Everything is dark. Suddenly, at the end of the tunnel, a faint light. I'm almost there, it would be so easy to abandon everything, so easy to forget Bill, so easy to make this throbbing pain in my belly cease, so easy... but there's Oliver. I can't abandon Oliver; I have to fight for him: I love him too much to not free him. I want to be able to offer him the family that I lacked.

I see the light drawing away to wholly disappear; death gives way to pain, more penatrating and unbearable than ever; void gives way possibility, that to save Oliver. My eyelids are heavy, but I nonetheless manage to lift the thick veil covering my eyes. Faces hover over me: I recognize among them, those of Mrs Maylie and Mr Brownlow. They seem worried. Oliver is not with them.

I look at them and, gathering my last bits of strength, I mouth: "I'm sorry..." I feel life leaving my body. I close my eyes again. I don't feel anything anymore. I leave./span/p