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"Why are we headed north if we're trying to get to Toussaint? I don't exactly see the logic in going in the wrong damn direction." Asked Raven the morning after she and Regis had agreed to travel together. It was odd to have a traveling companion, Raven thought. She was so used to the lonely silence of her self-imposed exile that she wasn't quite sure how to deal with another person traveling alongside her, but he had kept her up for most of the night asking her questions of her home, and the events that led to her arriving in this world, so Raven decided that for now, she'd just let herself be irritable.

"Well, I prefer to think of it as traveling North to go South. To be blunt with you, I would prefer it that certain parties believed I was in Oxenfurt before we travel south. It's not far, maybe a day or so, but I feel I should warn you, we will be there for several days before setting out again."

"Just who did you screw over? Did you borrow money from the wrong people? I can handle a few thugs, there's no need to go wasting time." Raven replied, more than a little angrily.

"If only it were so simple. I've already told you I'm not of this world. I suppose it goes without saying at this point I'm not human, and among my kind there are certain rules one should never break, the most important being 'don't kill another of our kind', a rule I was forced to break to save the very friend we are on our way to meet. I am sorry, I know you would like to get home, believe me, I felt much the same when I first arrived in this world, but if we go south now it would put us both at too much risk."

"Very well." Raven sighed, with a hint of sympathy on her face. "What's the plan?" She asked.

"I would like to establish a presence in the community large enough to lure my pursuers to the city, but live make any rumors of my location vague enough so that no one is harmed. Perhaps establish a clinic in an isolated hut outside the city walls. After a few days, we'll leave, and they will, hopefully, come searching for me in the wrong place, allowing us to slip into Touissant unnoticed."

"Fine. If we're going to be stuck in one place for a while, I suppose I can ask about Blake. Try to make sure that we're doing something with our time up there."

"Not to worry, I've already saved you the trouble. While you were asleep last night, I met with an acquaintance of mine, who will certainly have an easier time of finding your young friend than you or I."

"Whoever they are, I doubt they can find her any faster than I can." Raven stated, to which Regis smirked.

"My friends are never to be underestimated."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Raven asked exasperatedly, which only caused Regis' smile to grow

"I suppose elaboration is necessary. I'm what the peoples of this world refer to as 'a vampire', creature that lives off the blood of others."

"I know what a vampire is. They're just old legends where I come from."

"Really? Interesting. In this world, most myths have an inkling of truth to them. Perhaps one of my brethren made it to your world, and that's how your legend of vampires came to be. Or perhaps it's a cosmic coincidence. Either way, the implications are fascinating." Regis said, a barely concealed mirth in his voice.

"I still don't see how you being a myth helps me find Blake. Unless you can mystically summon bats to go out and find her."

"That's… not far from the truth actually. Though I prefer ravens to bats."

"For your sake, I'm going to assume that wasn't a come-on."

"I appreciate that, though I assure you, my interest in you is purely because I sympathize with you. I merely wish to get you, and the young Miss Belladonna, home safe and sound." Regis said with a reassuring smile.

"I guess I'll take your word for it. How long till your raven friends get back us?"

"If I had to guess, I'd say a just few days from now. Not to worry, I'm sure she can look after herself." Regis laid a comforting hand of Raven's shoulder, which she quickly shook off.

"It's not her I'm worried about. She's a means to an end."

"You don't sound entirely convinced of that."

Raven sighed, looking down at the ground for a moment. "It's a long story. One I'd rather keep to myself."

"Of course. I won't pry." Regis said simply before turning and heading out, Raven not far behind.


Just as Regis said, the two arrived to the city of Oxenfurt, where he bought a small herbalist's hut at full price, later telling Raven that people with large coin pouches made for good gossip. When questioned on where he got the coin, he merely smiled and said from people who didn't deserve it. At the end of the third day, Regis and Raven had settled into the small hut, where, at Regis' insistence, Raven took the only bed, before Regis left, stating that he was off to introduce himself as a newly arrived Herbalist from Timeria. Raven went to sit down on the edge of the bed, only to find herself staring at it, a feeling of unease slowly growing in the pit of her stomach. Rolling her bedroll out on the floor instead, she sat down cross legged and assumed the meditative position Taiyang had shown her when they were first partnered together at Beacon, focusing on the moment at hand.

The way of life Tai lived by and introduced Raven to had, ironically, proved incredibly helpful in convincing her to make the necessary choices, and leave both Taiyang and their daughter behind. And they continued to help her when the loneliness got to her, and she wanted nothing more than to run back to Patch and embrace her child.

It was in that position that Regis found her, an hour later. His good natured smile didn't leave his face as he walked up to Raven and shook her. As she opened her eyes, she groaned in annoyance.

"I'm not used to people sneaking up on me. Makes me uncomfortable."

"That was not my intent. I merely assumed you to be asleep, and thought I'd get you to bed. Sitting on the floor like that seems like a horrid place to rest, after all."

