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She smelled blood.

"Bonnie? Bonnie, I need you to listen to me." Caroline said trying to keep her voice as soothing as possible. It was hard to mask this kind of fury. "I know you might not understand what's happening right now and trust me I get it. But I need you to listen to me very carefully."

Bonnie shook her head staring blankly in front of her. "I don't understand what's happening to me right now. Why would he—"

"Because he's a selfish asshole whose only purpose is to make his life easier on the backs and pain of everyone else." Caroline gritted out "But that doesn't matter, he does not matter. You matter which is why I need you to open the door so I can help you."

"He killed me." Bonnie whispered "He actually killed me."

Caroline walked slowly to the bathroom door and opened it. She squinted at the darkness before flipping the light switch on and gasped.

Blood was everywhere.

Three months later

After getting caught in the tail end of the storm Bonnie ran a towel through her damp hair before tossing it on the chair of her dining room table. She unbutton her shirt and in the corner of her eye she caught the presence of someone lingering in the doorway. She tensed.

"I knocked but didn't get an answer so I just used your key under that hideous gnome Matt bought you for Christmas." Elena smiled still standing in the entry of the dining room "I really don't know what else to say to you that will make things better. I mean... I know nothing will make this situation better because you didn't want this, you didn't ask for this. None of us did."

Earning nothing but silence she took that as the opportunity to step into the dimly lit room "Kai, put us all in an impossible situation. We would have lost either way."

From what Elena was told It's been almost a five years since Kai told Damon he linked her life to Bonnie's after killing Jo and placing her into a coma, but it had only been three months since the link that tied her life to Bonnie's had been broken.

Bonnie merely looked out of the window at her garden. She made a mental note to call the gardener, she had to do something about those weeds that were growing with her tulips.

"I know you aren't ready to talk to me or anyone else for that matter. But I've been where you are and I know exactly how you feel so if you want to talk—"

"You know how I feel?" Bonnie nodded still staring out of the window. "You know how it feels to have someone you thought cared about you slip you blood with the intention of killing you?"

Elena placed a strand of hair behind her ear "Yes, well sort of. Damon tried to force feed me blood before the sacrifice. He said it was his way of protecting me."

Bonnie snorted "Is that supposed to be romantic? Lucky you, Damon forces blood down your throat because it's his morbid way of saying he will do anything to keep you alive even if the rest of us have to suffer."

As one can imagine Elena was advised against going to see Bonnie. But she insisted on it, claiming she wanted to make sure everything was ok between them. Bonnie was still her best friend after all. But now seeing how this conversation was turning out maybe she should have heed Caroline's warning.

"I know you don't agree with what Damon did and at first neither did I—"

Bonnie turned slightly to look over shoulder "At first? What are you saying you agree with what he did to me?"

Neither girl heard Bonnie's front door open and close.

"I can't lose you and this was the only way I could still have you in my life. It made sense." Elena whispered brown eyes shining with unshed tears.

Bonnie tried. She took several calming breaths, ran several monologues in her head reminding herself that despite everything Elena was still her friend and has been since they were kids. But the anger and hurt was all too much. Three months of dealing with the fact that the man she thought loved her and her best friend betrayed her by turning her into the one thing she never wanted to be and she lost it.

Everything happened so fast and before Elena knew it her back was being slammed hard against the opposite wall a small hand wrapped around her neck with Bonnie Bennett in her face, fangs bared.

"Bon-nie." she choked out.

"You? Everything has to be about you. My mother was turned into a vampire in order to save your life, but that wasn't good enough. Every sacrifice that I made wasn't enough that for once someone would consider my life before yours, but instead they show their fucking love and appreciation by killing me."

At this point Bonnie continued to squeeze ignoring the pretty shade of purple Elena's face was turning. "The man who I thought loved me and would never hurt me did just that when he allowed Damon to snap my neck like I was nothing to them." she seethed.

"Bonnie're hurting me." Elena cried

"Am I? I highly doubt the pain you're feeling right now doesn't even come close to what I felt for the last nine years of being your friend."

Elena's eyes widen after hearing that.

A gush of wind separated the girls and by the time Bonnie turned her glaring eyes from a wheezing Elena. Caroline, Stefan, Enzo and Damon were now in the living room with them.

Caroline who tried to stall the boys from entering the house plopped down on the couch hard. She knew Bonnie wouldn't kill Elena, but parts of Caroline felt that after everything Bonnie has been through in the name of Elena, she owed her this moment.

"No need to worry, Stefan, Elena's fine." Caroline sassed.

Stefan sighed.

After Damon came up with the plan to bring Elena back and ran it by Stefan, Stefan was absolutely against it. He too felt as if they owed Bonnie more than to subject her to a life she didn't want. But when Damon checked off all the pros including Caroline having her best friend with her for eternity, he couldn't say no... Caroline just lost her mother not too long ago she didn't deserve to lose Bonnie too.

However, that was the last thing Caroline wanted and by the time Stefan told her what was happening Damon had already snapped Bonnie's neck while Enzo looked on.

Caroline had been furious and before Stefan knew it he and Caroline were over. That was almost a three months ago and even now Stefan still didn't think Caroline would ever forgive him.

"You were going to let Bonnie kill Elena?" Stefan asked looking at Caroline.

"She wasn't going to kill her, Bonnie would never do that to someone she claimed to love." She said glaring pointedly at Damon who rolled his eyes and Enzo who flinched "Besides I warned Elena not to come here."

Elena took Damon's outstretched hand and stood to her feet "I needed to see how she was doing."

Caroline shook her head examining her nails, she needed manicure "Well, I guess you got your answer."

