After a long break I decided to try and do stories again,the short one that I posted yesterday being the example! This one was on my mind of whether or not to actually do,but I decided too anyway! So I hope you Enjoy!

Contestant:Words = shouting

Contestant:(Words…) = Thoughts

By the way I do not own Total Drama as it belongs to Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch while Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.

And again,I hope you Enjoy











(Camera opens up on a dock with the sun rising in the background which then a Man Wearing a gray plaid shirt and Light brown khakis gets in front of)

Chris:Yo! Were coming at you live at camp wawanakwa,Somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario,And I'm your host Chris McLean,Dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television…Right now!

(Camera changes to show Chris walking down the dock)

Chris:Here's the deal,22 Campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here at this crummy old summer camp,they'll compete in challenges against eachother,Then have to face the judgement of there fellow campers.

(The camera zooms in on Chris as he continues)

Chris:Every three days,One team will either win a reward or watch one of there team members walk down the dock of shame.

(The camera zooms out as a picture of a dock appears)

Chris:…Take a ride on the loser boat,and leave Total Drama Island,For good!

(The camera then changes to a bonfire where Chris appears)

Chris:There fate will be decided here,at the dramatic campfire ceremonies,where each week all but one camper will receive a marshmallow.

(While he's talking the camera changes to show him walking to get a stick with a marshmallow on it which he then eats)

Chris:In the end only one will be left standing,and will be rewarded with cheesy tabloid fame,and a small fortune which lets face it,they'll probably blow in a week!

Chris:To Survive They'll have to battle….

(Camera changes to a bunch of flies and an angry Grizzly bear.)

Chris:…Black flies,Grizzly bears…

(Camera changes to something on a plate)

Chris:..Disgusting camp food…

Food?:Hey now…

(Camera changes back to Chris on the dock)

Chris:..And each other.

(Camera changes to a birds nest with a camera in it,which then changes to a totem pole with a camera on it)

Chris:Every moment will be Caught on one of the hundreds of camera's situated all over the camp.

(Camera changes back to Chris on the dock once again)

Chris:Oh and did I mention that these aren't just your normal campers? Because these Campers are VERY special!

Chris:Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out here right now on…


(As Chris was saying it the camera then starts to zooms out and closes up)

(As the intro music starts playing cameras start appearing out of random places,then the camera starts zooming past Chris,and zooms past Ukraine who trips and falls Dropping some stuff,and the camera goes up the cliff and falls into the water)

Dear mom and dad, I'm doing fine
You guys are on my mind

(The camera shows America Swimming with a grin on his face)

You asked me what I wanted to be
And now I think the answer is plain to see

(The camera then Shows a tied up and Scared Russia with a Yandere Belarus who trys to kiss him,but both ends up being splashed in the face thanks to America)

I want to be famous (The camera then Switches to the woods where Austria is playing his piano…until he is smacked in the face with a fish,to which the animals start attacking him as he runs away,the camera the shows Prussia laughing at Austria's misfortune,but is then scared one he sees Hungary with her frying pan looking at him angrily)

I want to live close to the sun

(The Camera then Switches up to a river,In which France and England are both fighting before falling down the river)

Well, pack your bags cause I've already won.

(The camera then shows Switzerland Drawing Liechtenstein something on the Tree bridge branch, near the river where France and England are Falling,Switzerland then gives Liechtenstein his drawing and pushes her out of the way as he get's hit by Poland on a tree vine)

Everything to prove nothing in my way

(Poland and Switzerland then hit the confessional booth, Which is were Lithuania comes out of worried as the Camera zooms in on the outside of the messhall)

I'll get there one day
(Then Camera then shows Chef wearing earmuffs with an angry look on his face,to which he then tapes Sealand's mouth shut)
Cause I want to be famous

(It then shows Germany drinking and Japan eating something as Italy then Appears to give them a hug,which Germany found annoying. It then Zooms out of the messhall,to the beach where Spain and Romano are helping Belgium put some stuff away)

