Okay, so, I've been inactive for like, months now and I've decided that I like this certain story. Unlike my other ones, it has 20 chapters already done :) So without further ado, I present a classic high-school-drama-turned-superstar story.. Enjoy!

Annabeth POV:

High school was total bullshit. Living in that hellhole for a whole year was absolutely excruciating. Being bullied by the four popular girls of school made it even worse. But, when you and some of your best friends make a decision that could possibly change your life for good, how will your closest friends, and secret crushes, react? Let's just say we found out that they would react badly. And do something that actually broke our friendships. So, time backflip to two years ago, shall we?-

Me, Thalia, Hazel, and Piper showed up to school right on time. We went to the bench in the front of the school, as we always did, to wait for our other best friends. We sat in silence as we got glares from all of the passers-by. Just then, the all-too-familiar black Dodge Charger pulled in front of the school, driven by Percy's stepdad. Now, Percy was only one of our best friends. There was also Jason, Nico, and Frank. Little did they know, we had major crushes on them. I, Annabeth Chase, fell hard for Percy Jackson in the sixth grade. We had been friends for a lot longer, but once my feelings had actually started developing, I couldn't ignore them. He walked up to me and hugged me, making my heart do a thousand back flips.

"Hey Wise Girl," he smirked. One of the reasons I fell for him. His signature smirk or grin that totally spelled out trouble, while his sea-green eyes always glinted with mischief. He was labeled the trouble maker in all the schools he attended, but he was actually really loyal and caring.

"Seaweed Brain," I smiled. "When are you ever going to call me by my real name?" I joked.

"When pigs fly," He laughed.

"Don't say that, they might actually fly just to prove you wrong." I laughed with him.

"I should be used to it." I looked at him curiously. "You prove me wrong all the time." He smirked.

"Seriously?" I asked with a smile. He took my backpack off of my shoulder and threw it onto his. After a slight protest, I shook my head submissively with a smile on my face.

As Piper hugged Jason, and Thalia squeezed Nico, Hazel blushing as she talked with Frank, I couldn't help but to think that the day was going pretty good. But, with Karma being your number one enemy, you never said things that could potentially be put against you. And that was my mistake.

Karma worked fast, in my case. As soon as I got to my locker, the torment started. It was my first day back after winter break as a freshman in high school, and my worst enemies, Drew Tanaka, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Khione Snow, and Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano, clicked their high heels all the way over to my locker.

"Awe Anniebelle, where's the rest of the nerd group," Drew asked innocently.

"First of all, it's Annabeth, and second, why don't you be the amazing stalkers you are and find them yourselves?" I grabbed the rest of my books out of my locker before turning around. Though as I faced this wonderful quad of people, I saw that I couldn't get out. Slowly by each passing second they didn't let me through, I felt myself suffocating in the overwhelming smells of perfume. Drew got up close and personal to my face, and I almost felt like spitting on her thick layers of makeup.

"Listen here nerd girl, just because you guys are besties with some of the most popular boys in school, doesn't mean that I won't personally make your life a living hell," she whispered. Now, usually, I would just stay quiet for the greater good. But, today, I was feeling a little risky.

"You just breathing next to me reminds me of hell. Although, I don't know how you do it, I can barely breathe by the gallons of whore on your body." I smiled and pushed through them. I was so going to regret that later, even though it was totally worth it. Or so I thought.

Classes went by quickly, as they usually did for me. The only good parts of my day was when I took Architecture class, where I got to design and build at my own free will. I finished up my toothpick model of the Empire State Building, and taking one last check of it, handed it in for the final grade of this semester.

"Annabeth, I see you've finished," Mrs. Weaver said, with a huge smile on her face. I never believed in the whole "teacher's pet" thing, but with me and Mrs. Weaver, I saw what people meant. I was never scolded for being off task, I could build whatever, whenever, and I would never get scolded for it. It was like she truly understood me. I only took up architecture because of my mother. She was a world-renowned architect before she died on a site she was overseeing. I was only four. She left me with my father and bitch of a stepmother, Helen. My Dad and Helen got married almost as soon as they met, and she conceived twins a year after that. Bobby and Matthew are hellions, but even though we fight, I still love them to pieces.

I was walking to math class when I bumped into somebody. They had sandy blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. It was Luke, the star of the soccer, basketball, and football team. I didn't know him that well, but I hear a lot of things in the hallways.

"Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." I whispered.

"It's okay. I wasn't either." He shrugged. "Name's Luke." He stuck out his hand.

"Uh, Annabeth." I muttered as I straightened my bag.

"Cute." He smirked. Just as I was about to answer, Percy came up.

"Hey, you still coming over for movie night?" He asked. I got confused, mostly because he already knew that I was definitely going to be there.

"Yeah?" I stated the obvious. He nodded and grabbed my hand.

