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"Lily will you please stop and think about this?!"

Lily Potter shook her head as she continued to pack her son's things "No James, this is it, you've ignored Harry for the last time, I'm leaving and taking him with me, I'd be taking Iris as well but as usual you went running to Dumbledore."

James Potter almost ripped his hair out in frustration "Damnit Lily, you're over reacting!"

Lily turned and glared at her soon to be ex-husband "Don't you dare tell me I am over reacting, you spent all day with Iris while I was at Hogwarts working with Poppy, and what did I come home to find, Harry still in a dirty diaper from this morning and he was starving, you hadn't fed him all day!"

"Who cares Lily, the elves would have taken care of him sooner or later, and I'll bet that they would love to take care of-"


Lily stood there shaking in anger with her hand outstretched as James crashed into the wall and stood there clutching his face which quickly developed a nasty red hand print on his left cheek "How dare you! He is your son James and you want to just pawn him of on a house elf to raise! Ever since Dumbledore claimed Iris defeated Voldemort of which there is no proof, you've focused all your time on her, and don't think I haven't overheard you and Albus meeting behind my back to discuss her future without me, her mother. You claim you're nothing like the Pure-Bloods that followed Voldemort but your actions lately say otherwise! Now I am taking Harry and leaving, I may be stopped from taking Iris as well but if I hear so much as a whisper that you've gone and arranged a marriage, or something else that negatively effects my daughter I will come for you and not even Dumbledore will be able to save you!"

With that having been said Lily grabbed the bag with her son's clothes and stuffed toys, a stuffed dog and wolf but left the stuffed stag behind as she turned and picked up her daughter and kissed her forehead gently before setting her back down and took her sleeping son into her arms and gave one last glare at James who glared back before she stormed out of the house into the streets of Godrics Hollow.

Once she was several blocks away Lily held out her wand and the Knight bus appeared with a bang "Welcome to the Knight Bus, destination?"

Lily handed the man several Silver Sickles as she said "Get me as close as you can to Heathrow Airport."

"Ma'am would you please come with us."

Lily simply nodded as two Japanese men in dark suits led her off to a door of to the side of the airport terminal, a doorway which she noticed that the muggles didn't seem to notice.

One of the men opened the door for her which she offered a nod in thanks, once inside she saw that it was a large office area that was obviously full of wizards and witches. she was led to a separate office in which sat an elderly Japanese woman with greying hair pulled back into a bun.

"Please take a seat Mrs. Potter."

Lily took the offered seat "It's Ms. Evans now. What can I do for you?"

"My name is Fumiko Amegiri, I'm in charge of making sure that any foreign magical entering our country are not a threat to our people. Now obviously you are not a threat, but given that you are the mother of the young girl that Albus Dumbledore is proclaiming the Girl-Who-Lived we can't help but wonder why you are here, divorced and with only your son."

So Lily explained the reason behind her divorce and leaving the country "I remembered that the ICW has no real presence in Japan, so Dumbledore's influence would be minimal if non-existent here."

Mrs. Amegiri nodded her head in understanding "This is true, the Japanese magical society is mostly old families, what you call muggleborn we call first generations are not as common here but when they are found like most countries we send them for formal education at one of the many schools across the country, these schools are small and the children are only required to attend during school holidays unless they attend Mahoutokoro while the magical families mainly teach their children themselves."

Lily nodded grateful for the information "Thank you."

"What do you intend to do now Ms. Evans?"

"I was in training to be a mediwitch because of the war and I am a potions mistress and quite skilled at charms, enchantments and wards."

Mrs. Amegiri nodded as she searched through several documents "Are you willing to continue you medical training or would you prefer to look for work in the potions industry?" Seeing Lily's unsure expression, she continued "The potions trade here is Japan is not as well spread as in England because there are not very many people in the country that are particularly skilled at brewing potions. If you are as skilled as you say you are you could make a small fortune in a short amount of time."

