It was the night of the party, and all of the guilds that had attended the grand magic games were there, with the majority of their members. In fact, only Fairy Tail and Sabertooth were missing members, those members being Minerva, Mikoto, and Natsu. A couple of people had asked Touma and Raiden where Mikoto was, but they just told them that she was still getting changed, as she wasnt used to wearing such formal outfits. The party was fun, with some people dancing, some people eating the food, well maybe a little more than some, and most were talking with each other. The princess and her guards had also joined in by now, but the king was not yet here. Eventually things got out of hand when guilds started to argue with each other over who should have yukino in their guild. Before any fighting could actually happen though, the guild masters managed to calm down their guilds, stating that Yukino could join any guild that she wanted, and that this showed just how much each of the guilds now got along. This conversation was ended by the sound of someone struggling to walk, and with that some soft cursing. Mikoto was walking over, well trying to walk over. She was wearing heels, and she wasnt very good with them. She was wearing a beautiful dress, a light blue that matched her electricity. It was also a pretty slim dress, as Mikoto didnt want to have that large of a dress.

Erza couldnt help but laugh as she saw Mikoto, and says "Mikoto, its like you dont wear heels or a dress much at all."

Mikoto faked anger as she replied, "You would be right about that. I usually dont like wearing this kind of stuff." At this she almost tripped, but managed to steady herself. Touma had walked over, and helped support her the rest of the walk to the main group.

"So now all we are missing is Natsu, where could he be?" Lucy says.

"Im not sure, he said he had something to do first." Lisanna comments. Mikoto almost laughed as she of course knew what natsu was planning. Sure enough, the kings arrival was announced, only for it to end up being natsu. While this made Makarov panic, it made the other guild members laugh, and after the king got his outfit back, and after he dealt out a suitable punishment to his daughter for her mistake in using the eclipse gate, the party was continued. Mikoto decided to add to the fun by singing some songs she knew, keeping that exciting and happy. The party lasted for a good couple more hours, and it was beginning to come to an end when suddenly the king came over to Mikoto, drawing the attention of those in the room.

Suddenly the King kneels down infront of her saying, "Mikoto, I must thank you for saving my city, and my family from Acnologia. The kingdom of Fiore is forever in your debt."

Mikoto was shocked that the king was saying this to her, and stared for a couple of seconds before stammering out, "No need to say that you are in my debt. I only did what I came here to do, and thats change the future."

The king stands, and a group of officials carrying something covered in a cloak walk up behind him. He continues, "Whatever your reason, I think you deserve this. What's behind me is being given to you as a gift, along with your new title."

Mikotos eyes widen and she responds, "What new title? Im a member of Fairy Tail, thats the most i could ever be."

"When I saw you fight against acnologia, specifically near the end of the fight, i didnt see just a Fairy Tail member. I saw something far more than that. I saw something far greater than a human, and greater than a dragon. I saw a Goddess that day. With that being said, It is my decision that you will now have the Title of Goddess, when talked about by the Kingdom of Fiore. You from this point forward are Mikoto, The Goddess of Lightning." The king states. This caused the room to go silent as the guilds stared in shock at Mikoto and the king. Mikoto was even more shocked, this was nothing she could have expected. To be given the Title of a Goddess? An honor that she didnt even know that the king had the power to give out. The shock of it all caused her to collapse to her knees, staring at the king as if she couldnt believe it.

The king moved to the item behind him, grabbing hold of the cloak before saying, "And what could be a better gift, than a set of armor worthy of a Goddess?" He removes the cloak, and just like he said, underneath it was a new set of armor. This armor was a shiny silver, with gold and blue trimming all around it. It was shaped more like erza's heart kruz armor, and its overall design was rather simple. But Mikoto could feel a pressure coming off of it, as if the armor had a magical effect. The designer that had helped bring the armor over then walks forward and says, "This armor may not look like much, but the material it has been made out of is extraordinary. Combined into the metal are many lacrimas, all adding specific magical effects to the magic. One is that the armor itself is nearly indestructible, and if it does break, it only needs a short amount of time to regenerate itself. Also its ability to act like Miss Erza's magic to where its user can summon it out from its own dimension is a plus. Finally it has a rather unique innate ability. While wearing the armor, the power of its user is magnified. We dont know exactly how it does this, nor do we know by exactly how much, but what we do know is that we believe it will increase the power of your esper ability."

Mikoto couldnt even begin to respond, so Raiden reacts instead.

"Well then, it would make sense to put it to the test then, doesnt it Mikoto." Raiden says calmly. Mikoto nodded quickly, and rushed off as fast as she could in heels to change out of her dress and into clothes more fitting for a fight.

Not too long after, everyone was gathered in the massive clearing behind the castle. Raiden and Mikoto were going to face off to see just what the new armor could do, but first, Mikoto had to put it on. She walked over to the stand that the armor was on, and brought her right hand to the chestpiece of the armor. A bright light forms around Mikoto as the armor begins to transfer itself onto her. Piece by piece the armor forms up on Mikoto, and the lightshow ends when the armor is fully on. Mikoto looked herself over, as she could feel massive amounts of power building in her, even though she was only at level 5.

"Hey Raiden, I dont know if you want to do this anymore." Mikoto states while turning to face the man in question with a sly grin on her face.

