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The Wolf

"Of course I'd get lost even with handwritten directions." I sighed as I slumped back onto a brick wall, cracking open a can of soda I had just purchased from the vending machine. I had been walking aimlessly for about an hour, trying to follow the directions the nice old woman gave me to the train station, but to no avail. I somehow managed to get myself lost by a park, as far as I knew there were a few parks by her apartment building, but I had no idea if this was one of them.

I frowned and leaned my head back on the rough brick wall as I raised my soda to my lips, taking the biggest gulp of it I could. I swallowed and let out a satisfied sigh before I looked around me. There weren't many people around, the sun was setting so I guessed most people were home or heading there, "Wish I could find my way home." I said, pouting.

"Alright. Alright. I'm gonna wander around for another hour and if I can't find my way home then I'll suck it up and call Chaise." I said to myself with a nod.

Just as I pushed myself off the wall to start walking again, there was a loud scream. I whipped my head around, turning on the heels of my feet, as a young blue haired woman came running down the street, somehow managing to crash herself into me even though I wasn't in her way at all. I was confused and gave her a questioning look before she pushed herself away from me and went running down the street again. I just watched the woman run thinking she was crazy and not being able to push away the thought that this woman looked a little like me, but with longer wavy hair instead of curly.

"Run! Run! There's an akuma! Run!" The woman called as she sprinted down the street flailing her arms. My brows furrowed as I tilted my head to the side, An akuma? What does that mean?, I thought to myself. I turned to look back where the woman came, immediately regretting not taking the woman's suggestion to run. Stood at the end of the street was a woman, illuminated in the light of a street lamp and the setting sun at her back.

"I am Doll Face! Where did that slut go?! I will exterminate her! Maybe then he'll notice me!" The woman bellowed causing any people close by to scream and run away. They pushed each other, scrambling like ants trying to get away from a boot, but not me. I stood in a confused daze, trying to figure out why this lady looked like a porcelain doll. Her blonde hair was tied into two ponytails of perfect ringlets, pure white skin with bright red lips and cheeks, and a poofy pink doll dress with white lace. On her arm was a picnic basket with what looked to be bows inside. I couldn't figure out why everyone was so scared of her, she just looked like a lolita to me which was a normal thing to see in the weeb world, but when she threw a bow on a girl and turned her into a doll I could understand why people would be scared.

"That. Is. Not. Normal." I breathed, panic starting to sweep over me as I took careful steps backwards away from Doll Face. Don't see me don't see me don't see me don't see me!, I repeated to myself like a mantra, but sadly it was proven ineffective as Doll Face turned to glare at me. "Oh sugar." I more yelped out as I spun myself around and bolted for my normal, not doll, life. I could hear the click of Doll Face's shoes chasing after me, gaining on me with a blue bow already picked out for me.

"Get back here you slut! You must become one of my dolls! Then I'll have him to myself!" Doll Face yelled after me, having mistaken me for the blue haired woman from before.

"Oh why me?" I whined as I skidded around the corner and ran for the most deserted streets. I fumbled with my tight shorts pockets to get my phone as I dodged incoming bow projectiles, my breathing was heavy as I called the first number I could, holding my phone to my ear and turning down another street.

"Hey! I've been buzzing your place for like twenty minutes now! Where-" Of course, knowing my luck it had to be Chaise.

"Hey… yeah.. Not home… got lost… being chased… akuma… what.. Do I… do?" I said between my heavy breathing, uttering a sugary curse as I heard Doll Face still close behind me.

"Woah Woah! Did you say Akuma?! Where are you?!" Somehow he sounded calmer when he started his sentence, like he was forcing himself to panic in the end. Maybe I'm just crazy.

"Coming up on... some park...Max Jackson... running... Call the police... " my voice was strained now, I've been running for so long my lungs were burning, but I couldn't stop or I'd become an ugly doll. I hated dolls, I thought they were creepy with their fake smiles and soulless eyes.

"Alright I'm calling the police! Find somewhere to hide and stay safe." Chaise rushed out and hung up before I had the chance to say anything more.

"What the.. Sugar.. Fudge… he really.. Hung up on me?.. He's so… getting it…" I panted heavily as I ran into the park, hiding behind a large tree with a hand on my chest while I tried to catch my breath. Doll Face came close to the tree I was hiding behind, thundering past it, growling as she went. I sighed and slid all the way to the ground, leaning my head back to take in big gulps of air. I thought I was safe, but thanks to my rotten luck that wasn't the case.