Lily nodded "That sounds like a good idea, I have some access to the Potter family fortune because Harry is still the Heir no matter what James will try. but I don't want to rely on it."

Fumiko with a please smile on her face "You are indeed a wise woman. Do you know where you would like to live and set up shop?"

Lily shrugged "I hadn't given it much thought, but somewhere near a decent city but not quite within the city limits."

"I see, I'll put out some feelers for an appropriate house, in the mean time we will set you up in a temporary apartment. Is that acceptable to you?"

Lily nodded with a smile on her face "Yes, thank you for all your help."

Fumiko simply shook her head "It's no trouble what so ever. I'll have a driver take you to your temporary apartment, I'm sure the little one is getting hungry."

Lily looked down at her son in her arms and smiled when she noticed that he was awake and his green eyes were looking around in wonder.

Lily smiled sadly to her son as she entered a small apartment and sat down on the couch in the small living room and looked out onto the Tokyo skyline "Well little guy, it looks like it's just us for a while. this place will do for now until I can find us a proper house."

Knock knock knock

Lily yawned before she took a sip of coffee and went to answer the door "Who could be here at this time of morning?"

The red headed mother of two opened the door "Good morning Ms. Evans."

Lily blinked in surprise "Mrs. Amegiri? What bring you here?"

Lily stepped to the side and let the older woman enter the apartment "Thank you, I'm here to inform you that we may have located a suitable home for you, now it is reasonably expensive so you will probably have to tap into the Potter Fortune but the location is what you asked for."

Lily nodded in understanding as she offered the Japanese woman some coffee which she declined "What can you tell me about the place."

"Well it is an older Japanese style home, large yard surrounded by a stone fence, the exterior of the house is traditional Japanese but the interior is a mix between modern and traditional, and I must say it is tastefully done, it comes fully furnished but since you are English you may not be comfortable sleeping on a futon so you may need to redecorate."

Lily nodded as she browsed the file that the older witch handed her which had several pictures of every room in the house and the surrounding yard "It looks wonderful" then she saw the asking price and did a quick calculation of Yen to Dollars and dollars to Galleons and had to withhold a wince "Wow, that is a lot of money."

Fumiko nodded in understanding "It is, however the family that once owned the home were magical, so it has a ward stone beneath the house that you can alter to your own specifications and a small shed out the back of the house that with some modifications like a space expansion charm you could turn it into a potions lab."

Lily nodded as she listened "What about the distance from the nearest city?"

"It's only a fifteen-minute drive."

Lily thought about what she had been told and what she had seen of the pictures, she would be able to afford the house with what she had taken from the Potter Vault but her funds would be severely diminished, that meant she would need to start up her potions business almost immediately. But looking at her son who was sleeping peacefully on the bed in the bedroom and knew that she need to make a home for him.

Lily looked up at Fumiko who was waiting for her answer "I'll take it."

Several years had passed since Lily had moved into her new house with her son, in that time she had managed to set herself up as a prominent potions mistress and had made enough money to set herself and her son up for life.

Said son was now five years old and currently sleeping, but not for much longer. Lily crept into her son's room to see him still fast asleep and let out a small grin before she drew her wand and quickly sprayed her son with water.


Lily giggled as Harry jumped from his bed soaking bed and tried to get his soaking wet and cold pajamas of before Lily waved her wand and cast a drying charm at him drying his clothes and the bed "Well it's about time you got up sleepy head."

Harry waved his tiny fist at his mother in what was supposed to be a threatening gesture but only came of as adorable "That's not funny mom! Just you wait, I'll get you back!"

Lily just giggled and nodded her head "Sure you will. now hurry up, go have a shower and get ready, today is your first day of school today and you don't want to be late do you?" suddenly Harry's attitude changed and he was now looking down at his feet and shuffling nervously "What's wrong honey?"

"What if the other kids don't like me?"

