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Goodbye Getaway PART III

Pulling the trolley inside the room, he tips the hotel staff member. Softly closing the door, he tries not to wake her as he grabs his backpack. Reaching for the little black box he has been hiding for a long time now, he places it on the serving tray next to the bottle of champagne. Technically, he asked her yesterday afternoon, but after Louis running in to them and only being able to describe the reunion with the rest of the other group as a little awkward; he hadn't had the chance to give it to her yet.

Stepping back into the bathroom, pulling the cart after him. He takes in the smell, a smile forming on his lips as he realizes the bubble bath soap the hotel has is vanilla flavoured. His hand running through the water, he checks the temperature before he turns off the tab. Blowing the bubbles from his hand, he runs his hand through his hair, making his way to the redhead.

Seeing her sleeping with her arm draped over his pillow now, he makes his way around the bed. Crawling on top of what usually is her spot, he lets his hand run over her arm. His fingers brushing through her hair he kisses her shoulder. "Donna," he whispers, his lips placing kisses down her neck. She stirs, a smile forming on her lips as she turns towards him.

His arm hooking around her waist he kisses her again. Holding her close, he'll never tell anyone but one of his favourite things is just cuddling with her. "Hey," she whispers slowly opening her eyes, she turns around in his embrace. "Morning," he smiles, letting his hand run over her arm, his fingers tracing her knuckles and finally the still empty ring finger.

"I got a surprise for you," he mumbles looking at her, "breakfast," he adds as she frowns but doesn't ask. "In bed?" she counters then and he laughs, shaking his head. "A bit different, actually," Harvey counters as he pushes himself back up. His hand still holding onto hers, he signals her to follow him with a nod of his head.

She rolls out of the bed, the sheets still wrapped around her body as she follows him to the bathroom. "Harvey," she whispers, but he smiles. "Just wait and see," he answers, opening the door for her. His hand signalling the bath he looks at her. The uncertainty he felt regarding his plan fading the second he sees her mouth drop in surprise. "You... you did this?" she whispers and he smiles nodding.

"Got a lot of years of romantic gestures to catch up with," he answers, hugging her from behind. She smiles, shaking her head then as she turns to look at him. "You don't have to," she whispers, "you know I don't regret those years right? It's brought us exactly where we need to be and I think everything combined made us stronger than if we … " she pauses as he cups her face. Kissing her once, he nods in agreement. "I know, but I like to anyway."


His glass clinging against hers, both taking a sip of the champagne as they toast on them. He follows her lead as she signals for him to turn around, her left arm slips around his neck. Pulling him towards her, he leans against her. His head against her chest as she kisses his temple. Moving both their glasses to the side he gives into her touch, her fingers slipping through his hair.

"I can't believe he was so shocked," she wonders about Louis needing a day out loud and he laughs, agreeing that the other man was making a big deal out of it. While in fact he saw nothing. Just them under a blanket, not more skin showing then when they were at the pool with the rest of the group. "I should have told him you agreed to be my date to his wedding," he mumbles then, her hands instantly stop massaging his head. "I didn't."

"But you will," he counters and she nods, slowing lifting her hands from his head again. "Yeah I will, why?" she whispers then, not sure why he mentioned this. "He told me to make a move," he answers then, "the other day when I went mudding. With just him, by the way." He looks at her, seeing her grin. "Sorry about that," she kisses his cheek and he smiles, not even mad about it.

He leans forward then. His hand reaching for the little black box. Turning around on his stomach, he presses his lips against hers before he pulls back again. Their eyes locking again, he holds the little box up in the small space between them. Smiling as he sees her bottom lip tremble a little. "Told you I bought it," he teases her and she laughs then, covering her mouth with her hand.

"You really did," she whispers pulling him closer and he nods. "I really did," he counters sitting himself back up as he lifts his left hand, wanting to show her the ring he picked out. "Wait," she whispers then, her hand covering his over the little box as she moves closer towards him.

"You do still want this, right?" he asks and she nods, whispering a yes again. "Let's get married," she adds not a single sign of doubt noticeable in her voice. He frowns for a second, searching for an explanation in her face. "Today," she whispers and his mouth drops a little. "Today?" he repeats, making sure he heard her correctly and she smiles. "You don't want a big wedding with everything?" he mumbles and she raises her shoulders, briefly shaking her head.

"I just want to be married to you," she concludes, her hands moving over his shoulders. Bringing her lips to his, she kisses him again. The black box dropping from his hand back on the trolley, he holds her close. Answering her kiss before he pulls back. A smile on his face as he runs his hand through her hair, hooking a loose strand behind her ear.

