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It has been slightly over a month since Mikoto Misaka, Raiden, Elise, and Touma have been in Academy city. Yet here they are, having finally returned. The city has slowly begun changing, with more and more people starting to not respect city officials or scientists any longer. Yet right now that does not bother the group, as they work their way back to Raidens base in Academy city. Once there he puts it into reactivation, and the base begins to boot up once more. Once that was done the group walks inside, seeing it just as they had left it. During their time away, Raiden had the computers in the base build something, something that is very important for the next mission that he was going to send Mikoto on. Their time away had been spent exploring the world, finding and eliminating potential threats to Academy City and now they had returned to do missions in Academy city itself. Mikotos current kill count was up to 10 now, having "only" killed 6 people after her last time in Academy city. She was now fully devoted to protecting others through any means necessary, and that included killing threats to the city. For these missions she had learned to use other weapons added onto her HF Blade and level 6 abilities. Raiden had given her a compound bow with different kinds of arrows for different missions. Also she had gotten used to the hidden blade gauntlets. She was also wearing a new outfit. The outfit consisted of a pair of shorts and a new vest like top that gave her some protection against weapons. The vest also had a hood, as well as a mask to cover everything but her eyes. This was what she wore when she went out on missions. It could also handle her level 6 abilities, so if needed she would always have that option open to her. The group gets themselves situated in the base, then meet together in the main hall.

"So Raiden, what special Mission did you have in mind for me? I know you mentioned something earlier," Mikoto asks.

"I have made the discovery of different parallel worlds to our own. Many of these worlds lead to a dark future, while only some have the potential to have a good future. One of these worlds is called Earthland. It is a world filled with Wizards and Magic. This world has the possibility of a great future, if not for two people," Raiden explains.

"Go on," Mikoto states, her interest gaining.

"Those two people are known as Acnologia, and Zeref. Acnologia is know as the Black Dragon, for his ability to transform into a dragon so strong that nobody has ever defeated him. He recently killed the strongest Wizard in a span of a second, no contest whatsoever. Zeref is known as the Black Wizard. He is known for being unkillable and is able to kill anyone who gets close to him, no matter how strong. There is only one person who can beat him," Raiden states.

"Let me guess, you want me to go there and beat both of them," Mikoto states, looking kinda annoyed.

"No I want you to go there and protect a certain guild. It is the only guild that has a chance to defeat Zeref, as one of its members is the only one who can kill him. But this guild is currently being hunted down by Acnologia, among other threats. I want you to go back in time to their world, join that guild and protect it. If you get a chance to rid the world of Acnologia, do it, though i believe even level 6 might have a hard time with it," Raiden states, revealing his plan.

"How will I go back in time and to another world?" Mikoto asks. The moment the words get out of her mouth she realizes it was a stupid question to ask. Raiden would not have told her this if he didnt already have a way of doing it.

"This base built the machine while we were away. I also had all the tests run on it and it is good to go. You will be transported into the world at the time I choose. Then when your mission is done, I can Transport you back no matter what happens back to our world. No matter what, only 3 days will pass in our time. You can bring all the gear that you want to take, though for your HF Blade, i would suggest you have it in its sheath on your side until you get there safely. Also if anything happens where you're in trouble or you need to be brought back, i will know immediately and act accordingly. So Mikoto, will you do it?" Raiden asks. He looks into Mikotos eyes and all he sees is determination.

"I will do it to help that guild. I will be ready to go in a couple of days, on two conditions," Mikoto states.

"What are they?"

"The first is you give me something to read about everything that I need to do, who are the people im going to meet, who I am fighting and other things like that. The second condition is that you let Touma come with me. We are a team and I cant do this without him." Mikoto states. She turns to look at Touma, who then grabs her hand in his and nods his head, showing that he would like to go too. This convinces Raiden, who agrees with Mikotos demands.

Later that night Mikoto and Touma are reading the papers that Raiden gave them when Mikoto comes across some things.

Okay so the magic they use in Earthland is different than the ones that sorcerers use in our world. They have to create something called a magic circle for each and every magic move they use. Interesting. Wait Am I reading this right!?

She points the line to Touma and he reads it out loud, "In our world, one person can not use both magic and esper abilities, but that is not necessarily true in Earthland. Their magic is more personalized, and one magician can usually only use one kind of magic, though there are exceptions. Also the magic in our world was created to fight espers, hile Earthlands magic has no underlining meaning. This means that in theory an esper can learn Magic from Earthland and use it alongside their esper abilities. Though i would bet that it would take a gigantic need for that to develop. Basically it would be as hard as achieving level 6 from a level 4 base form, which is for all intensive purposes, impossible." after saying this Touma only shrugs, not really thinking that it was possible from the way that Raiden worded it, but Mikoto kept reading.

