Author's Note

Hey! Welcome to Total Drama Genesis. A little context on this fanfiction. I started writing this story four years ago, during my senior year of high school. I'm about to graduate college now. I started it on the Total Drama Fanfiction Wiki. I finished it recently. I wanted to share it so more people can read it. Not everything holds up as well as I like, I think anyone can feel that about their earlier writing, but I'm proud of it.

This is a story with OCs competing and taking the place of hosts. I know OC fics aren't as popular here as they are (it's the inverse on my wiki), but if you don't mind that then I recommend it. The story also has a tropes page if you're interested, a link on my profile. I hope you enjoy!

"No, no over there!"

"I put it over there earlier!"

"Then you'll have no trouble putting it there again!"

An old woman glanced up from her magazine. She had only been in Washington for a few days, yet she had gotten use to the busy nature of the metro stations. Today was different. Scurrying around the plaza were camera crews, grips, gaffers, makeup artists and other such 'behind the scene' workers.

Two young ones were arguing about where to place a bundle of balloons, while others hung a banner.

"What's happening here?" the old woman asked herself.

The girl sitting next to her looked up from her scripts. "Didn't you hear? This station is the premiere of a reality show!"

"Reality show?" the old woman replied. "Which one?"

"Total Drama."

The old woman tilted her head in confusion. "Total Drama… is it one of those teen reality shows networks keep trying to pass off?"

The girl squirmed a little. "Well, kind of. It was a popular show in Canada that had a cult following in the US. It basically started the trend of teenage reality shows."

"Oh yes!" the old woman recalled. "I remember watching a few of those early seasons. Whatever happened to that show?"

The girl scowled. "Budget issues, lawsuits, a big drop in ratings, failed merchandise…the network pulled the plug. An international corporation bought it and tried to revive it. Tried to make an American version. That plan had issues though. It never got on air and the show was cancelled…again."

"So why is it back now?" the old woman inquired.

"Well it's like you said," the girl replied, "a lot of networks are making reality shows starring teenagers, all trying to mimic Total Drama. Despite all of its later seasons' flaws, the original was still a huge success. The corporation still has the rights, but they expire soon. They're having success with a version only airing in Canada. The network head is a huge fan of the show, so we got another reboot. A real American version of Total Drama."

"I might just have to watch it," the old woman said. "Is that old host returning? I remember him being rather handsome."

"No," the girl replied, "he left the franchise after a health scare to pursue his acting career. Then he did some bad movies and afterwards…disappeared. Some say he went to jail for some illegal scam. Others say he ran away with his big, burly assistant to a private island. Some insist he died a long time ago."

"That's a darn shame," the woman stated. "Who is the new host?"

The girl smiled.

She peered into the old woman's magazine. She flipped a few pages before stopping, pointing at a picture. The picture was of a young woman, the magazine said her age but she could pass for younger. She was simple, with brunette hair and hazel eyes, dressed in a purple hoodie and average jeans.

"Hmm," the old woman said, "she seems rather plain and frumpy to actually host a big TV show, don't you think?"

"Rhonda!" a voice called. "Get over here, the show's about to start."

The young girl stood up and scowled at the old lady. "Thanks for that."

Rhonda walked up to the mass of balloons, where a boy and girl about Rhonda's age argued.

The girl was a petite, short youth with a freckled face and a slightly pointed nose. She wore a lime green shirt underneath a worn out pair of overalls, that she coordinated with high-top purple sneakers, which lit up when she walked or stomped her feet. Her orange ponytail bobbed from side to side as she shook her head.

In contrast, the boy was rather tall, though his hunching posture made it less noticeable. His face seemed to have a frown permanently carved into it. He dressed in a plain gray sweatshirt covered in wood chips and jeans stained with grease spots. His baby blue eyes were hardly noticeable due to the heavy, dark circles surrounding them.

"I'm here," Rhonda said, "How long till the show starts?"

"Oh it started three minutes ago!" the redhead replied. "We've been filming you talking to the old broad."

"What!" Rhonda exclaimed. "Why didn't you call me?"

"We were on break," the blonde said.

"Union laws," the redhead added.

"Remind me of why you two idiots are here again?" Rhonda sighed.

"Because we're your only friends not from the Internet and you couldn't get anyone else," the redhead replied. "Remember?"

"We're still filming," the blonde stated.

Rhonda turned to a cameraman and forced a smile. "Hello. And welcome to…Total Drama Genesis."

The camera panned up to the banner, announcing Total Drama Genesis in blue letters.

