You must think that I'm stupid
You must think that I'm a fool
You must think that I'm new to this
But I have seen this all before

I'm never gonna let you close to me
Even though you mean the most to me
'Cause every time I open up, it hurts
So I'm never gonna get too close to you
Even when I mean the most to you
In case you go and leave me in the dirt

- Too Good at Goodbyes, Sam Smith

Chapter 7: The Past; The Human World - Part 3

"Close your eyes then I will tell you."

It was an odd request, but she did as Grimmjow requested, only to be met with silence.

"My eyes are closed now."

She waited another couple seconds, and heard nothing. What kind of game was Grimmjow trying to play? She knew he was still there, she could feel his presence. In fact she felt that he had moved in closer, she could feel the heat radiating off his body. She was about to speak up again, but that's when she felt it. A pair of lips feverishly against hers.

She let out a gasp at the sudden action, which gave the chance for Grimmjow to explore inside her mouth with his tongue. His hands soon found its way around her waist, while the other gripped her head. Ciara was not rejecting his actions, nor participating either. She was just accepting them out of shock. Her human gigai body was soon gasping for air, breathless from Grimmjow's kisses. He pulled away slightly so she could breath, then searched her face for an answer or some type of reaction. Her eyes were averting his gaze. Did that mean no? Yet she wasn't pushing him away.

"Since when?" Ciara questioned, after finally catching her breath.

"Why does that matter?"

"I'm not your type." She countered back.

"I changed my mind." Grimmjow simply stated, not giving Ciara a satisfying answer.

Just as she thought, he wasn't actually taking this seriously. She gave him a slight shove to indicate she was not interested in going further with whatever he was planning. "Don't fuck around with my feelings, Grimmjow." She replied coldly, pushing him away while heading down the hallway, her back facing him.

"Tch, who said I was fucking around?!" It was just like the last time he tried to make some sort of confession to her, she'd just dismiss it without a second thought. It pissed him off, to think he'd fallen for such a women, and yet she'd rather fuck around with a human than him. Normally he'd have no problem getting any woman he wanted in bed, but she was different. It didn't seem like she was playing hard to get, but rather was disinterested in him, which only made him want her even more.

Ciara stopped in her tracks for a second, but didn't turn around once to look at Grimmjow before closing the bathroom door behind her.

For the rest of the weekend Ciara stayed inside the apartment. She wanted to go out to eat at the cafe, but decided against it. She didn't want to risk bumping into Ren again. So she just heated up some frozen meals for lunch and dinner. So much had happened in the last two days. It was relaxing to just sit around the apartment and let her mind wander, the silence and solitude didn't bother her too much. By the time it was almost midnight, she decided to get ready for bed since there was school tomorrow.

After Grimmjow kissed Ciara yesterday, he left the apartment and she hadn't seen him since, which wasn't unusual. She knew he was probably pissed off at her and she frankly didn't want to really face him either. She hated that he kept playing with her feelings, the main reason he liked picking on her in the first place was so he could piss off her espada, Ulquiorra. In the last couple months living in the human world with him, she'd gotten used to and somewhat enjoyed being around him. He could do whatever he wanted, but deep down she was hoping he wasn't sleeping with Nana again.

When Grimmjow got back he just walked straight to the bathroom and took a shower, completely ignoring Ciara, not that it bothered her. In fact she was glad he hadn't said a word. After he was done and went to the room, Ciara went to the washroom to get ready for bed. Interestingly enough, while she was brushing her teeth, she heard a small beep. Grimmjow had left his cellphone on the corner of the bathroom counter and he was receiving several messages. Ciara glanced over to the phone and saw several images flash onto the screen: selfies of Nana in lacy lingerie that left little to the imagination. She really did have a body like the arrancar women, no wonder Grimmjow enjoyed sleeping with her so much. Before Ciara fully took her eyes away from the screen, a message popped up, it said ' bet you miss this already.' Another beep sounded from his phone, but Ciara decided to shut her eyes, she didn't want to see any more of it. She had no right to be reading those messages and looking at the pictures in the first place.

After finishing up in the washroom, Ciara made her way back to the couch and snuggled into several blankets. She had to remind herself, as amazing of a body Nana had, she would not trade what she had for that, because she didn't want men lusting after her body. No, she wanted to find someone who would want to be with her because they enjoyed being around her, because they loved her unconditionally. She had once found someone who loved her, unfortunately he was no longer here.

"Kaede, I miss you...I wish you were still here... " she whispered while clutching onto the heart shaped necklace that hung around her neck. No one would be able to replace him, she knew that, but none of the men even seemed to come close.

