Fate of the free

Hey everyone, sorry for such a long wait I've had some medical issues to deal with. This is the end of this story as I don't want to leave it unfinished. I will have some alternate ending one shots that will give different options but they will not ever eventuate into other stories they were just drabbles and random ideas I came up with while trying to finish this story.

Chapter 6

Wandering along the board walk, I reflect over the past few weeks. Saving the boys and making sure no one but Max dies. I can't help but feel a certain sense of pride for that action. Things have been good since the other night. I have only got 2 days left out of my original deal with David and the boys. I know that David is planning something after all he is the boss now and he keeps getting that smug smirk on his face when he looks at me( I totally see it even if he thinks he is being sneaky!).

Memo to self get some sunglasses cause the fricken sunlight is murder on my eyes today.

Lucy's dad and David had their meet and greet and it didn't take much for grandpa to convince Lucy and the rest to move. Especially considering that the house was trashed. The gentlemans agreement is for the boys to not go after the Emersons and co and be more discrete in their feeding.

Bearing that in mind I talked David into using some of the money that Max had stashed to buy and open a blood bank. After all I know what the future will be like and how good scientific measures are going to get and it'd be better for the boys to get ahead of the game now while they can.

As I'm wandering along absorbed in my own thoughts, I almost face plant when a group of surf Nazi dumb asses bump into me.

Me, being me I just can't keep my mouth shut.

"hey watch it ass holes!" I say as I recover my balance looking up to see a group of five of the idiots.

(I've said it before and I'll say it again Fate hates me!).

"hm how about you watch it, tell ya what you can make it up to me by being my company for our bonfire tonight." Says the douche with a seriously bad hair day happening.

"and if I say no"I ask mentally berating myself. Why the fuck can't I go one day without pissing someone who is more dangerous than me off !( this guys not even good to look at, unlike the boys).

The group of guys all laugh( you know those nature documentaries with the hyenas and shit, well it sounds a bit like that I'm terribly tempted to ask if they are in anyway related. But then I realise that's an insult to hyenas).

"well then things might get... unpleasant for you" bad hair dude says as I start trying to edge myself out of the bad body odour huddle I seem to be in.

"hm well ok then, when and where?big boy" Now this may seem like a cop out but seriously there are five of them and one of me! I am tired as hell I mean seriously I've been tired all damn day and being surrounded by these idiots is not helping my mood.

"You know where Hudson bluff is? Bad hair asks me.

I nod my head as can feel a sudden cramping begin to happen in my belly, trying not to show that I am in pain in front of these asswipes.

"Meet us on the south side of the bluff on the beach, once the sun sets" after saying that they all turn and walk away not without a few pushes and shoves of course.

Once they are gone I manage to drag myself over to a bench and sit down taking deep breaths and trying to breathe through what feels like freaking period cramps from Hell. Isn't that just what I fucking need. To be about to begin a menstrual cycle surrounded by homicidal vamps!.

Oh yeah, this just keeps getting better each day.

Once the pain has faded and I manage to haul my tired ass up and over to a vendor selling sunglasses. I finish my business plant those suckers on my face and begin to make my way to the cave.

Making it back to the cave just as the hoots and hollers of the boys begins to sound. I lean against the wall near the stairs for a minute and rest my eyes. I'm starting to feel better now that the suns gone.

" How are you feeling today Kitty Kat?" Davids voice breaks into my thoughts as I slowly blink open my eyes looking at him from under my lashes.

Doing my best to glare him into non existence doesn't seem to be working for me.

"pretty sure my brains been trying to bleed out my ears for most of the day and the sun seems to have a major hate on for me and oh yeah surf Nazi ass holes decided that today would be a perfect day to try and push me around" I growl out.

Wait! Since when do I growl?.

David ass that he is merely quirks an eyebrow at me meanwhile the other boys are laughing it up behind him.

"by the way the surfer dudes seem to think they are now entitled to have a party on your side of the bluff. You can probably hear them from here" I say while trying to muster up the energy to move myself from the wall.

"do they now? Well that just won't do." David says as he reaches a hand out and grabs a hold of my hand tugging me against him. Looking up into his face I see various emotions flit through his eyes before a satisfied and smug grin settles on his face and I once again question about what he is planning.

"hm and what exactly were they hassling you about Kitty Kat?" David asks as he trails his glove covered fingers against my chin(making it very hard to think).

