My Demons Demon

My Demons Demon
Yes, I'm a NaLu fan, but I also quite like NaMi. Lucy won't be in a relationship, but anyone else is fair game. (But no creepy ships like LucyxMakarov. Also, no Natsu and Mira won't cheat on each other.) I meant to put the latest chapter of Dragon in Alfiem, but the file won't post, so I'll post this until I sort it out.

"You know, we never get to look at the stars and cuddle anymore." A man murmured. The woman next to him propped herself up on her elbows. "You're right, all we get to do is make eye contact with each other in the guild, and ask favours." The man looped an arm around the woman's shoulders, pulling her close to his side. She rested her head on his chest. "Here's a crazy thought." His voice rumbled. "Oh?" "I'm thinking of dying my hair." The woman lifts her head, making eye contact. "Really? But your hair color is so pretty..." "Not my whole head." He chuckled. "Just some strips." "Well you've certainly caught my attention. What color?" "Well, I was thinking of my true form, E.N.D, where my hair is Crimson, and black would look good with that. It would also make my current salmon hair stand out more. I know how much you love it, Mirajane Dragneel."

The woman, now identified as Mira, laughed lightly. "You know me too well." She placed a light kiss on his cheek. "I do like the idea. Either way, it's getting late, Lissana and Elfman will be expecting me home by now." Natsu nodded. "Yep. Good thing Happy is on a job with Carla and Wendy for a whole week. Goodnight." Mira smiled. "Goodnight."


The next day in the Guild Hall, two woman approached Natsu. One with blonde hair, the other with white. "Natsu,' they both spoke at the same time, "I... I love you! What." The glared at each other. "I know him better." "I'm on his team." "I raised Happy with him." "I've saved his life before." "How about we settle this the traditional Fairy Tail way." Natsu tried to interject. "Do I get a say i-" "ANYONE WHO LIKES NATSU, COME WITH US. WHOEVER WINS GETS HIM."


Three people stood in a training arena behind the guild. Those people were Lucy Heartfilia, Lissana Strauss, and Mirajane Dragneel, though no one knew of her and Natsu's marriage. "Mira? Why are you here?" "Well, you said anyone, so here I am." Lucy blinked. Of all the people in the guild, Mirajane was close to the bottom of the list of people she thought to have a crush on Natsu. Lissana moved closer to Lucy. "Big sis is probably stronger than both of us, but if you use your spirits and we strike at the same time, we might have a chance. Then we can duke it out." Lucy nodded.

Makarov started the countdown. "The three way match between Lucy, Lissana, and Mirajane will now begin! 3...2...1, FIGHT!" Sighing, he murmered to himself. "Though I can't exactly say I condone it."

Lucy grabbed two of her keys. "Open, gate of the Twins. Gemini! Open, gate of the Lion. Loke!" Lissana used one of her take overs. "Take Over, Animal Soul, Tiger!" Now donning cat ears, a tail, and paws which hid deadly claws, she rushed towards her sister, as Lucy initiated an attack of her own. "Survey the Heavens, Open the Heavens...
All the stars, far and wide...
Show me thy appearance...
With such shine.
Oh Tetrabiblos...
I am the ruler of the stars...
Aspect become complete...
Open thy malevolent gate.
Oh 88 Stars of the heaven...
Urano Metria!"

Loke also rushed forwards, a Regulus Impact prepared. "Lissana, do you really want to hurt me?" Mira gazed sadly at her little sister, and Lissana faltered. Lucy and Loke however, did not. Two of the three attacks connected, and Mira went flying into a wall.

Natsu growled. "That's it!" He hopped over the wall. "Did you know Dragon Slayers have three stages of Dragon Force? The first is simply Dragon Force." With a burst of flame, one of his Dragon forces activated. (His etherion Dragon force.) "the second is Dragon Rage!" Another burst of flame, and another Dragon Force activated. (His flames of rebuke dragon force.) "and finally, Dragon Exctintion!" (His natural Dragon Force, the one he used against Mard Geer.)

"Since I was raised by a Fire Dragon King, I have one more form! Dragafacation." One more burst of flame, and Natsu's left arm was replaced with a Dragons Talon. On his back, two Dragon wings were visible. "Mira, should I show them my True form?" "No, Natsu, that should be enough." She shakily rouse to her feet, holding one arm close to her side.

Gajeel left into the arena then, as well. He pulled a tuft of hair away from Mira's neck, revealing a red Dragon tattoo. "I thought so. Salamander, that's enough!" He then helped Mira stand. "Natsu, let's just go back to the guild and forget this." Lucy and Lissana interjected. "But we aren't done yet!" "Yes, we are! You didn't bother to ask me, and I love MiraJane. I've mated with her already." Natsu undid the Dragafacation, but left his Dragon Forces. "Mated?" Gildarts enquired.

"He did it with her." Gajeel responded.

"Yes, and we got married, you can call me MiraJane Dragneel now. I'll be moving into Natsu's house as well." Lissana got watery eyed. "What? Mira, please tell me this is a joke! This can't be true!" "Sorry Lissana." Natsu spoke before Mira could. "It's right here in the red." He pointed at the now visible mark on Mira's neck. Lucy smiled. "Oh, so it is just a joke then, the Dragon isn't finished."

"What?" Natsu looked closer at the mark. "Oh, oops." He then kissed the mark, and all the girls in the guild blushed. Stepping back, the mark was revealed to have been completed, a Ying Yang symbol over its head, a scroll in one claw, and a sword in the other. A clock was in the middle. "Salamander, you know?" "Yes, I know Creation Dragon Slayer Magic. It's thanks to my true form, which I won't be showing you guys right as of now."

"Now," Mira said. "I'll be moving into Natsu's. See you all later!"

Here is a new story, that would just fit if Natsu knew he was E.N.D and secretly was married to Mira.