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Chapter 1: The Past; Welcome to Hueco Mundo

Aizen had called for an assembly so all the espada along with their francion's gathered in the main throne room. No one knew what the assembly was about so everyone was very curious to find out. Perhaps another arrancar was about to be born or someone was to be punished? In the last meeting it was announced Nel was no longer the third espada and Harribel had replaced her position. That however was several months ago, nothing new had happened around Hueco Mundo since.

Walking into view and taking a seat in his throne, the room fell silent as everyone waited for Aizen to speak.

"Good evening dear espada. It's been a while since my last visit, but today I must introduce you to a new member of our family. Ciara, please step forward."

Out walked a petite figure from behind Aizen's throne and stood beside him. The female arrancar had short blond hair and an average figure; no huge ass or breasts, just a solid, slim athletic build. The only prominent feature was her blood red eyes. Her uniform consisted of a white cold shoulder top, pants, and combat boots. She also wore a pair of black, fingerless, leather gloves.

"I have given Ciara the honour of being arrancar infinity." Ciara turned around and lifted her hair to reveal the infinity symbol tattooed on the back of her neck.

"Infinity? Is that even a number?" Nnoitra blurted out from below.

Aizen's face grew into a small smile, not at all bothered by Nnoitra's outburst. "Infinity, in fact, is a very special number, therefore Ciara will be treated with great respect. I want all of you to treat her not as a fellow numero, but as an espada. Do you all understand?"

There was a bit of murmur in the crowd, but everyone still answered in unison, "Yes Aizen-sama."

"Excellent. Ulquiorra, please step forward."

"Yes Aizen-sama?"

"Since you have no fraccion and you are one of my most loyal espada, I will be placing Ciara under your care as your fraccion. You will train her and be responsible for her, understand?"

Ulquiorra bowed his head down, "Yes Aizen-sama, it is my pleasure to take Ciara as my fraccion."

"Good, now you may all be dismissed."

Most of the crowd slowly exited the room, though some of the espada seemed to linger around.

"What should I do now, Aizen?" Ciara casually asked.

"I want you to follow Ulquiorra. He will show you around Hueco Mundo."

Ciara nodded. "Are you going back to Seireitei already?"

"Yes, they might grown suspicious if I'm gone too long. But I trust you'll be fine here, if not, Ulquiorra will protect you."

Letting out a sigh, Nicara quietly mumbled, "It sucks how I can't stay in Seireitei anymore, I wish Gin was staying here as well. At least I would have someone to talk to."

"Don't worry, the time hasn't come, but we will eventually come and live here in Hueco Mundo as well. In the meantime, try talking with some of the espada's, perhaps gain their trust."

Ciara rolled her eyes a little, she knew trying to befriend an arrancar was a silly idea, but if she was successful she could use that to her advantage. "None of them look too friendly, but I'll try."

With that, Ciara jumped down from the throne platform to meet up with her espada, Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra had been observing the woman the entire time and he could tell she was important. Aizen had not only given her a unique number, but he also didn't need her to use honorifics around him. It didn't make sense though, the woman seemed like a regular person, her reiatsu was average, and yet she is somehow special. He would have to take good care of this girl.

After exiting the throne room, Ulquiorra showed Ciara around the palace: the espada wing, her room, the kitchen, the infirmary and the training rooms.

Ciara's room, which was located near Ulquiorra's room in the fourth wing, was huge. However, it was bland and boring because very little furniture was present to fill the empty space. It contained a queen sized bed on one end and a couch & table on the other side. There was also a washroom with a simple tub, sink and toilet. In general, the living area was fine, it just could use a little more decoration.

After Ulquiorra had showed her all the basics, he left her on her own and told her he'd meet her tomorrow morning for training. Ciara didn't have much to do, so she wondered around the halls. She left her zanpakto in her room on her bed; she didn't think she'd need it with her since Aizen said she'd be safe, so no one would dare harm her. That, however, was a big mistake. It didn't take long before she wondered into the fifth wing and bumped into a tall, lean man with an eyepatch over one eye.

"Well well, why isn't it the new bitch Aizen introduced earlier?"

Who was he calling a bitch? They had just met and she hadn't even spoken a word to him yet. He had some nerve.

"And who might you be?" Ciara asked smugly, folding her arms across her chest.

"What? An arrancar like you weren't even told who your superiors are? I'm the fifth espada, Nnoitra." He stuck out his tongue so she could clearly see the tattoo on his tongue.

"Well, Nnoitra, if you were listening to Aizen earlier then you shouldn't be calling me a bitch cause you're suppose to treat me as a fellow espada."

"Don't make me laugh. You're just another annoying bitch I have to deal with. What's so fuckin' special about you?"

Ciara didn't have time to answer cause he already drawled out his zanpakto, driving her against the wall. Luckily she was skinny enough to fit in the curve of the crescent blade, otherwise it would've sliced through her already.

"What the fuck are you doing?!"

"Testing out your strength. But it's obvious," he kicked her on the side, knocking her to the ground. "you're weak as shit."

He lifted her off from the ground and slammed her against the wall. He punched her right in the stomach, causing her to cough up blood.

"Com'on bitch, attack me."

Ciara turned her head away showing little interest in Nnoitra. "There's no point in fighting you." she simply stated.

Nnoitra took this as an insult. "Bitch," he snarled, punching her again. "You're just like that damn Nelliel except you're weak! What did you do to get Aizen's attention huh? Obviously you can't fight, so you must've slept your way to the top, huh slut?"

"Shut up! I'm not a slut!" She quickly flashed out of sight and punched him from behind. Unfortunately, her punch didn't send him flying like she hoped, in fact he didn't even budge. There was a small sound of cracking, but not from his bones, but from her knuckles. His hierro was unexpectedly strong. She quickly drew back, clutching her first to her chest. "Fuck," she muttered.

