A/N: So there is a story called 'A Not So Cold Drunken Marriage' written by Austin Ga Kill. It's about Jaune and Winter getting drunk and ending up getting married by accident.

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The sunset over the Kingdom of Vale is a beautiful sight and everyone takes a moment to admire it. Usually. Jaune Arc sighed as he slowly walked down the sidewalk, ignoring the beautiful sunset in front of him. These past few days weren't exactly the best.

On his right, he noticed a little tavern called Crow Bar. "Hm, I bet Yang would like it." He thought out loud. Feeling like he could use a drink, he walked in.

"Why good evening there lad!" The jolly bartender greeted him while polishing an empty glass. He had brown hair, a moustache, and had on a nice suit with a green bowtie. "What can I get for ya?" Jaune took a seat on a stool and pondered for a moment.

"I'm not sure," Jaune replied shrugging his shoulders. "What's the strongest thing you have?"

"That would be a little something called the nigrum ex. Heck, it's the strongest drink in all of Remnant."

"I'll have one of those please." Jaune nodded.

"One nigrum ex coming right up." The bartender went to go make the drink, but paused when he saw someone be the entrance. "Ah, Miss Goodwitch!" He called out to the huntress that just entered. Jaune was slightly surprised to see Miss Goodwitch at a bar of all places. "Welcome back. How's Beacon?"

"The same as usual Mr. Bradford." Glynda sighed in response.

"So what can I do for you? The usual?" She nodded. "Alrighty, one nigrum ex coming right up." He left to go make the drinks. Glynda walked up and took a seat next to Jaune.

"Good evening Mister Arc." She acknowledged his presence.

"Miss Goodwitch." Jaune nodded back. "I-I'm kind of surprised to see you here."

"I visit here occasionally, but not often. Sometimes everything about being the deputy headmistress can be very stressful so I come here every now and then for a drink. What about you?"

"I was just wondering around Vale all day an-" Jaune responded but was interrupted by Brandon.

"Two nigrum exs!" The bartender shouted as the two drinks slid down the bar and stopped in front of the two blondes. They waved their hands in thanks and took the glasses in their hands. "My replacement arrived. I'm clocking out, have a good evening." He said as he walked away.

Jaune hesitated taking a sip. The drink looked like thick black tar. He looked over and saw Glynda drink half of her drink in one gulp so he assumed it was safe and took a sip himself. Despite its sludgy appearance it went down like water. It burned the back of his throat but in a good way, and it left a honey aftertaste is his mouth. A nice blend of bitter and sweet.

"So anyway," Jaune continued. "I was just walking around Vale, noticed this little place, and thought that I could use a drink myself. These past few days haven't been the best." He took another sip and sighed. "Ah, you don't need to hear about my little problems."

"Actually, please continue." Glynda insisted. Jaune raised an eyebrow. "In all my experience as a huntress, I can say that it's not good to keep your troubles boxed in. It's better to let it out, usually by talking to a friend. So please don't think of me as your professor, just think of me as a friend who is willing to listen."

"Uh… s-sure". Jaune said a moment later. He was honestly surprised to see this side of Glynda. Sure she had a reputation of being a cold hardass, and being half grimm shark, but he knew that deep down inside Miss Goodwitch cared for her students, from Pyrrha Nikos to Cardin Winchester. "Well it has to do with the joint team mission we had earlier this week."

"Hm, teams were paired up and sent on missions that would last for a day or two." Glynda recalled. "Your team was partnered with team RWBY and was assigned to the outskirts of the Emerald Forest to the north, correct?"

"Mmm hmm." Jaune mumbled mid sip. "We were sent to clear out a few Grimm dens. Uh, I won't go into detail, but long story short we encountered a lot more Grimm than we initially thought were there, and I made a lot of bad calls that got Ruby and Nora got badly hurt." His shoulders slumped.

"I can't seem to recall everything from the report from memory, I went through a lot of them, but I thought that Ruby and Nora were released only after a day in the infirmary with casts on their arms, so their injuries couldn't have been that sever."