" They told me to attend to be company or things would be unpleasant for me" I say a embarrassingly breathy tone in my voice as I concentrate on not being a puddle of goo at Davids feet.

"hm well we wouldn't want to disappoint them now would we Kitty Kat?. You go along and we'll be sure to drop on in very soon" as David says this I can almost feel the excitement and blood lust rise in the boys as a palpable energy. Even more disturbing instead of being upset I feel a flash of excitement curl through my system. Followed by another flash of cramping in my abdomen causing me to gasp and almost fold in half. The only thing keeping me upright is the hold David and I think its Marko holding me as I breathe through it.

"alright there Kat?" David asks as I slowly straighten up.

"Yeah I'm alright" I brush it off ( I am so not discussing cramps with a cave full of vampires).

Looking like he doesn't believe a word I am saying David nods his head and tips his head towards the cave entrance and I head on out after giving a quick glance to the other boys who all give me a smirk or a wink.

Once I get to the top of the bluff I look down and see the bonfire on the beach and a feeling of hunger and excitement wells up in me again.

Really weird but lets get this show on the road, poor surf dudes normally I'd feel a little bit guilty that they are gonna be on the menu but truthfully I can't seem to muster up enough to even care a little bit.

As soon as the bad hair dude from earlier spots me he grabs me and pulls me against him and I know he is speaking but all I can hear and focus on is the fact that he is touching me and it feels so god-damn wrong!.

Before i have a chance to freak out a very welcome voice cuts over the noise.

"well, well, isn't this nice. A welcome home party just for us. Isn't it nice of them Boys? " Davids voice snaps me out of the haze I've dropped into and I see on the outskirts of the light a figure that can only be David with the other boys at his back.

I have almost an overwhelming urge to go to them and when I try the idiot beside me tugs my hand. Pulls me back and suddenly, I'm full of anger and tug my hand away from him.

Moving away throwing a sneer back at him.

Not even thinking twice I head towards David and the boys.

Once I get close enough one of the surf dudes reaches out and grabs a handful of my hair as I go to move past him not even thinking about it I throw my head back hearing the satisfying crunch as I break his nose. With a startled yell he throws me forward into David who catches me.

Burying my nose against Davids chest for a second I take a deep breath in and smell a sweet scent coming from behind me.

Not even thinking about it I find myself turned in Davids arms leaning forward.

"How are you feeling Kitty Kat ?" David purrs in my ear, I'm struggling to pay attention my senses seem heightened and it suddenly all seems to click together.

" David? " I ask as I dig my nails into his arms with the realisation flashing through me.

"hm yes?, kitty Kat" I can hear the smug victory in his voice and I can't even be mad at him.

"I'm Hungry!" my voice comes out a combination of a growl and a whine and I lean against Davids arms eyeing the surf dude who still has blood gushing down his face.

"hm well I guess its time to join the club then Kitten" as the words leave his mouth his arms release and I don't even think twice launching myself at the guy with the broken nose. Suddenly the night is full of screams and shouts of glee and the mockingly triumphant laughter of David.

Once the screams have quieted and I'm feeling pleasantly full. I lean back from my position of straddling the guy I just finished dining on. I use the corner of my shirt and wipe my face.

(take that racoon shirt!)

Marko suddenly appears next to me offering me his hand to help me up.

Giving him a small smile I get up and slowly turn to face David, who is still standing where I left him. The only one who has not got a drop of blood on him. I see the feral gleam in his eye as he looks at me and I quickly look down to see what state I'm in.

A hot mess probably covers it.

Getting control over my new senses I manage to ask a question that I desperately need to know.

"When?" I ask in a whisper knowing he can hear me.

"The night Max died, it only takes a sip Kitten. Once you fell asleep well it wasn't hard" I can literally hear the smugness in his voice stupid attractive vampire sneaky Ass.

"hm well that's certainly not what I was expecting" I manage as the urge to touch swells up inside me again judging by the amused look on the face of the boys I am guessing they can tell.

Suddenly I flash back to an earlier conversation and a fun idea occurs to me.

A sneaky smirk flashes on my face sharpening the boys attention on me.

"you remember the night you boys made Michael think you killed me and I said you'd love to hunt me down?" I ask as I subtly shift my body slightly away from the boys.

"yes" they all reply. I see dawning awareness as well as grins begin to flash on their faces.

"Catch me if you can boys" I say as I flash away on the beach laughing to myself as I go.

Hearing them begin to chase after me. I can't help feeling maybe fates not such a bitch after all.

The end!