Nnoitra turned around to face Ciara with a smirk plastered on his face. "Bet ya didn't know, but I've got the strongest hierro out of all the espada. Come at me, bitch."

Ciara gritted her teeth; was she really that weak? If only she had her zanpakto on her, she'd cut him up into pieces. She decided to try attacking him again, but this time she was going to aim at his face.

This time, however, her knuckles weren't able to make contact with his skin, instead he caught her wrist and twisted it before flinging her to the ground.

"You Bastard!" she cried out in pain.

"Oh, so now the bitch has a little bit more fight in her. I love a feisty woman, especially when it comes to sex."

In a blink of an eye, he pinned Ciara against the floor. She froze up, afraid of what was to come. Fear was written all over her face, and Nnoitra could see that. His smile grew wide, grinning like a creepy cheshire cat.

"What's wrong bitch? You look scarred."

"Please don't."

"Don't what?" One of his hands held her wrists together above her head while the other travelled down her body.

"Stop, " she begged. She wasn't a virgin, but as close as one could get. She wanted to cry, but she couldn't, not in front of this bastard. Her body felt limp, too weak to even move.

"Begging will get ya nowhere, I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget."

She gasped when she felt his wet tongue lick her neck. He was about to sink his teeth in, but a voice interrupted him.

"What the fuck are you doing, Nnoitra?"

"What doe it look like, huh Grimmjow? I'm about to fuck this woman."

Grimmjow came into view and took a closer look.

"Isn't she the new arrancar that we're suppose to treat like an espada?"

Nnoitra snorted, clearly annoyed with Grimmjow's presence. "Since when did you give a shit? Besides, this is the way I treat some espada."

"Tch, are you stupid? She didn't even use honorifics when she was talking to Aizen earlier. Unless you have a death wish, you should back off. Aizen and Ulquiorra aren't gonna just let it go if you do something to her like you did to Nel."

What did he do to the person named Nel? Ciara wondered.

Pulling Ciara's hair in a tight grip, Nnoitra yanked her head back so he could threateningly whisper "You got lucky this time bitch, but next time I catch you alone, you're gonna wish you were dead." Chills went down her spine as he spoke, but she was glad it was over. After he let go of her hair and stepped away, she just laid on the floor with her eyes closed, catching her breath. Her mind was too busy celebrating the fact that Nnoritra was gone that she completely forgot about the precence of the other espada.

Ciara didn't remember about Grimmjow until his foot steps came closer, that's when she opened her eyes to see a pair of beautiful sapphire eyes boring into her's. The espada, Grimmjow, was flawlessly beautiful, perhaps handsome was a better word. He looked like a male model out of a magazine: his face, abs, and sculptured body, he's every girl's dream. He was very attractive, at least in appearance, there was no denying it.

Grimmjow noticed her staring, causing him to grunt "Get up."

His voice quickly broke Nicara out of her daze. Though her body ached, she quickly scrambled onto her feet.

"Umm, Thanks for helping me." She awkwardly thanked him, bowing her head down in gratitude.

He snorted in response. "Tch, that bastard needs to learn to pick on someone his own size. But he's right, you're so fuckin' weak."

"Don't call me that just cause I'm a girl. I may not be great at fighting, but I am not weak."

"I didn't call you weak because you're a girl, I called you weak because you didn't even put up a fight."

"You don't know anything...I didn't ask for your help. Besides I left my zanpakto in my room,"

"Tch, you're a sorry excuse for an arrancar, I can't believe Aizen wants us to treat you like an espada."

"Shut up! Aizen see's great potential in me, so I won't dissapoint him."

Grimmjow raised a brow. Why did the woman think so highly of Aizen? "Why do you give a shit about Aizen? What is he to you?"

"Aizen saved and created me, He gave me life, so now I owe everything to him. He's almost like a father to me."

Grimmjow made a disgusted face, almost like he wanted to puke. Was she being serious? "Oh so you're daddy's little girl, huh princess? It must be nice getting everything handed to you."

"What are you talking about? Aizen helps me, but I work hard to earn everything. Ulquiorra start's traning me tomorrow, so I will be learning how to fight and become a worthy warrior in no time."

"Tch, Ulquiorra's never had a francion before, I doubt he knows how to train anyone."

"Well since you're so good, why don't you show me some of your moves?"

"Yeah right, that's your espada's job. Besides, there's nothing in it for me."

"So if there was some type of benefit from training me, you'd do it?"

Grimmjow laughed, what was with this woman? "Unless you can find a good enough reason for me to waste my time helping you, you're out of luck, princess." He motioned a slight wave of his hand and headed down the hallway.

Ciara cringed at the nickname as she watched Grimmjow walk away with his hands in his pockets. Who cares about him, she thought. She could just learn everything from Ulquiorra. She'd show him how strong she can become and make him regret calling her weak. Soon, I'll become strong, and we'll see who the weak one really is.

End of Chapter 1.

A bit of a typical chapter, except Ciara is Ulquiorra's fraccion, not Grimmjow's. The main pairing is between Grimmjow and Ciara, but I want to build some type of friendship between Ulquiorra and Ciara. There will also be some Orihime x Ulquiorra later on in the story.

For those who are new:

This is technically a pre-sequel and sequel to my story Memories of Somebody, BUT, you can actually read the first half of it without reading Memories of Somebody because the first half is a pre-sequel. It's totally up to you.

For those who read Memories of Somebody:

Just to be clear, Nicara and Ciara are the same person. In the pre-sequel chapters (so like the first half of this story) my oc will be going by the name of Ciara. In the sequel chapters, she will go by Nicara. Sorry for the confusion, but that's why Grimmjow didn't recognize her, because she had a different look and name.