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The Truth is Out

"Just so you know... I was against letting you know about my chosen. I don't care if you guys are best friends or whatever, I don't trust you." The grumpy looking ram Kwami said in a deep voice laced with annoyance. He seemed so mean and cold, I felt bad that he was Aloisa's Kwami.

"Well you obviously know I'm Night Howler so what's not to trust? I don't have any reason to hurt Aloisa if anything I want to protect her from ever being hurt again." I whispered back, carefully watching the sleeping beauty on my chest for any signs of waking.

"Don't take it personally pup, Vicc doesn't trust anyone who isn't his chosen. He's a ram after all, they are very protective creatures." Nanook stated seeing how I was getting quite defensive. She's right, I'm in his territory now and if I want him to like and trust me then I have to win him over.

"I can understand that honestly." I said looking at Aloisa, she was such a deep sleeper so it wasn't too hard to slip out from under her and replace myself with a pillow, "Why don't we go talk on the balcony so we don't wake her?" I offered.

Vicc huffed, crossing his tiny little arms and looking away towards the balcony door, "If I see you're planning anything like, I don't know, stealing me, then I'll push you off the balcony Wolf boy." He said in such a serious tone that it actually made me a little scared, but more relieved. I could see why Vicc was Aloisa's Kwami now, he was protective and grumpy, but he obviously cared and that's what she needed.

"Don't worry, I'm not in need of a grumpy ram." I joked with a smirk, I thought a little comedy would help ease the tension and I was right.

Vicc showed me the tiniest little smirk, "I see why you and Aloisa are friends." He said before zipping through the balcony door with Nanook. I felt a sense of pride from that comment and hurried after them, opening and closing the balcony as quietly as I could so as not to wake Aloisa.

"So... Why don't we start with proper introductions? Though... I'm guessing you already know Nanook huh Vicc?" I asked.

"Well..." Nanook spoke, "Me and Vicc go way back you see. Most of our chosens end up working together. There's only five miraculous in this area and only a few become active at a time. It's not often all of them are active at once but it could happen. The ram and the wolf, me and Vicc, are usually the most active and usually at the same time so our chosens are usually paired together, but they have worked with others in the past. In our group there Vicc the ram, Kuno the Coyote, Luka the rabbit, myself and of course Hopi who is in the hands of Black Moth. My chosens usually work with either the ram or the rabbit and Viccs chosens usually work with the wolf or the coyote, but 8 out of 10 times its a ram and wolf pair." She explained and I had nodded along the whole time. I didn't know much about the other Kwami until now so it was useful information.

"Black Moth was once a superhero right? In her time she used to fight regular crime such as robbers correct? What made her want to be a villain? Why is her Kwami letting this happen?" I asked which quickly set off the little grumpy ram.

"Shut up! You have no idea what you're talking about okay?! Hopi is trapped! She's a prisoner and you should show her some respect! If she wasn't resisting the akuma you'd be facing would be much stronger!" He yelled making me jump back and hit the balcony door. Nanook quickly flew to his side to comfort him, rubbing his back and holding him close.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have been so insensitive. I apologize... but if she really is in trouble... shouldn't finding Black Moth be our first priority?" I asked making Vicc look away and huff.

"I wish... Black Moth is hiding too well and you two are no where strong enough to defeat her so until then you'll just have to be patient." He said and Nanook nodded.

I sighed, "Well then we'll just have to work hard huh?" I said and looked between the two before giving a small smile, "So how about that introduction. My name is Chaise Honiahaka. I'm seventeen and I've been Night Howler for about a year now." I said with a nervous smile, at this point I was sure Vicc didn't like me, but I was wrong again. Instead of huffing and ignoring me, he faced me and looked me up and down.

"I'm Vicc, the ram kwami, the protector... Thank you for the macaroons you always bring." He said and looked away making Nanook giggle.

"He only agreed to meet you because I told him you're Aloisa's supply of macaroons. Macaroons are his choice of recharge food, he adores them." She explained. Macaroons huh? Guess I know his sweet spot if I ever get on his bad side again.

"No problem! Now that I know they're for you I'll make sure Aloisa has a nice supply for you. I am the one with a paying job so it's only fair I support my partner." I said with a big smile.

"You really like her huh kid?" Vicc said it so suddenly it caught me off guard, I jumped and my face erupted with heat.

"Oh... uhm... you noticed that huh? Well.. I uh.. Y-ye-" Suddenly the balcony door, which I had been leaning on, slid open making me fall back inside the apartment flat on my back. I groaned, moving my hand to rub the back of my neck before I looked up to see none other than Aloisa standing over me.

"Awe... Why wasn't I invited to the secret meeting?" She asked, giving me that pouting look with her bottom lip stuck out and her eyes big.

"Heh... I guess we weren't being very quiet were we?" I asked as I sat up and rubbed my head some more. Vicc and Nanook were still floating outside just watching us both. I couldn't really read their expression, but I guessed they were just as shocked as I was.

