Fates a bitch

No infringement intended all known characters owned by others.
all mistakes are mine and i'm sorry let me know if you like it or hate it cheers.

Reading through my emails I found an unopened one for a story that I had liked a while ago, Lost boys fan fiction one of my guilty pleasures along with the movie.

Something about categorically unapologetic vampires is refreshing. Especially in this day and age where most Fiction vampires seem to be whiny little wind bags or even worse vegetarians!.

Clicking on the link I start to read only to once again be annoyed that they take a bad ass vampire like David,Dwayne,Marko and Paul and have them be killed by kids with horrible fashion sense and bad one liners.

If I was involved I know I would save the vampires. Screw Michael and his bad attitude I mean he treated his little brother like crap. The traitor Star well she deserves a good old fashioned knock down ass kicking, which I would be more than happy to give her.

Those annoying little brats the Frogs good for comedic relief, but honestly I kinda wanted them to get eaten. Which I know makes me a horrible person but they killed Marko and Paul and its not nice to kill anyone while asleep just rude really.

But this isn't a fictional world full of vampires this is boring Queensland and I am not a fearless woman able to face down and seduce cute vampires. Instead I am 5'7 blonde with more curves than a speedway track and while I do have nice eyes a blue that is pretty if I do say so that's about all that is noticeable and at 22 years old well that's not going to change anytime soon.

Standing in the kitchen after putting the laptop next to the sink and putting on one of my play lists on spotify I am singing softly to myself when I bump some dishes and they clatter against the laptop starting to play the beginning of the lost boys movie. I forgot I had been watching that the other night forgetting that my hands are sopping wet I reach out to stop the movie, when all of a sudden I feel a sharp zap shoot through me causing me to fall backwards.

Expecting to hit the kitchen floor you can imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I hit sand.

Ok what the fuck seriously!.

I don't do drugs, I have had no alcohol(cause lets face it I'm a light weight) so delusions aside something isn't right.

Hearing shouts and screams and other random noises I usually associate with the Brisbane Ekka I finally manage to drag my incredulous eyes of the hated grainy stuff that I had fallen on(I seriously hate sand,like the rebels alliance, hate the empire kind of hate) and I look up and see the Board walk from the Lost boys movie.

Now one part of me is seriously jumping for joy cause come on its my Favourite movie at the moment, but the other sane part(no matter how small it is) is freaking the fuck out because Vampires.

So like any truly insane nut job worth their salt I decide to leave the semi safe beach and venture onto the Smorgasbord that is the board walk. Here's to hoping I don't become dinner.

Looking around at the sea of humanity around me I have to seriously wonder what the hell people were thinking in the 80's,(also just a side note dear fate next time you send me into a weird ass fictional dimension that is set in the 80's could you maybe make sure I am dressed appropriately. A blue T-shirt with a cartoon raccoon is not inconspicuous the jeans and combat boots are ok but the shirt really!) The amount of hairspray is nuts no wonder the hole in the ozone layer exists.

Ok first things first lets work out when exactly this is and my first point of reference is going to be the carousel.

Ah huh! Ok so I see the carousel and if I am not mistaken the couple in the line is that surf Nazi douche and his girl . Greg and sally? No wait her name was Shelly. That was it so if I'm right and they sit in a sleigh which yep they did then coming around is... Oh my god !.

Ok well David is ,yep a vampire wearing lots of black and he did indeed start a tussle with the afore mentioned douche.

I see the other Lost boys and that jacket of Markos is even way cooler in real life. Dwaynes got that tall dark and handsome thing going on and Paul has a very very sinful grin.

Hmm Mr security Guard has decided to be a monumental moron and put a baton around Davids neck. That's right he becomes dinner tonight.

I try not to draw attention to myself as they exit and move off the ride but like I mentioned earlier the Raccoon shirt seeing David smirk at me as he walks past causes me to curl my lip at him and glare(not a very smart idea) before I slip into the surrounding crowd moving away. Heading for the other end of the board walk trying to scope out exactly where everything is.

I see the comic book shop and the Frog brothers I avoid them for the moment walking past video Max and finding the boys bikes parked negligently all in a row.

Sighing I swing up onto the Rail and people watch for a bit trying to work out exactly what I want to do. Before I realise it the Board walk has closed down and I hear the boys come laughing and hollering up to where their bikes are parked after I assume they fed of the security guard.