Doll Face, after figuring out I wasn't running anymore, came running back my way and stopped at the cluster of trees where my tree was, "Ohhhh blue girl~ don't you want to be a pretty doll? You'll never grow old! Come on blue girl~ I know you're here." she called gently, her shoes crunching a few twigs in the grass as she ventured closer to my tree.

"Oh sugar…" I cursed as I carefully adjusted myself into a crouched position, ready to run if need be. I waited, the air now caught in my throat as my heart pounded rapidly, trying desperately to listen for Doll Face.

"Ah there you are you little man stealer!" The akuma said happily, clasping her hands together as she looked down at me.

I slowly lifted my head to stare up at Doll Face, when did she get so close?, "You know, dolls are creepy and I'm not even the droid.. I mean the girl you're looking for. Come on, you're crazy, not blind." I said with a frown, rolling out of the way of a bow and scrambling to my feet. Doll Face growled as she stalked towards me, efficiently backing me into a convenient cluster of trees too close together for me to squeeze past . "Oh mint chocolate chip... I officially want a refund on my luck..." I gulped.

Doll Face smiled widely, fiddling with the bow in her hands as she looked at me, "Come now, you'll absolutely love being a doll! I promise." she said in a honey sweet voice, reaching out towards me with the bow in hand. Normal people would be too scared to think, focused only on the threat which was a bow that would turn me into a doll, but for some reason I found myself focused on a charm bracelet that didn't match the rest of Doll Face's outfit. I know right? Priorities.

Movement caught my eyes, drawing my attention away from the charm bracelet and the danger in front of me. I'd never admit it out loud, but I got distracted easily especially with things that could save my life, but the park was empty. It was small park with dirt paths, a few benches, and little clusters of trees like where I was trapped with crazy doll woman. The park was clean, well kept, though I couldn't see most of it since Doll Face was up in my face trying to tag a bow to my head. Then there is was again, movement above. In the trees?

"You know, I don't think bows are really this little lady's style. Bows are childish, they're for babies and lolitas, and I don't think she's either of them." A male voice called from above, causing the akuma to snap her head up and look around. There was rustling, then the rush of a shadow, "Nope behind you." He said with a light chuckle before knocking out Doll Face's feet with a sweep kick, then the figure jumped over Doll Face, landing right in front of me.

I blinked a few times, trying to process yet another oddly dressed person. This one wore a light grey mask that covered around his eyes and the bridge of his nose with a matching skin tight suit with fur like grey patterns and an almost hidden belt around his waist. Around his neck was a fluffy poof of dark grey fur that was same colour as the tail that swished behind him and the set canine ears on top of his head. His gloves looked like they had points on the ends of his fingers, like claws, and his long brown hair was tied back with a few strands falling into his tan face covering one of his glowing jade eyes , "Are you an akuma too?" I asked, keeping my voice as firm and strong as she could, but looking into his glowing jade eyes oddly made me feel safe.

He grinned, showing off a pair of sharp looking canines, as he bent forward until he was at eye level with me, considering he was a good two heads taller than me, "No my name is Night Howler, Kingston's superhero at your service" He said looking proud of himself as he gave me a wink.

"Superhero, Really?" I asked, watching him curiously with an eyebrow raised and a hand on my hip, not even realizing I was breathing normally again. I felt so calm with him around, so at peace, even though Doll Face was getting to her feet again.

"I can see you're not from around here and I'd love to explain, but first things first. Anything weird on pink monstrosity behind me? Something that doesn't match?" he asked, turning away from me, his broad back now in front of me protectively. He had a staff strapped there that I didn't notice before, it looked to be made of iron with an adorable little wolf sticker on it.

"Pink monstrosity, creepy possessed doll, wow she really has all the greatest qualities, but I see why the guy she likes picked someone else. Anyways, the charm bracelet doesn't quite match." I said calmly, I felt like I should be scared or panicked like I was before, but I wasn't.

"Thanks little lady." He said flashing me a smile over his shoulder as he grabbed his staff and began twirling it in front of him, then behind him, throwing it up in the air and catching it in a fighting stance. It definitely couldn't be made out of heavy iron if he was twirling it like it weighed less than a feather, or maybe it was and he was just that strong. Either way I felt like he was trying to show off which made me give an amused snort.

"Are you done ignoring me now?! Black Moth wants your Miraculous and I want that slut! Now hand them over!" Doll Face yelled, bows in her hands as she started running towards him, throwing them at him like knives cutting through the air, but Night Howler just sighed and shook his head, twirling his staff and using it like a shield to deflect the bows.