The next day there was a lot of tension between Ciara, Grimmjow, Ren, and Nana. Ren came in on crutches, apparently he broke his leg from going after a robber downtown, which was an absolute lie. Ciara rolled her eyes every time she heard him telling the story to classmates. It also got out that Ciara and Ren weren't together anymore.

"What? You and Ren broke up too? That's crazy."

"What do you mean by too? Someone else split up?"

"Yeah, I thought you would know, Grimmjow and Nana broke up too."

"Wait, what?" This was news to Ciara. Grimmjow was still seeing her yesterday and she was even sexting him last night still. Something wasn't adding up. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, shouldn't you know? I thought you two were cousins and lived together."

"Uhhh...right... but he does his own things. And he got back late last night and never mentioned it."

Ren didn't seem to care too much about Ciara, which surprised her since she contributed to his broken leg. Perhaps he was just trying to act all manly and didn't want to tell people he got the injury from a woman. However, she could tell he was holding a grudge against Grimmjow, his eyes glaring at Grimmjow the entire class.

Nana, to Ciara's surprise, didn't seem to care about the breakup with Grimmjow. In fact if no one had mentioned they had broken up she might not have noticed, she swear she saw Nana purposely drop something in front of Grimmjow so she could bend down and give him a full view of her assets. Why the heck would she be doing that if they broke up?

At the end of the day Ciara went to use the washroom before heading home, only to be cornered by Nana and a few of her followers.

"Ciara, I need to talk to you about something."

"Umm, alright, but can we talk outside?" Ciara didn't think the washroom was the most pleasant place to have conversations, it was where people had to do their business and wash up.

"No, otherwise someone might hear us. Anyway, you're Grimmjow's cousin right? Between us girls, who's this other girl he's been seeing?"

Ciara looked at Nana with startled eyes. "Sorry I'm confused, who are we talking about?"

"Don't tell me you don't even know about it?!"

"I just found out you two broke up, I was honestly surprised, I thought he was still seeing you yesterday."

"Yeah, he did see me, just to tell me it's over! That bastard, how could he just ditch me like that? Like he must be seeing some other woman, probably someone older, cause there's no one in our age that could satisfy him more than me."

"I haven't noticed him with any other girls besides you though."

"That's impossible! Unless he's trying to play some game with me...trying to be Mr. Hard to get. Uh! Can you do me a favor, Ciara?"

"What is it?"

"If you find out he's seeing another girl, let me know, ok? So I can teach that bitch a lesson and take back what belongs to me!"

Ciara didn't exactly agree, but nodded so Nana let her leave the washroom. She headed back to the apartment and was hoping to find Grimmjow there. She wanted to ask him about what happened between him and Nana, but he wasn't home. To her, it didn't make sense for him to break up with Nana, unless he'd found himself another woman. He was a man, and there was no way he would dump Nana unless he'd found someone to replace her. But the thing was, it didn't seem like he had been with any other woman, unless the times he said he was with Nana he'd been with someone else?

After a couple hours of waiting at home and no sign of Grimmjow, Ciara decided to go to her regular cafe for dinner. When she was walking towards the entrance, she noticed that the shop looked mostly empty except for a certain blue haired man sitting at a table, and it looked like Nana standing facing him. Ciara quietly entered the cafe to hear Nana's voice, it sounded like they were having an argument. Stephano was behind the counter and made eye contact with Ciara but put his finger to his lips as if to tell Ciara to not interrupt whatever was happening. Grimmjow sounded like he didn't give a crap while Nana sounded upset and angry.

"You're not even giving me a good reason for breaking up with me! Who is this other woman you're seeing!?" she demanded.

"That's none of your fuckin' business."

So there is another woman? Ciara thought silently.

"Who is she? There's no way she's hotter than me!"

"Hotter? You're right, she's not. But I'd rather fuck her than you."

"Are you crazy? Why would you want to fuck an uglier woman?"

Grimmjow growled at the woman's word, clearly taking it as an insult. "Cause she's fuckin' more beautiful than you and not a slut! You were nothing more than something to pass time!" he snapped.

Nana was enraged now. She had just been insulted and told she was used, and apparently he'd found a better woman.

"Fuck you Grimmjow! You're not even going to get another chance in bed with me even if you beg for it!" she screamed at him, while reaching for a cup full of water and splashing it right at Grimmjow's face.