"I've slept in worse, believe me. And I wasn't sleeping, I was meditating."

"Fascinating! As far as I know meditation is a Witcher's technique? Did you learn it when training to be a huntress?"

"No, someone… someone dear to me showed me how."

"Curiosity drives me to ask who?"

"Well I'm sorry your curiosity's going to go unsatisfied." Raven said, not sounding at all sorry.

"A shame. Your world fascinates me. So many similarities between it and the one we are currently in! I would very much like to question you further about your home."

"I suppose a few questions would be alright, if they got you and your curiosity to stop pestering me. Just don't keep me up till the break of dawn this time."

If Regis was put off by Raven's irritable behavior, he didn't show it. "I shall do my utmost to ensure you have a long and undisturbed sleep."

"Coming from a vampire, that doesn't sound very comforting."


Raven didn't mind Regis' interrogations as much this time around since he, true to his word, let her go to sleep at what most humans would consider a reasonable time. Though she did still get a kick out of the look of disappointment on his face as she informed him that her barebones rundown of the Kingdoms of Remnant would have to do for the night.

The next day, at Regis' insistence and after donning a less striking set of leather armor, as well as a potion Regis concocted to change her eye color for the day, she set out into the city of Oxenfurt, her sword concealed beneath a cloak. She very easily passed through the checkpoint going into the city, as Regis had informed her of Nilfgaard's recent conquest of the country of Redania, and with it it's purge of the which hunters who held this area and the rods going in and out of it in an iron grip.

Despite Regis' insistence that his raven 'friends' would find Blake, she was determined to search for news of the girl, if only to make herself busy. Raven found it odd, back in Remnant, she was calm patient, always waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage of for her mission, here though… well, Raven needed to get back home, and was not comfortable with this anxiousness building inside her. So, in an attempt to remain proactive, she entered the local pub, hoping to listen in on any rumors from the local drunks.

Entering the establishment, and avoiding two mercenaries in a drunken brawl with each other, she made her way over to the barman, only to be stopped as another of the mercenaries grabbed her hand and attempted to pull her onto his lap.

"C'mon lass, don't be shy, sit right don her on me lap, I promise, I don't bite!" the man shouted, drawing the eye of everyone in the tavern.

"Do you have a family?" Raven asked through gritted teeth.

"Why, yes! I don't see why-" The man said, slightly flustered by Raven's ferocity.

"Would you like to see them again?" Raven's now wore a dangerous smile.

"Yes!" The man visibly gulped. The smell of urine was barely masked by the scent of liquor.

"Then remove your hand. Now." Raven said dangerously. The man quickly retracted his hand, before standing up and shuffling out of the bar, attempting to hide his soiled trousers. After a moment, the other bar patrons burst into laughter, saluting her with their mugs of ale.

As she approached the barkeep, she ordered a small mug of wine for herself, so as not to stand out, but when she reached for the coin purse Regis she had 'borrowed' from Regis' satchel, she heard a voice from behind her.

"Her drinks on me." Raven turned to see a man with fiery red hair on the top of his head, a handle bar mustache and goatee on his face, as well as a collection of scars covering his head. The almost arrogant way he stood reminded her of her brother, the way he rested his hand on the pommel of his sword told her he knew how to use it.

"I'm sorry, but if you're looking to woo me, I… already have someone."

"A shame, but it wasn't my intent anyways. I merely wanted to apologize for the way my man acted." The man said, gesturing to the trail of urine the mercenary family man had left behind.

"Yeah, a bunch of real gentlemen you've got there."

"Where'd you get that impression? They're nothing of the sort, I assure you. Every one of them's a cutthroat drunk." The man said as he led the two of them to his table.

"What does that make you then?" Raven asked, prepared to draw her sword from underneath her cloak.

"Their leader, trying to steer them away from innocent people, and towards even worse cutthroat drunks." The man said with a hint of pride in his voice, before his grabbing his cup of ale and downing it in one go, gesturing for Raven to do the same. Raven took a small sip of her wine. She was never much of a drinker. Ironic, when her brother was Qrow Branwen. Unfortunately, the stranger across the table from her noticed this.

"You don't drink too much for someone in a tavern. Makes me wonder just what you're here for." The man said with a hint

"What can I say? Drunks are interesting to me." Raven replied without a hint of humor in her voice.

"Not as much as what they have to say, am I right? It's either that or you're after whatever's in their pockets."

"The first." Raven admitted.

"So, a spy. Who for? I don't know if you've heard, but Nilfgaard took over this damned country a few years ago, no need to send spies out anymore."

"I'm not a spy. At least, not for anyone but myself."

"Interesting." The man replied, sounding a bit too much like Regis.

"Please don't use that word. I have this… traveling companion who says that everything I tell him is 'interesting'."

"Well I'll do my best." The man said with a hint of humor in his voice. "But only if you tell me what you're doing here."

"What does it matter to you?" Raven asked in a voice that told the man to leave the issue be. He apparently wasn't a good listener, much to Raven's chagrin.

