Meeting Amelia

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I won't do it again.

What does she mean?

I stared at the woman that was sitting next Jake. They were holding hands and that did nothing to calm her nerves. She looked nervous, and she was definitely letting me know it. She was one loud and clear broadcaster. I could sense and feel every single emotion that was flowing through her. I have seen the first time she smoked weed and the first time she stole her dad's car to go cruising with her friends. They made it as far as the neighbor's pool. I could see the time she'd stolen her mom's ID to get supplies from a coven in New Orleans. I could also see that she was caught, and her mom wasn't happy about it. I could feel everything a person could feel from Miss. Amelia Broadway. Fear. Anger. Regret. Sadness. It was almost like I was living her life. That's never happened to me before tonight. And I didn't like it. I didn't like it all. I did all I could to try and block her, but nothing was working, not even Eric's hand. I was kinda hoping that he could take some of the pressure off me. It didn't help, but it was great to have him with me.

Closing my eyes before speaking to her, I said, "Amelia, I know that you're afraid but don't be. We're not here to hurt you or scare you. It's okay. We are going to work together. You will be a part of that plan, regardless of what we decide to do. Eric and I are here to help. You don't have to be afraid. I do have a huge favor to ask, though." I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply before speaking. "I can feel everything you're feeling, and it's too much for me. You're overwhelming me with your feelings. Please, calm down. Clear your mind for me." A forced smile appeared on my face. "Please," I begged.

Her eyes widened. "Your telepathy," she exclaimed. "I'm so sorry. I'll try. I swear. I didn't know that you were an empath too."

I didn't either.

And she did try. I hoped that she knew that we only wanted to help. She closed her eyes and began to mumble something that I couldn't quite understand. And just like that, her emotions began to dissipate. Her eyes still held a bit of fear, and I didn't understand why. And then it hit me. I sighed and before I looked at him, I knew. I glanced at my big, bad, handsome vampire and there it was. The reason Amelia was unloading on me. It was Eric. He was staring ice daggers at her. He was ready to defend me and kill everyone in the room, Jake and Amelia, I mean. He didn't trust any of what was happening.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. He's why she was thinking of every bad thing she's ever done. No wonder she said she'll never do it again. And I don't blame her. If my grandpa, or my dad even, had ever looked at me like that, I would never do anything that I thought would get me in trouble either.

I stared at him for a minute, hoping that he'd look at me. No such luck. He hadn't really looked at me since entering the room. His eyes were trained on Amelia, and Jake's eyes were trained on him. I don't have to be a mind reader to know that Eric doesn't trust her one bit. He doesn't believe that she's not an active and willing participate to what Appius and Octavia have planned. He didn't try to hide it either.


Last night when I told him about the visit from Amelia, he stood stock still in the middle of the living room and didn't say a word for what felt like hours when it was only like five minutes. His face was devoid of any emotion. His eyes were even colder. I can only imagine the fear his enemies felt when they looked into those cold, yet handsome, and deadly eyes. "I know that you don't want anyone coming here when you're sleeping. I think I have an idea. You can let me know if you agree with it. I can meet her somewhere. Maybe at a café. I can ask Claudine to come with me. She's more than willing to keep me safe. She has already shown that she's willing to help me learn about my faery side. I know that she will …"

"No," he answered quickly. "No. You will not meet her anywhere." He finally looked at me as he shook his head. "No. She'll come here … at first dark. If you meet with that … human … that witch … I will be with you. You will not meet with her alone. It could all be a ploy. They know that you're a telepath. They know that you're mine and will do anything to get to us. She could be in on it. Glamor could make her do things she doesn't want to do."

I shook my head no before responding. "I don't believe that. I would see the holes in her mind if she'd been glamored." I looked up at him and reiterated my point. "I don't get that from her. I don't trust the witch, Octavia. I could hear in Amelia's head that she's dangerous, and she hates vampires." I shook my head no at the idea of having the meeting in his home. "What if Octavia is having her followed? We can't have her coming here. We need to meet somewhere else. You're vulnerable during the day."

Eric leaned in and kissed my nose. "Do you trust me, Sookie?"

"You know I do."

"Then trust me."

Without another word he whipped out his phone and called Jake. "I have a plan," he said as he sat next to me.


After spending two hours on the phone with Jake, we came up with a plan. We're here in Eric's living room, aren't we?

Staring at Amelia, Eric said, "If you are lying to us, and you're setting us up, I will fucking drain you of every drop of blood that flows through your possibly treacherous body. I will listen to your screams as they fill the emptiness of my dungeon until I can't stand the sounds any longer. I will torture you to your last breath. I will not allow you to betray us. Do you hear me?"

Amelia nodded.

Jake growled. "Fuck you, vampire. You'll have to come through me first."

Eric leaned forward and said, "Not a problem, you fucking werewolf. You can be first."

How is calling him a werewolf an insult? That's what he is!