"Isn't there some rule about not seeing the bride before the wedding on her wedding day?" he whispers then and she chuckles softly as she looks away. His hand sliding over her cheek, he makes her look at him again. His eyes pleading, because it was a serious question. Needing to make sure she's certain about all this.

"Rules are meant to be broken," she whispers then and he smiles. Her words about so much more than what he just asked, but with them it's always about the deeper meaning of the things they say. He brings her head back towards him. His lips capturing hers in another short kiss, his left hand moving down her side. He pulls her on top of his lap.

She smiles through their kiss, noticing his need for her is just as much as she wants him right now. "Harv," she whispers pulling back, her lips tucking on his one last time. His eyes lock with hers again, both smiling as they catch their breath. "We should –" Her words being silenced by his mouth. "We'll. Be. On. A. Plane. During. Our. Wedding. Night," he mumbles in between kisses as she looks at him then. "It's only a three hour flight," she counters. He crooks his head almost letting out a sigh, she nods then pulling him back towards her. "Yeah, you're right," she whispers on his lips, straddling him. "We waited enough in our lives."


She brushes her hair, her eyes meeting his in the reflection of the mirror as he smiles at her. "Do you think they'll be mad at us for not telling them?" she whispers and he briefly raises his shoulders. Stepping behind her, he wraps his arms around her waist. Kissing the top of her head. "I don't care," he answers, "this is about us," he adds holding onto her a little tighter. "Besides we can always throw a big party for everyone, once we're back."

She looks up at him over her shoulder. "Sounds good," she whispers and he smiles kissing her cheek. "I got a call from the reception, we can come and sign our marriage license," he tells her and she frowns for a second, wondering how he managed to arrange that in this time frame. "I know a guy," he smirks, answering her unspoken question as he steps aside.

Reaching for his tie, she turns around taking it from his hand. The soft blue fabric slipping through her fingers she hangs it around his neck. Their gazes locking again as she fixes his tie, he just smiles at her. She lets her fingers slide over his chest until he holds her hands again. "Can't wait, Mrs. Specter," he whispers squeezing her hand.

"Me neither, Mr. Paulsen," she smirks and he laughs. "Do you want to keep your name?" he asks then and she looks down thinking for a second before she meets his eye again. "Hyphenate," she whispers, making him smile. "Donna Paulsen-Specter," he mumbles looking down. His thumb playing with her engagement ring on her hand. "Let's get married."

She smiles. Lifting herself on her toes she briefly kisses him on the lips. "See you in two hours," she whispers and he nods, reminding himself of the last few things he needs to take care off. "See you soon," he answers kissing the top of her head before he reaches for his jacket. Swinging it over his shoulder, she guides him to the door. Stealing one last kiss before she closes the door behind her, she walks back to her suitcase.

Going through her stack of clothes for the second time she curses herself for not bringing that one dress she'd been thinking about. But it had been at her place and she didn't want to waste any time with him that night for just a dress. She lets herself fall back on the bed then, for a second contemplating about getting married in just her bikini. She knows he would love it, but she shakes her head at her own thoughts. Turning around she reaches for her phone then. "Hey Rach," she starts when her friend answers her phone, "any change you brought a white-ish summer dress?"


Kicking a pebble he stares at his feet. Pacing over the wooden pier, his hands running over his legs. Tapping against the little box in his pocket with the two golden bands he just picked up, he looks up then. Taking in the ocean as he lets out a breath. It isn't exactly how he planned or imagined things to go, but with her it's always a surprise and after twelve years of doing things out of the ordinary, he could have known that this event would be just like that.

"Harvey." He hears his name then being pronounced by his friend. His head snapping to the left, he sees his former associate walking towards him. "I would have appreciated a little heads up," Mike comments with a laugh, "or you even asking me to be your best man, but you two need a witness anyway." Harvey's mouth still dropped he briefly shakes his head, wondering how the younger man even knew about them getting married.

"Rachel is with her," Mike comments as he pats Harvey's back. Answering his concern before the lawyer could even comment on it. "Congratulations," Mike states then, making Harvey let out a breath before he smiles. "Thanks Mike," he mumbles, both men turning around as they hear someone arguing down the pier. Harvey frowns then, seeing his mentor taking some papers from the wedding officiator's hand, before she marches in their direction.

