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Italics - Thinking

Italics-Underlined - Flashbacks

Chapter 1 - Jack's Daring Escape

A nervous buzz filled the small apartment the Four Horsemen had been in when they first arrived. They were all moving in a slow pace, nervous to move, or to breathe. No one was speaking to anyone out of fear of the FBI showing up at their door, but in the early morning hours, a sudden stream of beeps from Henley Reeves's laptop broke the silence and everyone watched as Henley pulled up the alert, while the leader of the group known as J. Daniel Atlas took the cellphone he had managed to swipe from Dylan and crushed it underneath the weight of his shoe. "The Firewall's down!" Henley alerted. "Do they know about this?" "They who?" Danny questioned, walking over toward the nearest desk closest to him, as he began rummaging through the papers piled ontop of it. "They', 'them', whoever we're working for?" She replied while turning around in her seat to look at the rest of the group. "Who are we working for?" Merrit McKinney, the eldest of the group asked carrying a stack of papers in his hands. "And are we prepared to go to jail for them?" "Okay, Stop being paranoid." Danny assured them.

Jack Wilder, the yongest of the group managed to drag over a stack of papers himself, and in the midst of all the chaos noticed the card of death hidden below the stack, and he began to get a really bad vibe that something horrible was about to happen, even now as he heard Merrit replied, "It really does happen." "Yeah, it happened to you." Danny said with a hint of annoyance in his voice. "Doesn't mean it's gonna happen to us." The Horsemen were raced into a panic when Henley's laptop had signaled the chip that was in Dylan Rhode's phone had been discovered. Once the firewall was down, their location and other vital secrets became exposed to the FBI. The four had began scrambling around, trying to figure out what to do next.

"Listen guys, I don't know if I can do this alright? I mean, I don't want to go to jail you know?" Jack confessed as Danny turned to look at him. "Then don't screw up." Danny ordered. "You're always talking about wanting to be treated like an adult, now might be a good time to start acting like one." Danny's words hit Jack like a punch to the face and his features grew dark with anger, as Danny showed a pile of papers at his chest.

"I made a promise to my dying mother that I was going to stay out of trouble and I'm not gonna break that for some people we have never met." He said eying Danny as he got up in his leader's face but Danny reared back at Jack."Well then maybe your should have just stuck to acrobats and card tricks." "Danny stop it." Henley warned him. There was a small moment of silence between the group as they held their breath in antcipation awaiting for the FBI to come and bust them at any given moment. "Just stick to the plan." Danny said finally breaking the silence, while shoveling some valuables into a small duffle bag before zipping it up. "Stay here and burn it all." He said turning towards Jack.

"I don't know what I'm doing here." Merrit replied after a brief moment of silence as Jack started to get a fire going while everyone else gathered up the rest of the papers surrounding the appartment. "Well I don't know what you would do anywhere else." Danny replied obviously getting frustrated by the growing second that they could be caught. "I'm here for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." Merrit replied walking over with the last stack of papers and setting them on the table. "That's it. Then I'm gone." "You can do whatever you want when this is over Merrit,but until then, you stick to the plan." Henley replied as Danny walked over toward the nearest window, and spotted Dylan, Alma, and Agent Fuller. "Hey guys. Uh...They're here." Danny said turning to the others. "Okay, let's do it." Merrit said as he walked out with Henley and Danny, which left Jack alone with the remainder of the evidence.

As Jack sat by the fireplace burning the rest of the papers that were on the table, he became acutley aware of the FBI' and Dylan Rhode's prescence. He then thought back to the death card that was still on the nearby table and began to get a strange hollow feeling in his chest. Something was about to happen, but whatever it was he had no clue. Just then the sound of footsteps nearby alerted him as he immediatly went into hiding. He could hear Dylan and his partner enter the appartment as he hid high up out of sight near the cealing, he bided his time and waited for the right oppertunity to catch them off guard. As he watched Dylan snooping around, he carefully and steathly made his way down from the cealing, and spotted Agent Fuller. Figuring his partner would be more of an easy target, he decided to go after him first.

Following the agent carefully as he made his way into the kitchen of the appartment he waited until he heard a faint noise from his walkie-talkie, and as he spotted a nearby cloth on one of the pots, Jack made a grab for it and as quietly as he could be, snuck up behind Fuller and gagged him with it, just as he began to struggle and make noise. Then after nearly ripping his jacket off his shoulders, Jack dragged the helpess agent over toward the sink and turned on the garbage disposial which made Fuller freak out even more as Jack now knew that Dylan would be alerted to his presence. Well that didn't work out as nicely as I wanted it to. He thought trying to search for a second plan in his head.

Making a grab for Agent Fuller's belt, he managed to rip it off his body just as Dylan finally noticed Jack as he emerged into the room, with his gun raised at his head. "Freeze!" He yelled out. Using his quick like refelxes, Jack cracked Agent Fuller's belt tighly in his hands and whiped the gun out of Dylan's hand sending it flying into his partner's groin, as he let out a muffled gasp of pain. Think Jack think! He ordered himself over in his head as the fight continued into the next room. He was never one to act under pressure, but now that he was up against Dylan, Jack knew he had to think fast. Shoving Dylan against the fridge, Jack tried to make a getaway now just as Fuller, who had gotten free of the cloth that was gagging him called out, "Dylan!" "Hold on!" Dylan called back over his shoulder as Jack somersautled into the room he had previously been in. Keeping an eye on the fire, again he knew he had to act fast. Smart and fast.