"Let's just say you've piqued my interest." He told her with a cocky smirk

"I already told you, I'm spoken for."

"By who? Your friend who thinks you're interesting?"

"No, he's just helping me out for the time being. I don't really think he's too interested in anyone to be honest. At least not how you mean it."

"Then who is it, who won the ladies hand?"

"He didn't win anything but a lot of heartbreak, trust me." Regret was clear in Raven's voice.

"Sleep with another man?" the stranger asked casually.

"No. My… home was in danger, and I needed to leave him alone with our child to keep them both safe." Raven said, her voice growing even sadder.

"Ah. So you abandoned him, and the child." He assumed, without a hint of judgement in his voice.

"Doesn't mean I don't still love them." Raven relied aggressively. "I just wanted to keep my daughter safe." Raven cringed inwardly at the irony. She left to keep Yang safe, but her attempt to do so left in her in a position that prevented her from saving her daughter when she lost her arm.

"A worthy goal, I suppose. I know this'll sound odd, but, I've been in a similar situation myself, so a word of warning. You meet a man calling himself 'Gaunter O'Dimm' or 'Master Mirror', don't listen to a thing he has to say. He prays of people like us, the desperate who just want to do better for their families." The man said with a mix of bitterness and hatred in his voice, staring hard into his drink, before turning his gaze back to Raven.

"If there's anything you need help with, that will get you to your family any faster, anything at all, let me know." He added, his voice a bit warmer.

"Just feeling generous?" Raven questioned.

"Empathetic is the word I'd use. It's as I said, I was once in a similar situation, and now I find myself trying to make up for the mistakes I made. This feels… right."

"Very, well I'm not going to turn away the help. I'm looking for a girl, seventeen, black hair with a black bow on top of her head, and, as odd as it sounds, yellow eyes."

"Like a witcher's? It seems you're in luck. I've got men all over the continent feeding me information, makes finding jobs easier, and a few of them saw her and an old witcher friend of mine and a few others in Novigrad, heading south. They'll be in nearing the Seven Cats Inn 'round a week or so. Plenty of time, if you're hoping to catch up to them."

"Thank you. That… it means a lot to me. The sooner I find her, the sooner I can go home."

"She your daughter, this raven haired witcheress?" The man asked inquisitively.

"No, but she's very dear to her."

"Ah, so you're bringing her home with you as an apology of sorts?"

"I suppose."

"Well then I hope it goes well. I truly do. And when you meet her traveling companions, tell them Oldgierd Von Everec sends his regards."


After her talk with Oldgierd, Raven practically sprinted her way back to the hut, weaving her way through the other travelers on the road out of Oxenfurt. When she at last arrived at her destination, she yanked open the door spotting Regis, facing away from her, mixing herbs while away chatting with a man who's boots were off, showing his gout to everyone in the room. Noticing Raven's entrance, he cut his conversation short, handing the man the paste he had made from the herbs.

"Remember, rub it once a day for a week and it will go away in just time for you to dance at your daughter's wedding." He said before shuffling the man out the door , waving as he watched his patient meander down the road for a bit, before closing the door and turning back to Raven.

"Good news, I believe I've found Ms. Belladonna! One of my raven friends spotted her just a few days ago, with two old acquaintances of mine making camp on just outside of Novigrad. Better yet, one of them is the friend I was taking you south to meet. This will expedite things. Now, we've but to predict where they are going, and meet them at along the way."

"The Seven Cats Inn." Raven said with a smile. "Met a man in the city, said he knew this witcher too. Told me where we can meet up with them. They'll be there in a week."

"Color me impressed." Regis said with mirth clear in his voice, before his expression grew dour. "Unfortunately, we don't have enough time, we may end up tracking most of the way to Toussaint. I can travel there as fast as mist, but you, however, present a problem."

"How many days would it take for a raven to fly there?" Raven asked, a cocky smile stretching across her face.

"There are a great many things I can do, but turning you into a raven isn't one of them I'm afraid." Said Regis, oblivious to Raven's meaning.

"No need for you to do anything." Raven told him, before he body began to shrink and contort into that of a ravens, which quickly flew up and perched itself on a windowsill.

"Just when I think this adventure of our can't get any more interesting…" Regis said, his usual grin once again adorning his face.


"He's passed out again." Said Salem, staring at the unconscious body of Ozpin laying chained up before her.

"Wait for him to wake up, then start again, she told Cinder, before marching up to Adam Taurus, who stood staring at Ozpin's body, his expression unreadable through the mask. A devious smile appeared on her face as she approached him.

"I've finally figured out why I've been unable to track down your missing 'girlfriend'." Salem told the faunus. She's no longer in this realm. Now, while I would be fine with this, one less annoyance, we need her to lure out our silver eyed nuisance. Fortunately for us, while I cannot yet leave this realm, you can. Find her. Bring her to me."

Adam smiled as he nodded his assent.


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