A Girl Walked into a Bar

Sookie applied for a job at Fangtasia in the hopes that her telepathy could help her get into the supernatural world. It's what she's always wanted. Not everyone is on her side. She wants to be more than a barmaid. She wants something more, something exciting. She never thought that her new boss or job would give her the adventure that she wanted.


You're Needed

Here is the story that I've started on. There are only five chapters for now. I had been working on 'Killer' but I'm at a standstill. As I said in the A/N of Yours, I will try posting a chapter a week of this story so that I can at least get a chapter written until the story is done. I'll work on it on the weekends. Let me know what you think and I'll keep the story going. If the reception isn't good, I'll revamp and give it another try. Thank you all for reading my stories and giving me your time. I appreciate each of you dearly.

My night started just as it normally does; beers, fried pickles, and chili cheese fries. I was working my regular night shift at Merlotte's and it was busy. My usual customers were here for dinner and most of them must have had a great day because my tips were the best that they've been in a very long time. I hated that this was going to be last week working for Sam but I needed bigger and better things. I want bigger and better things and couldn't get those things working at Merlotte's. And I was more than willing to wait until next week for the bigger and better things to happen but my vampire associates had different ideas.

"You want your usual?" I asked Catfish Hennessey.

Catfish smiled at me. "You know that I do. I don't have to tell you what it is." A gleam then appeared in his eyes and I knew what was coming. He closed his eyes and said, "I want to add something extra; something that I've never had with my usual. Let's see if you can guess what it is that I want and it's not sour cream this time but be sure to add it. It's something different than sour cream. Alright, Sook," he exclaimed. He squeezed his eyes closed really tight and said, "Give it a go."

I laughed as I walked away and scribbled his order on my pad. "You don't have to close your eyes, Catfish. I can see it with your eyes open. How many times do I have to tell you that?"

Catfish laughed. That girl is awesome.

The thought made me smile. "I am quite an original aren't I, Catfish?"

"You sure as hell are," he yelled after me as I walked to the kitchen.

"Lafayette," I called out. "Catfish wants a big ol' bowl of your famous chili with cheese and a dollop of sour cream; extra spicy too. Oh, and instead of saltines, he'd rather try Ritz crackers this time." I placed the order in the ticket trolley.

Lafayette laughed as he twirled the ticket trolley around in his direction. "Did he send it to you with his mind again?"

I nodded and said yes. "He's always trying to see if I can really read his mind and I'm always reading his mind. Even though he tries, he can't hide anything from me no matter how hard he tries. He can barely hold his breath."

Leaning in through the window Lafayette said, "Maybe you ought to mess with him next time. Give him the wrong order and when he tells you that's not what he wanted, tell him that you saw it deep in his mind. You'll fuck his entire week up."

Though it was mean, I couldn't help but laugh. "I will not do that. That's just plain mean, Lafayette Reynolds."

Lafayette shrugged his shoulders and said, "I would get a kick out of it, though."

Before walking away, I shook my head at him and said, "I know that you would."

Just as I walked away from the kitchen, I walked smack dab into Pam. I stumbled when I bumped into her. She didn't budge. "Excuse you," I said.

"I don't understand that comment," she replied. "I have no reason to make excuses."

Rolling my eyes, I said, "Forget it, Pam. What are you doing here?"

"You're needed," she said. "You are to start working tonight. You must come with me."

I laughed at her in her face. "I'm not going anywhere with you," I said. "I told Eric that I would come tonight to read over the contract but only after my shift and as you can see, my shift is not over. You can't just come in here and tell me that I'm needed and expect me to drop what I'm doing." I stepped around her and said, "Make sure that you tell your highhanded, a-hole of a boss that when you get back to the bar."

The corner of her mouth twitched. "I will tell him that and when I do, I'm going to make sure that you're standing right next to me." She followed me as I took a pitcher of beer from the bar and walked out to the gaming area.

"I'm not going, Pam," I warned. "I told him when I would be able to start. And if you must know, I'm training the new girl. I can't leave Sam hanging. Arlene didn't come in tonight and Holly had to leave early. There are only three other waitresses here and two of them are new. Here ya go, Hoyt." I placed his pitcher of beer on the corner of the pool table.

"Thanks, Sook," Hoyt Fortenberry said.

I slapped the edge of the pool table and said, "Anytime."

And once again when I turned around, there was Pam … in my face … waiting. "I've brought two of our Fangtasia waitresses with me tonight. They will work here until the others are cleared to work alone. I've already talked to Sam and he said that it's okay for you to come with me. Now go and get your things so that we can go."

I looked to the bar and there was Sam. He was talking to the fill-ins as he gave me the thumbs up to go with Pam. I looked at her and sighed. She's just as highhanded her boss.

"You have to come," she said. "We've had to … make some changes tonight and we need you. Eric needs you."

"No," I said as I stepped around her.

Her pink purse was hanging from the crook of her elbow. "I'll get Eric to double your pay for the night."

"I said no, Pam and I mean it. So don't ask me again," I warned her as I spun around and looked at her.

Pam's smirk was soon a full on grin. "You're feisty," she said. "I like that in my women and so does my master."

"I am not your woman," I exclaimed. And a little too loudly because some of the patrons stared at me over their beer glasses. "Pam, you've got to go, so go."

There's no need to tell you this but she ignored me. "I don't know what you've done to Eric with only the first visit but you have him mesmerized." She began to walk in my direction. "Come with me tonight. He needs you and he wants to see you."

I shook my head as I grinned and looked down at the ground. "You just don't give up, do you?"

Pam shrugged her shoulder and said, "Not when it comes to something that my master wants and what he wants is for you to work in the bar tonight. I'm not leaving, Sookie. I will be here to pester you until you decide to come with me. And if I have to, I'll wait forever; which unfortunately for you, is longer than your lifetime allows."

"Pam," I protested.

Pointing, she asked, "This is your section?"

"Pam, don't," I begged.

She began to walk to one of the tables and said, "I'll be waiting."

"Sook," Lafayette yelled. "Your chili is ready."

"Thanks, Lafayette," I called back to him. "I'll be right there." Turning back to Pam, I said, "Give me a few minutes. I have to let Sam know that I appreciate that he's letting me cut out early."

Dropping fang on me, Pam asked, "What changed your mind? Was it my sterling personality or the way that my smile reaches my eyes?"

"A little bit of both," I answered. Sighing, I said, "Give me a few minutes to get my last order out and check on my tables. And after that, you have to follow me home."

Fanging and grinning, she said, "I'll meet you at your car."

"Fine," I replied. "I have to go home and change first. It won't look too good if I go to work at Fangtasia wearing a Merlotte's uniform."

Pam silently agreed as she watched me walk away with a bowl of chili in my hand.

After giving Catfish his chili with the Ritz crackers and thanking Sam for letting me leave earlier than planned, I began to wonder if I'd done the right thing. I'll bet dollars to donuts that you're probably wondering what I'm second guessing. It's not that long of a story because nothing has really happened yet; not that I expect it to. Regardless of the blandness of it, I'll get you all caught up while I get ready for my new job.