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Haruhi's pov

; Bye Dad bye Aleu ; I yell As I walk out the front door for my first day at my new high school called Ouran Academy and as I near the school gate's I start coughing harshly " dammit I know that i should have dried off better then I did last night before going to bed from my latest mission last night in the cold rain now I'm sick now ~~just great~~ all well too late go back now; I sigh before going into the pink colored school.

As school ends I look for a quiet place to study and rest before I have to make the long trip home but all of the place's I find are filled with rich noisy kids who are just in those place's to talk to each other I cough once more as I look up at the sign that says 3d music room this well be the last place I try for today and if it turns out to just as irritating and noisy as the last one's I'll just go home and rest then I'll study after dinner.

As I open the door to the 3d music room I see red rose petal's fly passed me as I hear six different voice's all of them male and say all at once ; welcome princess to the host club ; I turn to leave for home only to find that the door I came in from is stuck closed "shit I have to get out of here before I pass out from my now high fever ; I'm pulled away from the door by a blonde that's WAY to close to my face for my liking as he starts to talk a mile a minute to me about well me and how I'm so poor and awesome etc etc.

"And I was just looking for a quiet place to study and rest but no instead what I find is what looks like the schools host club!" I think to myself as I count to 100 in my head so I don't kill the annoying blonde pervert still infront of my face saying ; your a hero to all poor people Fujioka long live the poor ; I try to leave once more when I'm am pulled back by a small blonde saying in a very happy tone of voice ; wow Haru-Chan you're like a super-hero or something ;.

I cough slightly before saying to the small blonde ; I'm not a super-hero I an a honor student and who are you calling HARU-CHAN ; the small blonde runs away to a taller dark hair boy who looks at me with a curious and worried gaze I can tell by looking at them that the small blonde and the tall dark haired boy are warriors of a different kind then what I am but warriors non the less.

I am ripped from my thought's as I hear the annoying blonde say about and to me ; who would have known that our new honor student would be so openly gay so then which type of guy are you in too the cool type, the little devil type, the wild type, boy Lolita type or you into a guy like me ; as he takes my chin into his hand and gets even closer to my face then the last time : I was just looking for a quiet place to study ; I say as I start to back away from him and as I do I start coughing into my hand and the room around me starts to spin I hear a load crash and i feel a pair of strong arms lifting me into a bridal style carry as the familiar feeling of canine youkai fills my sense's as I pass out from my fever.

I groan as I sit up right I try to stand up but I am stop by a strong yet gentle hands on my shoulder's and a voice saying ; don't Haru-chan you have a high fever and you hurt your self when you crashed into the vase and passed out ; I look at the one who stop me and I find the two warriors with me in a another room and now that I get a better look at them both I see that their both inu-youkai I tilt my head and ask them ; what are your name's inu warrior's? and what happened to the vase to i crashed into? ; both of them seem surprised that I know that their both youkai they give the other a quick look before the small blonde says ; my name is Mitsukuni Haninozuka you can call me honey and this is my cousin his name is Takashi Morinozuka you can call him Mori how did you know that me and Takashi were inu youkai Haru-chan? ; I smile a small smile at them before saying.

; This one grew up with youkai and was trained by them my father and me belong to a youkai clan even if we are one of the few human's in the whole clan and my mate to be is a silver okami youkai ; they both look happy at my answer and honey hands me a piece of closed paper ; here haru-chan kyoya the clubs vice president wanted you to read this when you woke up its what you have to pay for the vase you crashed into earlier there are instructions in there too ; he smile's sadly as he says the last part.

I open the note and I find that I have to pay the host club $8.000.000 dollars and to pay off my new debt I have to become the host clubs DOG and I start tomorrow! I was trying to burn the note with my eye's when Honey says ; Haru-chan me and Takashi will give you a ride home and help explain this to your father right Takashi?; Mori nods his head and says ; yeah ; and with that said I'm in mori's arms as I'm taken to their car before I can say no and all I can think is DAD'S GONNA KILL ME.

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