Rhonda nodded. "I'm your host Rhonda and these two knuckleheads are my co-hosts, Jenny and Toby. You might recognize me as the co-host of Canada's most recent season."

"Probably not though," Jenny admitted.

"Well, we're big fans of reality television," Rhonda continued. "We're here in Washington, D.C. to bring you the return of one of reality TV's biggest darlings; Total Drama! Like the original, twenty-two teens will compete on our show. They'll live together in close quarters, duke it out in intense challenges, and vote off one another in ceremonies until only two are left to compete for the grand prize; now two million dollars! Who will be able to conquer the toughest, grossest, intensest competition ever? Let's find out!"

A loud screech echoed through the station. A subway halted to a stop at the gates, releasing a stampede of travelers into the metro.

"We'll be meeting our cast of newcomers here," Rhonda explained. "They'll be getting off the subway any-"

The hostess was interrupted by a basketball to the face, knocking her to the ground.

"That must be one of our newbies now."

"I'm so sorry about that!"

A tall woman jogged up to the hosts. She was a muscular girl of African-American descent, who towered over the hosts at over six feet tall. Her jet-black hair was cut in a bob that sported a red sweatband. It matched the bands on her wrists and the red striped sneakers on her feet. Her red jersey was numbered with a '1', perfect for her red shorts.

The basketball bounced onto the jockette's left finger, who spun it while she helped Rhonda up. The athlete carried all her luggage in a single Harlem Globetrotter brand duffel bag.

"Crap, you alright?" the athlete asked.

"Fine," Rhonda replied, "the only thing hurt was my pride. Anyway, it's nice to have you on the show Bethany."

Bethany blushed. "Again, I'm so so so so so so so so-"

"-It's cool," Rhonda said. "I see you came in your uniform."

"Yeah. It's for the best shot-put team ever; the Shelbyville Lady Canaries!"

Bethany laughed. "I figured this was going to be a tough competition, so I should dress for it. It's going to be tough, right?"

Rhonda smirked. "Oh, you have no idea."

"I see our next contestant," Toby stated.

The camera scanned the horizon and focused in on the middle of a crowd, where sky blue hair stood out a mile away. As the crowd dispersed, it turned out to be a thin Asian boy, who smiled wide.

The camera zoomed in on his black sweatshirt, featuring a deformed sea monster howling at the moon, with the words 'Part Of Your World' printed in pink cursive at the top. The man's purple jeans were held up by rainbow suspenders. He shouldered a panda backpack, while he carried an instrument case in one hand and a camera case in the other.

"Welcome Xidorn," Rhonda said.

Xidorn sat his stuff down and shook Rhonda's hand. "It's a pleasure to be here."

"Cool instrument case," Bethany said, analyzing all the stickers and decorations on it.

"Thanks" Xidorn replied, "I play the french horn. I see you're a Harlem Globetrotters fan."

Bethany blushed. "No! Er yeah...kind of. My dad's a super fan."

"So how was the metro Xidorn?" Rhonda asked.

"To be honest," Xidorn admitted, "It was…uncomfortable; some of the people on there…made me anxious."

"Really?" Rhonda questioned. "How so?"

"It was just this one person in the corner who…oh my god. They followed me…"


Xidorn started to shake. "Behind you…"

Bethany raised an eyebrow. "What do you…"

Bethany froze. She felt a deep breath exhale on her neck. Slowly, she turned around. There was no one.

Xidorn shook even more. "Where did…"

The two arrivals turned around in a fright as they heard a clang. Even the hosts spun around as a new contestant dropped their stuff off.

"That's the person," Xidorn whispered, "from the subway."

A young girl stood in front of them. She looked mostly normal; she was of average height, and was wearing a school uniform that consisted of a buttoned, white shirt with rolled up sleeves, a dark blue skirt and black flats. Yet her hair was naturally white and her skin extremely pale. Her face was expressionless and her grey eyes showed no emotion. The woman carried a nondescript black bag.

Rhonda trembled. "Oh hello Cynthia.. uh, how long have you been here?"

She stared back.

"It's not at all terrifying to meet you Cynthia," Bethany greeted as she took deep breaths. Xidorn cowered behind her.

Cynthia said nothing.

"We were just talking about what we like to do," Bethany said. "I umm…play sports, and well Xidorn plays French horn. What do you do?"

Cynthia unzipped her bag. The newcomers peered inside to see a chainsaw, knives, a can of gasoline and a group of black trash bags.