Shooting them a look as they straddle the bikes the wind suddenly blows past me and I guess it carries my scent right to them because they all suddenly look in my direction. The Boys all look at each other before David smirks and the others grin and suddenly David is off his bike and sauntering over to me his brothers following behind him.

Trying to stop my heart from Pumping faster knowing that its not going to help matters is almost pointless when I finally lock eyes with glacial blue eyes that are frankly searing.

"Dangerous place to be alone,at night the Board walk" Davids voice is sly and filled with a dark tone that causes Marko to snigger into his hand and hide his Cheshire grin in his fist.

"Its only dangerous if you don't know what's out there David" I say managing to keep my tone even and relishing in the flash of surprise that is in his eyes as he looks at me.

"Do we know each other?" He asks a glint of gold bleeding into his eyes a clear warning.

'No we don't. But I know you David,Dwayne,Marko and Paul the infamous Lost Boys" I say pointing to each of them as I say their names.

The humanity is beginning to bleed away now and I know they are seconds away from trying to turn me into nothing more than a feed bag.

"I wouldn't let the masks slip boys I have some information that will be very useful to you" I say as calmly as I can while inside trying to mentally coach myself into not flipping out.

"Well aren't you an interesting little thing" David says as he invades the hell out of my personal space tugging me off the rail,until I am pressed against his chest and his gloved hand is against my jaw raising my chin to look up at him. The other boys crowd around boxing me in filling my senses and making my internal temperature rise no matter how much I try to talk myself down.

"Interesting is one way of putting it, what should we do with her David" Marko is the one to ask his fingers twirling around a strand of my hair. I am pretty sure that Paul the perv is groping my ass.

Shoving my elbow back suddenly my suspicions are confirmed when he gives a grunt and the others laugh.

"I think she is coming with us and anything else well dinner can be take away if needed" Davids voice is dry as when he says that and I curse my snarky nature when I can't stop myself from speaking.

"You know She has a name and it is impolite to talk about eating someone when they are right in front of you" I say as I fold my arms across my chest and pop my hip internally screaming at myself for being stupid.

"So care to tell us your name since you know ours" David says while tugging me over to the bikes and damn has he got a grip on him.

"My name is Kat" I say as I settle behind David on his bike knowing that there is no point in arguing with him(hello he is a freaking vampire) and seeing him smirk as I settle my hands around his waist keeping my hands in a safe zone.

The hoots and hollers of the boys as they zip along the beach and knowing that David is probably going to try and scare me to death on Hudsons bluff I keep my breathing as steady as I can and when he does exactly as I thought and we are hanging pretty precariously over the edge . I see him look back probably expecting me to be afraid I just have a small smile on my face seeing a flash of irritation on his face I internally smirk(ass hat trying to make me afraid pfft as if) as we continue on to the caves I can see the others shooting me looks from the corner of their eyes.

Walking down the steps to the cave I can't help coming out with some interesting swear words. Cause stairs, so not my thing and walking with Vampires who are not only insanely hot but who also happen to be slightly sadistic ass holes. Yeah pretty sure I tripped more than walked before David either took pity on me or more to the point decided he wanted answers before I splattered my brains everywhere from falling.

He helped me down and inside the other boys heading to the areas of the cave that I remember being sort of designated as theirs.

David sits in his wheelchair throne and I sit on the couch both of us seemingly waiting for the other to break and speak first.

Growing slightly bored and knowing that this is accomplishing nothing. I break the ice by saying the one thing that is going to get their attention.

"So did the security Guard taste nice or did all those doughnuts taint his blood. Does cholesterol have any effect on you guys? I mean they say you are what you eat does that still apply for Vampires" The silence after my slight ramble is almost funny. I take a quick glance around and honestly if Pauls mouth was any wider I could drive a Mack truck in there.

I can't help it and I burst into laughter that is made all the worst when I see the incredulous look on Paul and Markos faces. Dwayne still manages to look stoic even now and David well he has a rather peculiar look on his face.

Finally managing to bring my laughter to a more manageable level before stopping altogether and making eye contact with David.

"What's to stop me from killing you right this second" Davids voice while soft and calm certainly has a level of danger embedded in its tone that sends a very nice shiver down my spine.

"If you kill me now David in less than two weeks your brothers,your maker and your life will be at an end" I manage to say this all perfectly level and when Davids hand wraps around my throat and he slams me back against the couch back. I have to wonder at my sanity for a second because I should be terrified and yet I'm not ( a little turned on yes but not afraid).

