty wine glass in his other hand that rested across his lap.

"Um thank you." She replied quietly and Joker laughed leaning back in his seat.

"So she's returned to her shy Little Mouse self," he mocked, "what happened to that confident woman I watched on stage?" Raven fiddled with her wine glass, spinning it in her hand; not sure on how to reply to him. She jumped when he stood up and clapped his hands a couple times after setting down his empty wine glass.

"Oh I do look forward to seeing you preform tomorrow night," she watched him with wide eyes as he walked around the lounge with a small skip in his step. He looked like an excited child as he paced around the room smiling brightly.

"I am taking some very important guests with me," he continued as he stopped and clapped his hands together, placing them against his lips while tilting his head getting lost in his thoughts. Raven finished her glass of wine and placed it on the coffee table, she then cleared her throat and spoke in her usual polite voice.

"Well I do hope they enjoy the performance um, Mr. J;" she said not quite sure what to call him, "but I'm not preforming tomorrow tonight." His thoughtful expression suddenly darkened and she instinctively moved away on the couch as his unhappy eyes landed on her.

"Why not?" he growled crossing his arms. Raven shook a little fearing for her life as she managed to find her voice.

"I-It's how we preform shows," she stuttered, "there's two main cast that switch off nights so the main performers don't strain their voices. Tomorrow night Ruby is the lead role and our understudy is there with her. I have the day off."

"You will perform tomorrow night," he growled with authority and the power behind his voice made her hands shake.

"T-That's n-not up t-to m-me." She stuttered as he stared her down menacingly. Joker narrowed his eyes at her and the room was deathly silent (except for the muffled club music) for a few minutes before his face suddenly lightened up and his bright smile returned; like a someone just flipped a mood switch in his head.

"Oh forgive me little mouse," he said his anger completely gone, "I got overly excited." She sank back into the couch as he walked over to her and stood in front of her. His legs on either side of her crossed legs and her hands shook as they were placed flatly on the couch on either side of her. Her heart froze when he leaned down to her and cupped her face in his hands; his rings felt like ice against her cheeks.

"Don't look so scared little mouse," he purred, "I believe I already told you that I won't pounce." Her heart went into overdrive as his hands moved down her neck, to her shoulders, down her arms before grabbing her hands. He pulled her up from the couch then pulled her over to the empty part of the lounge that was clear of furniture. He stopped there and placed one of her hands on his shoulder before wrapping an arm around her waist then held her other hand with his free one. Being this close to him made her fear increase as she stared eye level with his neck. He held her out from him so they weren't touching very much while giving her a silver smile.

"Dance with me Mouse," he purred and before she could react, he was spinning her around the empty space. For the first time ever, she was thankful for those rigorous dance lessons her mother forced her to go through. He moved her around the empty space in a graceful dance, although their dance didn't exactly match the music in the club; but Joker paid no mind to it as if his own music was playing in his head. She continued to stare at his neck, her eyes focusing on his card tattoo. She didn't want to look into those blue eyes that didn't hold any emotions even when he faked it. He is, after all, a psychopath.

"Little Mouse," he suddenly purred and her fear came back, "she's from a well-bred family isn't she?" Raven's breath hitched at his words.

"N-No." she stuttered then winced when the hand holding hers tightened painfully and he let out a small growl.

"Don't lie Little Mouse," he growled never breaking pace as they continued to slowly dance around the empty area. Raven cleared her throat looking down at their feet.

"I used to be." She finally said and he stopped their dance, but didn't release her. She finally looked up at him as his cold eyes stared down at her and he tilted his head in interest.

"Used to be?" he repeated and she chewed her lower lip before looking away from him.

"My parents disowned me when I was twenty." She admitted unsure why she did so.

"Poor Little Mouse," he said in more of a mocking tone before he led her back into another dance; "tell me how this came to be." Raven took a breath while looking down at their moving feet. She hated talking about her 'family,' and would usually avoid the conversation at all costs. However, she didn't really have a choice since the man who was asking is a homicidal maniac who will kill her in a second for just not answering him. It would be especially easy since she was being held by him giving her no chance of escape. Raven took a deep breath; she'll keep it short.

"They wanted me to marry a guy and I didn't want to get married at twenty; so I walked out on the day of the wedding." She replied, her voice calm; but there was still small distaste in it. Joker suddenly stopped the dance again and she shivered as his high pitched laugh echoed though the room while she continued to stare at their feet. She squeaked in shock when his arm around her waist suddenly pulled her harshly against his chest. Her hands shook a little when he released her hand and grabbed her chin forcing her to look up at him. His eyes were dancing with excitement as his big sliver smile stretched over his face.

"So the Little Mouse has a feisty side," he chuckled stroking her cheek with his thumb as he continued to hold her jaw, "that excites me! Oh Little Mouse I knew you would be fun to play with!" he chuckled wildly again and her heart went into overdrive. She wasn't sure how much more of this fear and stress she could take. She also shook when she felt the coldness of his guns press into her skin. His chuckle turned dark as he, somehow, knew what was going through her mind. He removed his hand from her face and wrapped that arm around her shoulders as he begun to sway back and forth a little. The act made her think of an adult trying to calm a crying child.

"I told you little pet I won't pounce," he chuckled again deep in his throat as he stopped swaying. His finger then tangled in her hair and his other arm was still secure around her waist as he leaned forward a little letting his lips brush her ear; "yet." He purred and she felt her heart stop in fear and jumped when a knock came at the door.

"We go him boss." Frost said walking into the room and Joker glared before shrugging and releasing Raven.

"Take her home for me Frost," Joker said and Raven's eyes widened watching him pull one of his guns from the harness; looking nonchalant as he did so. Frost nodded and started walking Raven out but stopped when Joker spoke.

"Little Mouse," he chuckled and she reluctantly looked back at him, "do enjoy your day off tomorrow." He smiled and she bit her lip sensing something mischievous behind that smile. She gave a stiff nod before Frost led her out, they passed a gangster looking man on the way out who walked into the lounge. Raven shook as she heard Joker's deliberate 'ha-ha' laugh echo down the hall before a gunshot echoed though the hall followed by a more crazed uncontrollable laugh that was sure to give her nightmares tonight.