"Oh god," Xidorn whimpered.

Another subway arrived. The newcomers and hosts walked ahead to try and see through the crowd. When they stepped back, Cynthia was gone. In her place were shards of broken glass arranged into a eye.

"Are you okay Xidorn?" Bethany asked.

"Honestly," Xidorn admitted, "I peed myself a little."

"Same," Rhonda stated. "Uh, I mean here come our next arrivals!"

Dashing forward were two twins. They were kind of muscular, yet also kind of skinny. The twins were black and their hair was shaved completely bald. Their shorts were grey, as were their sneakers. The only difference between the two was that one wore a green sweatshirt with a yellow spiral, while the other wore a yellow sweatshirt with a green spiral.

"Hi," the first twin greeted. "This is my brother Weston."

"And this is my brother Easton," the other twin added.

"A pleasure to have you two here," Rhonda said. "So, why did you two decide to join the show?"

"Well I always wanted to compete on a reality show," Easton stated. "And Weston thought…"

"It'd be fun if we competed together," Weston finished. "And together…"

"We're going to kick butt!" the twins shouted in unison.

"I'm already confused as to who is who," Rhonda whispered to Toby.

"You do know we're right here?" Easton asked. "And we…"

Before Weston could finish their thought, the next subway pulled up. Unlike before however, the crowd quietly started to part. They stared and gasped at a confident girl who marched through.

Bethany gasped. "Holy crap! Isn't that the gymnast who won a gold medal at the Summer Olympics?"

"The one on all the talk shows?" Xidorn added with a grimace.

Rhonda nodded. "That's Tessa."

Tessa strutted forward. She had long, light brunette hair in a ponytail and dark, green eyes. Except for the gold medal that hung around her neck, Tessa dressed like a normal girl, wearing a green flowery shirt, white pants, and brown boots. Upon seeing the other newcomers, Tessa scrunched her nose.

"Tessa, it's great to have you here," Rhonda welcomed.

Tessa didn't reply, as she studied the faces of the current arrivals.

"Wow, I can't believe we're meeting a celebrity!" Easton said.

"Me either!" Weston added.

Bethany hyperventilated. "Ermygoshyou'retotallyfamous...I mean, nice to meet you. I'm an athlete too!"

"Really?" Tessa replied.

"Not like you," Bethany admitted. "You're a professional! I feel like this competition just got a lot more serious."

"Don't get the wrong idea," Tessa stated. "I am not one of those competitive 'jock' types, unlike…certain people."


"So, why are you here?" Easton asked.

"Yeah," Weston added.

"I wanted to," Tessa said, "what's it to you?"

"Just curious is all," Easton replied.

"Yeah, just curious," Weston said.

Tessa glared at the other arrivals, who backed away.

"I'm trapped with a bunch of meatheads," Tessa whispered, rolling her eyes.

Another metro arrived. The crowd rushed out, yet people started falling down like dominoes. Pushing her way to the front was a short and plump African-American girl. She dressed in a silvery sequin top, apple-bottom brand jeans and fur ugg boots. She accessorized it with gold, dangle hoop earrings and a raspberry beret on her brunette weave with blond highlights. Her arms were laced with shopping bags, while she carried a doggie bag in her fist.

"Hey lady," she said to Rhonda, in a slow, yet deep voice. "I'm looking for that Total Drama show. You seen it?"

Rhonda pointed up at the banner right above her.

"So they're upstairs?" the girl asked.

"We're right here Diamonique," Rhonda sighed.

"Whoa, how did you know my name?" Diamonique asked.

"I'm the host of the show."

"Okay, but how did you know my name?"

Rhonda facepalmed. "Why so many bags?"

"I took an early flight so I could go shopping," Diamonique admitted.

"Did you enjoy the subway?"

"Eh, it was fine breakfast but I think it's better as a lunch place," Diamonique replied. "So, do you or do you not know where that Total Drama show is?"

A hearty laugh rang out through the metro station. Behind the scatterbrain was a large man, almost as tall as Bethany and as wide as Diamonique. He wore a red football varsity jacket, cargo pants and sneakers. He had a bit of a stubble on his chin to match his brunette pompadour.

He patted Diamonique on the back while he chuckled, almost knocking the girl over.

"You're a riot!"

"Nice to have you here Griswold," Rhonda stated.

"Uh, my name's Diamonique," the diva stated

"How did you get a name like that?" Griswold asked.

"My parents let me rename myself for a birthday," Diamonique replied. "So I named myself after my birthstone and Monique."

