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Rose's pov

How do I get myself into these situations I thought to myself.

I mean yes, I do travel though time and space with a 900 plus year old man and I've even seen the world end but that's beside the point. This was a first, never in all of time and space, have I actually had a hand in murder.

It all started when the doctor wanted to try out a new and improved homing device. That's where it all went wrong.

Flash back:

"Rose can you hand me that 655 degrees mungigal tool!" the doctor said from underneath the control panel. "The what?" I replied. "Uggg the one that looks like a fantasy toaster." He added. "Oh yeah I knew that." I said sarcastically. "Sure you did." He replied. He hoped out from underneath the control panel and said, "There it should be finished!" It didn't look any different. "What's finished?" I questioned. "Why my dear Rose, it's my new and improved homing device!" He replied. "Which means?" I asked. "Which means it should take us to the exact destination I put in. No more landing in random spots at random times. So who wants to get some pizza in ancient Italy?" He ask. "Sounds good to me." I stated.

End of flash back.

And now we're back to the present: running for our lives.