Hi everyone! I know I said I was going to work on 180 days, but just under two weeks ago Cece tweeted a gif of Ariel and Erik on the beach and I jokingly commented "Donna and Harvey stranded on a beach AU".. well joke's on me, because I ended up writing a 27k word story that sort of took a life on it's own, but it's still loosely based on that one idea. I originally wanted it to be an one-shot, but because it's gotten this long I decided to split it up in two sort of equal parts. I want to thank Cece and Ana for their constant support for making me write this, and i know you two read large parts of this and the next chapter already, but I hope you'll still enjoy it. So to everyone else, here's the first part. Next part will be up within a week.. also I kinda couldn't make up my mind rating wise.. but it's has parts that are M, so you know what's coming :)

I hope you'll enjoy and would love to read your thoughts. x

Goodbye Getaway

A ray of sunlight breaks through the clouds, hitting the porcelain skin of her face. Squirting her eyes, her lashes flutter a few times as she tries to adjust to the sudden change in lighting. Trying to lift her hand, her arm feels limb and heavy. She tries to sigh, but her throat is dry and her head is pounding. Brushing her hand through her hair, she looks up again. The only thing she sees a clear blue sky with a handful of clouds. The sun's bright and she tries to focus on the sounds around her when her eyes fall shut again.

Something that reminds her of a seagull the only sound that covers that of a perpetual ticking she can't really place. Dropping her hand in defeat her upper arm hits a sharp edge and a muffled cry of pain leaves her lips. Her hand slips of the wooden edge and comes in contact with the cold water. Her eyes pop open again as she pushes herself up in a reflex. She tries to calm her breathing as she takes in her surroundings, all she sees is blue. Various tones of blue, the ocean fading into the sky.

Only now recognizing the ticking sound as waves hitting the boat she's in, she slowly turns around. The blue of the horizon slowly making place for a sandy white beach with numerous of palm trees only a few feet away. Letting out a relieved sigh she sits back down on her spot. Her gaze slowly dropping, the beautiful image of the island being replaced by ruffled brown locks. Her breath faltering as she sees the face it belongs to. His face.


His eyes are closed, his mouth slightly parted and his body is draped over the other side of the small wooden boat she is in. His right hand still holding on to a paddle, she swallows. Suddenly the exact location of where she, they are, not the only thing she's wondering about. She studies the little boat. Taking in the folded plaid blankets on the floor. Between them her bag and a picnic basket, she gasps for air as she looks up at him again. His name leaving her lips without much thought, she sees his eyes popping open.

A look of fear creeping up over his face, he pushes himself on his feet. His sudden movement making the boat rock sideways. He loses his balance and she just manages to stand up and reach for him, but it's too late. Falling backwards into the water, the redhead lands on her side in the boat. His eyes closing as he submerges in the couple of feet of water. The water also working as a wake up, he jumps out of the water again. Gasping for air as he brings his hand to his face. Shaking some droplets out of his hair he's left standing there in the shallow waters.

She pushes herself back up, her hand on the edge of the boat. Slowly bringing herself face to face with him, she bites her lip to stop herself from laughing at the way his cloths are sticking against his body. The confused look on his face and how flat his hair is, the water dripping against his nose. "Don't laugh," he shakes his head, taking in the expression on her face. The way she bites her lip as she shakes her head, her eyes closing as a soft chuckle escapes her lips. His hands pushing on the edge, the boat tilting towards him the slightest.

"No," she stops him. Her hand in the air, both their smiles fading as they look around again. "Harvey," she whispers then breaking the silence. "Where are we?" she asks unsure. Her question making him sigh as he looks at the beach. His lips falling into a thin smile, he shakes his head and she knows enough.

"We uhm," he mumbles his hand pointing in the direction of the beach and she nods. "Yeah, we should," her words barely pronounced as he tries to pull the little boat forward. "Wait," she mumbles, trying to find her balance as he stops walking again. "I... Uhm.." she shakes her head, bringing her legs over the edge of the boat, "should get off first too."

"Donna," he tries to stop her but she jumps into the water herself. She doesn't comment on the situation, instead she just looks at him; he merely nods already knowing what she meant. She walks around him then, looking down at the clear water she tries to ignore the way his muscles are showing through his wet shirt. Her hands resting on the edge next to his, she nods once as both of them pull the wooden boat onto the shore.


Pacing back and forth on the beach, she tries to clear her mind. Figure out a plan as to what is next. What they should do. She turns on her heels then, counting something on her hands. Slowly lifting her head her gaze lands on him. The sight of him pulling his shirt over his head directly making her come to an halt. Her mouth left slightly agape she watches him span his dress shirt over the boat. "What?" he mumbles with a frown.

"Nothing," she answers. Briefly shaking her head, she looks away. "I'm just going to let my shirt dry," he counters as he fixes the tie of his swim shorts. Feeling her look in his direction once more, he can't help but smirk as she looks away again. "Don't worry. I won't take these off too," he says in her direction. "I don't exactly believe in wearing boxer shorts under these things," he adds looking away himself as he frowns at his own words.

She crooks her head, looking at him again. Her eyebrows raised her gaze narrows in on his face. "I … " she pauses, biting her tongue. Swallowing in the rest of her signature line. "I.. I get the picture," she answers then, as she turns on her heel again. He closes his eyes, shaking his head as he tries to stop himself from smiling.

Walking up a higher part of the beach, he lets himself drop on the sand. "So," he mumbles, laying himself down, his eyes closing for a second. "What now?" he asks as he hears her sigh once more. Sitting herself down next to him, she stares at her feet. "I.. uhm.." she sighs, "we should come up with a plan. You know in case we're stuck here longer than a day. Who's going to take the lead?"

He sighs, swallowing once as he sits himself back up. His arms resting on his knees, he lets his chin rest on top of them. Thinking about the stuck here part, he swallows once again before he nods. "A plan," he agrees, both of them falling in silence again.

"Harvey," she mumbles then breaking the silence. "Do you think this place is abandoned?" she asks, looking in his direction for a few seconds. Studying how his face falls into a frown, taking in her words. "I .. I don't know. Maybe," he answers raising his shoulders. "You've seen 'Lost' haven't you?" she adds then looking down. He sighs. "Yeah, but there are no others here, Donna," he answers. "Just us."

His choice of words making her lips curl up the slightest. She bites her tongue, stopping herself from throwing a witty comeback in his direction, because she knows. She knows there are no 'others,' she was just trying to lighten the mood a bit. That's one of the things she remembers from survival shows. "Well I also watched Bear Grylls," she answers then, letting her arms rest on her knees. "Three seasons," she adds trying to sound serious and he chuckles. Shaking his head as he realises what she's trying to do.

"Well I'm not drinking my own pee, Donna," he counters stretching his legs, as he leans backwards. She smirks, nodding in understanding. Cause she wasn't planning to do so either. "So who's going to take the lead here?" she whispers, signalling the beach around them as he looks at her. "The one who's seen the most survival programs," she adds breaking their gaze again. "Cause that would be me," her tone more mocking now. "You don't watch TV." He closes his eyes. Shaking off her comment, because it's true. He doesn't watch TV, not much anyway. Just movies. "Well," he mumbles, already chuckling. "I've seen Blue Lag-"

"No," she stops him, her hand in the air. "No, no," she shakes her head, trying to frown at him but she can't. Instead, she pushes herself back on her feet. "No," she says to him again as she rocks back and forth on her feet, wiggling her toes between the sand, as she tries her best not to look at him. "Guess I'll be taking the lead then," she states letting her hands rest on her hips. "I thought we were a team," he mumbles looking down as he thinks about how they work around the office. The rest must have started wondering where they are now.

She looks at him. Smiling as he looks up at her. "Yeah," she nods in agreement. "So uhm.. I'll tell you what to do and you pretend it's your idea," she counters and he smirks looking at her, thinking about how that's how the two of them work. He follows the direction of her gaze. Taking in the palm trees as he pushes himself back on his feet. "I'll go see if there are some coconuts," he answers walking away from her and she laughs softly. "Great idea," she whispers as she follows him.