Nanana'nanaana nana nana

(The camera to goes to the water again as we see a pelican with a plastic wrap on it's neck, a fish swimming upward,but is then eaten by a shark who drops back into the Ocean,and Said pelican being pulled in by a octopus tentacle)

I want to be, I want to be; I want to be famous

(The camera then shows China on the dock doing a dance while Greece who is also on the dock,is sleeping)

I want to be, I want to be, I want to be famous

(the camera then moves up to sun which then turns into the moon,which then the camera moves down to see Canada as Kumajiro Pops up in front of him)

[Whistle's to theme]

(All The Characters whistle around the bonfire as the camera zooms to show the words TOTAL,DRAMA,ISLAND as the camera closes up)

(The camera opens back up to Chris on the dock)

Chris:Welcome back to Total Drama Island!

(The Camera zooms back in on Chris)

Chris:Alright it's time to meet our first eleven campers,Remember when I said that they were special….These campers are the representation of various famous Countries!

(A horn sound is heard in the distance)

Chris:Speaking of countries….Our first country is…Italy!

(A man with short brown hair and brown eyes, with a curl on the left side of his head and wearing a blue WWII military uniform steps off the boat)

Chris:Welcome Italy!

Italy:Nice-a to meet ya! Say do have any pretty girls?


Italy:Oh…Do you have any pasta-



Chris:Go and wait at the end of the dock until everyone has arrived.

Italy:Can do!~

(Italy skips over to the end of the dock)

Chris:…..Okay,our next camper is Romano!

( a man with green eyes,brown hair with a curl similar to italy's but darker,an olive complexion,and wearing a uniform steps onto the dock)

Chris:Welcome Roma-

Romano:Where the F*ck am i?!

Chris:Cool it down,Kids might be watching!



(Romano Then tackles Italy and start's attacking him…I think)

Romano:Idiot-a! where are we you Buttcrotch!


(Chris walks over to Italy and Romano)

Chris:As much as I love this,can you please stop attacking him?

Romano:And why should I-a listen to you!?

(Chris then points to the cabins where Chef Hatchet is Cracking his Knuckles)


Chris:Good! Now where was i…..Oh yeah! The next camper is…Germany!

(A tall, muscular man, with sleek blond hair ,blue eyes wearing either a green Wehrmacht, or a Waffen-SS officers' uniform with a Iron Cross on the collar walks on the dock.)

Germany: Guten Tag,Im Germany-


(Italy runs up to Germany and starts hugging him)


(Germany pats Italy's Head)

Germany:(sighs) It's alright Italy…

Chris:Alright,Our Next contestant is-

(A man with short blond hair, sky blue eyes Glasses and a tan uniform and a brown bomber jacket with a '50' on the back (for the fifty states) Appears on the dock looking like he ate a lot of sugar.)


Chris:-America and….

(A slender man With messy, short blond hair and lime-green eyes wearing a green uniform smacks America over the head.)

England:you're being too loud you ninny!

America:Ow,that hurt Britain!

Chris:England….would you two mind heading over to the end of the dock and wait until everyone is here?

England:Not at all,Come on America.

(England drags America to the end of the dock)

England:So you're here too huh?

Germany:Yes,as it seems…

England:W-Wait a minute does that mean that-

?:Bonjour Everyone!~

(A man with blond hair and blue eyes, and Wearing a blue Uniform Says while getting off onto the dock)

Chris:Welcome to total drama island France!


England:So You got signed up for this too ugly Frog!?

France:Why Yes,and the only thing that's Ugly is Your Uniform!

England:Take that back you stupid jerk-face!

(The camera then pans to Chris Smiling)

Chris:I honestly can't wait for this game to start…Now our next camper is….

(Chris starts shivering)


( A man with a long, heavy tan coat, Brown pants, Grey gloves, and a long tan scarf walks on the dock smiling happily)

Russia:Do you want to be one with Mother Russia,Da?