Using every bit of stregth he could muster, he tried to shove the desk against Dylan, but surprisingly, he managed to dodge out of the way. Wrestling him to the ground now, Jack then in the midst of the scuffle grabbed ahold of Dylan's walkie-talkie. "Five is clear." He heard an officer relay. "Standing by for six." "We're all good at six." Jack ordered the police as he imitated Dylan's voice much to his shock and surprise. "Copy that." The officer replied over the walkie-talkie. "Going to seven."

Meanwhile Agent Fuller who had obviously heard the commotion over the loud humming noise from the garbage disposial called out frantically, "No, no, no, no, no. Go back!" With his partner screaming over the noise, Dylan realised he was still in trouble, and as the fight continued, Jack all the while had to keep himself from losing his cool as he couldn't help but think back to his father. "Come here!" Dylan ordered gruffly as Jack scrambled on the floor and noticed a pile of cards that had been strewn on the floor. "Alright, whoa, hold on, hold on!" Jack cried out turning to face him while holding his hands up momentarily in fake surrender, just as the cards mysteriously emerged into his hands just as Dylan looked at him. "Really?" He asked as though he had seen him do the same trick before. Jack nodded, "Yep." He replied as he strted throwing the cards in his hands as though they were ninja stars.

Dylan had finally had enough of Jack's tricks and managed to chase him out of the appartment just as his partner had finally managed to get free from the trap and followed them. As The fight continued into the streets of the city Jack managed to steal a car and drive away, just as Dylan and Agent Fuller managed to catch up to him. Onlookers on both sides of the bridge slowed and swerved to avoid being caught in the chase. Jack raced the car over the bride and kept focusing on keeping himself calm. Swerving very violently, Jack looked in the mirror to see them still hot on his tail as he swerved into the right lane and then back into the left, where in front was a big bus behind him. Dylan and his team tried to follow his trail before switching back when the bus suddenly transferred into the right lane.

Taking a few deep breaths to keep himself in check, Jack managed to take one last glance into the rear-view mirror one last time, just as he somehow managed to lose control of the car. Fearing for his life now as the car began to tumble and flip on the bridge, landing upside down, wrecked and destroyed. The car's underside began to catch fire, quickly spreading to the inside of the car and as the FBI now caught up with the damaged sight, they could only assume the worst now as Dylan ran forward and tried prying Jack out of the car, while Fuller warned him, "Step back," Just as a crackling noise was heard. Ditching his heroic act to save the young mgician, he only managed to grab a few papers that were hidden in the car, before rushing with Fuller away from the car, as they watched it go up into flames and smoke looking defeated.


"Hey mom, watch this!" Six year old Jack Wilder called out from the backyard to his mother. Wearing a top hat and a cape, he pulled a cart around from the back shed that had a hat, a magic wand, cards, and other assortments placed on top. "I hope your not going to try and cut your sister in half again." His mother Helena answered sternly as she looked up at her son from the romance novel she had been reading. "No way." Called Jack's twin sister Olivia wearing a purple and torqouise colored acrobatic outfit, with her long brown hair tied up in a ponytail. "We got something much cooler to show you."

Helena Wilder had been diagnosed with cancer two years ago when the twins were four. At first the doctor had told her that it was a minor tumor and that there was nothing too serious to worry about. They had done surgery on the tumor and quickly removed it but six month later, Helena had gotten much, much worse. Now it was a race against time to beat Helena's clock, which was ticking rather quickly."Okay ready?" Jack asked his mother. She nodded in response and although she had been in sever pain, she still held a smile on her face.

Jack grabbed the hat off the cart. "Now look inside this ordinary hat. It's empty, right?" He asked his mom, tilting it sideways so she could see. She peered inside and nodded. "Okay now Olivia, will you wave the magic wand over the hat." He asked his sister and in a very theatrical manner she did as her brother asked and waved the wand over the hat. "And now…" Jack reached inside the hat and pulled out a stuffed bunny. "Ta-da!" The twins called out theatrically and Helena laughed in delight."

How extraordinary! How did you do that" She asked. Jack and Olivia exchanged a mischievous look. "Magicians never reveal their secrets." They both replied in unison. Helena began laughing once again but her laughter suddenly and very quickly turned to coughing which thenturned to wheezing. The remainder of her health crashed onto the children as they rushed to her side, but she shooed them away. "I'm fine. I'm fine." She reassured them. "I'm going to be fine."


But she wasn't fine. Jack thought now as he opened his eyes to find himself surrounded by the rest of the Horseman. Mom died on us two weeks later, and that was the last time Olivia and I ever saw each other. "You okay kid?" Merrit asked placing a hand on Jack's shoulder as he nodded and slowly sat up. "Did it work?" He asked turning toward Danny. "If you mean about the fact that everyone thinks your dead because you tried to kill yourself, then yes it worked." He said narrowing his blue eyes toward Jack as Henley shot him an angry look. "Your lucky we were there to save you Jack, next time you might not be so lucky."

"Hey easy," She scoulded her leader. "You maybe the leader here Danny, but let's not forget that if it wasn't for Jack, we would've all been in jail right now." "Well, I told him not to screw up, and of course, what does he do? Screws the hell up!" "Hey! I did my best okay?" Jack replied angrily as he rose to his feet now despite Merrit's protest for him to stay down. "I managed to get Dylan off our backs alright? So don't you think I deserve a little credit for helping out?" Danny let out a low growl of annoyance and threw his hands up in frustration. "Alright fine." he replied saracstically. "So you managed to get Dyaln off our back for now. Good going Jack. There you wanted credit, there you go. Now let's move it, we're running out of time."

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