"And why would that be exactly?" his voice is a sibilant hiss as his vampire features begin to bleed across his face. The eyes are the thing I notice most the colours are strangely compelling.

" I have a deal for you David" I say as I push against his hand until he either has to choke me or back off, he backs off barely until moving inhumanly fast he is seated in his chair again and looking as though nothing had happened at all.

"What would this deal be exactly?" his voice is carefully controlled now and the others have moved closer boxing me in again almost.

"You and your boys and affiliates keep me alive for two weeks and I shall endeavour to keep everyone you love alive and kicking in a manner of speaking. Since you don't know me I shall tell you some information about events that will happen in the next two days and if they come true close enough to what I say you agree to my deal."

I say all this while looking him directly in the eyes and hope I don't screw this up.

"Keep you alive,you say?" David has that sly tone in his voice again. Seriously freaking hot ass vampire wants to play word games with me.

"Yes alive David meaning the human version not being a half or vampire I need to be human for this to work out. So no exsanguination,no dismemberment,no strangulation,no blunt force trauma. These ones are just for you pal"I say as I point at David "no messing with my food,no mind games,no blood wine in pretty gold bottles, no suffocation and any and all other possible ways of killing the frail mortal" I say listing of ways they may try to kill me some of them grin and even laugh a little as I go along at the end even David and Dwayne have a small chuckle at my list.

"That's a pretty extensive list of ways to die and some extremely specific items listed mind explaining for me how you seem to know so much" David says as he leans back in his chair.

"I'll tell you the information I promised for the next two days and then once you agree to my deal I might share. Girls gotta keep an ace up her sleeve now and then" I am still trying to relax and keep everything running smoothly.

Watching Davids face for cues is like trying to read rocks almost. A quirk of an eyebrow or the twitch of his lips is about as good as it gets( I'd hate to play poker with him or Dwayne seriously).

"Hmm for now that'll do but I'm not exactly known for my patience kitty Kat" and suddenly he is behind me purring in my ear and I'm trying my best not to blush as his lips brush against my ear.

Stupid attractive vampire,settle your hormones girl this is no time to lose your head seriously.

Taking a deep breath and thanking every deity known to me I centre myself and manage to concentrate enough to start speaking in coherent sentences.

"first of all where is the oh so precious star and the little dude Laddie?" I ask making sure that the traitorous bitch isn't around, not sure I'd be able to stop myself from smacking her head in.

Davids head tilts at the disdain in my voice when I sneer Stars name I can see he wants to ask questions but I just give him a direct gaze.

"Asleep in one of the back rooms she annoyed me earlier" he says shrugging his shoulders and Marko and Paul both laugh.

"well good, tomorrow night I assume she will be allowed out again" I ask and he nods his head, damn that man has pretty eyes.

"Tomorrow there is a concert with some very sweaty guy playing a sax and Star" I practically sneer her name damn I might need to work on that. " will pick up a brown haired blue eyed stalker named Michael Emerson. A new arrival in town from Phoenix,normally not a problem and I'd say bon appetit but his mother is a woman who you will see earlier in the evening in Maxs store she peaks his interest and unfortunately for you puts a kibosh on making the kid dinner" I say as I cross my arms and damn I am getting all fired up.

"Oh and the clincher so you know I'm not making it up I'll tell Dwayne something that Paul will say while in the video store and I shall tell him who tomorrows dinner will be and when you come back here after we'll see if I get to live another day. But if I am right both days remember our deal two weeks of staying alive, do you agree David?" I quickly think through everything I have laid out looking for loop holes of points or events that I have missed.

David and the boys all share a look and for a split second I think I've bombed it and I'm gonna die in the next few seconds. Then David smirks and nods.

"we've got a deal although I am curious"and suddenly I am being pulled into a very firm chest and staring into oh so pretty blue eyes.

"Why only two weeks" his whispers in my ear his hand tracing over my jaw causing my breath to stutter in my chest making him smirk against my skin.

Next thing I know I am once again boxed in by four insanely hot vampires and someone my money is on Paul is groping my Ass.

Markos Jacket catches my eye distracting me from planting my elbow in Pauls gut and I see that Cheshire grin before he has a handful of my hair and is pulling it backwards,exposing my neck.

Now most people in this situation would be scared but here is where things get tricky see I'm submissive as hell in one place and one place only and that is the bedroom.