Both the vampire and werewolf were standing up and standing toe-to-toe (the poor coffee table never stood a chance. Kindling. Nothing but kindling.). Glaring and growling at each other. Ready to go at it. Ready to rip each other apart. And no one was impressed. And the coffee table was really nice.

Amelia looked at me sighed. The sight of our two alpha males acting silly helped calm her down. "Really," she said.

I looked at them both and said, "If you two are done measuring the sizes of each others you know whats, can we get this done? We have work to do. We are supposed to be working together to get Pam back and end Appius's undead life. We can't do that arguing with each over shit that we all know isn't going to happen. We don't have time for this macho male bullshit. Now, sit down. The both of you."

I saw the corner of Eric's mouth twitch. "What language from such a prim and proper young lady."

After the things Eric has done to me in our bed, I don't think prim and proper are the right words to describe me anymore, but he was right. I couldn't believe I said it either. I don't swear. I don't use that kind of language. Never have, really. An occasional damn here. A few hells sprinkled in the atmosphere every once in a while. I've never said any more than that. Gran would have kicked my butt if she'd heard me use such language but what choice did I have? I had to get their attention. "Sorry," I said.

He sat down next me and took my hand. "You have no reason to be." He finally looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. "It was funny."

I bumped him with my shoulder and blushed. "It's always makes me feel so good when I make you proud."

He winked at me before returning his attention back to our guests. The humor was suddenly gone. The deadly vampire had returned. "Listen to what I am saying. Both of you. If there's anything that either of you do that causes Sookie to be hurt in anyway, I will kill you. Both of you."

Amelia, who's fear seemed to completely dissipate into nothing, was smiling. I could see the joy in her eyes as she watched the banter between me and Eric. Her body relaxed, and the loud broadcasting stopped. Her fears were suddenly gone. She nodded at Eric and smiled. "I got it."

Jake didn't. He didn't seem to care about what Eric said at all. He returned to his earlier seat at Amelia's side and held her hand. He returned Eric's stare. "I have taken a vow to keep Sookie safe at all costs, and I will but don't think for a fucking second, not for one motherfucking second, that I'm going to sit here and let you threaten my woman." He leaned forward. "Just as you love Sookie, I love Amelia. So, if I have to, I will die keeping her safe. She is mine."

Eric didn't say a word, but I could feel his confusion and that didn't make sense to me. He was confused. Why? I know that he loves me. He said it last night. I don't get what the big whoop is. Maybe he doesn't want the witch and the wolf to know. It's okay. I get it. I leaned over and kissed his cheek. I whispered in his ear, "It's okay. I love you too. Nobody has to know that you love me just as long as I know." I kissed his cheek one last time before focusing on our guests.

He was even more confused than he previously was. At least he nodded and said, "Okay." I saw the gleam in his eyes as he looked at me.

I looked from Eric to Jake, smiling. They weren't smiling at each other, and we were back at square one. We don't have time for this. I focused on the witch. She seemed to be the only one that was concerned with devising a plan and working together. "Amelia, why did he take over your coven? What's so special about your coven that Appius wants to take it over?"

Smiling with pride, Amelia said, "We're the most powerful coven in the great state of Louisiana. I have been witching for quite some time now … since I was thirteen. My mom taught me. She's a witch and a very good witch at that. She has her own coven in California. She moved out there after she left my dad. After graduating from LSU, I was supposed to move out there." She looked kind of sad. "Things happened, and I decided to stay here. Anyway, I'm supposed to join her coven after I've been certified and cleared through Octavia." She shook her head. "I should've moved to California with my mom to join her coven before going to college, but I'd already joined Octavia's. I joined with a friend. She dropped out, and I'm stuck. Stupid move. I know. And with all that's going on, I'm not sure that she's going to certify me and let me go anywhere."

I disagreed with her. "No. You didn't know what she is. You can't blame yourself for that and don't fret. You'll get to leave that coven. I promise. Why do you have to stay in her coven anyway … especially if she's a horrible teacher and person? I wouldn't think that they'd force you to stay somewhere you don't want to be."

She shrugged her shoulders. "It is what it is, you know? It doesn't look good if you change covens when you've already been accepted into one." She made an 'I smell something really bad' face. "No coven will have you. They don't trust you, and it's hard to get anyone to work with you after something like that."

"What made her decide to work with Appius?" I asked. "Does he have something on her? Is he forcing her to work with him?"

Amelia shook her head no. "Octavia didn't give any of us a choice. He's been giving her his blood. She knows the power of vampire blood and will do anything to get it. She's an evil bitch of a witch."

Jake laughed. "Bitch of a witch. That will never not be funny."

"Is Pam safe?" Eric asked. His voice was devoid of any emotion.

Amelia shook her head no. "I don't know. We don't know where she is. I'm sorry that I don't have any information for you."

Eric said nothing.

I nodded and stood. "Come on," I said to Amelia. "Let's get something to eat." I led her to kitchen. I removed the roast beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayo from the fridge. I took the bread from the bread box. Amelia and I washed our hands before making our meal. "Water or tea?" I asked.

