Hey guys. So, it's been a year since the last chapter was posted and…

You know what, I'm just going to play it straight and get right to the point: A Drunken Arcwitch Marriage is canceled. This isn't something you all deserve nor is it something I want to do, especially with how I promised to see this through to the end, but I'm afraid it's finally come to this.

Why A Drunken Arcwitch Marriage is canceled is because of a few reasons, but it all boils down to time and will to write it.

I'm sure a lot of you who follow my other fics have noticed that the time between chapters has increased over the years. That's because many other things have become more important and took priority for me. I just don't have as much time to write as I once did.

On top of that, I just don't know how to keep this story good. I've had problems keeping the quality of the story up and keeping it to the standards and expectations I've set up. I've rewritten and scraped what I write so many times, the latest chapter so many times that I gave up and decided to take a break and come back to it when I had a clear idea of how/what I wanted to do. But after a few months of nothing, I just quietly and slowly slipped away, I gave up and it left my mind.

But, if I gave up on it, then what is this?

Well, after a friend brought it up, I figured that leaving this story to catch dust, like many other fics do, is kind of a bummer. So I decided that if I'm not going to write it anymore, at the very least I can give a summary of what I was planning on doing and where this would have gone. You guys deserve that at least.

Before we get the summary, I'm including 1k words of the next chapter that survived the many times I've scrapped and rewritten the chapter.

Glynda stayed back and watched Team JNPR fight the Grimm. Other than a few that came her way, she didn't intervene in the fight. There was no need to.

"Pomegrenade, to the left!" Jaune shouted. Pyrrha then used her semblance to shoot Nora up into the air, who then used gravity to add power to her hammer swing to utterly crush an approaching Ursa Major, an abnormally large one to be precise. The bigger threat was gone, but that move left Jaune's flank vulnerable, which the Grimm capitalized on

"Leapfrog, on me!" Jaune shouted again. Ren surged forward and cut down the lead Grimm. Jaune then quickly moved in front of him and cut down the next Grimm. Ren then jumped forward again, and the pattern continued until that pack was dead.

Single and two worded commands and a direction was all that was needed to initiate complex maneuvers to inflict maximum damage on their enemies. Executing those attacks could not have been easy and definitely looked like they required a lot of practice to pull off. It spoke volumes of the team's training and effort, of Jaune's training and effort.

Taking a moment to swing her crop behind her to blast a Grimm failing to sneak up on her, she thought back to initiation several months ago. She recalled her words to Ozpin about how she believed Jaune wasn't ready for that level of combat. Some of those thoughts still lingered, but they weren't as strong as they were then. Jaune still lacked some of the combat prowess his other peers had, but that was mostly against other students.

This was the first time she saw Jaune fight against the Grimm since their initiation. The difference between then and now was as clear as night and day. Where before Jaune struggled against a single Grimm, he now took multiple down in single strikes.

Glynda tried to watch the other students for her evaluation, but she kept getting drawn back to Jaune. He's come a long way since the semester started, much farther than many other students this year. She let a smile slip, she was proud of him.

Jaune pulled his sword out of the throat of a Grimm and watched its decomposing body slump to the ground. It was all quiet now, but they all carefully observed the area for any more Grimm. "I got nothing," Jaune called out.

"Everything's dead over here," Nora said.

"Nothing here," Pyrrha said.

"Clear here," Ren called out.

"That's all of them then- wait," Glynda's eyes followed Jaune's gaze to a thick shrubbery. It rustled and the others aimed their weapons towards it. Glynda kept her crop at a ready stance, ready to intervene if need be. However, curiosity made her start walking towards him.

"What is it?" She asked. Jaune stopped just before the shrubbery and flinch for a moment before thrusting his sword into it. There was a pained growl and suddenly Jaune was thrown back by an explosion. He was thrown right into Glynda and they fell over. She reactivity wrapped her arms around him as they fell onto her back.

"Jaune?" she looked down at him, and upon seeing his position, lightly blushed and let him go. "Are you ok?"

Jaune kneeled up and took a gasp of breath, not sure if it was from the shock from the sudden explosion that sent him flying or from the 'pillow' suffocation from a few moments ago. "I'm fine, just a little winded. Thank you," he looked down at her, and then immediately jumped off when he realized their position. "Sorry."

"It's ok," she accepted his hand and stood up.