"Would you kindly not call this lady a slut? It's rude and I don't like it. If you were smart you'd listen to me,I've fought much stronger akuma than you." He said, cocking an eyebrow as she growled at him and continued her barrage of bows. He could have dodged them easily, but he stood his ground in front of me to protect me, he sighed after awhile of this and pressed something on his staff. It slowly bent ,a thick line attaching the two ends into a bow, and he reached back into his belt and produced a single short iron coloured arrow that extended into its full length. He notched the arrow with such speed, barely taking time to aim before he shot it and shot the basket out of Doll faces grasp. The arrow hit the ground, where a normal one would have just stuck there, but this arrow suddenly bounced back. Night Howler rushed forward, grabbing the arrow out of the air and using this little distraction to land a kick in the middle of Doll Face's stomach. Doll Face coughed as all the air left her lungs and fell onto the ground. With another swift movement he snapped the bracelet off her wrist, a black moth forming out of the remnants of the bracelet and flying into the sky.

"You caused enough trouble little akuma." Night Howler smirked, his claws growing and glowing as he caught the moth within them, "Time to go back to being a good little disgusting moth." He said and, with a flash within his clenched fist, he let a white moth fly free. He then notched his arrow and shot it into the sky, "Fix everything up will ya? Miraculous Howl!." He said as the arrow flew into the sky, making a sound like a wolf's howl, before it erupted into a silver light that descended on us. Before my eyes, the light began to put everything back in place. "It's something like a cure, to turn everything back to normal, including all the dolls." Night Howler explained when he saw my look of confusion.

Doll Face's appearance dissolved into black leaving in her place an average looking women with long, straight, light brown hair wearing a professional black dress and big square glasses around her brown eyes. She wasn't bad looking, but she was akumatized because the man she loved rejected her for a 'more unique' woman and he wasn't too fond of her obsession with dolls."What… where am I?" she asked looking unsure and confused. Night Howler just smiled and helped the woman to her feet, explaining the situation. She thanked him, taking his hand and apologizing a million times for the trouble she caused as he gave her a proud grin.

"I must go, thank you again Night Howler!" The Woman called as she hurried out of the park, phone in hand. I guessed she was calling herself a taxi or something, I mean it was late and I'd imagine the woman would just want to go home and forget the night.

"Will you be alright little lady?" the wolf themed superhero asked as he turned to face me again. I moved my eyes from the entrance of the park, where I had watched the woman disappear, to look at Night Howler again. He had his hands on his hips with his chest puffed out as he tried to look heroic, it took everything in my power not to laugh at my saviour, even though he looked like a child begging to be praised.

"Well the threat of becoming a creepy Doll is gone, but I'm still lost… so yup! Everything is back to normal." I joked with a smirk on my lips.

"Would you like me to take you home? Where do you live?" he asked, dropping his hands from his hips. He suddenly looked so concerned for me that I just couldn't turn down his offer. Could wolves give puppy dog eyes? I mean dogs are descendants from wolves so they must be able to. Either way he was definitely giving me puppy dog eyes and donuts they were adorable!

"Oh.. I live on Elliot Avenue right behind Molly Brant Elementary School. It's this amazing apartment building with very spacious apartments, but I think it's far from- Eeeek!" I yelped, taken by surprise as Night Howler suddenly pulled me close to him.

"Don't worry about it, just hang on tight." He said with a playful tone as he scooped me up into his arms to hold me bridal style.

I raised my eyebrow at him, Keeping my hands off him, "Oh but we've just met." I said with a smirk making him laugh.

"Do you want a free ride home or not little lady?"

I sighed, "Fine, but only because you said free." I joked as I wrapped my arms around his neck so that my body was pressed to his. He was ripped, I mean I knew that since the suit didn't leave much to the imagination, but I didn't expect him to feel this muscular. Not only that but he felt... Safe. He smelt like rich coffee and cakes, almost like the inside of a café, and the fur around the neck of his suit was so soft, like a puppy's, against my cheek.

"Just try not to fall asleep, I know I'm unbelievably comfy." He said playfully as he stood holding me with one arm under my legs , "Make sure you hold on really tight, Alright?" he said with a mischievous tone in his voice, twirling his bow before tapping the end of it on the ground. The line attaching the ends separated and retreated within the limbs which straightened back into a staff. He strapped his staff back onto his back, putting his other arm around my back before he suddenly took off running. He was so fast, like a car, leaving my curly hair whipping around and the cold wind lashing at my face. I had to bury my face in the fur of his neck in order to protect myself from both my own hair and the wind.

After only a minute of running it felt like he had jumped, his arm moving from my back, and my face moving from the fur to see what he was doing. We were high, very high, which made sense since he was scaling a four story building with only one hand. I instinctively clung tighter to him, my breath catching in my throat. I was honestly scared he'd drop me and I'd fall to my doom, becoming a messy pancake on the cement below.