"Water," she said.

I pointed to the fridge. "We have one of those water filter pitchers. I filled it up earlier. Should be good and cold. You get your water. I want tea. I'll get the plates and glasses. Do you want ice?"

"No, but I'll get the ice out for you. Do you have any mustard?" Amelia asked.

"The door."

She hummed as she retrieved the items. "Any chips?"

"Pantry on the left." I then said, "There's also potato salad if you want some. It's store bought, but it's not too bad."

Amelia shrugged. "I like potato salad. Homemade is always better though."

"Yeah," I agreed.

"What you are you doing?" Jake asked.

I frowned and looked down at the soon to be meal that was laid out on the table. I looked at Jake and answered, "We're about to eat dinner. What does it look like? Do you want anything?" I didn't ask Eric. He'd had his meal and … other things before our guests arrived. But if he wanted more, he would have to wait for them to leave. The things that vampire does to me. I could feel the tingles as they flowed through my body. The snick of his fangs didn't help matters.

Jake answered no. "I'm not hungry. I had something earlier."

I could clearly see what he had earlier. Whipped cream and chocolate. He'd eaten it off Amelia's body. And yes. I could see it all. Thankfully, Eric's voice interrupted their thoughts.

"We have to figure this out," he stated. "You and Amelia can't do be so lackadaisical about this situation. They know where you live. They know …"

"It's okay," I assured him. "We're not going to do anything without your approval. We're not going to put ourselves in danger, but we are going to figure something out while we eat. Now, you and Jake go on outside and make sure they're not watching the house." I tapped the side of my head. "I hear some minds out there, and they are human." I gripped Eric's hand. "Go out the backway. They won't see you guys coming."

"Jake," Eric ordered.

I patted his firm butt and said, "Be safe."

Eric glanced at me over his shoulder. "I've never had a woman pat my butt before tonight." After a brief pause, he said, "I think I like it."

I laughed loud as I watched him glide from the room.

After making our sandwiches, chips, and drinks, Amelia and I ate our meal as we brainstormed and came up with an awesome and doable plan. We don't know where the guys were, but we weren't really too concerned. We were brainstorming and working it out. "Do you think that we can do it?" Amelia asked. "It'll just be us. We mostly meet during the day, but we have been meeting at night at least three times a week to pacify that vampire."

"I'm most certain we can," I assured her. "I'll call a relative of mine to see if she's willing to help us out. If it goes well, I can easily infiltrate the coven. The only problem is talking Eric into letting me do it."

"You could lie to him by omission," Amelia suggested. "We don't have to tell them everything we do, especially if it can get them in trouble or something." She had a look of concern on her face. "That vampire is a scary dude, Sookie, and he hates your vampire. Maybe keeping Eric as far away as possible is what we should do. You do love him, right?"

I nodded. "I do. I love him, and I don't want anything to happen to him, but I'm not going to lie to Eric. I refuse to do that. I'm just going to tell him the truth. As far as I know, he's never lied to me. I feel that he deserves the same courtesy. Don't you?" As an afterthought, I asked, "Would you lie to Jake?"

Amelia sighed and admitted that she wouldn't. She rested her arms on the table and clasped her hands. "I'm sorry for suggesting that you lie to him. I just know that he's not going to go along with this plan, Sookie. What are you going to say to him?" she whispered.

I stood up from the table and began clearing it. "I'm just going to tell him the truth." I put the dishes in the sink and rested my backside against it. "I'm just going to say, 'Eric, I'm going to have Claudine help me infiltrate the coven and there's absolutely nothing that you can do about it. We have absolutely no choice. You're just going to have to deal with it. You and Jake can be the lookouts to insure our safety, but we're doing it. Now deal with it'." I gave a firm head nod to put emphasis on how serious I was.

Amelia's eyes widened, and her mouth fell open as she stood from the table to begin putting the food away. "You're going to say that to Eric?"

I grabbed the dishcloth and began to wipe down the table. "I am. And you know what he's going to say?"

"What will he say?" Amelia didn't try to hide the amusement in her voice. She returned to her seat and stared into my eyes. "And for the record, I don't believe you for one second. You're not going to say that to Eric Northman."

"You bet your sweet ass I am. He's going to say okay because he's going to go along with it." I returned to my seat and took a sip of my tea. "He's going to be so proud of our plan that he's going to hate that he didn't think of it himself." I nodded. "Eric will be so proud that we came up with this awesome plan. Infiltrating your coven will be the easiest way for us to get close to Pam. He has to be okay with it, right?"

Amelia shook her head no. "I don't think so, Sookie."

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

She pointed at the doorway behind me.

I slowly turned around to see Eric standing behind me, and he didn't look happy.

"Because she's right," he said from behind me. "You will do no such thing, Sookie Stackhouse. There's no way I'm going to allow you to put yourself in danger like that. If you thought that I'd go along with that plan, you've got another thing coming."

Amelia looked at me, smiling. "He didn't say any of what you thought he would."