Tugging my hair and being a little bit rough is totally going to ring my bell so to speak and one sharp tug and my body goes from controlled too turned on in an instant.

Releasing a sharp breath and a tiny whimper that I'm guessing is at first taken for fear before a few things seem to register with them all at once.

Like the fact that my eyes are dark and dilated and of course being vampires the fact that I am aroused is picked up pretty damn fast.

Have I mentioned those damnable smirks they all have well I am still not sure whether I'm grateful or not but the moment is broken by the gypsy bitch herself flouncing out of the back rooms with laddie.

The guys all move away David nipping my ear and the barest whisper of it not being over has me shivering and moving on legs that are a little unsteady to the lounge. Where a blanket and pillow have suddenly appeared and everyone seems to be bunkering down for the Day.

Taking stock as everything descends into silence. I did apparently make a deal that will hopefully save the lives of blood thirsty (totally hot) Vampires. I almost had what could have been an epic lust fest with said vampires.

So I have a plan. I know the players. Do I want Max to live hmm that's interesting dilemma. Michael is a sook and Star is whiny bitch if Max is no more those problems disappear.

I don't think Lucy would be a good Vampire really so some points of this will need the boys help I think if David can convince people that they are eating Maggots and worms, then maybe theoretically he can possibly convince the Emersons and Frogs that the deaths still occur as they are supposed to but no one actually dies.

I'm too tired to plan any more time for sleep.

The next night I am woken up by Paul Jumping around and making enough racket for a small army I'm sure.

I am not the kind of person who functions well when I first wake up and I am planning an epic homicide of a blonde rocker vampire if he does not tone down the noise level until I manage to fire up my brain.

Seeing David smirking at me in amusement as I move my hair off my face I give him a glare which seems to amuse him even more.

"Don't you have something to tell Dwayne, before we leave" His voice is lightly mocking I yawn before waving him to leave the cave smirking at me David, Marko and Paul with the gypsy bitch and Laddie all head up the stairs.

Waiting a few moments I blink blearily up at the stoic Dwayne who is kneeling in front of me when he got there I couldn't tell ya.

" well kitty Kat" his sensual voice says damn that mans voice should be illegal.

Oh wait right concentrate.

" Paul will say when inside the video store that you all only go in there to watch one thing,this is aimed at Maria the clerk" Seeing him nod his head I impart my next pearl of wisdom.

"The meal for the evening is Greg and Shelly the couple you all got in an argument with last night and as a further clincher they will have a heap of comics that they stole in the car you all snatch them from" I say trying not to get distracted by the total hottie in front of me which is harder than you'd think cause I mean damn he is oh so fine.

Felling fingers and hands on my thighs suddenly I look down before shooting my eyes up to look at him and he has a smirk on his face of course he does.

Tugging my hips forward on the couch I find myself in a lip lock with a very very talented hottie.

Oh boy I'm in trouble here,hello brain disengage still mortal need to breathe.

When he pulls away finally a smirk on his face and his eyes flashing gold at me I just kind of stare cause Wow.

"we shall bring you something to eat if your not going to be dinner he says as he stands up and walks to the exit of the cave.

Damn those vampires and them having to have the last word.

Well in a vampire lair unsupervised for the evening what to do, what to do.

Suddenly an evil smirk is on my face and I take the totally juvenile approach and short sheet Stars bed and I may or may not put some sand at the bottom of the bed.

My petty urges satisfied for now I help myself to one of Dwaynes books and settle in to read a little bit of Dracula and trust me the irony is not lost on me.

A few hours later the total cacophony that is the Lost boys returning startles me from reading and a slight bit of nervousness erupts in me what if they don't play fair or fate decides to be a bitch.

(hello Raccoon shirt)

Once I manage to corral my raging emotions into a semblance of calm,I look up and meet the eyes of David squarely.

"Dwayne,what did the Kitty Kat tell you before we left for the evening?" David asks tilting his head towards Dwayne who moves closer to the lounge.

I see out the corner of my eye Marko is herding Star into one of the back rooms again Laddie as well.

"Everything she said would happen or be said was exactly as she told me and you" Dwayne said as he handed me a carton of Chinese food. I glance at the box realising that I am actually starving.

I throw delicacy out the window as I pretty much plough through my food raising a finger and pointing at David as I see him move from the corner of my eye.

"No messing with my food remember" I say shaking my finger at him and returning my attention to my food.

