Chapter Three: Et tollite Over (The Take Over)

Harry wakes up in the garden and looks for the sun. When he sees it he guesses it's around four in the afternoon. He was thinking "How can I stop Croaker from trying to use me?" The he thought of what happened the night before and remembered that he was Regent over the Pendragon Empire. He ran through the halls looking for Dante. When he found he, he said "Da I have a question" Yes Harry", Dante replied. "As Regent of the Pendragon Empire can I remove the ICW and remove Croaker as well?" Dante was thinking for a couple of seconds before saying, "Yes it's possible because the ICW is only there until the royal court or the emperor can take over. As you have three potions that can remove it, so yes."

Two hours later at ICW Headquarters:

"Dante what is this meeting about?" Asked a tall and thin Asian man asked. Dante answered, "Jake in any minute you will find out." Then the doors opened and three guards with the Pendragon and Windsor Crest on their armor walked in with the-boy-who-lived right after them.

Fudge sitting in his spot got up and yelled "What is the boy doing here." Harry answers by saying," I Prince Harridan James Evans-Flamel-Potter-Black-Hogwarts-Windsor-Pendragon, Heir to Vale, High Justiciar, High Chancellor and Regent of Pendragon Emperor, And High Constable of Britain hereby take over the ICW as its head, I also remove the ministries from their power, and finally I hereby remove Croaker and replace him with Agent Blade (Dante) as head of the Department of Mysteries, So Mote It Be." Fudge yelled, "You stupid boy you can't do that." But Jake said, "Cornelius Fudge by law of the empire he can and has done so."

An hour later at an Unknown location:

There was seven men/women sitting in a room around a table talking. The doors opened and there was a group of gruad with the royal crest and following them was Supervisor Luminatione. Supervisor Luminatione said, "Croaker with the power of the empire you are here by removed for head of the Unspeakables. Agent Blade here will be taking over and know this agency is under the empires command.