"Are you two ok?" Pyrrha asked as she, Ren, and Nora jogged up to them.

"Yeah, we're fine," Jaune wiped some dirt off his pants.

"What happened? I swear I didn't use one of my grenades," Nora held her hands up.

"I know, it was… some kind of Grimm," Jaune explained. That raised a few eyebrows. "It was a Creep, but it was different. I only saw it for a moment but it looked like part of its hide was glowing, or something. And then when I stabbed it, it just exploded."

"Could it have been dust that could have glowed through its skin and then combust when your sword made contact?" Ren hypothesized.

"Unlikely," Glynda said. "Grimm haven't been recorded to eat dust, most just ignore it. However, there are some accounts and recordings of older Grimm found in mines chucking clumps of dust at huntsmen or hiding behind large dust deposits to lure huntsmen into traps."

"Well, maybe it's an elder Grimm? They do change and adapt the longer they're alive, right?" Pyrrha suggested with a shrug of her shoulders, not entirely sure herself.

"Nothing of the sort has ever been seen, plus immediate combustion is not an effective evolution." Glynda cupped her chin. "But then again, new Grimm and Grimm forms do pop up from time to time."

"Then I say investigating this new Grimm is a top priority. Any objections?" Jaune said looking his team over. They all shook their head 'no', and Jaune looked back at Glynda for a moment. She could tell he was looking for feedback so she gave him a small nod. "Alright, let's get the bullhead back, and then we do a low fly sweep near the down to make sure it's clear for now. Sound good?"

No one objected as Glynda called the pilot.

And that's the end of what stayed. Now for the summary of what was to be.

The rest of the Merlot Arc:

After that, they head to Liebling Perle and check-in for the night. Beacon accommodated hotel rooms. JNPR get their own 2-bedroom. Glynda gets the last available room: the honeymoon suite. Glynda's not sure if Ozpin had a hand in that or not.

Glynda JNPR spent the next few days clearing out Grimm around the town. They have more encounters with the mutated green Grimm. They keep it to themselves to not scare the town but they do prioritize their mystery as the biggest concern. At the end of each day, they all got together to try and put the pieces of the mystery together. NPR doesn't seem to notice that Jaune and Glynda stay longer after they leave.

It's obvious that both are trying to start a conversation about what they are. It's something both want to confront and figure out but are too nervous to bring up. At one moment, Jaune tries to dodge the conversation by offering to put something away in the closet… only for the 'closet' to be a storage room full of erotic outfits and mostly femdom oriented toys to spice up a honeymoon. Jaune's dreams become haunted because of that.

After several days, Jaune ends up getting separated while on a patrol and comes across some of the mutated Grimm in a cage. He's ambushed before he can call for help. It didn't take long for NPR and Glynda to notice his disappearance, but hours of searching yielded nothing. They all are worried, but none more than Glynda. Then, Jaune's emergency beacon activates. They rush over only to be confronted by Adam Taurus holding Jaune's scroll.

Nora quickly puts 2&2 together and attacks before he gets 3 words out. Adam wasn't alone and all hell breaks loose. Glynda focuses on Adam, it takes her a little bit to realize that he's on the defensive despite having the numbers advantage. The fight drags to a standstill, NPR and Glynda are surrounded but far from beaten. In the pause, Adam offers them a deal: he'll give them Jaune's location if they take down Dr. Merlot, the man behind the mutated Grimm.

This creates a lot of confusion and raises questions, but to put it simply: Adam's not an idiot, he knows that using weaponized Grimm is a disaster waiting to happen but wasn't in a position, and still isn't, to say no. But, the appearance of a huntsmen team, including the famous Glynda Goodwitch, changed that. Adam gives them a location and suggests they hurry, Merlot was talking about experimentation on people, starting with a huntsman.

Elsewhere, RWBY and Oobleck's mission in MT Glenn turned out to be a boring one. Other than the occasional group of Grimm, there was nothing. That was until they see some old security mechs on patrol. Interesting…

Jaune awakens restrained by robots as Dr. Merlot introduces himself. He breaks free, but here Merlot is actually also a huntsman and beats Jaune down with no effort. There's exposition about what Merlot wants to do (IE do what he's doing to the Grimm to people and Jaune is test #1), and he has Jaune locked up since the test isn't ready.

