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"You know I was stupid to think that after everything we've been through together, you would spare me a thought, something that said I wasn't alone in this and that deep down, you gave a damn about me."

"I wouldn't have turned you if I didn't care."

"No, killing me to get back the love of your life proved to be another fuck you to Bonnie Bennett."

"What do you want me to say, Bonnie? You want me to say I was wrong. Fine, I was wrong. I get that now. "

"You get that now? Now that your damage is irreversible, you finally get it."

"I get that you're pissed off at the world, and you plan to burn everything down, including me with it, but I did what I had to do to keep you—"

Damon snapped his mouth shut, deciding when it was too late that he had already said too much.

Bonnie's eyes narrowed. "Go ahead and finish what you were going to say? You wanted to keep me. Is that what you were going to say?"

Damon remained quiet,

Bonnie marched over to him and grabbed him by the jaw and squeezed hard enough to break it if she wanted, "Is that what you were going to say?

Damon forgot how strong newborn vampires could be. "Yes." He winced.

Bonnie let him go and studied him for a second. "Elena may admire your willingness to do whatever it to took to keep her. But I don'.t You, Damon Salvatore, are the worst thing that has ever happened to me."

Damon knew that to be accurate, but the selfish part of him that ruled everything didn't care because despite the hell he unleashed into her life, she was the best thing that has ever happened to him, and maybe that was the problem. During this entire shit storm, he was thinking about keeping Bonnie in his life because of what she meant to him. He kidnapped her to remember him and what they had even though he was manipulating the truth.

"You want me to apologize for turning you, and I won't because I'm not sorry, and you're right, I'm selfish. That's the only thing I know how to be with you, Bonnie. You deserve selfishness. You deserve to live a life uninhibited for eternity, and I gave you that. I won't apologize for saving you and being the one person to do what needed to be done to keep you alive."

Bonnie tilted her head to the side. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Well, she could, but she wasn't sure if she was hearing him correctly. There was no way Damon thought he was doing her some favor by ripping her away from who she was, a witch. She could live without Elena, but she could not live without being a witch. "You have two choices here. You can either kill Elena or kill yourself. Those are your choices."

Damon blinked in confusion. "What would that solve? I'll be dead, but you'll still be a vampire."

Bonnie shrugged, knowing he was right, "Nothing, it'll just make me feel better."

"I'm not killing myself."

"Fine, then you can kill Elena. She's the reason why you turned me in the first place."

Damon was in no mood to repeat himself. But it was apparent to him that she wanted him to admit that he did all of this for Elena, and although she was correct in one regard, he wasn't willing to choose between the two. His motives have nothing to do with Elena, at least right now. So Damon attempted to try to reach her another way. "I'm not going to Kill, Elena, Bonnie. Because as angry as you are with me because of what Enzo and I did, you will never forgive yourself for playing a hand in your best friend's death."

Bonnie yawned, "Are you done? Because all you've managed to do was further annoy me." She flashed over to Elena and picked up the unconscious girl by her hair. "There's a bright side to this. You get to watch Elena die. The same way Enzo sat by and watched me die."

Damon watched in horror as Bonnie's fangs lengthened. He was seconds away from intervening, but Stefan had already beat him to it. "Caroline, now," Stefan yelled.

Caroline joined the party with vervain in hand. "I'm so sorry, Bonnie. But this is for your own good" before stabbing Bonnie in the neck with it.

Bonnie's small body went limp in Stefan's arms. "I'll take her to the basement," he said lowly when he noticed Caroline and Damon weren't eager to assist.

Caroline looked over at an unconscious Elena, "Did she do this too, Elena?"

Damon nodded. "She wanted me to kill her, and when I refused, she was seconds away from doing it herself."

Caroline knew how it felt to be without your humanity. She flipped her switch after her mother died, and although it gave her relief temporarily when she finally flipped it back on, everything came back with a vengeance. Caroline still never got over burning the letter her mother wrote her before she died. "She's angry, and I'm sure without overstating the obvious, we all can understand why. Let's be grateful she didn't get a chance to execute her vengeance on Elena. I'm going to go check on her while one of you feed Elena your blood." she stared pointedly at Stefan before heading straight to the basement.

