Sherlock's POV

Sherlock huffed as he fixed his coat's collar. It smelt of rain. The detective hated the rain; it dulled his abnormally keen senses and washed away key evidence. Sherlock started to walk a little quicker.

He had decided that he should walk home from this case. It cleared his head and he hadn't wanted to listen to Watson's complaining about how Sherlock was showing off again the whole cab ride.

This case was going to be tricky, but it was nothing the great Sherlock Homes couldn't handle.

He was going over the case in his head once again. A woman had been crushed by a rectangular object with a square bottom approximately 43 inches with a height of 91 inches from the markings on her body. The tricky part was the object was no longer there.

"Gahhhh!" the detective exclaimed, getting a few weird looks from people passing by. Then he saw it.

Across the road there was a red telephone booth. 'An object that's rectangular with a square bottom.'

Sherlock ran to the other side of the road, narrowly missing being hit by a bicycle. The detective quickly got measuring tape from his coat pocket and measured the bottom of the telephone booth. He became overwhelmingly disappointed. The booth was 32 inches with a height of 80 inches, too small to be the object that had crushed the woman.

"Think Sherlock think," he muttered in a frantic tone. 'It couldn't have been a regular telephone booth that had crushed her.'

Then it hit him. There was another type of telephone booth out there.

It was called a police box.