"I was actually born in April too," Griswold replied.

"April?" Diamonique asked. "I was born in September."

Griswold laughed again as he marched on. Diamonique shrugged, walking away and as she pulled a taco out of her to-go bag.

"Coolio, another athlete!" Bethany stated as she and Griswold high-fived.

"I've got to represent my primo team after we became state champions this year!" Griswold announced. "Go Bulldogs!"

"Great," Tessa mumbled to herself, rubbing her temples. "Another cocky jock."

Rhonda looked for the next subway, when Toby tapped her shoulder. He pointed to the stairs. A young man entered carrying a large backpack, jogging down the steps. He beamed a smile. He had blonde hair, blue eyes and an athletic build. He wore an American flag T-shirt, a red baseball cap and a pair of long military camo pants.

He marched up to Rhonda, and then saluted her. "Good day mam'."

"Hey Aiden," Rhonda greeted. "Welcome to the show!"

Aiden nodded and marched over to the others.

"Dude, you didn't take the subway?" Xidorn asked.

"Oh, I've lived in Washington D.C. my whole life," Aiden bragged. "I would have been here sooner, but I had to go see all of our great nation's monuments…and cry at the symbolism and majesty of them."

"Okay..." Xidorn replied, "but don't you live here?"

"Yeah, that's what I do every morning."

"It's good to be proud of your country," Rhonda said. "I'm actually very proud to be in the state of Washington, at my nation's capital."

"Mam' you do know that Washington D.C. isn't in the state of Washington, right?" Aiden questioned.

"WHAT?" Rhonda asked. "I thought it was like New York City in New York. What state are we in?"

"We aren't in a state," Aiden replied. "We're in the district of Columbia."

Rhonda's eye twitched in annoyance. "So the United States capital isn't even a state? That's kind of stupid."

"I think it works," Aiden said. "Washington acts as neutral ground for the other states."

"We should've named our capital after something American," Diamonique stated. "Like the first president or something."

"You mean George Washington?" Tessa questioned.

"Who the heck is that guy!?" Diamonique asked.

Jenny pointed. "Ooh, I can see our next victim approaching!"

Everyone looked and saw as the newest arrival, a girl, approached the growing mass of teens. She frowned.

"Seraphina," Rhonda stated to the arrival. "How's it going girl?"


Seraphina was of average height for a girl her age. Her skin was pale and coordinated rather well with her long, dark auburn hair and somewhat squinty hazel eyes. Draped over the shoulders of lavender tee was a wool shawl. She wore simple blue jeans and white sneakers with a lavender stripe. Printed on her shirt in white letters was, 'Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.'

"So, you excited to be here?" Rhonda asked.

Seraphina shrugged. "I guess."

A few brief seconds passed. Seraphina raised her eyebrows and walked into the mass of arrivals.

"Nice to meet you Seraphina," Xidorn said.

"Uh..." Seraphina replied. "Yeah, right back at you."

Xidorn held out his hand. Seraphina drew back, accidentally dropping her bag. It spilled an archaic set of cards all over the platform. Seraphina immediately reached down and started scooping them up.

"Let me help you dude," Griswold said, as he and others tried to help pick them up.

What are those?" Tessa asked, not moving.

"They're called none of your business," Seraphina replied.

"Aren't these tarot cards?" Griswold asked.

"Don't you know that stuff is mumbo jumbo?" Tessa stated.

Seraphina rolled her eyes. "I had no idea, but thanks for informing me."

"Cool!" Easton said, picking up a card.

"Yeah cool," Weston added.

"Are you a psychic?" Easton asked.

Seraphina sighed. "Kind of. It's not a big deal."

"It's not," Tessa stated, "it's sad; I'll have you know that I don't support who-blah like that."

"I care deeply."

"Hey pals, let's stay cool," Aiden stated.

"I'm just using my right to free speech," Tessa snapped back. "It's an amendment and you can't respond with telling me I shouldn't."

"Actually, while we do have a right to free speech, people do have a right to respond negatively," Aiden said. "So while you could argue we can say whatever we want, we also can be held to those consequences that-"

"-Shut it!"

"Fine," Seraphina stated. "If she wants to use her free speech, so will I; you're a ****ing *****.

Griswold stepped between the two girls. "Hey dudettes; let's all take a chill pill and talk this out."

Tessa scoffed and sulked off.

Seraphina rolled her eyes and walked to the back of the group. "I knew this show was a bad idea..."