He looks over his shoulder, stalling a bit until she catches up with him. Both of them walking over to the palm trees, she briefly looks at him. Smiling before she looks down again. He smirks at her then, letting out a breath as he watches her. "So how about these?" he points his foot at a few of the coconuts on the ground. Smirking again as he sees her think for a second, they're testing each other and they both know it.

"Nope," she shakes her head, her eyes briefly locking with his before she looks up the tree. Swallowing she lets her hands brush over her dress until she finally spots what she was looking for. "Those," she points, her arm stretched in the air, indicating the greenish coconuts hanging high above them. His gaze follows the line of her arm as he steps closer. Nodding once, his left hand slides over the small of her back. He feels her shiver the slightest and he smirks, removing her auburn locks from her neck with his right hand.

His lips kissing her neck he feels her melt in his embrace. "Harv," she whispers, her fingers brushing against his hand on her stomach. "I know you're an amazing actress," he mumbles, pulling her closer, "but there's no need to act anymore. It's just us."

*80 hours earlier*

She snuggles up to him, her hand caressing his chest she kisses him slowly. Letting her head rest on his shoulder as he pulls her closer, his right arm falling around her waist. "What?" he whispers, recognizing the little frown on her face that indicates she's thinking about something. He always wonders how her mind can be so productive at 5.30 in the morning. "What if we end up stranded on a deserted island," she mumbles. Her words making him frown, he brings a strand of hair behind her ear as he makes her look at him. "We're going to a resort. Why exactly would we end up on an abandoned island?"

She laughs looking at him. Her hand moving over his chest. "Well maybe you'd rent a boat and plan this romantic lunch on board, but – " Her sentence cut short as he kisses her. "Yeah that sounds like me," Harvey mumbles, his hand moving over her side as he kisses her neck. "So us…" he mumbles looking at her again. "Stranded on a deserted island," he repeats her words.

"Would we survive?" Donna whispers then and he laughs at first, only then seeing the serious look in her eyes. "Would we.. Would we survive?" he answers, "you've been watching 'Man, Woman, Wild' too much," he adds, shaking his head as he smiles at her. "I can't help you only have Netflix," she counters rolling her eyes, "and it were only twenty two episodes. And I only started watching it because you fell asleep on the couch, making me unable to get up."

He bites the inside of his cheek. Trying not to smile. "So it's my fault," he mumbles, pointing at himself. "This line of questioning?" She laughs, nodding in agreement. "I thought we agreed that everything is always your fault," she teases him, letting her hands run over his arms as he shakes his head. Pushing himself up, he hovers half above her. "We never agreed on that," he counters kissing her again. Pulling back, he tries to maintain a poker face. However, just looking at her make his lips curl up. "So," he whispers, "how are we going to do this this weekend? Keeping things quiet at the firm is one thing, but.. " He pauses lifting the sheets from her body as he looks at her.

She questions his actions. A smirk appearing on her lips as she feels his morning wood poking her thigh, when his hand moves over her stomach, cupping her breast. "It's going to be real hard, if .." he pauses as he sees her bite her lip, to stop herself from laughing. "No more watching 'The Office' for you," he answers then pointing at her. "You started it," she teases him, hooking her leg around his. "And it's already hard," she counters, raising one perfectly sculptured eyebrow.

He groans as he moves closer, kissing the base of her neck. "If .." he starts again, looking at her, "this," he sighs, letting his index finger draw s-shaped patterns down her body. "Is going to be clad in only a bikini all day," he counters, kissing her neck again. "Well," she mumbles, her arms falling around his neck as his lips move down the base of her neck. "I'm not going to be in just a bikini all day," she answers. Smirking as he mutters a 'why not.'

"Because I helped planning this goodbye getaway," she explains, squirming as his hand moves over her hip, "and we have dinners with everyone. Rach and I are going to try and make Jessica and Tara join us for yoga," she adds. "Yoga?" he kisses the side of her boob, as he lets his chin rest between her breasts. Looking at her. She leans on her elbows looking up at him, crooking her head wondering if he's serious. "Not that kind of yo..gaaa," her voice skipping a beat as his hand moves between her legs.

"Good," he smirks kissing her stomach again. She pulls her left leg up, two of his fingers slipping between her wet folds. A gasp escaping her lips as she momentarily forgets how to breathe. Closing her eyes, the nails of her right hand digging into his shoulder, she's having a hard time focussing on the conversation they were having. "And Louis really wanted to go mudding with you," she bites her tongue as his thumb flickers against her clit, his head popping up. "What?! No," he counters, a moan escaping her lips as she begs him to continue. "The rest said they would," she defends herself, already knowing he'd give in eventually.

"Ok, fine," he mumbles as his hand continues slowly rubbing, finding the spot that makes her arch her back. His name leaving her lips in a whim, he kisses his way down her body. "And.. "She closes her eyes forgetting everything, when his fingers thrust inside her. His mouth warm on the inside of her thigh, she lets out a groan. Her hands clinging onto the sheet, when he pulls his hand back. Accusations on the tip of her tongue, she doesn't get to pronounce them. Her head's thrown back when his mouth covers her sex, kissing her once. His tongue painstakingly slow teasing her, his left hand massaging her breasts.

She moves her right hand over the duvet. His name escaping her lips in another whimper as she manages to open the drawer of the nightstand. "Harv," she moans again, wanting to feel more of him, she pulls out a condom. Her hand on the back of his head, he kisses her harder then. His tongue making circular motions, her eyes closing as she feels her entire body stiffen. Screaming an "oooh god," as her body trembles under his mouth.

His head popping up from under the sheets. A smug smile plastered on his lips she's still trying to catch her breath as she smiles at him. The condom still in her hand, it drops between them. "Not fair," she breathes slowly. "Ooh," he laughs, already knowing what she meant. "I think that was more than fair," he counters kissing her neck, as she nods in agreement. A heavy breath escaping her lips as she smiles at him. He looks at her then, in full admiration as he reaches for the red foil wrapper. "And do you have any activities planned for you and me?" he asks then.

She shakes her head, because she hadn't. That would be too suspicious. Imagine the look on Louis face if she'd have to tell them she was getting massages with Harvey. "No," she says then, looking at him again, "not anything besides this kind of activity," she tabs the condom in his hand and he frowns for a second before smiling at her as she flips them around. Her hands fighting his she leans down to kiss him. It's a distraction and he knows it, but it doesn't matter. Her fingers pulling the protection from his hand, she breaks the kiss. Sitting herself back up, her fingers scraping over his chest, she opens it with her teeth.

The view making him even more turned on, his hands move over her knees to her hips. "And how's that going to work without anyone finding out?" he challenges her as she imitates a look of shock. He just laughs, knowing she'd never forget about a detail like that, but he also knows he's going to have to pay for that response. Her hand holding onto him, he grits his teeth as her fingers move over his length. "I," she starts, her hand slowly moving up and down as he grows in her hand.

"Got us two adjacent rooms," she explains, rolling the piece of rubber on him. He groans as she straddles him. Heat radiating between them with every roll of her hips, his groin presses eagerly against her. His lips catching hers in a needy kiss as she lowers herself on him, his eyes closing at the sensation. "On a different floor than the rest," she adds as she pulls back, letting her hands rest on his chest as her hips roll against his. Meeting him at every thrust he's giving. "So re..source..ful," he moans in between kisses as she wraps her arms around his neck. "God, Donna," he mumbles, before pressing his lips against her shoulder.

Feeling her walls starting to spams around him, her name leaves his lips in a plead. She covers his face with her hands, her fingers caressing the two moles above his eyebrow as she adjusts her position. Increasing the pace as she kisses him again. Soon following after him, both of them collapse on the bed. His lips meeting hers in a lazy kiss as she rolls off him. "We should go get ready for work," she mumbles, tapping his chest as he sighs loudly, realising their new morning ritual is over. "I said we," she kisses his cheek again, "that means you too."