Jaune's cell is reinforced with hard light dust barriers, all he can do is mope in his cell. His thoughts turn to his family, friends, and then Glynda, who ends up occupying most of his mind. Suddenly, the room starts vibrating and the hard light shields start flickering. It's just enough for him to break out. He soon finds his weapons and his fighting Merlot's robots on his way out.

Meanwhile, Glynda and NPR sneak onto the island on a ship. They stealth for as long as they can before assaulting full force, determined to rescue their teammate/husband. Glynda actually encourages extra collateral damage (which happens to include some generators) until they enter the facility. Merlot's robots and mutated Grimm get torn to shreds, no match for vengeful fueled huntsmen.

One of the main doors open and Nora swings her hammer but stops just in time when she realizes it's Jaune. The happy reunion is short-lived as a hard light shield activates, separating Jaune and Glynda from NPR, followed by neurotoxin flooding the room forcing them to retreat. Once safe from the gas, Glynda tries explaining what's happening before pulling him into a hug, Jaune gracefully returns it before they set to regroup with NPR and find an exit.

They run into Merlot. He is able to match Glynda 1v1, Jaune tries to help but Merlot releases mutated Grimm. The Grimm are easily dispatched, but Merlot manages to trap and pin Jaune. He's helpless as Merlot takes down and makes several lethal blows on Glynda and tosses her aside.

An alarm and announcement of an approaching bullhead makes Merlot leave. Jaune manages to break free and rush to Glynda. She's unconscious and bleeding badly. Jaune doesn't know what to do, he breaks down crying as he holds her tight, pleading for her not to die. At this, Jaune unlocks his semblance, and despite initial confusion is able to heal her wounds relatively quickly. She wakes up, slightly disorientated from the blood loss but is ok. Tears still flowing, Jaune kisses her. Glynda doesn't do anything to stop it and leans in. "I… I'm just glad you're ok."

Jaune helps her walk through the facility but they encounter no resistance. They eventually hear and head towards the sounds of battle, finding NPR, RWBY, and Dr. Oobleck fighting Merlot and mutated giant Deathstalkers. They're not sure what to do in their current state but then Glynda has a though: was Jaune's semblance healing or aura amplification? A quick test shows it's the former. Glynda takes her time before using her telekinesis, enhanced by Jaune, to create a literal small mountain of debris and crush the Grimm. After the initial shock, the rest takedown and are about to arrest the wounded Merlot, but he kills himself with a suicide vest, activating the place's self destruct mechanism.

They manage to escape on RWBY and Oobleck's bullhead just in time. They converse on what just happened, but Glynda closes her eyes and leans against Jaune. They all just assume she's still disorientated from blood loss.

They return to Liebling Perle, and all Grimm sightings are now non-existent. Glynda fully recovers the day after and they take the day off celebrating and relaxing. Ren and Nora get a little closer, Pyrrha hangs out with RWBY and chats with Oscar on her scroll, Oobleck investigates more into Merlot. Jaune and Glynda join in with them all, no one notices that they are a little closer together than usual. When they're alone, Jaune and Glynda have a heart to heart conversation about what happened, what they are… what they feel…

Come sun-down, they slip away to Glynda's room. They can't recall who initiated it, but they start kissing and soon clothes are tossed to the side. They have a passionate night. That night is memorable because for once, instead of them getting together because of some kind of drunken shenanigans, they got together of their own free will, because they wanted to… well, that and because they found out Jaune has a short fuse and he almost died of embarrassment and Glynda only 'saved' him after saying this just means they can do more rounds.

The next morning, they all board an airship and leave. Nora and Oobleck are the only ones who notice how Jaune and Glynda are looking at one another.

In Love:

The following series of chapters were going to be similar in structure to the rest of the story in a slice of life kind of way, but the main difference will be that Jaune and Glynda are not tip-toeing around their emotions anymore.

They're in love and aren't afraid to show it in private (lots of sweet and spicy nsfw moments). In addition to all the sex they're now having, Jaune and Glynda also grow closer together. They go on 'dates' and spend as much time together as they can without arousing suspicion. They find that they have a lot more in common and have similar interests than they initially thought.

Pyrrha and Ren notice that Jaune is spending more and more time away from them (not enough to where he's outright ignoring or neglecting them, but still). They believe his excuses (extra training and whatnot) but can't help but feel there's something more going on. However, they don't push further despite the want to.