Stefan sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. "She's going to be out for a while. What happened?"

Damon walked over to Elena and examined the unconscious girl. He noticed blood leaking from her temple, so he bit into his wrist. "I'm sure your hearing isn't bad little brother, you heard everything vampire barbie, and I was just talking about." He picked Elena up and laid her on the couch.

Stefan did hear everything, but that wasn't what he was referring to. "I also heard that you don't regret turning Bonnie after everything she went through. She killed two people, perhaps, even more, Damon. When the high finally were off, Bonnie's going-"

"You don't think I know that." Damon exploded. "She'll never forgive herself for the burden I put on her but guess what, little brother. I don't care. You want to know why? Because she's alive. I can live with Bonnie hating me as long as she lives."

Stefan rolled his eyes, "Is that supposed to be some grand declaration? And for what to prove how much you love-" Stefan stopped when he noticed Elena standing in the doorway.

"Please, don't stop on my account. Finish what you were going to say."

Caroline flipped through the images on her phone. She came across the picture of her Bonnie after Bonnie had returned home from Paris. Bonnie was beaming with so much joy and happiness that Caroline wanted to freeze Bonnie at that moment in time so she could keep her that way. The thought scared the hell out of her because of the mere implication. It wasn't something Bonnie would want, and because Caroline knew the reason for wanting to turn Bonnie would only be for her selfish gain, it made her sick.

Even now, Caroline knew that she would be able to walk the earth for the rest of life with Bonnie, and that thought was—even now, with Bonnie now being a vampire, she couldn't fathom her life without Bonnie. So secretly, she was happy.

"You're going to hurt yourself thinking so much."

Caroline's snapped to her feet to see Bonnie still slumped over against the wall "Oh my god, Bonnie. Are you ok?"

Bonnie snorted. "What do you care? You helped your fiancé lock me in here."

Caroline shook her head, "I — I didn't know what else to do. I didn't know how to help you."

Bonnie used the wall as leverage to get to her feet. "You helped me, alright. You helped Stefan, the man who aided and abetted my garbage dead boyfriend and his bitch ass brother who killed me by the way to lock me, me your best friend, up like I'm the monster. I thought you loved me."

Caroline bit down on her bottom lip, "I do. You know I love you. You weren't yourself, and when you finally see that—when everything starts coming back, you are going to hate yourself, and I don't want that for you."

"The only person I hate right now is you."

Caroline gasped, and without thinking, she opened the cellar door. "Don't say that. You don't mean that."

Bonnie laughed darkly. "I guess this is how your mother felt after seeing you as a vampire—what you truly are. I can see why she hated you."

Tears slipped through the blonde girls "Bonnie, how can you say that. That's an awful thing to say to me."

Bonnie shrugged and grabbed the blonde girl by the throat. "Yea, well, life's a bitch, and so am I." Bonnie made a move to rip Caroline's heart out, But Damon blurred in and snapped Bonnie's neck. He watched helplessly as the small girl crumbled to the floor.

"That was stupid." Damon glared at Caroline. "She could've killed."

Stefan, who was still holding a crying Caroline, "Leave her alone, Damon."

Damon ignored Stefan, pointing an accusatory finger at the blonde. "If she would've killed you, then what?"

"Back off, Damon," Stefan yelled.

Caroline pushed Stefan off her "Don't try to put this on me. She wouldn't be in this mess if you wouldn't have turned her you, the evil son of a bitch."

Damon growled.

"When are you guys going to stop making excuses for her?" Elena said with her arms folded, "She killed two people and was close to killing me and now Caroline. The Bonnie that we know is gone. The sooner we accept that, the better."

Caroline rolled her eyes. "Yes, let's give up on the one person that never gave upon us."

"She's not Bonnie anymore, Caroline. Can't you see that?"

The sound of the girls arguing was background noise to Damon's turmoil. Bonnie wasn't the same girl, and that was his fault and his burden to bear.