He walks up behind her, his hand resting on the small of her back. She hands him his keys, fixing his tie with her other hand as they make their way to the entrance of his apartment building. Stepping outside he sighs once as he spots the yellow cab waiting behind the black Lexus. "You know you could just as easily drive to work with me?" he whispers, pulling her closer. She crooks her head, giving him a small smile.

"I know, but that doesn't help us keeping things a secret," she argues placing a kiss on his lips, before she walks away. He follows her. Reaching for the door handle before she can, he opens the door for her. "See you at the firm," she whispers as he smiles at her. She sits down then, waiting for him to close the door. He just watches her drive off, before he makes his way over to the Black Lexus. Greeting Ray with a nod, he takes the newspaper from his driver's hands.

"Miss Paulsen still doesn't want to drive along?" Ray asks as Harvey shakes his head at the only man that knows about them and only because they once ended up making out in the back of the car. "She'll come around soon," Ray smiles as he opens the door to the back seat. "I sure hope so," Harvey answers as he sits himself down. Opening the financial times, he scans the headlines as Ray drives them over to the firm.

A smirk smile appearing on his face as he gets out of the car and sees her walking towards the entrance. Shaking his head, he makes his way to the door. Preparing himself for another day of pretending nothing is going on between them, but it's what she wants. It's what she asked for, so he'll give it to her. Slightly increasing the pace in his step, he pretends to be reading the paper when he stops right next to her. "Miss Paulsen," he greets her. Not even looking in her direction, but he knows she's frowning at him. He's never called her 'Miss Paulsen' or not often, that is.

"Donna," he corrects himself then, looking at her once. "You forgot my coffee," he adds as he looks back at the newspaper in his hand. "No, you already …" she swallows in the rest of her sentence looking down. Her four inch heel tapping against the ground. She knows he's doing this on purpose, now it's not just them but also a few of the investment bankers waiting for the elevators. "I'm sorry, Mr. Specter," she answers then, her face not giving anything away as she sees him swallow. Payback, exactly what he deserves. "I'll make one in the partner's kitchen." The elevator opens then and she's the first to step in. Walking all the way to the back, she turns around on her heel. Briefly raising one eyebrow at him as he smiles at her when he follows her inside.

He stands beside her then. That Specter grin still on plastered on his lips he continues looking at the paper in his hand. Moving closer as more people enter the metal box, he practically corners her. Smirking at her once, he pretends to read the paper again. "So," she mumbles, biting her lip because the way he's pretending nothing is going on is a bit too good for her liking. She's supposed to be the actress after all. "Did anything interesting happen recently?" she asks then, throwing him a smile as he looks to his right. A small frown on his face that fades as fast as it appeared.

"Well," she continues tapping the paper, he shakes his head. "No, not really," he answers, switching the papers between his hands, he feels her gaze breaking from his skin. His right hand falls between them then, his fingers brushing against the back of her hand. "Just something that's public news yet," he mumbles, leaning to the right as she lets his fingers slip between hers. She squeezes his hand then, looking up at him as she's finding it very hard not to give in to him now.

The sound of the elevator doors opening on the fiftieth floor breaking their little moment, she looks ahead again. Walking out in front of him, her hand slowly slipping from his. He continues pretending to read the same article for the past five minutes as he follows her. "Harvey," he hears his name being pronounced, he pauses briefly looking to his right at his associate. "Morning Rachel," he answers looking down at the paper again as the petite brunette slips past him and walks herself over to his girlfriend. He frowns then, wondering if that's the term. They haven't really talked about labels yet, but he finds himself smiling at the thought.

"Morning Donna," Rachel chirps, hooking her arm around the redhead's. A questioning look on her face as she meets the redhead's eye. "Morning Rach," she smiles at her friend, as she guides the two of them over to the partner's kitchen. "So are you excited for this weekend?" the young lawyer questions as the redhead searches the cupboards for a 'Litt Up' mug. "Of course," she nods, lifting herself on her toes as she pushes the other mugs aside. A small victory cry escaping her lips as she pulls out the black mug. "Who wouldn't be?" she counters looking at Rachel. "Well and a bit sad you know, with this being Jessica's official goodbye."

Rachel nods, things have already been challenging without the former managing partner. Her most recent mentor, but with everything that had happened the past few months they collectively decided that a normal goodbye party wouldn't be enough and they wanted it to be a weekend of celebration. Of spending time together with those that always stayed loyal to the firm, of reminiscing the last thirteen years.

"I hope she'll like it," Rachel comments then. "I talked to Jeff," the brunette continues," He said she would, so it should be alright. He told her they're going away for a long weekend to the city. So it will be a complete surprise for her." Donna nods, wondering if it's the right approach, but she's never really gotten a glimpse of the woman's personal life. "Sounds good," the redhead comments as she pours the hot coffee in the mugs right in front of her.

"Do you need Mike and me to pick you up tomorrow on our way to the airport?" The redhead looks to her right. "No," she shakes her head, blindly reaching for the vanilla, "Harvey will drive me," she answers, stirring the spoon through both coffees as she feels her best friends gaze narrowing in on her. "And … Benjamin .. too," she adds looking away then to hide her own confusion. "Benjamin?" Rachel repeats walking back as she leans against the counter. In all the years she's known Donna and Harvey, neither of them ever voluntarily hanging out with the IT guy.

"Yeah," she mumbles trying to come up with a reasoning. "W.. I .. Uhm ran in to him the other day at that market two blocks from my place. We've been there once to pick up some wine, remember?" she quickly adds as Rachel nods at her, but the frown is still there. "And uhm .. Turns out Benjamin lives only five blocks away from my place.. And it's on the way from Harvey's to the airport, so.. Yeah seemed only logical," Donna adds then, pressing her lips together in a thin smile. "Thanks for asking though," Donna adds, picking up both mugs as she turns on her heels, the brunette following her swiftly mumbling a 'right' to herself as she tries to wrap her brain around the reasoning.


She pushes the door to his office open with her hip, turning around on her heel. She walks inside, the two mugs with coffee in her hands. His head automatically popping up, he studies the look on her face. "What's wrong?" he asks, his hand already extended as she gives him Louis' new signature mug. "Your coffee," she comments, taking a sip from her own mug. "Your meeting with Mr. Campbell is moved till three. Louis asked to see you," she turns around, making her way back to the door. "Ooh and we're picking Benjamin up on our way to the airport tomorrow," she adds quickly, her hand already reaching for the handle.

"Wait what?" he counters, almost choking on his coffee. "We are what?" he asks again, placing his cup down as she throws him a smile. "Picking up Benjamin on our way to the airport," she repeats again. "And why would we do that?" he crooks his head looking at her. "Because Rachel offered to let me drive with them and I said I'd ride with you and she gave me one of those looks and I.. I," she pauses catching her breath as he shakes his head. "So I told her it would be the three of us."

"Right," he mumbles, "and where does this guy even live?" She lets out a breath when he didn't really protest. "I have absolutely no idea," she raises her shoulders. "But I'll go and figure it out," she adds, pointing at her desk before she waves at him. He lets out a breath, shaking his head as he watches her walk to her desk. Wondering what else he'd do for her, but seeing her sway her hips he brings his hand to his mouth, knowing that the answer to that question would be anything. A chuckle escaping his lips as he sees a memo regarding 'carpooling to airport – Jessica's goodbye getaway' pop up on his screen a couple of minutes later.


Finishing his contracts, he closes the manila folder as he reaches for the cup on his desk. Sighing as he remembers he finished his coffee hours ago, he lets his gaze drift off to her cubicle. His lips twitching a little as he notices it's empty. It's ridiculous and he knows it, but ever since they got together he's felt this need to make sure she's there. Touch her, reminding himself that it's indeed real. He pushes his chair back, placing the cup down he walks out of his office.