Lily smiled at her son as she crouched down and pulled him into a hug "Honey listen to me" seeing that he was listening she continued "Some of the kids there won't like you and may be very rude to you simply because you're not Japanese, but I want you to ignore those people as best you can. but I want you to tell me if they keep doing it okay."

feeling him nod against her shoulder she smiled and pulled away so she could look into his eyes and saw he had been crying so she wiped away the tears trailing down his cheeks with a smile "But I have no doubts that you will make some friends, maybe not right away but just give it some time. Okay honey?"

Harry nodded his head and gave his mother a small smile "Okay mom."

Lily smiled and then spun him around and gave him a smack on the butt "Now go get in the shower and get dressed, I'll have breakfast ready when you get out."

Several hours later Harry was sitting by himself in the yard at school, so far his mom had been right, several people had been really mean to him. but he had ignored them as best he could but was currently trying to fight back his tears when someone came up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder and spoke in Japanese, which luckily thanks to his mom deciding that he had to know the language since they were living in the country, he knew.

"Are you okay Harry-san?"

The young Englishman turned and found one of his classmates standing there smiling at him "You're Kazuto right?"

The young black haired Japanese boy nodded "Yeah, I heard what those jerks were saying, are you okay?"

Harry nodded slowly "I guess, my mom told me they could be mean to me because I'm not Japanese."

Kazuto nodded and sat down next to Harry "You should just ignore them; they'll stop soon enough." Harry nodded and looked back at his lunch "What have you got for lunch Harry-san?"

Harry looked to his left to see Kazuto looking at his lunch "It's just left over fried rice from dinner last night, what about you?"

Kazuto just shrugged "Just a bento box."

Harry nodded and grabbed a plastic spoon and began to eat his lunch with Kazuto sitting next to him in comfortable silence "So do you live nearby Harry-san?"

Harry shook his head "No me and my mom live just outside the city limits, this was the closest school to home."

Kazuto nodded in understanding "I see, I live more towards the middle of the city with my mom, dad and little sister."

"You have a little sister, that must be nice, I've never met my sister."

Kazuto looked at the boy next to him "You've never met your sister?"

Harry shook his head "My twin sister, she lives in England with my dad, my mom said that she and my dad had a big argument and she left taking me with her."


Harry shook his head "It's okay. So what's your sister like?"

Kazuto smiled "Her name is Suguha, she's okay I guess, she starts school next year."

Harry smiled "What about your mom and dad?"

"They work in the city, I'm not sure exactly what they do but it has a lot to do with computers. What about your mom?"

"My mom's like a doctor, she doesn't work in a hospital but lots of people from all over Japan always call asking for help, she makes these medicines that work really well."

Their conversation was cut short by the ringing of the school bell and the two young boys made their way back into class.

Lily sighed as she exited her potions lab, she was worried about Harry's first day of school. she made her way back into the main house and set about making some lunch when her wards went of signalling that someone had tried to apperate or Portkey into her house.

knowing exactly how her wards would react to such a thing she calmly exited the house and made her way to the far corner of her yard, in the corner was a carefully hidden stairway that led under the wall of the yard into a small chamber lit by many candle that she had enchanted to burn forever. in the centre of the room was a runic circle with a transparent dome over it, standing in the middle of that dome was someone she wasn't expecting to see.

"Sirius Black, what the hell is wrong with you, portkeying directly into someone else's house. I thought Amelia and I beat that out of you years ago."

The Lord of the Black family grinned sheepishly before shrugged "Sorry Lily, I was just so happy that I found you that I forgot my manners."

Lily narrowed her eyes and drew her wand which she pointed at him threateningly "I swear Sirius if James sent you I will curse you so bad that your own mother wouldn't recognize you."

Sirius simply grinned and held his hand over his heart "Oh you wound me Lily, do you really think so little of me?"

Lily just shook her head as she lowered her wand after releasing the man "Do you really want me to answer that?"

