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Italics - Thinking

Italics-Underlined - Flashbacks

Previously on Wild Death - "I can't just leave you like this." Jack shook his head stubbornly as he pushed himself away from Danny again, but the moment he did so he lost his balance and the next thing Jack felt was a wave of sharp pain flodding through him as he fell to the floor. His vision grew dark as he heard a loud thud in his ears as loud as a gunshot. Then there was nothing else but a wave of darkness as he passed out with only the memories of his twin sister Olivia filling up inside his head.

Gather around! Gather around!" Jack called to the group of kids running past them. The children stopped running and turned to look at the twins curiously. "We are the Wilder twins, and we are the next great magicians." Olivia said as a group of kids began to gather around them staring at them in awe and admiration. Olivia smiled and gestured to her brother who reached into the pocket of his blue sweatshirt and pulled out one of the gleaming silver spoons he had swiped from the cafeteria, while keeping the other one nice and hidden from the eyes of the audience. There was no way they would be able to figure this trick out. It was to cool to figure out. "I have an ordianry spoon from the cafeteria," He anounced. "Check it out." Jack demonstrated as he held it up in front of the childern staring at them. "Now, pay very close attention." He said as he held the spoon up close to his face. "Cause I'm about to bend this spoon with my mind."

Jack concentrated and everyone watched in amazment as the metal spoon magically began to bend in Jack's hand while Olivia moved towards the group of shocked kids, playing up the shocked expression herself while asking many of them if they had any idea as to how her brother could do such a fantastic thing. An older kid next to her with black curly hair, square framed glasses and a sly smirk on his face slowly approached the two twins, who were bowing before the audience as Jack passed the spoon towards the crowd. "Thank you. Thank you. Pass that around."

The older kid pushed between the two and began grabbing at Jack. "Hey! What are you doing?" The kid then swiped the silver spoon from the pocket of Jack's blue sweatshirt, the one he had been keeping nice and hidden. "So looks like we got a snitch and a theif." The kid said holding up the two sppons in front of the other children. "Hey! Give that back!" Jack cried out angrily as the older kid shoved him to the ground. "Buzz off punk." He said as he threw down the two spoons beside Jack befor calling out, "Teacher! Teacher! We got a thief over here!" The twins both stared at each other with looks of worry on their faces. "Told you we were going to get caught." She said angrily to her brother as she helped him to his feet.

"Hello son." The man staring down at him said. "What do you say we go and pay our respects to your mother hmm?" Jack couldn't breathe, he couldn't think, all he could feel was the terror that was slowly running through his body even now as the man narrowed his eyes toward him, and replied, "Can't have a little Wilder family Reuinon without Aunt Lenora and little Olivia now can't we? Let's go and pay them a visit first? What do you say huh son?" Jack tried to open his mouth to reply but he was still to weak, and he couldn't find it within him to even make the attempt as the next sound he heard was a loud thump and he was suddenly shrouded in darkness realising he was placed inside the trunk of a car as it began to move.


Chapter 5 - Death's Grip

The rumbling from the engine of the car was enough to cause Jack hearing loss, not to mention the close confiments of the trunk was enough to send his anxiety skyrocketing. Although Jack never mentioned it to the other Horseman, close spaces was something he wasn't a huge fan of, that and heights to be exact were the only things he had been afraid of since childhood. The fumes from the car assaulted his senses and a deep cough shuddered through his body, pulling the air from his lungs and causing him to gasp as he fought to catch his breath. The pounding in his head grew and he could feel his anxiety level rising which left him panicking. Feeling around carefully in the darkness, he fumbled around and pulled out two things he always carried with him, one being the card of death and two was an old picture of his twin sister Olivia who he hadn't seen since they were both seven.

Carefully holding onto the two items, he closed his eyes and brushed across the picture of Olivia with his thumb. Wonder if this is going to be the last time Olivia and I will see each other for good. Jack thought as he opened his eyes again. Wouldn't be surprised if dad decided to kill us since he always used to blame us for mom's death. Putting the photo of his sister back into the pocket of his leather jacket, he now took a brief moment to stare at the card of death, as an earie uneasy feeling began to wash over him. Keep it together Jack. He chanted over and over silently to himself.

"You can't escape me Jack Wilder." There was that creepy voice again. Leave me alone. He thought trying to shake the meancing voice from his mind, but as Jack now looked at the death card again, this time he swore he saw something that made his heart stop in his chest and his breathing began to quicken in panick. It was a pair of glowing crimson colored eyes staring at him from the death card.

He felt the car rolling over a speed bump and gave out a cry as he felt his aching body hit the top of it and his vision began to waver as a wave of nausia began to fill up inside him. He closed his eyes again, and fought to keep himself from throwing up. He then drew in as deep of a breath as he could manage and began to wonder if Danny and the others would figure out what had happned to him. Would they find me in time before he decides to kill me? Jack thought shaking the thoughts from his head. This wasn't the time to be a scared little kid, this was the time to act and be strong, but then again what could he do? How could he find the strength within himself to stand up to his father?