"True, they weren't as bad when we got back. But that was only because before the bullheads arrived we poured what aura we had left into them to try and heal the wounds and bandaged them in a panic. We didn't know if they were going to make it at the time." Glynda grimaced and was about to respond but Jaune continued to speak.

"After we found out that they would be fine, every emotion that they were holding back was released on me. They were happy that Ruby and Nora would be fine, but they were angry at me. They said that the choices I made were obvious mistakes and I was a fool for not noticing them and almost getting Ruby and Nora killed."

"They were just letting their feelings get the better of them," Glynda said in a sternly, yet sympathetic voice that that spoke from experience. "In the time that it took you to explain it to me, you probably had ten or a hundred times more time to come up with a plan than you did in the field. Everything is always more simple and obvious in hindsight. When they were all emotional like that, they couldn't have been thinking clearly and said things they didn't mean."

"They also say that you're also more truthful when you're angry." Jaune countered. "I also tried to explain that I didn't have enough time to them, but they wouldn't listen. It wasn't just Ruby's team, my own team also criticized my decisions and my..." he paused to take a sip, "my ability to lead the team. I even heard my own partner mutter something about me being a hopeless fool." Glynda made a 'hmm' noise to show that she was still listening.

"So the next day, which is today, I figured that they didn't want me around so I left and spent most of my day wondering around Vale thinking about everything they said."

"And what have you come up with after all this time of thinking?" Glynda asked curiously after taking another sip of her drink.

"I've come to the conclusion that yes, they were right about most about what the said." Jaune said, causing Glynda to frown. "But I'm not going to let it bring me down, any more." That last part was barely above a whisper. "I'm going to take my flaws and I'm going to fix them. I'm going to prove them wrong. I don't know how yet, but I'm going to try."

"Jaune," Glynda said, "that reason right there is why I consider you are one of my best students."

"Your best student?" Jaune skeptically raised an eyebrow. "Miss Goodwitch-"

"Glynda." She interrupted as she took another sip and finished her drink. "Here, I'm not your professor. I'm your friend."

"Glynda," Jaune corrected after a moment. "I'm sorry but don't make me laugh. If we had a scoreboard in your class, I'd be at the bottom of it. Almost after every single match I had, I could see disappointment in your eyes when you looked at me." Glynda took a deep sigh.

"I will admit, I did look down upon on you on your combat skills…. at least for the first half of the first semester. " Glynda said. Jaune's eyes widened a little. "While you weren't the best fighter, you took my advice to heart. Just like you did now, you acknowledged that you had flaws and what they were. Unlike almost everyone else who would just shrugges it off as me bickering, you listened and used my advice to try to improve. You learned and adapted, and have improved greatly because of it. That's why I consider you my best student."

"I-...thank you Glynda. That means a lot to me." Jaune thanked. A small blush formed on his cheeks from the compliment, and from Jaune now noticing that the sun's ray reflecting off of Glynda seemed to make her glow with beauty.

"No problem Jaune. I'm always here if you need anything." Glynda said with a smile. "Excuse me, can I get another another nigrum ex please?" She called out to the new bartender.

"Same here too, please." Jaune called out after he finished his drink in one gulp. The bartender came over and took their glasses. After a few moment of silence Jaune spoke up. "So what about you?"

"Pardon?" She asked.

"We'll, we're both here because we're stressed out by our problems, right? You were kind enough to listen to mine, so it's only fair that I listen to yours. That's what friends do."

"Two nigrum exs!" The bartender called out. A second later, both drinks slid down the bar and stopped in front of the blonde pair. Glynda took her glass and nodded at Jaune.

"Let me tell you something," she paused to take a sip, "Ozpin is the head of the academy in name only. Everything else is all me."

Over the course of the evening and into the night, Jaune and Glynda continued to drink, talk to each other, share stories, and laughed with each other. The bartender didn't pay attention to their conversation, he knew it wasn't his business. After a few hours, he went into the back room and came back to the front to see that the two hunters left.

They racked up quite a tab and seemed more than tipsy when he last saw them, but he trusted that they knew their limit and knew what they were doing.

Besides, they're hunters, people who dedicate their live fighting monsters. What's the worst that can happen?

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