Chris:N-No I'm G-Going to Need Y-You to stand with the O-Others…..


(Russia walks over to the other nations)

Russia:Nice to see you guys,Da!

America:Oh Great,The Commie's here….

Russia:What was that America?

America:I Said-

England:Nothing,He said Nothing!


(Russia Walks Away.)

America:Why'd you do that Iggy!? I was about to show him what!

England:You'd really don't want to get Russia REALLY mad…

(Camera pans back over to Chris)

Chris:(Shivers)Creepy…Our next contestant is China!

(Another Man with dark hair tied back into a ponytail and wearing a green Chinese military uniform with a red armband with a white star on it Jumps onto the dock)

China: Nǐ hǎo,I'm China, Aru!

Chris:Good Day China! Please go stand over there with the other's!


(China Walks over to the end of the dock)

Russia:Hi China! Do you want to-


(Camera then goes back to Chris)

Chris:Our next Camper is…Huh?,I don't see anyone here…

?:I'm Right here…

Chris:Huh? Who said that!?

?:Me….I'm right here….

Chris:Huh?...Oh there you are Canada!

Canada:I've been here the whole time…

(Kumajiro pops up from nowhere)

Kumajiro:Who are you?

Canada:I'm Canada,You're owner,mr Kumamachi…

Chris:Our next camper is Austria!

(A person with violet eyes, a mole on his face,somewhat wavy brown hair,a wild strand,and wearing glasses, a long navy blue coat with a white jabot, and black pants, walks onto the dock peacefully)

Austria:Nice to meet you.

Germany:Oh? Austria,You're on this island too?

Austria:Why Yes I am…

(Austria then nervously shivers)

Austria:…W-Wait if you're here….D-Does that mean-


Chris:What the-!?

(A man with short, light-colored hair,red eyes,and wearing a deep blue (Prussian blue) military uniform, akin to a Luftwaffen Fliegerbluse with an Iron Cross on his tie Pushes Chris off the dock and into the water)

Prussia:West!? You're here too?

Germany:(sighs) Hello Bruder…


(Prussia then get's head on the Head by a Girl with long brown hair that is somewhat wavy at the ends and green eyes,Wearing a green military uniform and matching beret,and holding a frying pan in her hand)


(Hungary helps Chris up)

Chris:Thank you uhh….

(Chris get's out some Cards and starts going through them)


Hungary:No problem!

(Hungary Drags an Unconscious Prussia to the other side of the dock)

Chris:Our Next Contestant is-Woah!

(Chris Ducks his head just in time to avoid a bullet being shot at his head,to see A short young man with choppy blond hair in a chin-length bob cut,dark flatly-colored mint-green eyes,wearing a forest green jacket, with two small white crosses on the upper arm of the jacket,brown pants with and a white hat or beret pointing a rifle gun in his face)

Swtizerland:Who are you and Where Are we?!

Chris:I-I can explain! J-Just put your gun down…

(Just as Switzerland's about to get his rifle gun back out,a Young girl with blonde hair,in a chin-length bob cut like Switzerland,has a blue ribbon on the right side of her head,and wears a long sleeved dress tugs on his uniform)

Liechtenstein:Uh,Big Brother….


(Liechtenstein shows him a card)

Switzerland:…Oh…so this is the Vacation place?

(Chris Nods Terrified)

Switzerland:…Well…come on Liechtenstein.

(Switzerland walks to the end of the dock)

Liechtenstein:Sorry for my Big brother,he doesn't trust a lot of people.

(Liechtenstein then follows Switzerland to the end of the dock As Chris gets back up from the ground)

Chris:Jesus,what's going on today!? (Sighs) Our next contestant is….Japan!

(A short, slim man with blackhair, flatly-colored dark brown eyes, and wearing a white naval uniform with black and gold accents Steps on the Dock)

Japan:Hello I am Japan,I sense the mood and refrain from speaking.


(Italy runs over and hugs Japan)

Japan:I-Italy?! You're here?