Three times he hurt her once when Emily possessed her body, again when he turned her and now as she laid unconscious at his feet. He didn't deserve her. None of them did. But, like hell, if he was going to be one to turn his back on her.

Despite having to hurt her a fourth time.

"Stefan, where are the chains?" Damon said, looking at Bonnie, who still laid motionless on the ground.

Stefan blinked, confused by the question, "What?"

"Where are the chains?" He was now looking at Stefan, his eyes void of any emotion. It was necessary for what he knew he was going to have to do, "I'll get them. Bring her upstairs."

Damon picked Bonnie up bridal style and carried her upstairs, leaving the arguing girls alone.

Damon placed Bonnie in a chair in front of the window. He removed the necklace; she had no idea he'd given her. The same necklace that belonged to his mother. He didn't want to go the route, but it needed to be done.

Stefan came into the living room with the chains and began to wrap them around Bonnie. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Damon grabbed a bottle of bourbon and took three look swigs, and that was all the answer Stefan needed.

The girls finally came into the living room, and both of their eyes widened at the scene.

"What are you doing?" Elena asked, looking between both of the brothers.

Damon rolled his eyes. Did she really need to be told? Especially since they did this to her.

Caroline didn't have to be told shit. Seeing Bonnie tied to a chair prompted Caroline to jump into action to rescue her best friend, but Stefan stopped her. "I know you hate the idea. But this is the only way to get her back."

Caroline shook her head, "Torturing her isn't going to help her, Stefan. It's going to make things worse, a lot worse, and I'm not going to stand here and watch you hurt her."

"It's not ideal, but we have to try everything, Caroline," Damon said. He's eyes on Bonnie, who was slowly starting to wake up.

"Do you get off on hurting her?" Caroline asked, almost disgusted that this was, of course, his idea.

"Of course he does, Carebear. He's a monster." Bonnie said groggily. She accessed the scenery. She was now in the Salvatore den. When she attempted to stand up, she noticed she has chained to a chair for the first time, "You boys are into bondage?"

Damon smirked. "You'll be surprised at what I'm into. Flip your switch, and I can give you a demonstration."

Bonnie cackled and looked at Elena. "Does this really work on you? I mean, really."

Elena didn't appreciate Damon flirting with Bonnie in front of her but made no move to comment.

"Let me tell you something, Damon. Even if I was into bondage and I'm totally open to everything, you would be the last man I would ever want touching me, Capiche."

That was the tick in Damon's jaw, and without warning, Damon pulled back the curtains and watched as Bonnie screamed out in agony.

He closed the curtains, "Flip your switch."

"Of course, you took my necklace. How else would this work?" she laughed lowly.

"Bonnie, we're trying to help you. It would be easier to flip your switch, so this can end before it gets started." That was Stefan.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. "You think I'm scared of being tortured? After everything I've been through?" Bonnie shook her head. "Here's what you should be doing. Why don't you help spare your brother the humiliation of being rejected by another woman who no longer wants his ass."

Damon's fist clenched and unclenched. He kept telling himself that this wasn't his Bonnie.

Bonnie noticed that and continued with the verbal assault, "Are those pesky insecurities rearing its ugly head? I mean, since I'm taking this opportunity to be completely honest, I mean, I would soon rather fuck everyone in this room, well, that's not true. I would never fuck Elena; I always looked at her as my sister. Well, I used to. But Caroline—"

Damon through the curtain open once again, causing the former witch to again scream out in agony. This time leaving it open a little longer.

Bonnie rasped "Fuck" her own fist clinching because the pain was excruciating.

Stefan squatted down next to Bonnie's chair "Bonnie, you killed Enzo. We know that matters to you."

Bonnie slowly rotated her head to look at Stefan. Her skin slowly healing itself. "Let me ask you something. How does my pussy taste?"

Elena gasped, her eyes going to straight Damon, who looked as if he was two seconds away from killing his own brother.

Stefan was taken back by the question as he looked at Caroline, who looked almost nervous for some reason "We never had sex, Bonnie. You know that."

