(A/N: A short one while I get back into the swing of one-shots)

The bell over the door chimes merrily in the early morning stillness.

"How are you feeling today, Lydia?"

The strawberry blonde in question looks up from the flower arrangement in her hands. A grin splits her face before she adopts an intentional thinking face, humming in thought. "Red."

"You got it!"

Her favorite customer wanders through the store while she finishes up her current work. She sets the arrangement aside when he comes up to the desk, thin-petaled flower secure in his hands.

She smiles again. "A zinnia! Lovely choice. Thank you, Stiles."

She leans across the counter so he can tuck the flower into her braid, and so she can kiss his cheek. "A bit of beauty for the beauty in a place of beauty."

"Said 'beauty' enough times?"

"Not nearly enough for how beautiful you are." He pays while she blushes. "See you tomorrow?"

"Of course. I'm thinking of wearing green."

"Oh, a challenge. I look forward to it."