"Goddamn it, Specter," Jessica hisses tapping his arm. "Asking some random guy to marry you two, when I'm licensed to do this," she signals the papers and the location around them. "You… You are?" Harvey stutters as he's still trying to grasp what's happening to their secret plan to elope. "Please," Jessica scoffs as she fixes her dress. "Got the license six months after you two joined the firm."

"You?" Harvey mutters, shaking his head. "And don't worry, Jeff knew a guy so it's all legal," she adds with a smile, Harvey lets out a breath again. "How did you even know?" the lawyer asks then looking from his mentor to his best man. "Well let's not forget Louis' meltdown yesterday after he saw the two of you," Jessica laughs rolling her eyes. "Donna asked Rachel if she could borrow a dress," Mike answers and Jessica nods.

"Not only did I hear that over the phone," the older woman continues. "I saw you running around in your suit through the lobby and Jeff spotted you going to the jewellery store." Harvey laughs, bringing his hand through his hair. "So much for keeping this a secret," he mumbles and Jessica shakes her head playfully slapping his arm. "You're terrible at secrets. Congratulations again," she whispers making him smile. "Thank you, Jessica."

"Mike," the three of them look around again, seeing the rest of the group settle down on the two benches along the sides of the pier, as they hear the young woman's voice call for the best man. Harvey smiles when Mike asks if he's ready, the younger man giving a thumbs up to his own fiancé as Harvey rolls his shoulders once. His gaze resting on the end of the pier.

Rachel smiles at Donna then, her hand covering that of her friend. Squeezing once as she whispers her best wishes. Donna nods, letting her know she's ready. "Ok," Rachel whispers as she lets out a breath herself, turning on her heels as she makes her way down the pier to the two men and Jessica.

He notices Mike smile from the corner of his eye, but he can't turn around and look or even say something to his associate as his eyes are glued on the redhead a couple of feet away from him. Swallowing once, Harvey brings his hand to cover his gaping mouth as he takes her in. His eyes tearing up a little, she smiles at him then. Biting his lip, he lets out breath he didn't know he was holding as he realizes once more how lucky he is to have her.

He breaks out in a smile then when she lifts up her dress a little, increasing her pace with every step she moves closer. His eyes locking with hers as he takes the last step towards her. His hands falling around her waist as he kisses her briefly on her lips, before he brings her in a hug.

Pulling back he lets his head rest against hers, her hand moving over his cheek as she wipes away a remainder of a tear. "Hi," she whispers as she looks back up to him. "Hey," he mouths back, completely in awe of her as he takes her hand in his. Stepping back to look at her again, he squeezes her hand once. Just a little signal, making sure it's all real and she grins then. "It's real," she whispers and he smiles nodding.

Both of them grinning as they look at Jessica then, who greets them both. Pointing out how from the second Harvey asked to bring Donna to the firm, she knew Donna was special to him. Words he confirmed that very moment and are still true today. How no matter what battle they face, they face it together. Growing stronger over the years. Even during the hardest times, putting the other ahead of themselves. How they created an inseparable bond, a language of their own. A team that knows each other inside out, better than they know themselves. How it's always been about him and her. Them.

Jessica's words making the impromptu ceremony more personal than they could have hoped for, but then again it had been twelve years in the making and the woman always had a front row seat to whatever was going on between them. Their vows are simple and sweet, their past already complicated enough. Both their words focussing on the future ahead of them. One that, just like their past, they will share together, but this time as husband and wife.

Jessica looks at both of them then, a smile growing on her face as she sees them looking at each other. Their hands still holding entangled, the sun light reflecting in the small golden bands on both their hands. "I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride." Jessica's words barely pronounced, Harvey pulls Donna closer. His right hand cupping her cheek as he kisses her.

"Mr. and Mrs. Specter."

5 Years Later

He brings the towel to his head, drying his hair he looks into the mirror. He looks older, not a lot, not as much as would have thought. He thinks it might be the constant state of bliss he's been in. The happiness first she and later they brought to him. His gaze drops to the cup on the sink, the image similar to that trip he took with Donna and the rest of the firm years ago. The one that changed it all, not in sense of them getting together, but one that formed the future. This time however it aren't just their toothbrushes. His gaze falling on a small pink toothbrush.

He walks back to their bedroom section of the suite. His lips curling up, he watches the two redheads in their bed. His redheads. The four-year-old Amanda lying on his spot, her little arms raised in the air she's playing with her stuffed dog. He steps closer then, the little girl's eyes widening when she sees her father. He brings his finger to his lips, pointing at her mother. "Why don't we let mommy sleep," he whispers, kissing the top of Amanda's head.