Bonnie grinned. "Oh, I know that silly."

"Bonnie—" Caroline tried to interject.

"Caroline, I think it's time Stefan knew the truth. Don't you?"

Elena thought for a moment as she looked between Caroline and Bonnie. She remembered reading this somewhere in her journal but kept quiet as she looked between Damon and Stefan and waited for them to connect the dots.

"Tell me what?" Stefan stood to his feet.

"Nothing, except Caroline and I had sex when you two decided to be cowards and run and fall into a deep sleep for five years." Bonnie grinned. "This was before Enzo and before the creepy infatuation Alaric had on Caroline. We turned to each other because through it all, we knew we had each other; that will always be the case."

Stefan and Damon looked at Caroline, waiting for her to deny it, but nothing came. Not a single word was uttered.

"If you're waiting for her to deny it. It's not going to happen. Actually, we had sex at least four times after that. The night after you turned me when my emotions were all over the place and our hatred for you both developed into the most mind-blowing sex either of us has ever had."

Caroline blushed while tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. "Bonnie, I think they get it."

Bonnie disagreed, looking at Stefan. "You thought the deal breaker for you two was your brother turning me, and don't get me wrong, it was. But it was also because she loves me. I mean, really loves me."

Damon couldn't believe what he was hearing, "You're lying." He cupped Bonnie's face in his hands. "You're only saying this to get back at me, but you and I both know it's a lie."

Elena shook her head, "You're wrong, Damon. This has been common knowledge to anyone who managed to pay attention."

"Caroline and Bonnie are best friends. They're practically sisters just like you and Bonnie."

"Bonnie was a sister to me because I couldn't have her any other way. Not anymore. But the more I fought it, the more it became obvious why I could never find the one, and that's because the one person I could only see as my best friend was the one the entire time." Caroline said, staring at Bonnie as tears streamed down her eyes. "I'm sorry, Stefan, but it's the truth."

Stefan said nothing. Instead of turning his back on her and leaving the boardinghouse.

Bonnie leaned forward until her and Damon's lips were touching. "You can understand that, can't you, Damon."

Elena noticed that neither Caroline nor Damon were eager to go after Stefan, so she did, " I'll go check on him."

Damon pulled back from Bonnie, unable to comprehend what he was hearing. He didn't believe it. He thought it was a way for both Bonnie and Caroline to get back at him. Either way, he wasn't going to give up on Bonnie. "I'm not giving up on you. I don't give a damn who I have to go through, but I will get you back. You'll see." He kissed her long and hard before letting her go vanishing out of the room.

Caroline averted her eyes to the painting on the wall.

Bonnie dry heaved "So much for the torture session." She looked at Caroline, who was still staring at the painting. "Can you unchain me, Carebear?"

Caroline walked over to Bonnie, "Did you mean what you said?"

Bonnie had no idea what Caroline was referring to, but she'll agree to anything as long as she got rid of these damn chains "Yea, sure. Unchain me, please."

"I mean—Did you mean the things you said in the cellar? Do you really hate me?"

Bonnie looked up at the blonde. She can't be serious right now. "Of course not. I love you, Carebear. You, it's always going to be you."

Caroline practically melted as she unchained Bonnie.

Bonnie smiled happily before pulling Caroline down slightly to her level. She ran her tiny hands through Caroline's blonde locks as Caroline leaned forward, capturing Bonnie's lips with her own. After going at it like this for a while, Bonnie flicked her tongue over Caroline's upper lip seeking permission. Caroline responded in kind by widening her jaw to allow Bonnie's tongue to dance with hers.

Bonnie tugged the cardigan Caroline was wearing off her shoulders. But before things got any further, Bonnie needed Caroline to do something for her, so she broke the kiss. "I need you to do it."

Caroline bit down on her bottom lip "Bonnie, what if—"

Bonnie pecked her lips, "You love me, don't you?"

Caroline nodded, "I do."

"Then do it."

Caroline ran her hands through Bonnie's hair. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them, that's when Bonnie knew, "You do love me."

Caroline flipped her switch, and it was all for her.

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