Hand in Hand

Summary: AU setting. Middle schooler Takaba Akihito is having trouble fitting in his new school. He tries to not let it bother him, but maybe he is fortunate or even unfortunate that a sudden meeting with a high schooler change his everything.

Pairing: Asami Ryuichi and Takaba Akihito.

Warning: Unbeta'd, Grammatical errors!

Disclaimer: View Finders series belong to Yamane Ayano sensei, which means all the characters included. But really, we all know Akihito belongs to the one and only yakuza lord. Mwahahaha!

Chapter 1: Takaba Akihito

It was because of his father's work that the whole family had to move to Tokyo. Not that he minds, but honestly he is somewhat lonely because he has to leave his two best friends Takato and Kou. It takes about two hours of shinkansen (train) to get to Kanagawa. But it's okay, he told himself because they promised to write letters and call each other.

Today is his first day attending Aoyama shiritsu gakkou 青山私立学校, Aoyama Private School. It was a sudden transfer for him. So on his first day, he wore his old school's uniform. As expected, there were many stares because of the obvious different uniform. But being the cheeky little thing he is, he didn't care.

The first week of school was not like what he expected. The students there were eloquent and well mannered, that he felt like he was a monkey from a wild forest (or at least that's what others say around him says). He has no friends, because no one wanted to associate with him. So everyday he'd eat alone and converse to no one. (A/N: basically he's being ignored and slightly bullied verbally)

When he first stepped in school, he was surprised to see high schoolers walking in the same school ground. When he asked a teacher, she told him that this school has a five-year system where middle schooler and high schoolers share the same school ground and that he would soon understand and get used to it.

First Day:

When his homeroom, Ms. Sumigawa welcomed him in the classroom, he introduced himself.

"My name is Takaba Akihito, I'm from Kanagawa. My favorite thing to do is to go hiking and mountain climbing. My favorite sports is track and field. I like pocky and video games. I'm transferred here because of my father's work. Please to me you all, and Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu."

During his small introduction, he looked around the room and his classmates. Everyone seem to looked at him indifferently. Especially the girls. The guy on the other showed almost to no interest to what he said. But what ticked him off was that after he was seated someone said.

"Oh, so it's just a 山猿 yamazaru, mountain monkey. I thought it was some foreign country prince or princess because of the sudden transfer. Heh!" they snorted.

Laughter soon followed after.

After that week, his uniform was finally done. Wearing his new uniform, he walked to school. Unlike the rich kids, he didn't have a driver. And is parents were worried and scared wither or not it was safe for him to bike to school. So in the end he chose to walk, because it was only a short 30 minute walk.

As he walked into school ground, many students were pulled out of their fancy limos and luxury cars. It was like a red carpet walk every morning. Honestly, why do they never get sick if it he thought. As soon as his classmates (and peers of the same age) saw him they greeted him, "猿姫Zaruhime monkey princess." Due to his petite size, (feminine delicate features) pretty face, and his blonde -almost platinum-hair. It was a way how all the guys greet him. But many girls just ignore him.

Today is more crowded than usual, he thought to himself once he noticed the population is bigger than normal for this early of a time. It's currently 6 minutes before 7:30, so why is there so many people? Class doesn't starts until 8 am. Walking in the crowds were not only other middle schoolers but high schoolers were also at the front gate gathering around like bees to a hive.

As soon as a black limo pulled up the crowd got rowdier and louder.

Screams and wail like chants bombard the school gate in a split second.




As soon as three figures walked out, Akihito didn't bother to look into it any further, finding it to be stupid and plain annoying as it is already. Heading straight to the middle school gate he walked against the tide of people screaming on top of their lungs.

Going against the crowd is not a smart move he concluded. it took a lot more time than usual to just walk t class. Not so long after the bell rang once he sat in his desk. Again he is alone. No friends. Unlike his previous school he was very sought after with many friends where he'd held slumber parties, movie nights and so on. But then again, who is he to reminisce about the past when he's the one who left all his friends.

So what if he is alone now. He's not going to cry.

To be continued.

Welcome to my new short series. Like Level Up! This AU is going to be short chapter series about Akihito in middle school. Nothing naughty but only fluff. Hahahaha.

And for my readers of The World Against Me, don't worry it's not being abandoned~~