He felt the car roll over a speed bump again, which this time, caused the top of his head to hit the hood of the trunk hard, and with a groan of pain for a moment he cussed silently at himself for sounding so weak. "Damn it." He murmured to himself as he fumbled around blindly in the darkness hoping for some form of a weapon he could use against his father, but his heart soon sank in his chest the moment he realised their wasn't anything to be found. "Great." Jack muttered sadly. "Now what the hell am I going to do?" The car suddenly came to a halt, and Jack now began to fear the worse. This is it. He thought as he began to hear footsteps approaching the trunk. I'm going to die. The trunk of the car opened and the last face Jack saw before he passed out from exaustion was his father.

"Please! Please Richard don't do this!" The sobbing pleading cries from his aunt Lenora was enough to rouse Jack as he let out a soft groan and opened his eyes to find his aunt Leonra strapped down to a chair, with her hands and feet tightly bound. Where's Olivia? Looking around nervously for a sign of his sister, he soon found her tightly bound to another chair beside his aunt, but something didn't seem right, Her head was hanging low in front of her as though she was unconcious. "Please Richard, I don't know what you want." Lenora's voice was soft and yet pleading as her eyes welled up with tears. "What happened with Helen wasn't your fault. She was terminally ill."

"Shut up!" Richard Wilder yelled causing Jack to flinch in fear. He had never seen his father so angry before, "It's your fault that I lost cotody of my daughter. You took her away from me!"

"I took Olivia from you to keep her safe from you." Lenora replied, this time her voice was no longer soft, but hard as a rock as she looked up at him. "After Helen died, you became obsessed with trying to bring her back, I couldn't let you risk harming the children so yes Rich, I took your daughter from you, and I should've taken Jack from you too."

A hard slap came from his father across his aunt's face nearly causing her whiplash as she groaned in pain, and all Jack could do was watch it all unfold. "Well now you know what I'm going to do?" Jack saw a glimmer of mischief in his father's eye, a crazed look that told him something wasn't right but given his current situation what could he do?

"I'm going to take away exactly what you took from me." Richard replied as Jack now watched him walk over toward the unconcious form of his sister, with a gleaming silver knife in his hand. With one hand he grabbed a fistful of Olivia's long brown hair and yanked her head back so that her neck was exposed.

"No!" Jack screamed out in terror. "I don't care what you do dad, but if your going to kill someone, then let it be me. Leave Olivia out of this." Richard seemed almost amuzed by his son's outburst of terror that he let go of Olivia's hair and her head dropped back down to it's original posistion.

"Interesting offer son." Richard replied, his voice soft and meancing that sent waves of fear down Jack's spine. "Have you given any thought as to how you want to die, or should I decide for you?"

Jack drew in a gulpful of air and braced himself as he saw the gleaming silver blade inch closer toward him, when he suddenly heard a noise he didn't expect to hear. It was the loud clatter of a chair falling that made his father stop and look up to see Lenora with a look of determination shimmering in her eyes. "Let them go Richard." She said soflty. "It's me you want, leave the children out of this. If you want someone to be your sacrifice then allow me."

Jack's eyes widdned in fear, as he watched his father now walking over toward his aunt still holding the blade in his hand. "No!" Jack cried out. "No Aunt Lenora no!"

"I love you Jack." Lenora whispered softly. "Take care of your sister." Tears flodded in Jack's eyes as he watched his aunt close her eyes before a sickening crunching sound was heard followed by a gasp of pain.

"No!" Jack cried out as he noticed a pool of blood beginning to appear on his aunt's stomach from the silver blade entering her body. "No! No!" Lenora's blue eyes which were once full of happiness and life as Jack had always remembered her to be had now become glassy and lifeless as she drew in her final breath before collapsing to the floor, with blood pumping out her out still body.

Jack suddenly began to feel numb. He couldn't believe what he had just seen. His own aunt who had loved him so much and was like a second mom to the twins was now gone from their lives, and now all they had to worry about was their father, and how to escape from his cruelity.

This can't be happening. He thought wearily as he took a final glance at his aunt's lifeless body, a strange sense of dread began to fill up within him. the same feeling he had felt so many times before since the passing of his mother, as a deep voice began to echo all around him. A voice only he could hear. "You can't escape me Jack Wilder. For I am alway watching you."

TOO BE CONTINUED...Poor Jack! Will he and his sister be able to escape their father's horrible cruelty? Or are they doomed to meet the same fate as their mother and aunt? Stay tuned to find out more! Hope you enjoyed reading and as always please review and I will bring more chapters soon!