"Or not," Griswold mumbled to himself. "That works too."

Another subway arrived. One of the last to leave was a short girl, with dirty-blonde hair. The youth was dressed in a brown sweatshirt, a black skirt, black leggings and brown boots. Her left arm was bandaged.

She glanced to the sides, as if crossing the street. Walking forward, she saw the banner and waved at everyone…before tripping and tumbling into a waste bin. Trying to crawl out, it tipped over and she busted her chin on the floor.


"Ouch," Griswold cringed, "bogus."

Immediately another passenger from the subway, a bright blue-eyed boy, rushed over. The young man was tall and brawny, with curly strawberry blonde hair. He wore a light blue plaid shirt, the top buttons undone, and well worn jeans.

The man grabbed the girl's hand and helped her up. "You alright kid?"

The girl blushed and nodded.

"She's probably just faking it for attention," Tessa grumbled to herself.

"Nice to see you Ness and Hayden," Rhonda said to the girl and man respectively.

"Thanks," Hayden replied, "I'm thrilled. Now, are you sure you're not hurt sprout? That was quite the fall."

"It's okay, it tends to happen," Ness admitted.

"Where's your luggage Ness?" Rhonda asked.

Ness blushed. "Well a homeless, crazy subway lady kind of…sort of…punched me and stole all of my stuff. It's not important. I'm just really, really excited to be here."

"We're excited to have you," Rhonda reassured.

The next subway came on to the scene. The first passenger off wasn't a person, but a ring-tailed lemur! Jumping off people's heads, it landed on the camera and tilted it to back to the metro exit.

People were knocked out of the door by someone unicycling. It was a clown; a purple haired girl, dressed in a colorful outfit, complete with a flower pinned to her chest. Like classic clowns, she wore big red shoes, a big red nose and even had her face powdered and painted in clown makeup. She somersaulted off the unicycle, performing a split right in front of Rhonda. The hosts and most of the other arrivals clapped as the clown bowed.

"Put it there!" the clown said to Rhonda.

Rhonda shook the clown's hand, only to be shocked by a joy buzzer.

The clown snorted and held her hands up to her face, only to shock herself. She giggled more.

"Sorry, but what can I say? I have an electric personality."

Everyone groaned.

Rhonda coughed up smoke. "Wonderful to have you Frannie."

"Great to be here Rhonnie," Frannie said. "Do you mind if I call you Rhonnie? I'm calling you Rhonnie. Or what about Rhonda Stoppable? Or Rhondonalido? Rhon-Rhon? Nope, gonna go back to Rhonnie."

The lemur wheeled over the unicycle, now draped in Frannie's bags. Frannie petted the primate and allowed it to crawl on to her shoulder.

"What is that?" Tessa asked.

"I'm a clown," Frannie replied. "I thought that was obvious..."

"On your shoulder," Tessa grunted.

"Ohh," Frannie replied. "This is Ziba. She's my pet lemur, though some say I'm more her pet, am I right Ziba?"

The lemur rolled her eyes.

"That was awesommmmme," a hazy voice stated.

Walking over now was a tall, extremely skinny guy of Pacific-Islander descent. He wore an unbuttoned Hawaiian T-shirt and cargo shirts. His black hair was cut short, matching a soul patch he had grown. His eyes seemed to always be closed. He carried barely any luggage.

"Now here comes Kalino," Rhonda stated.

"You were all like, 'woosh', and I was like, 'huhhhh', and then I was like, 'woahhhh'," Kalino described. "And then I was all…'huhhhh' again."

"I didn't know we had a poet," Seraphina stated.

There was a gasp. People turned their heads as a white horse charged down the stairs.

"Hi-ho Tinfoil!" the rider yelled, as the horse lept over the other arrivals and landed in front of Rhonda.

The horse neighed and it threw its head back, letting its mane dance in the wind. The horse's rider tossed his white cowboy hat back and waved it around.

Jumping down was a short lad, though he seemed taller with the heels on his silver spurred boots. White and silver seemed to be his signature colors; his suit was white and adorned with silver tassels and finishes. His belt was the only exception, a gold, oversized champion's belt.

Under his white hat was messy red hair, and under his nose was a matching curly mustache. He turned to the other arrivals, winked one of his dark-green eyes and flashed a smile, revealing a missing front tooth. He looked much older than the other arrivals.

"Wonderful entrance Vance," Rhonda stated.

Vance tipped his hat over his face and leaned against a dark pillar.