"Hey, don't forget to breathe okay? I won't drop you." he said, laughing at how I took a sudden gulp of air.

"Oh shush you, would you trust someone you had just met to carry you up the side of a building?" I asked, jutting out my bottom lip in a pout.

"Yes since that someone you just met also just saved your life. Trust me little lady, I won't drop you." He said with a light chuckle, "but come on, it's pretty beautiful up here isn't it?" He let out a long sigh, his green eyes gazing fondly at the city around him as he launched himself up onto the roof of the building. Turns out he wasn't only fast, but he could jump pretty high too. He looked around more once we were on the roof and I noticed how tenderly he looked at the city. I could tell just how much he loved it just by looking at him, so I decided to look around too. I wasn't disappointed. Kingston is beautiful at night, the whole city glowed in vibrant colours that reflected off the waters of Lake Ontario. It reminded me of the northern lights, how all the colours danced together in harmony as Night Howler jumped from roof top to roof top.

The ride was over a little too quickly for my liking. I wanted to see more of the dazzling city, I wanted to explore every inch of my new home. Every nook and cranny, I wanted to see if the city was just as beautiful on the ground, I wanted to know how it all looked in the day time. I could never forget a view like that, it was like flying through a wonderful dream of stars and lights , but sadly all good dreams come to an end. It's not like a superhero will take me racing through the city at night again.

We landed in front of my apartment building, a wide brown building right next to another apartment building that was identical to it, both with their own parking lots, too bad I don't have a car. Night Howler set me down onto my feet and gave me a knowing smile. "You just got to see some of my favourite parts of my job. Rescuing damsels and the view of the city at night. " He said with a grin as he stepped away from me and clasped his hands behind his back innocently.

"One I am no damsel, I can take care of myself when my opponent doesn't have weird powers, but two...You are one lucky little wolf." I said with a smile, that dazed look probably still in my eyes.

He smiled and nodded, "That I am little lady."

I smiled more and clasped my hands in front of me, "Thank you so much for the rescue and stuff." I said with a smirk, "It was a real howl." I added proudly.

Night Howler gave me a surprised look, then laughed, "Leave the wolf jokes to me little lady, as for the saving? My pleasure." He said bowing to me with a quick wink, but the friendly atmosphere was interrupted by a loud beeping sound. Night Howler looked at a bracelet on his wrist, which I hadn't noticed before, then looked to me, " Look at the time, I really must be going! Take care!" he said in a hurry and gave me a two fingered salute before running off into the night.

I took a minute to watch his figure disappear onto the roof of a building, probably jumping off to whatever den he had crawled out of, until a thought hit me like a sack of jawbreaker candies. "He didn't explain anything to me." I said with a loud groan, sounding defeated as I trudged inside to my mailbox. I unlocked it to grab a letter addressed to me, only taking a moment to glare at the handwriting I knew so well, before entering the elevator and pressing the button to the third floor where my apartment was.

When I entered my empty, dark apartment I dropped my bag onto the floor and sighed heavily. "Note to self. Give Chaise a piece of my mind for convincing me to move to a city that's attacked by something called akuma and, if I ever see wolf boy again, give him a piece of my mind for not explaining things. I think I can get the first one done right now." I said to myself, taking my phone out from my pocket, thumbing at it for a moment to pull up Chaise's contact info. I was about to select call when something at my feet that caught my eye.

When I dropped my shoulder bag earlier the contents spilled out onto the floor, including one small black box that I didn't remember even owning. I frowned at it for a moment before shoving my phone back into my pocket and sitting on the ground in front of the box. "I know I have a bad memory, but this doesn't look like it's mine. How did it get in my bag?" I asked myself as I reached out for the box, delicately taking it in my hands

"I wonder what's in it.." I mumbled as I turned the box over in my hands, examining every inch of it and it's red designs before placing it upright in my palm again. "Knowing my luck, it's a bomb." I said, letting out a quick laugh before shrugging my shoulders and throwing open the top of the box.

There was a big flash of blue light, forcing me to squeeze my eyes shut until the light disappeared, "It was a bomb right? I'm guessing I'm dead now? Oh such a tragedy to die so young. Will I never get to punch that wolf for leaving without explaining? Will I never get to give Chaise a piece of my mind? Will I never get that pretty pink pony I always wanted?" I asked in a sarcastic tone out loud, laughing at my own joke about the pink pony, the last thing I had expected was to actually get an answer.

"Wow, I see you're going to be a dramatic one."

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