Lingering around her cubicle for a few seconds he finally decides to make his way to the partner's kitchen. He walks past Louis' office, briefly nodding at his fellow name partner as greeting, he misses the way the other lawyer frowns in return as he walks on. Glancing at his empty mentor's office, the sad sigh that sight usually caused now being replaced by a small smile. Burying his hands in the pocket of his pants, he turns around the corner, coming to a halt then as he spots the redhead.

He leans against the door frame, he watches her for a few seconds as she's pouring herself a cup of tea. "Harvey," she greets him, not even looking around as she opens a cabinet. He smiles, pushing himself back on his feet, he steps closer to her. His left hand sliding over her waist he hands her the honey she tried to reach. "Looking for this?" he whispers in her ear as he places 'Brody' down in front of her.

"Thanks," she whispers, his hands on her waist turning her around. His lips catching hers in a hasty kiss, he pulls back then leaving her flustered. Her mouth still left agape she stares at him, almost leaning forward as he steps back. "Making a fire," he grins at her as he takes places on one of the seats at the table. "That's the first thing you should do if you find yourself stranded on an island." She lets out a breath, biting her tongue as she pours another cup of tea. Throwing a devious smile in his direction, she places the cup right in front of him. Brody the honey bear right next to it as she turns around reaching for her own cup.

"Thank you, Donna," he smirks, reaching for the cup as he tries his best not to look at her. "Okay, what's wrong with you?!" His head popping to the left he faces the other name partner who walks inside. She sits down on the chair next to him, crossing her right leg over her left. "Why would anything be wrong with me, Louis?" he counters, taking a sip from his tea as Louis pulls back another chair. Sitting himself down opposite of them. "You're thanking everyone these days. It's weird," Louis counters as he looks at Donna, waiting for her to agree with him.

She raises her shoulders, indicating she's not getting into this argument. She leans forward, pulling the fruit bowl towards her. Grabbing the last banana as she looks at Harvey, waiting for him to answer her former boss. He frowns as he sees her slowly peel the yellow skin apart. Swallowing once, he faces his colleague again. "New policy as managing partner," he counters finishing his cup. "Just making sure everyone at the firm feels valued. That the employees are happy," he adds leaning back against his chair.

His eyes briefly land on the redhead again, gritting his teeth as she continues eating the banana. "Satisfied," his last word causing him to get kicked under the table by the redhead. He nearly groans, but manages to keep looking at the other lawyer even though her right foot is caressing the calf of his right leg. "Good point," Louis comments as he gets himself back up. "Would be nice if we actually had some employees to satisfy."

Donna coughs, looking away as she throws the banana peel in the trashcan. Harvey sighs then, rolling his eyes as he fakes a smile. "Thank you Louis," he counters, briefly looking at Donna as a plead for her to stop caressing his leg, "for the input on this." She places her hand on his knee instead, squeezing it briefly to stop him from firing a snarky comment at Louis. "How about we focus on hiring extra associates for you to mentor after this weekend," Harvey offers, swallowing as her hand moves higher. "Donn," he mouths, his right hand covering hers as she raises her eyebrow. The woman knows absolutely no shame when it comes to teasing him in the office.

"Excellent," Louis comments as he nods at Donna before walking away. She grins, looking at Harvey again. Pushing herself back up on her feet she leans towards him, her face inches from him. "It's finding water," she whispers, smirking as she notices his gaze dropping ever so slightly. Her lips brushing over his, she pulls back without kissing him. He groans as he watches her walk away. Her hips swaying from left to right, the way she winks at him as she looks over her shoulder at him, he really needs to tell her to stop doing that if she wants to keep them a secret. He looks down then, signing once more as there's absolutely no way he can get up now.

She turns around in her chair as she senses him walking back. Her eyebrows briefly rising as she notices him holding a magazine in his hands. She stares at him as he walks by, the magazine still covering his crotch. "I didn't know you read the Cosmo," she teases pointing at the magazine, he throws her a smile. "You're making up for this," he counters as he walks into his office, letting himself fall down on his chair. He throws the magazine on his windowsill.

Pressing on the intercom button, she presses the phone between her ear and her shoulder. Her hands already typing away at her computer again. "You seem a little tense. About to burst even," she whispers, "Do you need a hand?" she adds smirking as she hears him groan through the phone. "Donna," she hears him mumble her name mixed with the sound of him fiercely typing away on his keyboard.

"I could help you relieve the pressure," she pushes popping the 'p' as she looks at him, her eyebrows briefly raised as he shakes his head at her. Her eyes briefly flickering to the right, she turns back around. "Mr. Campbell is here to see you," she tells him then in a chirpier tone. Putting the phone down, she gets up from her chair, greeting the client as she opens the door to his office as he steps inside. Winking at the lawyer before she walks away again.


He closes the door behind him, turning the lock as he walks towards her. Leaning against the shelves he sees notices how she crooks her head. Waiting for an explanation as to why he's here. "You look busy," he states as she keeps searching through boxes. "That's because I am busy," she repeats the line she said to him a few months ago in the very same aisle. "My boss made me look for this file I'm starting to wonder if it exists," she counters.

He smiles, stepping closer. "He sounds like a pain in the ass," he adds, taking the box from her hand, she looks up at him. "He can be, yeah," she nods as she steps forward, biting her lip as he throws her his Specter smile. "Said boss should make it up to you," he counters, his hand reaching for her elbow he pulls her closer. "Ooh," she purses her lips her hands slipping over his tie. "I could think of –"

She's cut off by his lips on hers. A small gasp escaping her lips as she feels the edge of the table digging into her thighs. His hands moving over her sides, as he lifts her on top of the table. Pulling her skirt up as she struggles with his belt. Her hands moving back to his face, she deepens the kiss before she pulls back. "Something like this, yeah," she whispers, making him smirk as he pulls her closer again.


He stares at the two suitcases in the midst of their clothes on his bed as she walks up next to him, another summer dress in her hands. "I didn't know I had two of these," he points at the suitcases and she shakes her head. "You didn't," she answers as he frowns. "A few years ago you made me buy you a new suitcase for business trips, it came as a set. You needed one and I kept the other," she explains as she placed the dress in his suitcase on top of his clothes..

He frowns, still thinking about her explanation. "Wasn't that my suit case?" he counters, making her nod again she throws him a smile. "I need room for my heels," she raises her shoulders as she reaches for her bikini from the bed. Rolling it up before she also places it in his suitcase. "Will there be any room for my clothes?" he counters.

"If it's in your suitcase it means I'll have to put it on your room," she fires back as she continues packing her own. "You make a compelling argument," he gives in, placing his suit and a some other shirts on top of her dress and bikini. Zipping it up, he looks at her again. "Do we really have to pick up Benjamin tomorrow?" he whispers, wrapping his arms around her. "Yeah we do," she answers, letting her hands run over his arms. Her head resting against his shoulder. "And we need to stop by my place to pick up my passport."

He grits his teeth, letting out a sigh as they pull up next to the terminal. Looking to his left, he sees Ray nod at him as he looks over his shoulder to the backseat. Not once since he's gotten a driver he's had to sit on the passenger's seat and to make it worse Benjamin wouldn't shut about how excited he was for this trip. Never having been out of the country before and how he wondered what the bacon would be like in the Bahamas.

His eyes lock with hers and she briefly smiles at him, before she looks at Benjamin again. "That sounds great," she beams tapping the younger man's arm to show him they've arrived. Harvey swallows once more looking away as he gets out of the car. Slamming the door behind him, he paces over the sidewalk as he hears his name being called by his former associate.

"Mike," Harvey greets his friend with a hug, before he smiles at the petite brunette. "Rachel." She smiles back at Harvey, letting her hand run over her fiancé's back as she eyes the rest of the car. A small frown appearing on her face as like Donna said the IT specialist gets out of the car on their side as well, she now looks at Ray who helps the redhead out of the car.