Lifting the little girl in his arm, he watches his wife smile. Her eyes still closed, but he knows she heard them. He smiles at their daughter then, carrying her back to her own room. "How about you and me go to the swimming pool?" he asks seeing her face lit up, he places her down on the ground. "I'll take that as a yes," he mumbles, placing 'Mikey' the stuffed animal back on her bed he grins at how the little girl called decided to call her toy after her uncle.

He watches her run back, a swimsuit in tow. "This one," Amanda announces, holding up the Little Mermaid bathing suit. It's the only one she wants to wear after having seen movie. It also resulting in her asking if Donna and he met like Ariel and Eric, he changed her bedtime stories into telling about how prince Reginald met princess Roberta at a party. How the prince had been in love with the princess from the moment they met. A spell from an evil witch making them unable to touch for a very long time, causing the prince to shut himself of from the world and how the princess was the only one able to break the spell by always believing in him.

"Let's get you changed," he answers. Brushing her hear, braiding it to his best ability, he lets her go then. Collecting both their stuff, he fills the flowery bag his wife and daughter picked out. Her hand reaching for his she guides him back towards his own room, it is a little gesture but it melts his heart every single time she does so.

"Give your mom a kiss," he mumbles. The girl crawls back on the bed as he walks over to her side of the bed. Doing what he told the little girl himself. He kisses the top of her head. "We're going to the pool," he whispers. "I know," Donna whispers back, turning on her bed. "I'll meet you two there soon," she answers and he smiles kissing her on her lips.

"Eeeew," Amanda giggles. She jumps of the bed, pulling on her father's hand, making Donna laugh. "Ooh so you think Prince Eric and Ariel don't kiss," he teases the four-year-old as he lifts her up. Kissing her cheek, she giggles when he walks the two of them to the door. "See you soon," Donna whispers making him look back at her with a smile, mouthing an 'I love you' in her direction.


She drops her bag on the pool chair next to theirs. Sitting herself down, she turns to look at the waterside. A smile growing on her lips as she sees them then. Harvey and their little girl playing around with the water cannons. She's not entirely sure if she got pregnant on this very island or if it happened in one of the days that followed at his place when she officially moved over her stuff, but she does know the four year old is the perfect illustration of their love for one another.

He feels her gaze burning his skin then. Lifting his head, his eyes locking with hers in an instant. "Look," he whispers at their daughter. "There's mommy," he points at the redhead on the edge of the pool. Amanda waves enthusiastically before she runs over, her father following her every step of the way. Scooping her up, he steps out of the pool.

Kissing Donna on the top of her head he sits himself down on the bed next to hers, the little girl on his lap. He reaches for his towel, hanging it over Amanda's shoulders. His hands running over the arms of the girl, he looks up at Donna again. The same small smirk on her lips as all those years ago, when she saw him with that towel. Now knowing how his father bought it for him the last time they'd gone to the beach as a family.

"Happy anniversary, honey," he speaks then and she smiles, whispering the same. "Mom," Amanda mumbles, breaking her parent's little moment Donna looks at their daughter. "Will you go with me from the big slides? Dad said you're supposed to race against someone," she asks then and Donna looks over her shoulder, remembering how Harvey and the other guys went off them years ago. "Those," Donna mumbles, looking back at them. "Us against your dad?" she adds and Amanda nods. "He always lets me win, it's not fair," she adds with a pout.

"Four against one isn't fair either," Harvey whispers. His eyes locking with Donna's who smiles at him in return. His hand covering hers, she squeezes his hand briefly, because yes all they ever dreamt of and more is real. Lifting herself up, her hands resting on the girls shoulders they walk to the side. "Come, we'll go and win from you dad. Shouldn't be that hard," she adds, looking over her shoulder as she pauses. He smirks as she winks at him, extending her arm in anticipation of his hand. Both their eyes widening when Amanda skips off, counters with a "that's what she said."

Her mouth drops and he's speechless for a second, watching their four year old running around, completely unaware of what she just said. Donna looks back at him again then. A giggle escaping her lips, because it could have been something worse that escaped their daughter's lips. He smiles brightly in return, his hand slipping over her still flat stomach. "Guess we'll have to try.." he pauses his sentence already seeing she raises her eyebrow. The same pout falling forming on her lips, as he doesn't finish his sentence yet again.

"You never let me say it."

The End