The others including Marko who has returned laugh at the slightly dejected look David has as he sits in his chair.

Once I have satisfied my hunger and thanked Dwayne who hands me a bottle of water.

I turn to David and ask the question that will determine my fate.

"So want to know tomorrows events. I can only assume that you have your marching orders from dear old Max" I say as I lean back on the couch where I realise that Marko has joined me sitting on one side and Dwayne on the other.

"Indeed he has" David says his tone dry before he motions with his hand to continue.

I quickly run through the events that happen tomorrow night looking for key points that will be easy to pick up.

"So much of tomorrow is subjective but I can tell you that the Jacket he was wearing tomorrow will be replaced with a leather one and Star will find him at the piercing booth they will talk a bit. I'll tell Dwayne that bit tomorrow just to keep it fair" I say with a sideways look at the vampire who is not even wearing his leather Jacket I just notice.

Oh hello tawny bare skin!

Wait impatient vampire in front of you pay attention, Blushing a little I swing my eyes back to David seeing he has an amused smirk on his face.

Taking a deep breath its only when I hear the jingle from Pauls bracelets that I realise he is perched behind me on the back of the couch and it dawns on me I am wearing a low cut shirt the total perv is looking down my top.

"You challenge the annoying little wannabe to a race after asserting your dominance over Star and try your little Hudson Bluff stunt with him getting much more interesting results. I'll tell Dwayne another bit and do you need to know any more or will that be enough?"

I ask him trying to ignore that Paul has started running his hands through my hair and that Marko and Dwayne are closer than they were before.

"hmm I think a few more details. This is for your life after all" Davids voice is suddenly closer like right in front of me.

Shit when did he get so close,sneaky freaking vampires.

"He drinks from the bottle after you mess with his food- Maggots and worms is what you make him see. Is that enough David" ok your voice is shaking a little but who can blame you I mean Davids hands are tracing your lips and Marko is holding one arm down and Dwayne the other and Paul has your hair wrapped around his fist and when the fuck did that happen.

"For now" David says before he kisses me and I mean damn these vampires and screw supernatural powers like flying these guys have kisses that steal all reason.

Pretty soon I'm struggling not to beg someone any of them really to ease the ache that is building inside me.

Business before pleasure I try to counsel myself but its really freaking hard I mean come on totally hot Vampires kissing over every inch of exposed skin,oh God that was teeth! Scraping against my neck and someone hands are cupping my breasts and yep its Paul the perv.

David is easing back slowly thankfully they all are lets hear it for the modicum of self control I still possess, Yay me!.

"Sleep well Kitty Kat" David says smirking as with a flip of his trench coat he's gone the others smirk at me as they leave the room as well.

Great I think to myself as I flop back on my makeshift bed at this point I am going to die from UST god-damn sexy ass vampires! I mumble under my breath hearing the boys laugh from their sleep area I groan and bury my head in the pillow.

Being horny and in fear of ones life is a weird combination let me tell you and it leads to the sort of dreams that have you panting and thinking about going to confession if your so inclined thankfully I shall deal with my sinful mind like most people and deny! deny !deny! Cause no way am I having fantasies/dreams of having a total throw down with four undead vampires nope nuh uh no way.

Oh who the hell am I kidding I totally am and I so would.

The next night my wake up is fairly pleasant in that its quieter and this is because the only ones in the cave are Marko and Dwayne.

The others have already headed up top, I tell Dwayne about David saying Michael doesn't have to beat him just keep up and about Michael Punching David across the face.

Once he has the info he and Marko seem to communicate with a look before I suddenly find myself pressed between the two Dwayne at my back and Marko in front of me.

Marko has me pressed against Dwayne and after he nips my bottom lip I gasp and give him the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth.

Meanwhile Dwayne is whispering in my ear and let me tell you that boy has a deliciously filthy mouth and I feel a rush of heat pool in my belly and then suddenly I am bereft on the couch and they are smirking at me from the cave entrance.

Fuck! I really need some kind of relief soon or I won't be able to think straight.

Should have listed no seducing me to my death onto my list of NO,No's.

Knowing I need to calm down a bit I explore the cave and find a underground pool with a shallow shelf running along it trailing my hand into the water I feel its warm and somehow its fresh water too.

Taking of my clothes and sinking into the water I just relax and try to organise my thoughts I must lose track of time because I am a bit startled when Marko pops up with that mischievous smile on his face.