"Aw shoot, it's just what I do everyday." His voice sounded more redneck than southern.

Rhonda grimaced. "Be careful…"

"Oh don't worry little lady," Vance said. "I'm an expert."

"You're leaning against wet paint."

Vance shot up and blushed, throwing off his now cow print jacket.

"Bro that's a sweet horse," Griswold said. "That your deputy or something?"

"Oh I got no clue who this here horse is," Vance replied as he took off his luggage. "I just found 'em and took 'em for a ride."

Vance slapped the horse's rear end, which sent it charging up the stairs into the streets.

A ringing went off as the next subway made it's entrance.

"That's my phone," Toby stated. "I'll be right back."

As Toby stepped away, the passengers exited into the station. One particular passenger moon-walked out of the metro however.

Flipping around and striking a pose, he noticed the camera and waved. He was a young man about average height with some Asian heritage. His black hair was in a swished, bowl-cut style, like a boy band member, and under an orange knit cap. He was muscular, as his blue, sleeveless tank showed. He wore designer jeans and name-brand white sneakers. His blue eyes seemed to be made of sparkles.

Ness gasped as she saw him, almost tripping over her own feet.

Jogging over, the boy took Rhonda's hand and shook it. "Yipee Skippy! I made it!"

"I'm glad you're so enthusiastic Pascal," Rhonda replied.

"I've been a big fan of Total Drama since back in the day," Pascal stated. "It's why I started doing reality shows!"

"Well we're happy to have one of the most popular show jumpers on our reboot."

Pascal rubbed the back of his head. "Thanks. It's like I always say, believe to achieve!"

"Wasn't that your first single?"

Pascal nodded. "Top of the charts for two weeks straight. But I'm not here to focus on my highly successful music career, I'm here to focus on the show. I believed I'd get on Total Drama, and now I achieved it! And if we all believe, with all of our hearts, we can achieve."

He took his luggage and joined the others as Rhonda shed a few tears.

"Hmm," Seraphina said to herself, as Pascal passed by.

Kalino sniffed the air. "Woah, does anyone smell…cookies?"

Walking down the steps was a young lady with somewhat dark features, carrying a ceramic plate wrapped in tinfoil. She was a little short and had her curly black hair in short pigtails tied with pink ribbons. Likewise, her light pink shirt had a darker pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon on it, while her jeans and sneakers were plain. Her only luggage was a duffel bag. She smiled as she approached.

"Wonderful to see you Melissa," Rhonda greeted.

"Hi Ms. Rhonda," Melissa greeted. "I apologize for being so tardy. There was some kind of serious traffic accident, something involving a horse…"

Vance whistled innocently, except he didn't know how to whistle, so he more or less spat everywhere.

"But it's not that poor pony's fault I'm delayed," Melissa admitted. "You see I wanted to bake cookies for everyone!"

The mass of teens swarmed Melissa, each taking a heart-shaped cookie.

"I hope it's all right I made snicker-doodles," Melissa stated. "I love them because they have such a funny name, though every cookie is unique and special in its own way!"

Tessa refused a cookie. "Oh, how clever of you to try and win over everyone for the competition."

"Or maybe Melissa is just a nice person," Xidorn defended.

"Unlike some of us here," Seraphina added.

"Competition?" Melissa asked.

"Melissa was a late addition to the show," Rhonda clarified. "As in, we were desperate to fill an open spot during the last two days. She lives in Washington and was nice enough to help some our crew, so we gave her a spot."

"I'm just glad I could help someone in need," Melissa replied.

"And I thought these cookies were sugary," Seraphina stated, munching on her second cookie.

"You're a local?" Aiden questioned.

"Oh, I've only been living here a week now," Melissa confessed. "Though it is different from small-town Wisconsin, there's something magical about living in your nation's beautiful capital."

Aiden's smile widened. "Gee whiz, that's exactly how I feel! I've lived here my whole life! You know, if you ever want a tour I'd be happy to give one to you."

Melissa blushed. "I'd love that."

"America sure is a fine place," Tessa scoffed, "if you're blind."

"WHOA NOW," Aiden stated. "I'll be the first to admit America has made a lot of mistakes that aren't acknowledged enough. We still have some real issues. Yet, we do have certain liberties you won't find in a lot of nations. We've done a lot of good for a relatively young nation."

"I couldn't agree more," Melissa added. "Didn't you represent the US in the Olympics?"

"That doesn't make me ignorant," Tessa stated. "Maybe you've just been living too cozy to be aware of what's actually going on."