Ciara gasped, this wasn't going to go down well, Grimmjow had a temper...and hated water unless it was a bath. It took a second for Grimmjow to comprehend what just happened, during that time Nana started heading for the exit. Grimmjow's face quickly turned into a scowl before he snarled "Fuckin' bitch!" He got up from his seat and took four large strides then gripped onto Nana's left arm to turn her around and face him. He was furious, Nana could see and fear began to fill her eyes. With one arm firmly gripping Nana's forearm, he raised his other hand to strike Nana. Out of fear, Nana braced herself for the impact but turned her head and shut her eyes. The sound of slapping filled the air, but she never felt it. Nana felt Grimmjow's grip on her loosen, causing her to open an eye to see what was going on. In front of her stood Ciara, she had stepped in front of Nana and taken the impact from Grimmjow. He seemed shocked and Nana took the chance to escape the scene.

Grimmjow, who was in shock that he had just slapped Ciara across the face, noticed Nana leaving. He attempted to go after her, but Ciara restrained him. "Why are you going after her? Do you plan to hurt her?"

"Tch, why the fuck did you step in?! She's the one who fuckin wouldn't leave me alone, she was asking for it!"

"Just calm the fuck down would you? She's an annoying human, I get it, but you shouldn't physically hurt her, you'd be just as low as Ren."

Grimmjow growled, "Do not fuckin' compare me to that bastard."

"Then let it go. Come on, you were eating right? I can order food while you finish yours." Ciara suggested tugging his arm.

"Tch, you think I'm still in the mood to fuckin' eat?

"Why not? She just splashed you with some water, just wipe your face with some paper towel in the washroom."

"That's not the fuckin' reason I lost my appetite."

Ciara looked at Grimmjow confused. "Well it's not like I can trust you to wander by yourself right now, just sit and calm down while I eat."

Grimmjow muttered something under his breath, clearly he wanted to leave the cafe. Ciara sighed, but grabbed his arm and led him outside.

"Where the fuck are we going?"

"Well, I guess we can change it up and go to a bar, you seem to like those places..." Grimmjow didn't disagree, but it seemed like he didn't really care either. For some reason he kept looking away from her, almost like he was avoiding eye contact.

Arriving at a nightclub, Ciara and Grimmjow took a seat at the bar. She ordered food for herself and a drink for Grimmjow. She didn't want him to get drunk, but was hoping a drink or two would calm him down and distract him. As she sat there and ate, she could feel many preying eyes on the blue haired espada, some were bold enough to flirt with him, but to her surprise, he ignored them all. She had just finished her food when a young man took a seat to her other side.

"Have we met before?" he asked her.

"I don't think so, first time I've been here."

"First time eh? Well then how about I get us a couple of drinks and show you around?" She felt an arm snake around her waist but shrugged it off immediately.

"Sorry, I'm not interested. Besides, I don't really like drinking."

"Oh come on, don't be shy, I'm sure we can find some drinks you'll like." The man attempted to put his hands on her again.

Ciara didn't notice, but Grimmjow had been observing the entire scene, and was fuming. His anger increased as he watched the man put his filthy hands on her, causing his grip on his drink to increase and cause the glass to shatter in his hands.

The man and Ciara looked towards Grimmjow in shock as he quickly got off his seat and ripped the guy's hands away from her. "She said she ain't fuckin' interested." he growled.

"Who the fuck are you? Wait, I think I've seen you before with that chick with the big rack. Look man, at least let me have this one."

He must be referring to Nana, thought Ciara. Great, she was trying to get Grimm's mind off of that, and now this guy just reminded him about her...

"She's mine!" he snarled as he punched the guy in the face.

Ciara gasped, what the fuck was happening? Why would Grimmjow punch the guy? He didn't even really do anything, he was just trying to hit on her. They needed to get out of there fast, before it broke into anything more serious. She quickly grabbed some cash and slapped it on the table for the broken cup and the guy before dragging Grimmjow out of there.

As soon as they got back to the apartment, Ciara lashed out at Grimmjow. "What the fuck is wrong with you today? First you apparently broke up with Nana for some other girl. Then you tried to attack her, and then you punched the guy at the bar! I mean sure Nana splashed water in your face, but the guy didn't even do anything to you!" Grimmjow just stared at her at first, but then he leaned in. What, this again...?

Grimmjow couldn't hold it back anymore, how could the women not see? How could she not realize ... the reason for his strange was all because of her. Like the previous kiss, she didn't reject him nor participate. However, she couldn't deny that both these kisses she received from Grimmjow felt full of emotions, like he actually felt something for her...or perhaps he was just a really good kisser?

He thought he saw her wince, so he pulled away slightly and brushed the mark on her cheek that he inflicted hours before. "Does it hurt?" he muttered.

Why is he suddenly so caring? "It stung for a couple seconds after you hit me earlier, but it's not that bad, nothing compared to the time we were sparring in Hueco Mundo."

After hearing this, Grimmjow's mood seemed to lighten up.