"Donna," Rachel beams as she drops her bag and rushes her way over to the redhead. "Hey Rach," Donna smiles hugging her friend as she steps back, taking in the summer dress the younger woman is wearing. "Is this new?" she points as she turns Rachel around. "Yep," the brunette chirps as she sticks out her feet, "and new shoes."

"I'm going to borrow those," she smiles as the points at them, hooking her arm around Rachel's she walks them over to Ray for the suitcases. Shaking the man's hand, she thanks him, expressing once more how she wished he would have joined, but his wife is afraid of flying. "Have a great time, Miss Paulsen," the driver answers as she smiles. "It's Donna, Ray. You know that."

Rachel observes the three suitcases next to the car. A small chuckle escaping her lips when the odd one out has a label that reads 'Benjamin' on it, but before she can comment on it the other company car pulls up. Gretchen and Tara joining the rest of the group as Louis fights the driver over the luggage. "Oh my god," Donna mumbles then as she stares at the wrapped up box that rests on top of Louis' suitcase. "Louis, please tell me that isn't.. " she shakes her head, not even being able to pronounce the words as she reads the five letters written on the other side.

"It's a trip for everyone who's been loyal to the firm," Louis argues, "and if she doesn't go. I won't go," the bald lawyer points at the box. Still unable to speak Rachel looks at Tara who merely nods, raising her shoulders as she doesn't know what to say either. "You're bringing Norma," Mike mutters then as he gets a hold of what was happening, making the others look in Louis direction too.

"I am," Louis states, nodding at the group as he takes them all their shocked faces in. "I don't plan on dying anytime soon," Gretchen breaks the silence then, "but please make sure this never happens to me," she points at her boss. Her words making the other's nod, still unsure of how to respond to the situation. "I just hope he won't place that on the nightstand next to our bed," Tara whispers to Donna then who brings her hand to cover the laugh that escaped her lips. "Just tell him she would have loved a good view at the ocean."

"How are you?" the redhead asks then as Tara lets her hand run over her stomach. "Good. Finally over the morning sickness, now it's just this constant graving for pineapples," Tara answers with a smile, briefly lifting her shoulders but she realises it's a weird thing. "This might have caused me to paint the baby room yellow, something Louis isn't all too happy about as it was Bruno's old room. I still don't know why he had a room for a cat, but he'll come around," she adds smiling as the two of them continue talking about how she moved in with the lawyer.

"Does Ms. Pearson know about the surprise yet?" Gretchen asks then as Louis looks on his watch. "Why isn't Jessica here yet?" he buts in as he starts looking around the parking lot. "They're inside," Rachel answers stepping towards her friend. "Jeff texted me when their flight from Chicago landed and they were on their way to this terminal, so if we go inside we should be able to spot them soon."


"Jessica Lourdes Pearson, is that you?!" Harvey calls out as the former managing partner turns around. Her eyes widening as she takes in the entire group. A gasp escaping her lips as Louis arms fall around her, hugging her tightly. "Louis," she comments, patting his back signalling for him to let go again. She stares at the group before she looks back at Jeff.

"What exactly is happening here?" Jessica asks then as she signals the group. "We," Jeff speaks as he steps up next to Jessica, "are joining them on an office retreat to the Bahama's," he adds then. "It's a Goodbye Getaway," Rachel adds, "since we never really got to give you a proper send off to Chicago." Jessica swallows then, eyeing every single one of the group. Louis and Harvey at last as she nods. "Thank you," she whispers still in shock as she lets out a breath. Taking in the group of people she's worked with for the biggest part of her life.

"Missed me yet?" Harvey teases his mentor as they walk ahead of the rest of the group to the check-in bar. She crooks her head smiling at him, because yes, she has. Nevertheless, she hasn't missed the mess and struggle that came along with the firm. "Don't you mean missed us?" she counters pointing at the rest of group over her shoulder. "Naah," Harvey shakes his head. "I just meant me," he smirks as she rolls her eyes at him. "I missed all you," she counters truthfully.

"But me the most," the lawyer fires back. "Whatever lets you sleep at night white boy," Jessica smirks. "That is if you get any sleep at all these days." She stares at him, her eyebrows raised as she nods with her head to the back. "Ok, how?" Harvey sighs, "How do you know?" he asks confused, because he'd been trying his hardest to keep it a secret.

"I didn't, but I do now," Jessica answers, she had her suspicions, but she didn't know for sure. Her words making him sigh, he can't believe he fell for that trick. "I hope she's happy," Jessica whispers then and he smiles nodding. "I think so, yes," he answers, briefly looking over his shoulder at her. "How did you know it's her?" the words leaving his lips before he registers them.

"Really?" she laughs, staring at him with a look she must have given him a dozen times over the years. "First of all who else," she counts on her hand, "second you didn't brag or invite me join, but mostly that smile on your face is the exact same one you had when you told me you weren't coming to the firm without her."

He closes his eyes, briefly shaking his head as he smiles. "I'm happy for you two, Harvey." He nods, a nearly inaudible 'me too' leaving his lips. "She wants to keep it a secret for now," Harvey tells his mentor who frowns in return. He just raises his shoulders briefly, indicating that if it's what the redhead wants he'll do it even if he'd rather shout it from the rooftops. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," Jessica confirms, "but if you want to keep it a secret, you got to work on hiding that smile."

"I don't smile that much," he counters. "Yeah, you do."


"Sir," a customs officer calls. "Sir, is this your bag?" the older man asks again as Harvey gets tapped on his arm. "I'm sorry, what?" Harvey asks as he breaks off his conversation with Mike, before he steps to his left. "Is this your bag?" a female officer asks again now as she pulls a dark blue back pack to the side. "Yes," Harvey answers, "That's mine," he adds as he tries to look on the screen to determine why he got pulled aside.

Mike reaches for his own small back pack as he walks over to his friend on the other side of the customs. The rest still waiting in line. "What's going on?" Mike asks as he puts his electronics back into his bag. Fixing his belt as he watches his former boss waiting for whatever the problem was.

Watching the officer open his bag, his eyes close as he remembers again. It was meant as a joke and he was supposed to leave it behind at Donna's place. He can't believe he forgot all about it. His suspicions only being confirmed as the blonde pulls out the can of whipped cream. "You cannot bring this on board, sir," the woman speaks as she places it aside, before she checks the rest of his bag.

"Whipped cream," Mike laughs out loud as Harvey sighs. "Yeah, I'm sorry," he answers, burying his hands in the pocket of his pants as he looks to his left, but the redhead seems to miss the entire spectacle as she's still deep in conversation with his associate. "I was the fraud," Mike comments louder then, "how on earth do you not know you can't bring a bottle of whipped cream on a plane?"

Her head pops up the second she hears the two words that haunted her for years. Her eyes automatically locking with Harvey's who's standing in front of the line. Both of them unable to respond she quickly looks back to her friend as he turns to face his former associate again. "Very funny, Mike," he mumbles, his eyes now fixated on his back pack as he remembers the little black box that's inside as well. "I forgot to take it out, that's all."


"Everyone here?" Louis asks as they gather near the gate again. Counting heads, he crosses of the names on his list. "Where's Benjamin?" he comments then as he looks around again, neither of the group really responding. "Donna," Louis barks then, making the redhead look up again. "Have you seen Benjamin? He drove with you two right?" he asks again.

"Uhm.. Yes, he did," she mumbles then as she starts looking around. Coming up blank too, she turns back to face Louis. "Maybe he already boarded?" she offers then as she notices other people moving in the line. "He was very excited about flying," she adds as reasoning. Harvey hums in confirmation as he looks down the line of people again.

"Why don't you all go inside," Jessica signals the plane. "Louis and I will stay here and wait for Benjamin. Harvey you will check the plane and call me is he's already there okay," she tells the rest as she takes out her boarding pass before she hands Jeff her purse. "You do realise you're not the managing partner anymore," Harvey teases her.

"Maybe if you focused on leading the group, instead of.." Jessica feels his gaze narrowing in on her, "losing one of your employees at the gate I wouldn't have to," she counters, signalling them all to get on the plane already. "Yes ma'am," Harvey counters, pulling out his boarding pass as he turns around on his spot. His eyes meeting Donna's who just grins at him as she walks after him.