Damon dragged his eyes over Bonnie ignoring all the chatter in the room and the uncontrollable rage he saw coming from Bonnie. Her hair grew to the middle of her back since the last time he saw her, her eyes which were back to it's human like form looked a shade darker than they were and her skin looked pale and not its usual caramel hue.

"Have you been feeding?"

Three months and she still couldn't bring herself to look at Damon or Enzo for that matter. "Get out of my house." she whispered.

"You didn't answer my question."

"Damon." Stefan warned

Naturally Damon ignored him "How do you expect to survive if you don't feed properly?"

"Damon please." This was Elena

"The next person to say my name will get their neck snapped." Damon said his baby blues still on Bonnie "You hate me, fine. But you're a vampire now. This is who you are and in order for you to stay that way you need to eat," he took a blood bag out of the pocket of his leather jacket and tossed to her "Now eat."

Again Caroline shook her head, she was going to enjoy Bonnie ripping Damon's head off his shoulders.

Enzo resisted the urge to take that blood bag Damon tossed to Bonnie and shove it down his throat but unfortunately Damon was right "Love, I hate to say it, but he's right. You're not looking too well, you need to feed."

"I asked you to leave. Why are you still here?"

"Bonnie we only want to help." Stefan added his two cents.

Caroline snorted "Killing her to bring Elena back was your way of helping. I don't think she needs your definition of help right now."

Damon gritted his teeth "Leave Caroline, Now."

"And leave her with the four of you? I think not."

Elena looked offended "I would never hurt Bonnie, Caroline, you know that."

Caroline nodded and sighed "Yes, I know. But all of this happened in your name. Even if it reads differently on paper."

Enzo was tired of this. He took the opportunity to stand in front of Bonnie "You're angry with me and I get that, but you need to understand that this is the only way we all could have what we wanted."

Bonnie laughed bitterly "We? There is no we, there is no us, there is nothing — not anymore. You made sure of that."

Enzo swallowed "I made sure we could be together for the rest of our lives. It may not have been ideal in terms of the way that I did it, but—"

"You didn't do anything." Bonnie yelled "You stood there like a coward and watched as Damon snapped my neck like I was—" hand raised she was done talking "I said leave and take everyone with you."

Bonnie tossing the blood bag on the table was the tick in Damon's jaw.

Enzo knew Bonnie would be angry with him, pissed even. But he thought with time she would appreciate the effort he put in in order to save her, for them. He loved her.

Caroline shook her head "Not me, I'm staying. But I think the rest of you have done more than enough to last a lifetime, literally. So you all can get out."

Enzo wanted to say more to Bonnie, but he didn't want to push his luck. She needed more time to deal with everything and when she was ready he would be there for her, so he left.

"I'm sorry Bonnie, you will never know how much." Elena said and after getting nothing more than Bonnie's back and silence she left.

Damon merely glared at Bonnie's turned back as everyone reluctantly did what Caroline instructed. He used his speed to stand behind Bonnie and wrapped an arm around her waist pulling Bonnie's back firmly against his chest "If you think this strong silent type bullshit you've been pulling for the last few months is going to distract me from the fact that you're practically skin and bones you have another fucking thing coming. Be angry with me all you want but you're alive and like hell if I'm not going to keep it that way." he whispered heatedly before vanishing.

Caroline's eyes widen almost in understanding "He think he's saving you."

Bonnie angrily wiped away a tear "No, he saved Elena by killing me."

Caroline wouldn't defend Damon or his stupid ass decision but she had to admit she might have been wrong about Damon's real motive behind turning Bonnie. "You have every right to be pissed, if you want to castrate him I'll be happy to hand you whatever you need in order to accomplish that. But killing yourself won't just hurt him. It'll hurt me too"

Bonnie turned to look at Caroline "I can't live like this and even if I could it should have been my decision Care."

Caroline nodded "You're right it should have been and you shouldn't have to come up with a checklist as to why your life is as important as Elena's, neither of us should and if they can't seem to understand that then screw them. You still have me forever."

Bonnie smiled a little.

Caroline picked up the blood bag on the table and held it out to Bonnie "But in the meantime the best way to get back at them is to prove that you're stronger without them."

Bonnie grabbed the blood bag. Caroline was the one who helped her with her transition after the shock wore off, Damon and Enzo were there but Bonnie refused to allow them anywhere near her and Caroline was all too happy to carry out that request.

"If it makes you feel better, I haven't eaten much today." she pulled out a blood bag out of her purse "We could maybe have a drink together."

Bonnie stripped off her shirt heading upstairs "Actually, I'm in the mood for something fresher."

Three Months Earlier


"I was so hungry."

Caroline tried again "Bonnie?"

"I tried, I really did." Bonnie whispered to herself still kneeling over the dead body.

Caroline refaced Damon and Enzo fangs bared "You son of a bitch." she yelled before using her speed and tossing Enzo who was caught off guard clear across the room.

Damon predicted her next move and slammed Caroline against the wall his fangs bared "Calm down."

"How could you do this to her you son of a bitch." she cried trying to get Damon off of her.

"I did what had to do to save her." he said before letting Caroline go.

Caroline wiped her eyes pushing Damon "Elena was fine, Bonnie was fine. You did this because you're selfish Damon, admit it. You're too weak and pathetic to live without Elena. So you killed my best friend." she yelled.

He had his reason none of them he was willing to share with Caroline. Damon knew Bonnie would hate him for the rest of her life. But she was alive, he wasn't going to lose her, not again.

Damon tossed Caroline a jewelry box "She's going to need this." before leaving.

He needed a fucking drink.

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