"Also the magic learned will be in ratio to the espers strongest level. That means that to learn a magic ability, the esper would have to go from no magic to full power magic in the span of seconds, that would put a huge strain on their body, but is not completely impossible to handle." So this means I might have a chance to learn magic? If so what would it be? Oh i am so intrigued!

They spend the next couple of days studying Earthland and the guild Fairy Tail. Touma and Mikoto even quiz each other, which goes towards a lot of success. Finally, before they are about to begin their mission, the two of them head off into the city, to see familiar faces, though not to interact with them as they were not wearing anything to hide their identities, so they didn't want to draw attention from random strangers. It doesnt take them long to find Ruiko and Uiharu, and they watch their old friends from the rooftop of a close building. Then Kuroko joins Ruiko and Uiharu. Mikoto smiled when she realizes her friends were doing okay without her. Touma and her turn away, but as they walk away from the edge of the building that they had been watching from, Kuroko turns and catches a glimpse of them leaving.

"Kuroko whats wrong?" Ruiko states, noticing her friend fixating on the rooftop.

"I swear I just saw Sissy and Touma on that Rooftop," Kuroko says. Both Uiharu and Ruiko look, but they dont see anything, and the group goes back to what they were doing.

Not too much later, Touma and Mikoto prepare for their trip. They strap on all of the gear they wanted to take. Mikoto decided to bring her new outfit as a spare for when she knows she will be getting into combat, and instead she wears her original level 6 clothes, which were just a plain tshirt and shorts. She straps the HF Blade into its sheath and attaches that to her side, as well as putting her hidden blade gauntlets on. She had decided to try not to use her powers till their first big battle, which was going to be against oracion seis. She didnt want the guild to know about her abilities just yet. She also left her bow behind. Raiden had attached chips into the cloths that they were taking with them, that way he could always track what was going on. Touma wore his normal clothes along with extras. He also brought his shield gauntlet, but no other weapon. Once done Raiden takes them over to the room that held the machine, where Elise was already preparing it. The machines main element was the rather large chamber, big enough to fit a truck. Raiden Told them to stand in the middle of the chamber as he close its door.

"Okay, are you both ready?" He asks.

Mikoto looks at Touma and he looks at her. They hold hands as they both respond, "Ready!"

"Goodluck you two. Remember that everything you do will change the future of their world. Avoid zeref, as nothing either of you can do can kill him. Touma, you may be able to neutralize his attacks, but i wouldnt count on it. See you both in three days." Raiden states, then he begins to charge up the machine. Mikoto and Touma both close their eyes in waiting then in a big flash of light, they were transported.

Mikoto opens her eyes only a second later when she feels a calm breeze hitting her. Once she sees where she was, her eyes widen in shock, as does Toumas. They were now standing in a completely different world, in front of a Town from their location they could see the whole town, included what they know to be Fairy Tails headquarters. Thats means that this must be Magnolia Town, Fairy Tails home. Once their shock subsides Mikoto decides to test something. She moves away from Touma, grabs a coin from her pocket and points her hand towards the forest. She then fires her Railgun, and it works, proving that she can use her espers abilities.

"Doesnt it feel different here?" Touma asks, continuing to look over the city.

"Yes it does. It feels alot cleaner." Mikoto responds, walking back to his side.

"Come on! Lets get to the guild!" Touma states, grabbing Mikotos hand and taking off. She was surprised by how excited Touma was, but then again, so was she. They take off, preparing to start a new adventure with Fairy Tail!

The dream that's engraved in my heart, leave even the future behind
This limitless, yet meaningless power
Sparkles with light with my feelings at the distance, preceding it

If I can do nothing but look back at the journey along this road...
I have the choice to destroy everything, right here and now

How long can the people stand against this darkness that falls on the city?
Surely somebody will protect them from the pain that is racing through

The blitz loop this planet to search way.
Only my railgun can shoot it right this instance
This definite sensation
Runs around my whole body at the speed of light

All that I desire, being the shining self that is me, leave absolutely nothing behind
I am still faithful to the oath I made that day
Even the tears that shine from these eyes will turn into my strength

But I won't lie that I am not affected by
The little pain I will feel when I become perplexed

The coin dancing through the air draws a parabolic path that determines fate
But again today the target becomes an answer that creeps inside my heart

The shiny lights awake true desire.
Only my RAILGUN can shoot it for certain
It's piercing through with no reason to stop
And will continue to run, no matter what the pain

With a shining vision so dignified, tear open the darkness with composure
Just throw away any of the doubt
As long as the screams of my heart be heard, I won't let anyone stand in my way

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