Placing his backpack in the overhead luggage storage, he looks back at her again. "Do you want to sit next to the window," he asks as he steps aside, offering her the last seat of the first class section. She shakes her head, telling him to take it as he nods. Moving past her, he sits himself down. She looks around again, smiling at Rachel who moves into the seats in front of them.

"I don't see Benjamin," she comments then as she sits herself down next to him again. "You should call Jessica," she adds as she pulls out his phone from his hand. "I really thought it was my office that read managing partner now," he mumbles as she types in Jessica's number, before she hands it back. "Ooh please," she smirks, "you've never made a call in your life without my help."

Jessica places her phone back in her purse. "He's not on board yet," she tells Louis then who turns around impatiently. "He's not answering his phone or pager," the male lawyer answers in return. "Can't believe we're talking about the IT guy," Jessica shakes her head as she looks at her watch again. "Goddamn it, Benjamin."

"I'm here. I'm here," Benjamin exclaims as he pulls his carry on behind him. Running towards the gate, he tries to avoid Louis scrutinizing gaze. "I'm sorry Miss Pearson," the young man mumbles out of breath, "I uhm... Was getting a..." he sighs signalling the Egg McMuffin in his hand. "Just get on the goddam plane," Jessica sighs as she pushes Benjamin towards the ground personnel.

"I know how to call you," he counters, turning off his phone before he places his back in his pocket. "Well that's the exception," she teases him as she leans on the arm rest in between them. "You're always the exception," he whispers looking at her as he covers her hand with his. "This arm rest is huge," he comments then as he looks in between them.

She throws him a questioning look. "You're sitting so far away," he whispers and she looks down, avoiding his gaze as his hand squeezes hers. "Harvey," she whispers letting his fingers slip between hers. "What were you thinking with that can of whipped cream?" He chuckles softly, looking at her again. "Actually," he mumbles, his thumb caressing the back of her hand. "I wanted to bring the cactus in a big plastic box, but I was afraid they'd take it away."

She smiles looking at him. Mouthing an 'I love you' in his direction, he lifts both their hands. Quickly placing a kiss on her knuckles, he lets their hands rest on the arm rest between them again. "So guys," Mike chirps as he turns around in his chair. Both of them pulling their hand back before the younger man looks over the back seat. "Are you as excited as I am?"

Donna just smiles as Harvey sighs. Brining his hand to his head, wondering how in one day he can get cornered in a conversation about all the possibilities the island has to offer and what to do on which day. If it were up to him, he'd spend the entire day in bed with the redhead besides him.


"Rachel and Mike," she speaks handing both of them a key to a room as she checked in for the group. "Harvey, yours," she holds it up as he takes it from her hand. Pressing his lips together in a thin line as Jessica throws him a questioning look behind the redhead's back. "Gretchen," Donna continues as she hands the other secretary a key. "And mine," she mumbles, turning the key card over in her hand as the others already made their way over to the elevators.

"Are you even going to use that," he mumbles reaching for both of their suitcases as she walks next to him to the elevators. "Yeah, I am," she answers as searches through her back for something. "Really," he counters frowning as he moves both their suitcases in the metal box. Swallowing as he sees her nod, he doesn't get a change to comment on it as the young couple gets into the elevator with them.

"Which floor are you?" Rachel asks, making Donna look up. "Uhm, " she mumbles looking away from Harvey as she looks at the key in her hand again. "The twelfth floor," she answers then as Rachel pouts. "We're on the tenth," she smiles at Mike who's talking to Harvey. "Next to Louis," the brunette sighs then. "I just hope we won't run into him that much on the hallway. Cause that could get awkward."

"We went mudding with him, it doesn't get more awkward that," Donna counters with a laugh. "Yeah but with you two there was still a privacy curtain," Mike comments, his face cringing as he thinks back to that moment. "A photographic memory isn't always a good thing," he mumbles making Harvey laugh out loud. "Thank god I never went," he mumbles then.

"What?" Mike fires back as he looks at his former boss. "When Louis made me go, you said –" his sentence getting short cut when the elevator reaches the tenth floor. Harvey fakes a smile, raising his shoulders as Mike shakes his head in return, pulling his suitcase out of the elevator again. "Hey Donna," Rachel mumbles then as she holds the door. "Mike and I are going for a drink later tonight, want to join? You too Harvey?"

"Sure, I'll be there," Donna answers as she moves to the other side of the elevator now. "Awesome. I'll be at your room in an hour so we can get ready," Rachel adds as she steps outside just before the doors close again. "See," Donna comments, turning to face him, but before she can do so her body is pressed against the wall by him. His lips ghosting hers as his forehead leans against hers. "Fine, your right," he whispers before he kisses her.

His hands moving over her sides, pulling her shirt from her skinny jeans. His fingers cold against her skin, she squirms on the spot, wrapping her arm around him as she couldn't stop him either. Opening her mouth to him, she manages to make him walk back a few steps. The suitcases pressing in the back of his knees he nearly falls on top of them with her in her arms, were it not for the elevator opening again as it reaches their floor.

She bends down to reach for her purse as he gets back up on his feet. Both pulling out their own suitcase they make their way to their adjacent rooms. Shaking her head as she leaves him standing there, a pout on his lip as she opens the door to her room. "We're having drinks with the rest," she tells him just before entering her room alone.

He lets out a sigh then, opening the door to his own room. Pulling his suitcase inside, he closes the door behind him. The backpack landing on his bed, he walks himself over to the balcony doors. Opening one, to let in some fresh air he takes in the view. Sandy white beaches, palm trees and the ocean. Her question from the day before coming to mind again, he mumbles "making sure it's safe," to himself as he turns around again.

Pulling his blue sweater over his head, he throws it on his bed. His hands moving to open the buttons of his white dress shirt he hears someone knocking on his door. Walking back to the entrance, he hears the knock again, now realising it's coming from the door that's separating his room from Donna's room. Smirking he walks over, turning the lock he pulls it open.

His mouth dropping as he sees her standing there then. Her right elbow leaning against the door frame, her auburn locks loosely cascading her shoulders and her body clad in the black set of lingerie he saw her put on that morning. "Hi," she smirks as his gaze shamelessly drops over her body before meeting her eyes again. "God woman," he counters stepping forward.

Kissing her like he'd done only minutes ago, yet this time he lifts her up. Walking inside her room as she wraps her legs around his waist. Her hands on his shoulders, she's fidgeting with the buttons of his shirt as he carries her to her bed. His knee hitting the edge of the bed, he leans forward placing her down as he kisses her again. His own hands now helping hers as he removes his shirt, her hands already working on his belt as he kicks of his shoes.

"Too. Much. Clothing," she mumbles in between kisses as she pushes him back on his knees. Lifting herself up along with him as she kisses his earlobe. His knee sliding off the edge of the bed as he stands back up again, his hands moving over her sides as her pulls her towards him. His thumbs tracing the edge of her bra under her breasts, she smiles tucking on his lip.

He moans against her mouth when she finally unzips his pants. Her hand sneaking inside the khaki trousers that hang around his hips, she grabs him through his boxers. "Donna," he groans, pulling back as she throws him a devilish grin, but two can play this game and together they excel at it. His right hand slips under the black piece of lace, cupping her breast he feels her nipple harden against the palm of his hand as he flickers his thumb against it.

He kisses the corner of her mouth, working his way down her neck. Leaving a trail of hot wet kisses, he softly bites her skin just below her collarbone. "Harv," she whispers, stopping him from making a mark he switches to using his tongue. Letting it trail across her skin as his hands undo the clasp of her bra on her back. Her head thrown back his lips move to the other side of her neck. Briefly kissing the spot just below her chin before he makes his way to her left ear as he moves her body back a bit, pulling the bra from her body.