Nora knows the truth and becomes someone Jaune can talk to in private for advice and general talk. She teases Jaune about it in private, but Nora eventually lets it slip that she's trying to get advice for herself. Jaune helps and soon Nora finds the fortitude to finally confess her love for Ren.

Glynda also receives teasing from her colleaguesc in private, but it's mild teases at best and it's not as bad as she thought. Ozpin points out that Glynda has been noticeably happier as of late, and it's pretty obvious to them why. In truth, they're happy Glynda seems to have found someone. Port is actually envious, wishing he spent as much time with his late wife as they are instead of chasing glory in his youth.

Overall, everything is looking good. The Arcwitch couple are happily in love and barely anyone knows, and those that do are supportive and swear secrecy. Nothing can go wrong.

The Truth Is Out:

It goes wrong.

Throughout the last 2 story arcs, there would have been a few segments about Sky and Velvet. After going through the binder (that no longer had the 'fun' time photos), they... didn't really know what to think. Were they actually married, and if so how and why? Was it an elaborate prank? Was there blackmail involved? They didn't know but assumed something was up.

They tried investigating further but didn't really find anything until they stalked them on their 'dates'. Even then, the two of them were confused as hell, but seeing as how their relationship was consensual and genuine they decided to stop their investigation into it.

Now, I don't remember the specific details (those got deleted), but they weren't as careful as they thought, and it's implied that they let it slip verbally when they thought they were alone when they actually weren't.

One weekend, Jaune wakes up one day and on his way to the cafeteria, Port quickly pulls him aside. He doesn't know how, but the whole school knows of him and Glynda. Jaune thinks it's a joke until Nora calls him then and there to tell him that the cafeteria is gossiping about him and Glynda. Jaune pales and starts freaking out.

He rushed to Glynda's office. He encounters some people along the way. Some tease him about the news and Jaune does his best to play it cool while internally freaking out. Close to her office, he runs into Velvet and Sky. They want to avoid him but eventually confess that this whole situation is their fault. Jaune yells angrily and tears them a new one, only stopping when his throat starts hurting.

Jaune finally makes it to her office in the middle of the day. To say Glynda was distressed is an understatement. She is on the verge of tears. Jaune figures she heard about the rumors too, but she tells him it's much worse.

Thanks to social media, the rumors spread like wildfire across Beacon. The foreign students are now talking about it, and it wouldn't be long before news stations pick up on this story as well... Jaune pales as he realizes what this means. He would most likely be fine later on, in an 'oh you fucked the hot teacher, nice, lucky bastard' kind of way. But Glynda… a teacher having sex with her student... it's a full-blown scandal and she'd be forced to lose her job at Beacon, and gods help her in trying to find employment elsewhere.

Her life was over. There is little Jaune could do to help but let Glynda cry into his shoulder.

This would have been followed by another chapter showing the POV of several people through Beacon. RWBY are mixed on the matter, Nora gets questioned by Ren and Pyrrha and spills the beans, Sky and Velvet feel like shit, and there were going to be several other pov's. Ozpin reads through the rumors and occasionally glances at a security camera of Glynda's office, he hates seeing them like this. He plans to make a public statement condemning the rumors as an individual's attempt to discredit Beacon before the festival. But, someone beats him to the punch.

Meanwhile, it's evening now and Jaune has not left Glynda's side and she has seemed to have calmed down a bit, but she's still greatly distraught for good reason. She has no idea what she's going to do now, and Jaune vows that he'll be with her no matter what happens. Nora barges in, interrupting the moment and their kiss, and shows them a trending recording.

It's of Sky and Velvet. They come open about their relationship together and explain that they're coming open about it because of what happened. They kept it a secret because of their teams' rivalry, and when someone discovered a rumor about them, they managed to hijack them when they were still small and change the names to Jaune and Glynda. They thought the rumors would then die quickly but they exploded, and they decided to come clean so Jaune and Glynda don't face undeserved punishment. They're sorry for what happened.

Jaune and Glynda are left speechless. Nora explains that it was put up hours ago and the rumors have pretty much died. Any talk about them is now how people were stupid enough to think the two of them could be a couple in the first place because 1: Jaune is Jaune, and 2: There's no way Glynda would ever lower herself to such low standards and date a student, or Jaune for that matter. Jaune and Glynda take a slight offence to that but in the end don't care. They're just happy it didn't get worse and that their secret is safe. Nora leaves so Jaune and Glynda can have a moment together.