Italy:Yep! And Germany's here too! C'mon let's see him right now!

(Italy walks Japan over to the end of the dock)

Chris:Alright! Our next Camper is…Hey! Are you awake?!

(The camera pans down to see a brown hair, green eyed man,with a brown jacket,brown pants,white t-shirt,and a white hat Sleeping on the dock)

Chris:Hey….Wake up!

(Chris kicks and end up waking up said man)

Greece:Why'd you do that? I was having a dream with a bunch of cute cat's and…

(Greece looks around his surroundings)


(Greece then gets up and starts walking toward the end of the dock,only to fall on the ground back asleep a few minutes later)

Chris:Ughhh…Ahem,Our next Camper is Belgium!

Belgium:Hello there Chris!

Chris:Well I must say You look Really Foxy-

Belgium:Don't Push It.

Chris:Yes Ma'am!

(Belgium walks to the end of the dock)

Belgium:Hi Romano

Romano:O-Oh H-hey B-Belgium!

(Romano backs away slowly as Belgium looks in Confusion)

Chris:Next up is….Wow!

(A woman that is tall and curvy,has very large breasts, has short blonde hair,teal eyes, and wears a long-sleeved white blouse and blue overalls appears on the dock)

Ukraine:Hello there Chris!


Ukraine:C-Chris? Are you okay?

(Ukraine snaps her fingers in front of Chris)

Chris:O-Oh! Welcome to camp Ukraine! Please go wait over there with the other's!


(Ukraine walks over to the end of the dock)

Chris:Wow...Ahem….Our Next Camper is….Sealand!


(A Young Boy wearing a white sailor shirt with a blue collar, has blond hair, blue eyes, and thick eyebrows much like England's skips onto the dock)






(Sealand then shows him a map of his Country)



Chris:…Man You're a REALLY small nation!


(Sealand then skips to the end of the dock)

Chris:Amazing that they'll let anyone be a nation….

England:Aren't you supposed to be home watching anime?!

Sealand:I'm a country too,Jerk Britain

(Camera then pans back to Chris)

Chris:Next is Spain!

(A man with somewhat curly brown hair, green eyes, lightly tanned skin, and wears a khaki-colored uniform with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows walks on the dock)

Spain:Hola Chris!

Chris:hey There Spain! Can you go and wait over there?


(Spain walks over to the end of the dock)

Romano:(Mutters) So the Spainard is here too…

Spain:Hola Belgium,Hola Romano!

Belgium:Hey Spain!

Romano:(Sighs) Hola Spainard….

(Camera then goes back to Chris)

Chris:Next up is Lithuania!

(A plain-faced young man with shoulder-length brown hair and green eyes,wearing a green military uniform with tall boots shakingly walks on the dock)

Chris:Sup dude!

Lithuania:H-H-Hello T-There…




(Russia goes over and gives a bone-crushing hug to Lithuania who is terrified)

Russia:I didn't expect you to be here!

Lithuania:I-I didn't expect y-you to be h-here either…

?:I bet you didn't Totally like expect here!

(a small, short young man,with straight, chin-length blond hair,green almond-shaped eyes,and WWII uniform is green with a matching cape, and tan boots,jumps down between Lithuania and Russia)

Russia:Poland Da,Do You also want a hug?

Poland:Nah! Like,Come on Lithuania,I got to tell you this Like Story!

(Poland grabs Lithuania and walks over to the end of the dock as Russia Smiles)

?:You Never Offered to give me a hug…

(Russia Starts Shivering as his Smile turns into a Frown…..Of fear)

Russia:Ah,S-S-So Y-Y-You're here too H-H-Huh?


(A long straight platinum blonde hair,dark blue eyes,and wearing a dark purple dress,but in a Straitjacket Lunges at Russia,but Chef holds her back)

Belarus:Marry Me, Marry Me, Marry Me, Marry Me, Marry Me, Marry Me…

Chris:…Belarus everyone?