He pulls back then, taking her in as his eyes slowly lock with hers again. His hand moving a strand of hair behind her ear he smiles. "You're so beautiful," he whispers softly. A black lace thong aside, she's completely naked, his hands are moving over her arms, but only his words can make her blush. "You are," he adds as she tries to look down. The index finger of his right hand lifting her chin, her kisses her softly then.

"Harvey," she whispers on his lips as she wraps her left arm around his neck. His name enough of a plead for him to place her down again. His lips claiming hers again as her hand slips in the back pocket of his pants, pulling out his wallet. Her feet pulling his pants down as he crawls on the bed, hovering above her he kisses her jaw.

Throwing her head back, she brings his wallet above her face, her mouth dropping a bit as she opens it staring at a picture of them. "You.. You," she stutters, something that's uncharacteristic for her and he pulls back instantly. "You have a picture of us in your wallet," she mumbles staring into his eyes as she tabs the picture. He nods his eyes still locked with hers.

"I… I do," he speaks. "Is that a problem?" he wonders out loud then. This whole relationship thing, especially because she wants to keep things quiet, still very new for him. "No," she shakes her head dropping his wallet on the bed above her. "No it isn't," her left arm falling around his neck again, she pulls him closer. "I love you," she whispers her right hand caressing his face. "I love you too," he answers, cupping her face as he kisses her again.


She wraps the bathrobe around her body, melting on the spot again as she feels his arms wrap around her waist. He kisses her cheek and she smiles as he walks them back to her room. Tapping his hands once, he lets go of her then. She pulls her suitcase towards her bed as he sits himself down, just watching her as she carefully removes some pieces of clothing.

A pair of red lingerie in her hand she turns around. A chuckle escaping her lips as she sees him leaning on her bed. A towel wrapped around his lower body the only thing he was wearing. She shakes her head. "I need to get ready," she whispers as he taps his hand on the duvet next to him. She bites her lip then, sitting down next to him as she drops the red piece of lace between them.

Pulling her legs on top of the bed, she bends down leaning on her right elbow as she faces him. "What?" she whispers as he shakes his head. "Nothing," he mumbles, his right arm moving to her waist as he moves towards her. "We already had sex, Mister," she teases him, her hand fighting his but he intertwines their fingers, pulling her towards him.

"Twice," he smirks, but he shakes his head, lifting it from his left hand. Bringing his other arm around her waist as well, he lets it rest on her back as she lets her head rest on his chest. "I just want to hold you," he whispers kissing the top of her head. His eyes locking with hers again as he smiles at her.

They lay there for a few minutes. Just holding the other close, talking about everything and nothing as they hear someone knocking on her door. "Donna, it's me Rachel," she hears her friend call for, her eyes widening she looks at the alarm next to her bed. "Shit," she whispers, completely having lost track of time. She pushes herself up, tapping his chest to indicate he should leave.

"Hey Rach," she answers loudly as she jumps of her bed. Quickly reaching for her panties slipping them on as she pushes her clothes from earlier that day aside. Helping him reach for his clothes from the floor, they make their way back through the room. "I'm coming," she adds then, hearing him mumble a 'that's what she said.'

She crooks her head giving him a disapproving look as she pushes him back towards the door separating their two rooms. "Shut up," she whispers, shaking her head. He pulls her closer, kissing her once more before he disappears in his own room. She quickly turns around, shutting the door behind her. Turning the lock the hardest thing she's done all day, she lets out a breath before she makes her way over to the door.

"Hi," she smiles, opening the door as she steps aside. Letting her friend walk in with a bag filled with clothes, she quickly follows. "Just drop it on the couch," she continues, her eyes widening as she spots his boxers on the floor just behind her bed. "Specter," she sighs, increasing her pace as she passes the brunette. "What?" Rachel mumbles as she drops her stuff on the couch as told.

"Nothing," Donna shakes her head, kicking the piece of fabric under her bed she climbs on top of it. "So you couldn't choose?" she teases the younger woman, who looks at Donna. A frown immediately growing on her face as she spots the bra near the redhead's legs. "What are you planning on wearing tonight?" she counters as she lifts the piece of clothing. Dangling it in front of her face.

"I was still getting dressed after my shower," Donna counters snatching it from her hand as she signals her bathrobe. Rolling herself of the bed, she takes place on the couch. Rachel sitting down on the other side as the redhead pulls out a dress. "Can't we do this on your bed? There's more room," Rachel suggests, the "no" Donna blurts out stopping her from getting up.

"Because …" the redhead adds as she sees the brunette starting to frown, "I know we won't feel like cleaning up all the make-up and clothes we're going to pull out. And if it stays there then I won't be able to sleep tonight." It's a lie, because she already knows she won't be sleeping in said bed, but she just had sex there.


She throws her head back, downing the small shot glass of tequila. She places it back on the table in one go, biting the slice of lemon. She lets out a breath as she opens her eyes again. Seeing her friends and him, not sure if it's the alcohol or his eyes that's making her feel warm, she reaches for her friends arm then. "Come Rach, let's dance, "she mumbles, dragging the younger woman on the dance floor.

Busting their best moves like they've done a hundred times before in all the years they've known each other, Rachel's arm falls around Donna's neck, pulling her closer. "Don't look around," the brunette whispers, "but there's a man that's definitely checking you out right now," she adds stepping back. A small frown forming on Donna's face, the younger woman continues.

"He's sitting in one of those booths at the side," Rachel carries on. "White shirt. Dark hair and brown eyes," Rachel continues, making Donna frown even more. "You can't possibly see that," she whispers trying to look over her shoulder, but Rachel stops her. "And he has two moles above his left eyebrow," she adds smirking at the redhead.

"Harvey," Donna whispers and Rachel nods, crooking her head as she studies her friend's expression. "Why not?" she adds, meeting her friend's eye who just grins at her in return. Biting her lip as she doesn't answer. "Ooh my god," Rachel mumbles, "No way. I knew it. How long?"

Mike takes another sip of his beer. Letting his gaze slip back from his fiancé to his former boss. "Okay," he mumbles. "I know you just made managing partner, but that's not a 'I just had a promotion' smile," Mike states, pointing his bottle at the man across the table from him. "A what now?" Harvey counters, frowning as he turns around the face his friend.

"You have a different smile," the younger man points out, placing his bottle on the table he leans back against the bench. "Are you studying me?" Harvey raises his eyebrow, he's known the kid to do weird stuff, but this beats almost everything. "No," Mike shakes his head in defence, but one wouldn't have to study the lawyer to be able to notice it.

"Almost two months," Donna whispers, trying to hide her smile as the brunette nearly squeals on her spot. "I'm so happy for you," she beams hugging her friend as she swirls her around on the dancefloor. "Wait," Rachel pauses, taking a step back. "Then why are you on the dancefloor with me instead of him?" Rachel asks, pointing her head back at the booth.

Donna shakes her head. "Harvey doesn't like to dance," she states as a matter of fact, briefly raising her shoulders. "And we're trying to keep it a secret for a little longer," Donna adds, "everyone always commented and gossiped when nothing was going on, so.."

"I know I haven't been around much, lately," Mike states then, making Harvey nod as he looks back at his former associate. "And I know you put your life on hold when mine was too, but I'm out now. You should start living your life too," Mike pushes. "With Donna," he adds pointing at the redhead on the dancefloor. "We all know you love her, she deserves to know too."

"Who says she doesn't know?" Harvey counters instantly. He wasn't planning on spilling it, but maybe he was tired of people always assuming things. Maybe he just really wanted to tell someone. "Wait," Mike mumbles, raising his hand as he slowly connects the dots. "So you two took the plunge?" he asks then.

"Is that your standard choice of words?" Harvey counters, remembering how that were the exact same words the younger man said to him little over a year ago. "So, that's a yes then," Mike asks, needing a verbal confirmation on this situation. The lawyer nods in return. "Finally," Mike exclaims, raising his hand, but Harvey shakes his head. Not going to high-five for this.