"Been in here long" he smirks as he asks.

"Must have been, sorry I was feeling a bit grungy" I say smiling and trying not to blush at the fact that I am naked and my clothes are way over there.

"No worries" his smirk is devilish and I can tell he is just waiting for me to get out of the water managing to ball up my courage and try and act as though I get dressed in front of people all the time. I flick my hair back over my shoulder and sway my way out of the water grabbing my clothes and shimmying into them as quickly as possible.

Once I had my shirt on and was heading out to the main part of the cave, I suddenly find myself face pressed against the rock wall and Marko pressing his quite impressive erection against my ass.

"You have no idea how fucking hot you are do you?" He asks as he nips my ear lobe his hands tilting my hips back towards him and grinding against me a little. I am damn near panting and can't come up with a coherent reply so settle for shaking my head.

"Hey bro what's taking so long" Pauls voice breaks into our moment and Marko gives a low growl that frankly has me needing another dip in the water to cool the hell off.

"Naughty Marko playing with the Kitty Kat" Paul says as he pulls Marko away and I swear the hotness factor just went up Jesus Christ.

Paul is kissing Marko and its no tame kiss oh my internal temperature is approaching dangerous levels and I am gaping at the two of them.

They finally separate and Paul is tugging both of us back into the main Lobby area and I manage to compose myself enough to see that Michael is twirling in circles drunk of the blood/wine and David and Dwayne are both speaking quietly until they get a good look at me and then both of them smirk.

Smug ass vampires I mean really.

It suddenly occurs to me that I find out if I live tonight, As David starts leading Michael from the Cave to go to the train tracks Dwayne heads my way and Marko and Paul both kiss my cheek before grinning at the dazed look that is on my face and heading out of the cave.

"Well Kitten,looks like your off the menu for a while" Dwaynes voice is a sensual thrill as he has managed to duck behind me and whisper in my ear while I've been distracted watching Paul and Marko leave the area.

"We'll be back soon and your food is on the couch" Dwaynes kisses my cheek before he is gone as well.

Leaving me in the Cave with the Gypsy ingrate and the cute little kid.

Have I mentioned yet that I hate that Bitch! Doing my best to ignore her I move to the couch and realise once again that I am starving I really need to remember to eat more. Thankfully someone has left a carton of rice and beef and black bean for me along with two large bottles of water.

Once I am almost uncomfortably full I turn my focus onto the other occupant of the room and I gather from the sour look on her face that she has been trying to get my attention for a while.

"Can I help you?" I ask as politely as I can I wonder if the boys would be mad if I strangle her with her stupid belt.

"you shouldn't be here its dangerous" Star says as she glares at me trying to scare me into leaving why am I not surprised.

"hmm I think I shall just dub thee stupid and be done, please don't speak to me your voice is irritating" I say as I almost crack up laughing as the cow becomes offended and retreats to her bed.

Leaving me in blissful silence, I resume reading the book from yesterday until I hear the boys laughing and making fun of Michael as they enter the cave.

David is smirking as he walks towards his chair and I am following his progress while trying not to be obvious about it. But since they are vampires its pretty much a given that I'm busted and judging by the smug smirk on his face he is enjoying the attention.

"So Kitty Kat, you get your deal. You couldn't tell me he was going to hit me" David says and almost manages to sound as though that truly upsets him.

"Nope it had to be something memorable. So for the next two weeks I don't need to stress about dying day to day" I ask just to clarify that we are on the same page.

"a deals a deal and I'm a man of my word after all" David says as he motions for me to come to him. Now I'm not sure about this action at all. Still better then pissing off the vampire leader, so I get up and move towards him gasping a little when he suddenly pulls me onto his lap.

"um David ?" I start to talk when I am pretty sure the words vanish into mush the second his hands slide up either side of my rib cage and his teeth nip my ear lobe.

"something you wanted to say kitty Kat" his voice is full of all kinds of dark promises that are firing my blood up until my pulse is hammering in my throat.

Suddenly The other three boys are around us and my haze of lust is broken leaving me truthfully a bit shaken and a lot turned on. He barely even touched me, why oh why did I not include no seduction on my list. If this keeps up all this UST I am gonna lose my shit and not in a way that makes anybody happy.

Huffing a little and glaring at the Vampires who I swear are attempting to turn me into a raging nympho I head over to the couch and wrap myself in my blanket and endeavour to ignore everything around me.