On the way back, Jaune runs into CRDL and CFVY, minus Sky and Velvet. It's more than obvious the 2 teams beat the shit out of each other earlier. They've come to an agreement: They still hate each other's guts, but they'll keep Sky and Velvet out of it.

When Jaune gets back, he decides to come clean and tell the rest of his team everything about his marriage with Glynda. They try to act surprised but let it slip that they already knew, Nora apologizes and accepts whatever punishment Jaune deems necessary. Pyrrha and Ren still aren't sure how long it will take for them to fully accept it this revelation, but they have their leader and friend's back.

After this point, the following chapters would have been a bunch of time-skips of the Arcwitch's life. For convenience's sake, I'll just focus on the main bunch.

Pyrrha and Oscar:

While some/most people were hoping or expecting Pyrrha to be heartbroken like she was in other drunken marriage fics, I wanted Pyrrha to be happy with someone. Oscar seemed like a good choice to me because a champion eventually retiring to a simple farmer's life is just a wholesome idea to me.

During their 3rd year at Beacon, they all head to Mistral for the Vytal tournament. Beacon takes home first place, but during the night of celebration, Pyrrha goes MIA. Fearing the worst, they all spread out to find her. Nora eventually calls that she found her and they all regroup. They arrive at a farm and find Nora and an aunt looking over Pyrrha and Oscar. Their clothes are ruffled like they hastily put them on, there's hay in their hair and clothes, and they're blushing like hell while not being able to look at anyone.

Oh gee, I wonder what they were doing when they were caught.

While everyone is happy Pyrrha is ok and that she and Oscar are officially a thing, Pyrrha dreads the teasing that's soon to come.

Meeting Glynda's Parents:

Glynda met Jaune's dad (and his mom something later), so it's only fair that Jaune finally meets Glynda's parents. Jaune's nervous but Glynda tells him not to worry. But her hopes are dashed moments after meeting them when her father shows off his new weapon: a shotgun the mecha shifts into a shovel.

The meeting over dinner goes as well as when Sun meets Blake's parents in volume 4. The only exception is that her father and Jaune have a private conversation. Turns out most of his 'I don't like you' gig was just to test him. He actually likes the lad and thanks him for making his daughter happy. He also shows him his X-Ray and Vav collection and the two fanboy for hours.

Expulsion and Some News:

Velvet and Sky are sitting in front of Glynda's desk with their teammates behind them, Jaune is in the back working as her secretary. CRDL and CFVY debate with Glynda but her word is final: Velvet has to be suspended. Part of her final evaluation involves physical tests against Grimm, and sending a pregnant woman to fight Grimm is just wrong. She did manage to pull some strings and will allow Velvet to come back later to complete those tests on her own to graduate.

They leave satisfied. Jaune notes how odd it is seeing them now compared to how Beacon starts but then asks why Glynda didn't ask him to leave for that conversation. Well, Glynda says she has… similar news she needs to discuss with him - she says as she drags his hand to her stomach. Jaune reacts how you would expect: He's excited but also scared, and so is Glynda, but they'll make it work.

This would lead to a chapter jumping through several moments throughout Glynda's pregnancy with Jaune by her side, other's comments/reactions, and how they kept Jaune being the father hidden from the others.

The day finally comes when Glynda goes into labor. Jaune is waiting outside the hospital room while she gives birth. Qrow, who was there recovering from injuries, runs into him. Jaune is more nervous than he's ever been before, doubting how well of a dad he can be. Qrow is reminded of how Taiyang was years ago and has a heart to heart with Jaune about this. Jaune is eventually called into the room to see his healthy baby boy. Qrow goes to leave but doubles back to sneak a peak in.

Glynda looks exhausted and the baby is kinda cute, but Qrow focuses on Jaune, specifically on how he looks at and holds his son. It brings Qrow back to when Yang and Ruby were firstborn. He has no doubt Jaune will be an excellent father.

Family Life:

The rest of the story would have consisted of chapters showing different points in the Arcwitch couple's lives with their children. I'll briefly go over a few of the main moments:

1: Glynda arrives home after a long day at work. As she enters, she puts the scene together: Jaune and their son built a pillow fort and lined up nerf guns to ambush her, but then nap time came. Smiling, she uses her semblance to clean everything up before carrying them both upstairs. She cuddles up with them on their bed happily.