(Russia backs up slowly as Belarus continues staring at him)

Chris:All right How Many is it Chef?

Chef:Hmm…..1,2,3,4,5,6…. 22 people!

Chris:Really,Yes! Now give me the Megaphone!

(Chef gives Chris a Megaphone)


(the sound of the megaphone causes some of the Nations to cover their ears in pain)

Sealand:This is worse than when Germany yells at a World Conference!

Chris:First Things First,we need a group picture for the promo's…. we need everyone on the dock!

(Camera changes to show a zoomed out Dock,With the Nations all making poses on it)

Chris:Okay one,two,three…..Oops,sorry forgot the lens cap!

(The Camera then goes Back to the Nations making pose on the dock once again)

Chris:Okay hold that pose! one,two-oh wait…Card's fault! Hang on…

Romano:Will you hurry the F*ck up Already!

Russia:Da,I agree!

Chris:Got it! Everyone say Wawanakwa!

(The Camera then goes Back to the Nations making pose on the dock one more time)


(The dock breaks and all of the nations fall through it as the camera changes to show pictures of the nations struggling in the water)

(The Camera changes Back to Chris on the Boat)

Chris:Alright Everyone! Dry up and meet me at the Campfire pit in ten!

(The Camera Closes up,but then Opens back up to Chris at a Bonfire in the daylight talking to the Nations as the camera zooms out)

Chris:This is Camp Wawanakwa, You're home for the next eight weeks!

Chris:The campers sitting around you will be your cabinmates,your competition,and maybe your friends, Ya dig?

(While Chris is talking the camera changes to show some of the nations,and in which Russia smiles at China as China Smiles back while backing away slowly)

America:Ya,So why are we having this speech?

Chris:Well you see,The Camper who manages to stay on Total,Drama,Island the longest without getting voted off,will win…One Hundred-Thousand Dollars!

America:That's So Cool,Because I've wanted to buy this new Game so Me and my best friend Tony the alien can Play…

England:Excuse Me,I have two questions…

Chris:Go ahead!

England:One,Why did you trick us with this fake paradise island on the card!?

Chris:Well I thought you weren't going to come because it wasn't fancy,with you know,you guys being representations of nations and…

England:Second,What are the Sleeping Arangements? Because I do not want to sleep near That Bloody frog!

France:It's not like I want to even sit by you either jerk!

Chris:Actually Girls get one side of the cabin and Boy's get the other,but since we have like 4 Girl's and a whole lot of boy's…..The boy's will get one side of the girl's cabin.

England:Great,I'll still be sleeping with The Frog…

France:Oh Shut up!

Chris:Alright,Here's the deal,We're going to split you into 2 teams, if I call your name come stand by Me,Spain!

Spain:Hurra! Chosen first!











Chris:Canada!...Where is he?!

Canada:I'm Right Here!

Chris:Oh didn't see you there…..America!

America:Aw yeah! I'm on a team with My bro and Iggy!





Italy:Yay,I'm a team with Germany and Japan!



Chris:And France!

France:Hourra-Oh wait Britain's on this team…

England:Oh Bollocks….

Chris:From this moment on you guys are officialily known as….The Screaming Gophers!

(Chris throws the team Their team logo with a Gopher on it)

America:Awesome! Gophers are so Totally Bad*ss Dude!

Chris:Now the rest of you over here! Prussia!



Hungary:Oh lord…


Austria:(sighs) at least Hungary's on my team…










England:(Whispers to America) I still say he shouldn't be here….





Chris:And Belarus!

Lithuania:Isn't that great Belarus!? Now we can be on the same team-

(Belarus growls at Lithuania, who backs away slowly)

Belarus:I WANTED TO BE ON A TEAM WITH Большой брат!

Chris:Wow…It's a good thing we have her in a Straitjacket! Also from this moment on you Guys are Officially known as….

(Chris throws the team Their team logo with a Bass Fish on it)

Chris:The Killer Bass!

Poland:This is Like,Awesome!