Sirius let out a bark of laughter before he leapt forwards and pulled the redhead into a hug "God it's good to see you Lily."

Lily smiled as she hugged him back "It's good to see you to Sirius. How did you find me?"

Sirius shook his head as lily led him back inside her house and starting making some coffee "It wasn't easy, Remus and I have been searching for years now, eventually we just decided to ask the Goblins."

Lily shook her head "Right, I forgot you made Harry your Heir, so you asked the goblins to help find your heir?"

Sirius nodded as he accepted the cup of coffee "It was actually Andromeda's idea."

Lily smiled at the mention of Sirius' cousin "How is she, and Ted and Nymphadora?"

Sirius grinned and let out another barking laugh "Little miss "Don't call me Nymphadora" is fine, just started her second year, Ted and Andi are great, miss you."

"I miss them as well but I couldn't stay with James after what he did, how did you find out?"

Sirius shook his head with a sigh "I had to ask the house elves, then Remus had to drag me away after I cursed James."

Lily smiled at the thought of her ex-husband getting cursed before her smile faded "How is Iris?"

Sirius smiled "She's good, always asking about you, James has been trying to make her forget about you, but she's just as stubborn as he is. Remus and I made sure that she knew about you and Harry. She's made a few friends, one of who is little Susan Bones, Amelia's niece."

Lily whipped away a tear and smiled at him "Thank you Sirius."

"No problem, speaking of the little one, where is my godson?"

"First day of school today."

Sirius studied her expression carefully for a moment before speaking "You're worried."

Lily just nodded "I am; the other kids will probably be mean to him because he's a foreigner."

Sirius nodded in understanding "The kid will be fine, you'll see, when he gets back he'll be telling you about all his new friends."

Lily gave the man a thankful smile before changing the subject "So where is Remus?"

"Still recovering, the full moon was a couple of days ago. I'll bring him with me next time. So do you mind if Remus and I stick around for a while, need to get out of England for a bit."

Lily just nodded "Of course you can. I need to go pick Harry up soon, will you be alright here?"

Sirius nodded "Of course, anything I need to stay away from?"

"My potions lab is in the shed out back, just stay out of there, and my bedroom."

Sirius shook his head in amusement "Still not forgive me for sixth year?"

Lily just glared at the man "Never."

"Bye Kazuto."

Harry grinned as he ran over to his mother who was standing there waiting for him and crouched down to hug her son "hey, how was your day?"

Harry smiled at his mother as he took her hand and followed her away from the school "The other kids were mean to me, but I made a friend!"

Lily smiled down at her son "That's wonderful! What's his name?"

"Kirigaya Kazuto! we sat together during lunch and now we are friends!"

Lily smiled, looks like Sirius was right, speaking of the dog "Listen honey, there is someone at home waiting to see you."

Harry looked up at his mother "Who?"

"His name is Sirius Black, he was a friend of your father, but not anymore, he came all this way to see you, he is also your godfather, which means if anything happens to me he will take care of you."

"That won't happen, ever!"

"Anyway he is looking forward to meeting you. So there is no need to be nervous okay honey."

Harry nodded before Lily took a quick glance around for security camera's before apperating them home. Harry entered his room from the sliding patio door and took of his shoes like in a traditional Japanese home and threw his bag onto his bed before heading for the kitchen to grab a snack, only to stop as he saw the man with dark black hair that came to his shoulders standing in the kitchen. both Harry and Sirius froze as they caught sight of each other.

"Jesus, Harry, is good to see you again pup."

Harry nodded "You must be Sirius. Mom said you were a friend of my dad's."

Sirius nodded as he sat down at the table with Harry sitting across from him after he grabbed an apple from the fridge "Yeah, James and I were best friends all through Hogwarts. Uh, did your mom tell you about Hogwarts yet pup?" Harry just rolled his eyes and nodded making Sirius grin "Well me and my friend Remus were all best friends with James and another guy named Peter."