"Good." He glanced at Luke, who was still standing there. Eyeing him up and down, Percy squeezed my hand before speaking up. "We've got to get to Algebra. See you around Luke." And he pulled me away.

"Why were you talking to him?" Percy asked as we sat down.

"Uhm, we bumped into each other when I was on my way here." I said, tucking a loose hair behind my ear. He scoffed.

"Yeah, Luke doesn't just 'bump into someone' by accident." His face started turning red.

"Hey," I placed a hand on his arm. "Look at me." He turned his head slightly so his eyes met mine. "Why is this bothering you so much? I'm not hurt or anything, I didn't even fall. Look." I showed him my arms from under my sweater, replacing the sleeves after a second. It's cold in here.

"Yeah, well, I don't want to see you end up hurt by that douche bag." He grabbed my hand and squeezed it slightly.

"I wouldn't date him, if that's what you're implying." His gaze was still locked on mine as I shook my head. "Then I won't talk to him anymore. Percy, you're my best friend. If you think I should stay away, then I will." I said as the bell rang.

"Thanks." He smiled.

"Anything for you." I smiled back. We walked to my locker, placing our books in them. We have basically all the same classes, so he just shoves all of his stuff in here. He leaned against the now closed door, biting his lip.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"Can I ask you something?" I nodded, my heart racing a thousand miles a minute. "If I did something unexpected and against the rules, would you get mad at me?" He tilted his head.

"I could never stay mad at you." I smiled.

"Good, then when I go against the rules, you won't yell at me." He tilted his head up defiantly, a smirk crossing his face. "Or hit me. Or protest. Or not talk to me, because this is serious-" He started rambling.

"Okay, okay, I promise. Will you shut up now?" I laughed. He nodded. "We're late for lunch." I pointed out.

"Okay." He smirked and shrugged his shoulders. In one swift move, I was slung over his shoulder, one of his hands on my legs and the other right near my butt. My face reddened, I felt it. And then I remembered what was going on.

"Percy! You put me down now! I swear I will hurt you!" He cut me off, hoisting my sliding body back onto his shoulder.

"You promised you wouldn't scream, yell, hit, get mad at me, or not talk to me." He stated. "So you have to deal with this situation." I could practically see his winning smirk. I huffed, relaxing my elbows on his shoulder blades so I could at least see.

When we got to the cafeteria, I could feel everyone's eyes on us. The top scholar and the star of the swimming team. It's not that surprising, everyone knows he's my best friend, but it's still weird.

All of us sat at our table in the back, quietly munching on our soggy pizza as different people hummed different songs. The boys were in a little band that they made up, The Olympians, practicing in Frank's garage on the weekends. They were doing okay on YouTube, but no one big had taken notice to them yet. The girls and I though, were skyrocketing on YouTube, and Piper's dad even offered us a record deal if we wanted it. We were The Sirens, following the boys' Greek theme. Sirens in ancient Greek mythology lured sailors to their death with song, and Thalia really liked the whole "death" part. We had said no to the offer, mostly because we were shy and didn't like big groups of people.

"You guys want to come over for our YouTube 'Truth or Dare' video? We just hit 100,000 likes on our last one and we promised we'd do another. And the fact that it's the first of the month." Piper took a bite of her food.

"That sounds fun," Jason smiled. He was totally crushing on Piper, but I think I was the only one who noticed it. Even though it could never happen, you can imagine things. They'd make a cute couple if it wasn't for reputations getting in the way.

"I'm in!" Percy said taking a sip of his water.

"Oh great, I can only imagine what Kelp Head is going to come up with," Thalia snorted.

"I have very good dares Pinecone Face!" he defended. We all laughed, and he eventually joined in. As we were finishing up lunch, the boys were mysteriously called to the office, leaving us alone. That's when it happened. Drew and her gang "accidently" spilled their lunches all over us. At this point, I had had enough. I stood up to face Drew, pizza tangled in my hair.

"Awe honey, I'm so sorry! I guess we didn't see the nobodies sitting here," she clasped her hands together. My face just got redder and redder with fury.

"You know, it's no wonder why you sluts don't have boyfriends. You may be pretty on the outside, but on the inside you stink more than a dump site." I growled. Drew looked sincerely hurt for a second before she smiled.

"And what about you guys?" she grinned wickedly. "Still chasing after the popular boys even though they would never go out with nerds like you?" We had the whole cafeterias attention by then, and they were laughing hysterically. Some were taking pictures, some were videotaping, and some were cheering on the Populars. I felt tears pricking at my eyes but I held them in. I would not cry in front of her, or anyone else. "Ooh, I struck a nerve didn't I?" she mockingly put her hand on her chest. "Why don't you geeks run along before you humiliate yourselves even more, huh?" I felt two hands grab mine, and I looked back. It was Hazel and Piper, tears streaming down their cheeks. I took a glance at Thalia and even though she had her "mask" on, you could tell she was about to cry too. We walked out of the emergency cafeteria door, never looking back.