Aloisa sat in front of me, resting her elbows on her knees and her chin in the palm of her hand, "No you were quiet, I woke as soon as you moved, but I wanted to know what you were doing so I pretended to be asleep. I listened to your whole conversation too..." She said, looking away. Her cheeks were a bright red making my own cheeks heat up as well.

"Oh... It's not like... I wasn't going to hide the fact I'm Night Howler if that's what you were thinking. It wouldn't be fair if I knew you were Ramu and you didn't know who I was. I just didn't want to wake you." I said honestly earning a sweet smile from her. Why. is. she. so. damn. cute! Wait... did she say she heard the whole conversation? Oh shit! Wait then did she hear that I liked her! Oh no! What if she doesn't feel the same?! What If things become really awkward and she doesn't want to be my friend anymore?! Oh no! I don't want that to happen! I can't handle that, I can handle her rejecting me but if she never talks to me again I'll-

"Chaise you know you're making that face you make when you panic right? What's wrong?" She asked, drawing me out of my thoughts and making me look at her. She was facing me more now, she looked worried, then I noticed she had even grabbed my hand. After that I didn't think... I just talked. Fast and panicked because I didn't want to lose this. I didn't want to lose her.

"Look I know you heard a lot of stuff and It's true I like you, I love you and not just as a friend, and I understand if you don't feel the same, but it's okay if you don't feel the same! I understand I just.. I can't lose you as a friend or as a partner and I'll respect your feelings so if you say that you just want to be friends then that's fine! I just, I could never handle losing you as a best friend so please please don't tell me to go away... I.. I" I would have rambled on longer if Aloisa didn't start giggling. I looked at her, shocked that she'd be laughing when I was talking about something so serious, and she quickly tried to stop.

"No no Chaise I'm not laughing at you! Geez how mean do you think I am Chaise?" She asked, leaning closer to me and taking my other hand, "I'm just amused at how clueless you are... how did you not know I liked you? Come on I thought I was being obvious. " Her voice was soft and sweet as she traced her thumbs around in circles on my hands. Her hands... they're shaking... is she... is she as nervous as I am?


I can't believe I'm saying all this without my voice shaking... I can't believe this dork loves me... all this time I just though I was his otaku buddy... that he only hung around me because we had the same weird nerdy interests... but he loves me... he really loves me... even though he knows how broken I am... how much work I can be... How needy I am... How could he love me? This sweet... adorable... amazing... miraculous person... Doesn't he know he's way too good for me? Doesn't he know he could do way better?

"Aloisa..." The way he whispers my name, so sweet and gentle, it makes my heart pound. "Aloisa... What's wrong?" Chaise asked me in such a soft voice, one of his hands coming free from my grip and caressing my cheek. I moved my free hand and put it over his, I had to hide the fact my hands were shaking. I didn't want him to know how scared I was, but when I felt his thumb rubbing my cheek, at the tears that had escaped my eyes, I knew he knew. He had to. I lifted my head more to look at him, but he was all blurry due to the tears that had gathered in my eyes. "Why are you crying Isa? Did I do something to upset you? Please tell me." He urged me gently, keeping his warm hand on my cheek.

I leaned my cheek more into his hand, holding his hand close and letting out a laugh that sounded more like a sob, "I just don't get it... How can you love someone like me? You can do so much better you know? You're so amazing and passionate and caring and... and it makes me so happy when you say you love me... but I'm scared... What if you find someone better? What if you leave me..." I sobbed , holding his hands so tightly I feared I was hurting him, but he just raised his eyebrow at me.

"Now that doesn't sound like you Isa. Where'd all that confidence go huh? Where's that sass? You know full well that you're awesome. You have no idea how lucky I feel for you to say you like me? I swear my heart almost exploded when you said that. There's no one better than you in my book Isa and no one is going to convince me otherwise. Besides... you know you're stuck with me right? Even if you beg me to leave I won't." He said, sticking his tongue out at me and shooting me a wink. Where did he get all this confidence from? Just a moment ago he was panicking...

"Chaise..." I said, lifting my head a bit and rubbing my tears away before looking at him directly and he looked back at me with those big emerald eyes. I took another deep breath before smirking slightly, "Chaise... Your Night Howler is showing." I said, making him burst into laughter and I soon joined him.

We sat there for awhile, just laughing at my dumb joke, and eventually we came to rest our foreheads against each other. Reduced to giggling, we just looked at each other while holding each other hands. Then the giggling stopped, but we continued to just take in everything. Our conversation, each other, and our situation. Chaise was the first to break the silence, "Just in case you don't believe me I'll say it again. I love you Aloisa Fortescue." He said softly, his warm breath brushing against my lips making my heart pound.

My mouth felt dry, but I took a deep breath, squeezed his hands and looked him in the eyes, "I love you too Chaise Honiahaka." I said almost breathlessly, by now my heart was pounding in my ears. He looked so happy, his eyes practically sparkled as he slowly moved closer.

It was like an instinct, my eyes began to close as I held tightly to his hands. My body leaned towards him, wanting to be closer, and our lips inched towards one another. I could feel his heat, his breath against my lips, his warm hands holding mine, and I could hear the harmonic pounding of our hearts. It was perfect, the perfect timing, perfect mood and a perfect person. It would have been the perfect first kiss too if it wasn't for both our news alerts going off at the same time on our phones and just as our lips brushed together too.