Harry nodded "Mom said Peter was the guy who sold us out, I don't know what that means but it sounds bad."

Sirius nodded with a grim look on his face "Basically pup it means that he was our friend, yet he betrayed us to the Dark Lord."

"Dark Lord?"

Sirius sighed and scratched his chin before he went on to tell his godson about Voldemort, not going into any specifics or great detail, but almost an hour later Harry was sitting at the table doing his homework while Sirius explained about Quidditch "Sounds boring Sirius."

"You can call me Padfoot pup, and Quidditch is awesome, seems that your mom's studious habits have been rubbing of on you, I'll have to do something about that before Remus gets here."

"Remus is Moony right?"

Sirius nodded "Yep, you'll meet him soon enough. Now back to Quidditch-"

"Sirius I really hope you aren't trying to corrupt my son?"

Sirius jumped slightly making Harry grin as Lily entered the room and grabbed a glass of water "Of course not Lily, I'd never do such a thing."

Seeing a golden opportunity for mischief Harry took it "Wait Padfoot I'm still confused, why would I need to know where the broom closets are at school?"

Sirius froze with his glass half way to his lips as a sense of impending doom washed over him. he turned slightly and saw Lily glaring at him with her wand in her hand and shooting sparks crimson sparks from the tip "Run Sirius."

Sirius yelped and ran for the door almost knowing over the table as he turned into his animagus form, surprising Harry in the process, and ran for the door. if he had been paying any attention he would have noticed that Lily wasn't chasing him but was instead smiling at her son "You did that on purpose didn't you Harry."

Harry just nodded "Yeah, how did he do that mom?"

"It's called the animagus transformation, it turns a person into an animal form a while, but it takes many years of study as well as a potion to induce a spirit vison so you can find out what your inner animal form is."

"Wow, can I learn that mom? Please!"

Lily nodded but had a stern look on her face "Not yet, you are still too young, but I will let you take the potion once you turn eleven, but you must promise not to attempt the transformation unless, either Sirius, Remus or myself are with you, if you won't promise me that then I won't give you the potion. Understood?"

Harry nodded his head with a smile, while he was disappointed that he couldn't start learning right away he knew his mom had forbidden him for a reason so he agreed "I promise mom."

Over the next month both Lily and Kazuto had been right, it took several days but the other kids eventually stopped picking on Harry. Harry and Kazuto had quickly become the best of friends. Lily still hadn't met Kazuto or his parents but that was about to change.


Harry groaned sleepily as he made his way into the living room and answered the phone with a big yawn "Hello?"

A woman's voice replied "Hello, is that Harry?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"My name is Kirigaya Midori; I believe you are friends with my son."

Suddenly more awake Harry looked at the clock on the wall "Yeah, he's my best friend, I don't mean to be rude but it's six O'clock in the morning on a Sunday."

Midori sounded very upset as she replied "I know, is your mother there, I'd really like to speak with her, it's important."

Harry nodded as he yawns again and began to make his way to his mom's room "Sure, hang on a second." entering his moms room he found her still asleep and shook her awake "Mom wake up."

"Uh Harry? What's going on?"

Harry handed his mother the phone "It's my friend Kazuto's mom, she said it was urgent."

That woke Lily up like a cup of coffee as she grabbed the phone "Hello?"

"Hello, Lily Evans, my name is Midori, I'm Kazuto's mother."

"Hello, what can I do for you?"

"Kazuto said that your son told him you were a doctor of sorts, and that you were very good. My daughter Suguha is sick, I asked around about you and have heard many positive things, I was hoping you could help me."

Lily sat up hearing that the woman's daughter was sick "What are her symptoms."

"She has a really high fever, we took her to the doctor and they said that it was just a fever and that it would pass before sending us home, but she has had it since yesterday morning and it hasn't faded at all."