Before anyone could say more, Tessa sulked off again.

"That's funny," Jenny said, "I thought that last subway would have more newbies."

"It did. I've been trying to talk to the staff, but no one's been paying attention to me."

The hostesses turned to see some guy standing behind them. He was um…there. He had some luggage and brown hair or something. He wore some shoes and pants and a shirt with some stripes I think.

"Who are you?" Jenny asked. "I mean I didn't actually look at who the newbies were but..."

"I'm Jasper," that guy said.

"I don't remember a Casper," Rhonda admitted. "And I've been studying the cast for weeks."

An intern rushed over and whispered in the hostess' ear.

Rhonda blushed. "Oh right, Jasper! I apologize; it's been a stressful day."

"It's fine," Jason said, "I-"

"-Wait!" Jenny interrupted, "Isn't that the guy with the famous brother in his audition tape, before me and Toby lost it? You know, who we thought was auditioning?"

Rhonda elbowed Jenny.

"It's fine," Jake sighed, walking to the other arrivals. "I'm just glad to be here."

Toby walked back over to his co-hosts, closing his flip phone. "One of the interns 'happily' informed me that Ignacio is on the upcoming metro."

Rhonda and several interns squealed while the cameraman fainted.

"Who is Ignacio?" Xidorn questioned.

Rhonda swooned. "Only one of the most attractive people ever!"

She pulled out a photo out of her pocket. It was of a tall, handsome man of Hispanic heritage. He had a serious expression, and was staring off in the distance with his caramel eyes. He wore nothing except a tight pair of black briefs. He had well developed pecs and a twelve pack.

"Dang!" Frannie exclaimed. "I'd eat off a body like that! It'd be a lot better than most of the bodies I eat off…"

"I've never met him personally," Rhonda admitted.

"Yet you carry a photo of him?" Seraphina asked.

Rhonda turned red and shoved the photo away. "What…no this was uh…I was holding this for um…Toby!"

"Toby already has his own photo!" Jenny yelled. Toby blushed.

"You don't?" Diamonique asked.

"Do I look like I have cooties?" Jenny replied.

"Yes," Toby said.

"YOUR MOM!" Jenny yelled.

Everyone hushed and turned, as a subway pulled in. As people exited the metro, a teenager with luggage walked over to the banner who…was a goth chick.

"You're not a sexy man in underwear!" Diamonique yelled.

"Perceptive," Seraphina stated.

"Hey Zipporah," Rhonda greeted.

Zipporah was a tall girl who seemed to have some Asian and Middle-Eastern heritage. She looked like your stereotypical goth; heavy black eyeliner, pale face, black nails and long black hair. Her clothes were all black; a long dress, heeled boots and a hairband.

Zipporah looked around and sighed. "Let me guess, I'm the goth one. Aren't I?"

"I wouldn't say that," Rhonda replied.

"I would!" Jenny shouted.

"Great," Zipporah replied, "just another reason to hate the false 'Hollywood-notion' believing, mainstream, image-obsessed business known as television."

Zipporah sighed again as she took her black bags and walked away.

Suddenly, the cameraman pointed and squealed, "I see him!"

Emerging from the crowd was another teen with luggage. This time, he looked like Ignacio…kinda. He had a full-grown beard around his face, and his hair in a 'man bun'. He wore large sweatpants, a long-sleeved red hoodie and big hiker boots. He walked over, blushing at the many eyes upon him.

"That's not a sexy man in underwear either!" Diamonique shouted. "Could someone just strip for me, please?"

Very, very slowly Kalino started to take off his shirt. "Surrrreee. I'll take any chance to be in my birthday suit."

"Bro, I don't think that's a good idea," Griswold stated.

"S'up Ignacio," Rhonda greeted, sweating profusely.

"Did I do something wrong?" Ignacio asked.

"To be honest," Xidorn admitted, "I was kind of hoping you'd be shirtless or something."

Ignacio looked down at the floor, where Rhonda's picture of him had fallen. He became even redder.

"Don't uh…pay attention to those," Ignacio stated quietly. "I…um…I'm just a normal guy."

Ignacio scampered off into the back of the crowd.

"Maybe we shouldn't have taken the agency's word on him," Rhonda whispered.

Rhonda was interrupted by a grinding noise. But it wasn't a subway; a skater grinded down the rails of the stairs. Reaching the end, the skater did a double flip before landing in front of Rhonda. She stomped on the board, sending it flying, before catching it in her hands. Her luggage slipped down the rail as the others cheered.