"Why are you sitting here then?!" Mike drops his hand to the table. "Go dance with your woman," he signals the floor, his choice of words making Harvey sigh. "First of all, don't call her that," he reaches for his glass of scotch. "And second, she wants to keeps things quiet for now."

He lets out a groan, stirring around his right arm moves over the duvet. An eye fluttering open when that movement goes uninterrupted, he notices how the spot next to him is empty. Letting out a yawn, he brings his hand through his hair. His eyes opening fully now he spots her silhouette on the other side of the room. He smirks, rolling himself out of bed. He nearly trips over his boxer short in the process, but her doesn't even bother putting it on.

Taking the final two steps towards her, he wraps his arms around her waist. Hugging her from behind, he kisses the crook of her neck. "Morning beautiful," he mumbles, feeling her melt in his arms. She looks over her shoulder, kissing him now as she slowly turns around in his embrace. His hand moving to her shoulders as he deepens their kiss.

Her body leaning against his, she feels his morning wood pressing against her thigh and she realizes he isn't wearing any clothing. Pulling back, she looks him in the eye, a smirk smile appearing on her lips as she lets her finger run over his length. "Is this your outfit of choice for today?" she teases, moving her finger back to the tip.

He grits his teeth as she takes him in her hand, but he can't let her win. It's a game. Almost every single morning, a new ritual. The whipped cream replaced by a can opener and now this, just them in the morning. It's what works for them with the irregular working times, the day and the night always unpredictable by a new possible crisis of a client, but the morning is just for them.

"Could be," he counters with a smirk as he pulls back a little. His hands slipping down the placket of his dress shirt she's wearing. "If this," he pushes the white fabric over her shoulders. His lips scraping her neck as he kisses the corner of her jaw. "Is going to be your outfit for the rest of the day," he whispers in her ear.

She grins, letting her hands run over his chest as she looks down. Kissing his chest, she pushes him back on the couch behind him. Her hands on his knees she leans forward to kiss him again, lowering herself on the ground between his legs as she kisses her way down. "I don't know," she mumbles, her fingers drawing patterns over his thigh. "Aren't you afraid that will cause this problem at the pool later today?"


He yawns, his hand running over his face. He's still tired, or tired again. Wrapping the white bath robe around him, he paces through the hallway, wondering where the rest is. "Harvey," he hears his name then being pronounced by the only men hoped he wouldn't see just now, but then again it's what he did. "Louis," he counters turning around as he lets out another yawn.

"Where's the rest?" he mumbles as he follows the other lawyer to the mud baths and he can't help but think back to that story Louis told him on that night they got high. His face cringes as he looks around again. Focus, Harvey. Focus, he thinks to himself. "The others. Jeff, Mike and Benjamin," he adds, "I thought they'd all be here." Louis frowns, raising his shoulders.

"Not that I know of," he mumbles, dropping his bathrobe on the bench behind him and Harvey looks away. Slightly repulsed by the entire situation. "Donna just said you would want to go mudding with me," Louis adds. He sighs then. "Did she?" he mumbles shaking his head, he can't even believe he fell for that. Letting out a sigh he decides to play along, knowing he'll never hear the end of it if he doesn't. Placing his bathrobe to the side as well, he climbs in the bath next to Louis' then. With boxer short and all.

"No," Louis exclaims as he points at Harvey. "You can't.. You can't do that.. No," he reasons and Harvey just smiles as he lets his head rest against the edge. "I'm here. I'm mudding. That's the only thing I agreed on," he tells Louis. "Bullshit," Louis argues. "Can't believe you lawyered your way out of how this is usually done."

"Well I'm a lawyer, Louis," Harvey counters. "Now shut up, I'm here to relax," he adds closing his eyes as he lets himself sink a little further in the bath. He hates to admit it, but it isn't even that bad. The company the main thing he would change.

"Harvey," Louis mumbles after a few minutes. "Yeah," Harvey answers as he turns to look to his right. "Can I ask you something?" the bald lawyer continues making Harvey nod. "Sure, it's not like I can walk off. So ask away," he answers as he looks ahead again. "I know you said yes when I asked you this a few years ago," Louis mumbles, "but I was wondering if you still wanted to be my best man at my wedding?"

Harvey looks to his right again. "I can't believe you can be so sure after such a short period of time," he answers then and Louis nods, raising his shoulders. "I know it's soon and people might think I'm crazy. I actually asked her three months ago and I still believe it's the best decision I ever made. She's just the one for me," Louis answers, truthfully.

"I'd be honoured, Louis," Harvey answers then, "congratulations." Louis smiles at him, his hands landing the edge of the tub. Harvey's eyes widening a little in shock as he remembers what happened just before the last time Louis asked him this. "But you're staying in that tub and there will be no hug," Harvey adds as he raises his hand, letting himself sink back in the tub again.

"Harvey," Louis whispers again a few minutes later. "Yes, Louis," Harvey answers letting out a breath as he stares at the ceilings. "I don't know if she already told you or if you found out already," Louis starts, "but Donna ended her relationship with this guy Mitchell a few months ago and I don't know exactly what happened between you two to make her go work for me in the first place. But I do know that even if she's telling herself she didn't break things off with him for you, deep down she did."

Harvey swallows, briefly looking to his right. "So if you still love her, maybe you can ask her to be your date to my wedding," Louis adds, pressing his lips into a thin smile as he looks back up again. "Cause I'm pretty sure, that for some unknown and completely unexplainable reason, she loves you." Harvey closes his eyes, a soft chuckle escaping his lips as he already knows the answer to that. He nods his head, letting himself rest again. "I will," he whispers.


He moves through his room. Putting on his swim shorts as he hears knocking coming from the door separating their rooms. Opening it again, he smiles as she stares at him. "I think housekeeping closed them again," she mumbles and he nods in agreement, his head crooked a little as he steps aside. "You have my bikini," she tells him as she points at his suitcase. "And I need your help," she adds as she holds up the bottle of sun screen. He grins, taking it from her hand as she walks herself over to his suit case. "SPF45," he reads out loud, his tone almost mocking as he sits down on the bed next to her.

She rolls her eyes, turning on her heels, she faces him again. Grabbing his hand, she shakes it. "Hi, I'm Donna. Natural redhead. Nice to meet you." He smirks shaking his head as he squeezes her hand. "You know you could just as easily move your stuff to this room," he mumbles as he signals for her to get changed. Reaching for her bikini, she drops it on his bed. "Yeah, that might be easier," she mumbles kissing him briefly as she pulls the skirt of her summer dress up, her hands pulling her panties down as she switches to her bikini bottom. He gets up then, making his way to her room as she pulls her bra from under her dress.

"You do know you need to remove that dress if you want me to put sun screen on your back," he counters shaking his head as he sees her struggle. She freezes for a second, removing her dress as she wonders why she was even making it this difficult. He smirks at her then as he steps inside her room. "God, you just wanted to see me naked, " she calls after him as she shakes her head. "Guilty," she hears him answer as she puts on the other half of her bikini. "Your suitcase, my lady," he announces as he places it on the ground next to his. She smiles, mumbling a thank you.

He pulls out her make up bag then. Bringing it to the bathroom, she frowns for a second as she follows him. Seeing him place her stuff on the sink next to his own. He looks up, his gaze meeting hers in the reflection of the mirror. "Just like at home," he states, placing the bag at the side, he turns around to face her. "At home," she repeats unsure and he nods. "Yeah it's not that I cleared that side of the sink for you because I never used it anyway, but it's filled with your stuff. Just like here," he states with a smile as she lets out breath, taking in the sink again.

"Harvey," she whispers looking up at him again. "When was the last time we were at my place?" she asks then and he frowns for a second, before answering that that was the day before to pick up her passport. She nods. "And before that?" she mumbles. He raises his shoulder. "I don't really know," he concludes then and she nods in agreement. "Me neither," she whispers stepping closer as she places the bottle of sun screen next to him. "Harvey, did I move in with you without even noticing it?"