Chris:Alright campers,You and your team will be on Camera in all public areas during this Competition!

(Static )

(The camera changes to show Chris in some sort of restroom with the camera facing him)

Chris:You will also be able to share,your inner most thoughts on tape with video diaries anytime you want. Let the Audience at home know what you're really thinking,Or…just get something off your chest!

(Static )

Prussia:Bow down before Zhe AWESOMENESS THAT IS ME PRUSSIA!

(Static )

(Camera changes to show a duck trying on Lipstick before realizing there's a camera)

(Static )

Chris:All right,any Questions? Cool,let's find your cabins!

(Camera changes to show Chris standing in front of the two cabins)

Chris:Gophers in the east cabins,Bass your in the west!

(Camera changes to show some of the Bass members putting their stuff in the cabin)

Prussia:So Hungary…Are you Glad that the amazing me is on your team?

Hungary:Just leave me alone Prussia….

Prussia:I mean without me, you'd have Boring Ol' Austria!


Hungary:What did you just say?

Prussia:Was it I said about Boring Austria-

(Camera then changes to outside where Hungary throws Prussia out of the cabin)

Hungary:Don't talk bad about my friends!

Prussia then lands face-first on the ground near Austria)


Austria:I'm not going to even ask…

England:Excuse me Chris,are there any Chaperone's in this place besides you?

Chris:Why? You're all…


Chris:…Well I don't KNOW how old are you all but I know your all adults..

America:Please tell me we have a cook man!

Chris:Well,yea we do! But I don't think you're going to like him…

(Camera then changes to the messhall where all the Nations are waiting with Food plates in their hand as Chef Hatchet is talking to them)

Chef:Listen up! I serve it three times a day,And you will eat it three times a day! Grab your Trays get your food,and sit your butts down NOW!

(Chef then puts the food on there plates as they go to their seats)

England:This is Disgusting! Who in there right minds would eat this!?

America:mmm~ Iggy you got to try this! This is so good!

England:…I stand corrected.

(Camera then pans throughout the whole messhall to show Chris walking the the Door)

Chris:Welcome to the Main Lodge Campers!

Prussia: Can zhe Awesome Prussia Get Something better than this Garbage?

(Chef then throws a knife that nearly hits Prussia in the head as he cowers in his seat)


(Camera shows Hungary Laughing in her in the Confessional)


(Hungary continues laughing)


Chris:I came here to tell you guys,your first challenge starts in one hour!

(Chris walks out of the messhall)

England:Im Intriuged,I wonder what's the first challenge going to be?

America:Let's Hope it's Dangerous Dude!

(Camera then changes to show all of the nations standing on the cliff as the camera zooms out,making the cliff look taller)

America:Yes my wish came True!

England:Shut it,Wanker!

(The camera the closes up,but then opens back up on the dock)

Chris:Next time on Total,Drama,Island!

(The camera the Changes back to the cliff)

Chris:Your first task is to jump off this 1,000 foot high cliff,into the lake!


England:That Bloody Wanker….


Belarus:If the cliff doesn't get him first,I WILL!


America:(Sighs)…One for all Dude!

(America then runs past his teammates and jumps off the cliff)

(The Camera then changes to show the trees as it closes up)









And that was the first episode! I really hoped you enjoyed it! Also if your wondering…


Большой брат = Big Brother

Italy said: I don't know I don't know please don't hurt me Romano i'm not ready to die yet! I'm too young…

Romano Said:Okay okay i'll stop please don't hurt me i'm still young I have a life too...

And Again I hope you Enjoyed! Sorry if any Character's Are OOC, I tried my best to keep them in character.

Reviews are welcomed! Bye!

Killer Bass:Prussia,Hungary,Austria,Liechtenstein,Poland,Lithuania,Ukraine,Sealand,Switzerland,Belgium ,and Belarus

Screaming Gophers:Spain,England,Japan,Russia,China,Greece,Canada,America,Germany,Italy,Romano,and France