"I see, I sounds like it might just be a sever fever, but if her temperature isn't brought down it could have serious negative effects. Let me give you my address, bring her over as soon as you can, I have some remedies designed to help children."

"Thank you so much Ms. Evans!"

"It's alright, just get her here as soon as possible."

Harry looked up from his book as a car pulled up next to the gated entrance to the yard, and out of the car came Kazuto and his mother who brought her daughter out from the backseat "Hey Kazuto, Mrs. Kirigaya, this way. mom is waiting inside."

Kazuto nodded and followed his best friend with his mother carrying his sister behind them, Harry led them across the yard and into the house where a futon was set up in the living room with several vials full of potions sat on a table next to it, not that Midori or Kazuto knew that they were potions "Set her down on the futon, Mom, they're here!"

Lily came in just as Midori laid her unconscious daughter on the futon, the English woman quickly checked her over before nodding to Midori "I was right, it is just a severe fever." she quickly grabbed a wet cloth and placed it on the little black haired girls forehead and then grabbed a potion from the table and showed it to Midori "This is a herbal remedy, what I mean by that is that it has no chemicals or anything of the like, it's made from various plants that when mixed in a certain order produce the desired effect, this process has been refined for generations back in England by certain families. what this will do is help reduce her fever, normally I would give her half of this, but since it is so severe I'll have to give her more. is that okay Mrs. Kirigaya?"

Midori nodded held up her daughter's head as Lily carefully and gently poured the potion down the girl's throat "How long will it take to reduce her fever?"

Lily thought about it for a moment before replying "With a normal case maybe two hours, but with this, I'd say give it between three to four hours. I'll have to keep an eye on her just in case she needs more or has a reaction to the medicine but I think she will be fine."

Midori looked relieved and quickly pulled the red headed woman into a hug "Thank you so much!"

Lily just smiled and patted the woman's back "It's quite alright."

Of to the side of the room Harry and Kazuto were standing there watching everything "Do you think Suguha is going to be alright Harry?"

Harry nodded confidently "If my mom says it will work then it will. But it will take a while, so let me show you my room."

Kazuto looked at his sister and mother before following after his friend, after entering his room he took a look around, there was a double sized English bed of to the side of the room, a large bookcase of the other side, a TV sat on a low desk near the sliding door that exited onto the patio, a desk covered in Harry's homework sat next to the bookcase. but he didn't see a computer.

"Where is your computer Harry?"

Harry looked about his room, seeing several action figures and a couple of gundam models on the floor and a shelf on his wall "Um I don't have one."

Kazuto looked at his friend for a moment before he started laughing making Harry pout "It's not funny Kazu-baka!"

Kazuto laughed for a few minutes before he stopped and looked at his best friend "That's just sad Harry."

harry scowled at him which just made Kazuto grin "It's not my fault, besides what would I need one for?"

Kazuto shook his head at his friend and began to explain about MMORPG's. Needless to say after almost three hours chatting Harry ran from his room back into the living room where his mother and Midori where sitting next to Suguha talking quietly "Mom! I need a computer!"

Kazuto grinned as he stood next to harry "Can you believe it mom; Harry doesn't have a computer or know what an MMORPG is."

Midori giggled as Harry began to pester his mother before she gained a look on her face that said she had an idea and turned to Lily "You said that you wouldn't charge me for helping Suguha, but I must repay you somehow, so how about I set Harry up with a top of the line computer system that he can use for gaming but also for his homework. Kazuto plays games a lot so they can play online. as long as they get out and don't just play online."

Lily thought about it for a moment before nodding with a small smile "Okay, that's acceptable. What do you say to Mrs. Kirigaya Harry?"

Harry turned to his best friend's mother and bowed "Thank you very much!"


Midori gasped and looked down at he now awake daughter before she broke down crying and hugged her "Suguha!"

Kazuto smiled before Harry pushed him into the hug "Get in there Kazu-baka!"