"Nice entrance Riley," Rhonda said.

"Thanks bro," Riley replied.

Riley was a tall teen, lanky yet also muscular. She had Asian and Hispanic features. Her black hair was long…on her right side, while her left side was completely shaved. She had several piercings; two for each ear, gauges, a stud in her nose, a piercing in her belly button and another in her lip.

Her outfit was...unique; green gator shoes, zebra stripe pajama pants, a red grandpa sweater with the sleeves cut off and the midriff burnt off, faux fox fur cut into a vest and a wolf hat over her noggin.

"I was taking a subway," Riley said. "But this dude triple-dog dared me to skate here, and I do not back down on dares. Random dude, if you're watching this, you so owe me five dollars!"

"We're just glad you could make it," Rhonda stated.

"I would've been here sooner," Riley stated. "'Cept there was a major accident on the streets; cars piled for blocks, firemen putting out burning buildings, a school bus of children going to the hospital in critical condition. They said a horse caused it or something…"

Vance 'whistled' even harder.

"Cool outfit bro," Griswold stated.

"Thanks man," Riley replied. "I wanted to look fancy, so me and my bros went on a spree; cost twenty whole bucks."

"Dude that's crazy," Griswold responded.

"That's what I'm saying Broseph!"

Another subway pulled in.

"That should be our last contestant," Rhonda announced. "Who would be…"

Few patrons exited the car, one a teenage girl pulling luggage. If Ignacio was Mr. Fanservice, then anyone could tell who was Ms. Fanservice; she had flowing black hair, violet eyes, long legs, was rather curvy and was the most well developed of the cast. She was of African-American descent. She had on a designer purple scarf that matched her eyes, a yellow midriff with a purple heart, brown boots and light purple pants.

"…Lita," Rhonda said.

"Present," the girl replied and waved. "Hey y'all. I hope I'm not too late."

"You're right on time."

Lita smiled. "Good to hear."

Lita walked over and stopped at a jaw dropped Easton and Weston, raising an eyebrow and closing each twin's jaw.

"Careful honey," Lita said, "you might catch bugs if you leave your mouth hanging out."

"Hehe," Weston giggled and fell back on Easton.

Tessa rolled her eyes at the new arrival.

"Well now that we're all here," Rhonda said. "Allow us to take you to your quarters!"

"I only count twenty one of us," Griswold said.

"Oh she's here," Xidorn warned. "Somewhere…watching…waiting…"

"Yeah," Rhonda added, "she'll join us later..."


Rhonda marched towards the stairs, the newcomers following behind her. She inhaled deeply.

"This is going great," Rhonda thought. "It'll be a hit, I'm sure of it…it has to be, it's the only thing left that can save our careers. I mean sure Washington D.C. isn't the ideal survival location, the network has no faith in it and is only making it because they're contractually obligated to…but that doesn't mean it won't work, right? RIGHT? Oh, please give me a sign, any sign that-"

Rhonda walked right into a stop sign. She fell back, hitting her head on the pavement. Opening her eyes, she shrieked. Cynthia stood over her.

Rhonda jumped up as she and everyone else backed away from Cynthia.

Cynthia carried a black umbrella. She opened it. At that second, the rain began to pour and drenched the newbies. Clouds cast away the sun. Lightning crackled across the sky. Wind tore through the streets.

Rhonda looked up. "I meant a good sign…"

Author's Note

And we have our 22 contestants or 'newcomers'. On the home wiki I have official bios and character images for the contestants. If there's an interest to see those I can add a link where they can be read. If you're curious, here are the newcomers and their labels in order of appearance;

Bethany- The All-Star

Xidorn- The Straight Shooter

Cynthia- The Sociopath

Easton- The Older Twin

Weston- The Younger Twin

Tessa- The Big Shot

Diamonique- The Scatterbrain

Griswold- The Lineman

Aiden- The American Patriot

Seraphina- The Psychic

Ness- The Jinx

Hayden- The Big Brother

Frannie- The Circus Act

Kalino- The Slacker

Vance- The Rodeo Champ

Pascal- The Pop Star

Melissa- The Sweetheart

Jessie (Casper?)- Some Nobody

Zipporah- The Token Goth

Ignacio- Mr. Fanservice

Riley- The Bro

Lita- The Knockout

For some reason, I decided to split the first episode up into three parts. Next chapter we'll find out exactly where our newcomers will be staying, who are the teams, and what is the first challenge. Till then!