2: Glynda gets pregnant again and they now have a daughter. When they get home, their 2-year-old son cries because he thinks being a 'big brother' means he's being replaced and thrown out. It takes a little bit before he realizes what being a big brother actually means. They ask where he got such a silly idea, and he says it was from a bird that turns into a man. Glynda buys a cat and trains it to hunt birds, specifically crows.

3: The Arcwitch family goes for a walk on a hiking trail. They turn their backs for a second and their kids disappear. Glynda's freaking while Jaune tries to keep them calm as they look for them. Then they hear their children scream, followed by the roars of Grimm. After a really close call, they show the Grimm why you don't fuck with the Arctiwch family. The kids become interested in becoming huntsmen after that.

It Didn't Have To Be:

This is one I'm still not sure about keeping in the canon story but I'll give you guys the rundown anyway.

It would have started out as something wholesome, an end to a day celebrating Vale's version of the 4th of July. Jaune and Glynda invited several friends and family up for a barbeque. There's a moment when they watch Jaune and Glynda, Sky and Velvet, and Pyrrha and Oscar's kids having fun and playing with each other (there would have been other's kids there but I can't remember who).

Near the end of the event, when most of everyone left, Jaune and Glynda overhear Jaune's parents mention something quietly. When questioned what was said, they do everything to change the subject, which only makes the Arcwitch couple more curious.

The parents eventually caved in and said they lied to them.

When Jaune first called about keeping a promise made while intoxicated, his dad lied. The Arc Vow is something that only applies if you mean it and are sober, obviously. At the time, he just said so and used the tale of him drunkenly promising marriage to help teach Jaune a lesson about drinking too much. They didn't know what actually happened until days later when the wedding binder came in. He then went to visit them to see how it was going and then tell the truth, but… it's been so long that they don't remember the reasoning, but they decided to wait for a 'right time' to tell them. But as time went on and they got happier together, telling them the truth just became less and less of a good idea.

They leave and the Arcwitch couple's mood sours. Since day one, they could have gotten a legal divorce and just be done with it all. They could have avoided all of the hassle and awkwardness. But then they think for a little bit about what they have. They really do love the life they have now, they love each other and they love their children. But… this life came to them because of a lie. Those thoughts continue with them until they retire to bed.

One of them finally asks, "If we knew everything back then that we do know, would you try and call it off?"

Silence. "... no, I don't think I would."

"... neither would I.

Like Father Like Son:

Pyrrha and Oscar visited the Arcwitch couple, taking the time to catch up while their kids celebrated their graduation from Beacon together. Suddenly, the Arcwitch's daughter barges in while dragging her older brother and Pyrrha and Oscar's daughter. There's some important news they need to hear.

They start to reluctantly and embarrassingly explain how the celebration got a little out of hand, Professor Branwen supplied them with alcohol, and- the Arcwitch daughter then raises her brother's and Pyrrha and Oscar's daughter's hands, revealing wedding rings before pulling out the wedding certificate.

The stunned silence lingers for a while before Jaune collapses on the ground from laughing so hard.


I wanted to include an epilogue to show something not many think about/take into consideration when parring Jaune and Glynda.

Jaune and Glynda live long lives. But, an unfortunate reality is that the only constant in life is death. Jaune and Glynda will one day die of old age. And with one of them being significantly older than the other…

Jaune goes over these thoughts in his head as he attends to Glynda's grave planting flowers. In his mid 90's, he now has lived 1 year longer than Glynda has. He talks to her grave whenever he visits, telling her about what is happening with his life and their family. He deeply misses her every day. And although he can't wait, he's patient to see her again (Vol 6 did confirm the afterlife is real after all.)

And that's a wrap.

You know, I always thought A Drunken Arcwitch Marriage would be a small little thing, a passion project, and yet here it is as the 32nd most followed and 41st most favorited story out of 28k rwby fanfics. I honestly feel bad because I'm letting so many people down by not being able to finish this, but at the same time I'm happy that I was able to make something that many people enjoyed.

I'm sorry I'm not able to finish this, but thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed this while it lasted and I hope you all have a pleasant day.