"When do we get to go back?"

"Soon, hopefully..." she muttered. He leaned in again, but this time she stopped him. She wanted to make it clear she wasn't some type of play mate to him. "Who do you think I am, Grimmjow? Why would I want to kiss a guy that goes fucking around with women?"

"What are you talking about? I've only been fucking with one woman cause the woman I want won't let me fuck her."

"Nana? What's with you and her? You decided to fuck her then leave her?"

"I didn't fuck her yesterday."

"Then why was she sending you naked pics last night saying it's only been hours but you miss her body already?"

Grimmjow raised his brow then whipped out his phone to show Ciara the messages. "She fuckin' sent me pics to temp me. She said, it's only been hours since you left me, bet you miss the feeling of my body already."

Ciara was having trouble letting it all sink in. "So you broke up with her yesterday...why though...?"

"So you were snooping on my phone last night?"

Ciara blushed. "I wasn't snooping, you left your phone in the washroom and it beeped from the messages and I looked over and saw nude pics. What else was I supposed to think?"

Grimmjow was in a good mood now, He had caught Ciara red handed.

"So you got jealous?"

Ciara was so embarrassed now, she turned her head so Grimmjow couldn't see her face. Grimm smirked, this was probably the first time he saw her look so embarrassed. He leaned in close and whispered into her ear.

"Why would I want to fuck around with that slut anymore when you're not taken?" It took a moment to sink in, she couldn't believe it. All along the thing Ren had taken away...the other woman Nana was wondering about...the woman Grimmjow called beautiful and not a slut...'it's me?!' Ciara didn't know her face could get any redder. Was he flirting? Or did he actually mean it? "I'd give up that human for you any day."

"Who said I wanted anything to do with you?" she asserted, trying to keep her cold act up.

Grimmjow leaned in and whispered into her ear. "You don't have to cause your emotions and body can say it all."

With that Grimmjow turned Ciara's chin around so she would face him, kissing her full on the lips. She flinched a little at first, but then her mind got lost in the kiss, he really was a good kisser... her arms wrapped behind Grimmjow's neck and raked through his hair. Grimmjow broke the kiss to trace his canines along her neck, stopping where neck meets shoulder. He started nipping at the spot, already earning soft gasps from Ciara. He was right, as much as she didn't want to admit it, she was enjoying his touches.

"My my you two sure have gotten close."

The voice startled Ciara, making her jump away slightly from Grimmjow. They turned around to see Gin standing a few meters away eyeing them from the kitchen. Grimmjow growled, clearly annoyed that they were interrupted.

"G-Gin," Ciara stammered completely flustered, had he seen all that? "What are you doing here?"

"Well Aizen's squad is doing patrol here in Karakura town right now. He wanted me to pass a message, he will open a granata tomorrow afternoon for the two of you to go back."

"Really? We finally get to go back?"

"Of course, you two have been here long enough. Looks like you two sure have gotten close," he said, eyeing the bite mark that just formed on Ciara's neck. Instinctively, Ciara's hand shot out to cover it up from Gin's view, but he had already clearly seen, which just left her absolutely embarrassed.

"Tch, that's none of your fucking business Gin," Grimmjow hissed, stepping forwards slightly, almost in a protective manner to block Ciara from Gin's view.

"Oh don't be angry at me Grim Grim, Ciara wasn't going to let you in anyways, she doesn't let just anyone knock her up."

Ciara face palmed, "Just how much details of my sex life do you know?"

"Ohh Ciara no need to be embarrassed...Ran-chan has told me some interesting things though." he smirked. " I need to go now, remember one o'clock is when we will open the granata. See ya."

The next day Ciara managed to get Grimmjow to follow her down to the Italian cafe where they would get their last order of gelato.

"Ahh Ciara dear, you're early today, oh and Grimmjow came too."

"Stephano, it's our last day here, we're going back to where we came from."

"Ohh, that's so sudden! Thank you for being a loyal customer for the past months. Come now, your last meal is on the house."

"Oh you're so kind, me and Grimmjow actually wanted to get a few orders of gelato before we go, it's the best we ever had and we can't get it back home!"

Ciara and Grimmjow ended up getting ten orders of ice cream. Stephano insisted it was free, for being such loyal customers, so Nciara let him, but instead gave him a huge tip, since they weren't going to need the money anyways.

"If you two are ever back in town, be sure to come and visit!"

"We will! Thanks for everything!"

As they left the shop they felt fully satisfied with their meal. They were ready to leave the place for good. Right at one o'clock, a portal opened and Grimmjow and Ciara stepped inside to return home; Las Noches, Hueco Mundo.

End of Chapter 7: Human World - Part 3


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