At the sound of our alerts we jumped apart, startled by the sudden noise, and looked at each other. I could tell he was upset due to the interruption, and so was I, but I was more happy that his face was as red as mine.

"Seriously?! Now?!" I jumped hearing the voice , looking to the balcony expecting it to be the wolf who had said it, but she simply gestured to Vicc. Vicc's eyes went wide with embarrassment and he quickly turned away and crossed his arms. He cleared his throat, "Don't you dare say a single thing Lamb. it wasn't me it was Nanook." he huffed making me smile widely and look to the wolf.

She smiled, "Wasn't me sweety, but I share his annoyance. This is a horrible time for an akuma. Things were just getting good." She said kindly making me pout.

"Tell me about it." I looked up in surprise, me and Chaise had said the same thing and in the same tone too. We looked at each other for a moment before laughing together, leaning towards each other and just laughing.

While he was distracted I gathered what courage I had and quickly moved to plant a kiss on his cheek before bouncing to my feet, "Well! Evil waits for no one right? So... Vicc horns on!" I called quickly before Chaise even realized what I did, but the time he did I was already in costume and out the balcony, racing off towards the sound of terrified screams with a face as red as a cherry.


By the time I even processed what she did she was already gone and I was left sitting there holding the cheek she kissed. "Well pup... aren't you going to catch up to her?" Nanook asked, snapping me out of my trance and making me jump to my feet.

A smile formed on my lips, a huge smile as happiness flooded my entire body. I felt like I had enough energy to run a marathon, "Always Nanook. If it's her... I'll race across the universe a thousand times over just to be by her side." I said, staring out the balcony after her and smirking, "Nanook! Fangs out!" I called, feeling the magic wrap around me. I felt so alive, so happy, so... in love. "Wait for me little lamb!~" I called, diving out the window after her and using my staff to propel myself after her.

It didn't take me long to catch up to her, she was crouched on a building, peeking over the ledge to watch the akuma below. It wasn't doing too much harm right now, the area was clear and the akuma looked to be looking for something or someone. She was watching, observing, looking like she was thinking of a plan, but her face was still red even under the mask which made me smile as I crouched next to her. "Hey little lady... you forgot something." I said playfully.

She looked at me, her face flushing further as she nervously played with one of her curls, "I forgot something? What'd I forget?" She asked in a soft voice making me smile more. She can be so irresistibly cute.

"Your kiss." I said, gently taking her chin and moving closer to her, her eyes already began to close, her lips puckering ever so slightly making me smile. I can be a tease too you know. I thought as I gently kissed her cheek and smirked. Her eyes flew open with surprise , then she pouted and crossed her arms.

"You suck... I got my hopes up for nothing. You really are the big bad wolf." She mumbled adorably and I did my best not to laugh or kiss her properly.

"It's only fair little lamb, you tease me, then I get to tease you a little. You're cute all pouty." I said, teasingly sticking my tongue out at her which caused her to pout more. "Besides... I want our first kiss to be special because you're special to me. So be patient please little lamb." I said honestly.

she smiled, her cheeks were a warm color of red now as she looked at me, "Well if this akuma just waited until morning then we would have had a perfect moment." She said, looking at the akuma below and sticking her tongue out at it.

I smirked and let out a soft laugh, "You're right, so why don't we go kick it's butt for interrupting our moment? it's only fair isn't it?" I asked making her giggle.

"It's only fair. I'm gonna give him a stern scolding too." she said with a smirk making me laugh more.

"Who still uses the word scolding?" I asked, amused by her choice of wording.

"I do and now you just did." She said, sticking her tongue out at me.

"True, true. I can't argue with that little lady." I said making her smile.

"That's right, now let's go give this akuma a scolding." She said as she stood.

"Can we still kick its butt? I have a little pent up anger towards this akuma." I said, which was true. The akuma ruined the moment I had been waiting for for months.

"Only if you actually kick its butt. Literally. Because I think it'd be funny." She said with a playful smirk which made me laugh.

"Agreed. A scolding and a literal kicking of the butt. We are professional super heroes." I said in a playful sarcastic tone.

"Only the best." She replied.

"Shall we?" I asked as I extended my hand to her. She smiled at me, so sweetly it made my hearts melt, as she placed her hand in mine.

"After you fluff butt." She said making me snort.

"Really? Fluff butt? I give you all these cute nicknames and you give me that?"

"I do it out of love Wolf." She said fondly making me melt.

"Fluff butt it is... Only if I can call you Lamb chop."

"I'm food now?"

"It's only fair."


"Ahemm!" We both turned to look at the akuma below us, "Are you two just gonna stand up there all night and bicker?! Or are you going to give me your miraculous?!" We both looked to each other then and smirked.

"Ready?" I asked

"Always." She answered with confidence, gripping her hammer in one hand and my hand in the other. We looked a each other for a moment longer before looking back to the akuma, jumping from the building hand in hand.

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