Raiden rolls his eyes and responds, "I have been able to handle your level 6 form before, so i doubt this will be too much for me to handle."

Though Raiden said this, the numbers appearing in his HUD was astounding him. He could tell she was still not transformed, but her power was already comparable to her level 6 form….. It was like the armor was giving a straight multiplier to her power at level 5, just like her level 6 transformation. He wasnt so sure he was going to be able to take her on if she went level 6.

Then once again to everyones surprise, the buildup of power around mikoto suddenly stopped, and then disappeared. Mikoto herself was shocked at how easy it was to control the power from the armor compared to level 6. Without giving any warning she threw one of her hands forward at Raiden and a massive bolt of lightning struck out. He managed to dodge the first, but a second came almost immediately after, and this one he had to block with his blade. The force from this pushed the cyborg back and mikoto did not let up from there. While keeping herself in her normal state, but pushing her power to its max, she tried all of her usual moves, noting the differences in its power, speed or anything else. She quickly realized that at least for her normal state, it was at most a multiplier of 20.

Raiden on the other hand was not finding this experience so enlightening. He had never been so worried about fighting Mikoto as he was now. While once he realized her new armor limits, it was easy enough for him to limit the attacks, he knew Mikoto was just waiting to go level 6, and he didnt like the sound of that. That moment didnt take long to come to pass, as with a smile, Mikotos hair turned that familiar electric blue, and the pressure from her power spiked.

While this moment terrified Raiden and even those watching from a safe distance, it was even more interesting to Mikoto. She was just aiming for her normal 20% of level 6, but the results astonished her. While she could tell she only reached 20 percent of her max, compared to what it was without the armor, it was much much higher than that, not even just 20 times more. No, it was far more than that. She acted quickly, varying the amount of power to try to figure out the multiplier, but no matter what, she couldnt figure it out, until Raiden spoke.

"The armor is astounding. At level 5 it acts as a normal 20 times but it truly gets interesting when you go to level 6. It doesnt act as a multiplier but as an exponential. It changes the way level 6 affects your power," Raiden yells out so everyone could hear him.

"What do you mean Raiden?" Mikoto asks, dropping her power down to 10%, finding it surprisingly easy to control given that she usually had issues controlling level 6 at below 20% capacity

"Lets say your base forms max power is some number, instead of just adding the level 6 capacity as a multiplier to that number, it instead raises that initial number to the power of what capacity you are at. For instance, at 10% you have a power of 10 applied to your base power."

With that bombshell, everything goes quiet. If this was how Mikotos new armor was acting, that just made Mikoto unbeatable given the right circumstances. Using both her level 6 and the armor a fight against someone like Acnologia would be a cake walk. She literally has just broken the limit of limits in terms of her power. What next would there be for her to reach? Realizing this Mikoto quickly dropped out of her level 6 form, and the armor slowly disappeared, revealing her normal clothes underneath it. She didnt need to test it any more, it was more than enough. She waited till the spectators came back to the clearing to speak again.

"King Fiorie, I can not even begin to describe how happy I am to have the honor to have this armor. I will not forget this act of gracious kindness." Mikoto says, bowing to the king.

"The king responds, "No Mikoto, it is us that have had the honor to meet you. You are a goddess, in all ways possible."

Mikoto looks to Raiden and Touma, who both give her a knowing look. She then looks to the other guilds and says, "It was amazing being here with all of you, to fight with and against all of you. While this experience has affected your lives, it has affected my own even more so. I have learned from you all so much, and I will always be grateful." People from those guilds give their replies and after a few of them Natsu speaks up.

"Mikoto…. Why are you speaking like this, its like you are saying goodbyes." He asks worriedly.

"Thats because I am." Mikoto responded, giving a warm, if not saddened smile.

Wendy has a very sad look on her face and asks quietly, "Why?"

Mikoto responds, her voice filled with emotion, "Our mission is over, the reason why we were here in the first place has passed. It is time for us to go back to our own world, and fix the problems it has." She doesnt get to continue as Wendy rushes over pulling her into a tight hug. A few more members of fairy tail rush over, also saying words of goodbye, or statements of grief. Eventually Touma walks over and says, "Hey, dont go acting like you wont be seeing us again."

Erza looks at him and says, "So you plan to return?"
Mikoto nods and says, "That we do. Afterall, we are members of Fairy tail, so we will never say a true goodbye, just see yah later." She said that last bit with a light smile. She then removes herself from Wendys hug and walks over to Makarov, kneeling down in front of him, with Touma joining by her side.

She looks up at him and says, "This is goodbye for now, Master, we are forever grateful for allowing us into fairy tail, a place that has become our second home. We will however, not be accepting a true fairytail farewell, as this is not the last you will see of us. When we return, we hope that the times will be peaceful, but if you ever need us, if you ever need your Ace, please just wish for me to be here, and I will make it so. To our Greatest teachers, to our best friends, we will be thinking of you all in every moment, So please do us the kindness of the same."

The old Master gives her a smile in return and says, "You will always be welcomed back Mikoto and Touma, as you said, you will always be members of Fairy tail." The two got up to say goodbye to the rest, and as they were almost done Raiden speaks up from his spot near the storm fighter and says, "You know, the way our travel works, it could be any time that they return, even lets say tomorrow, but in our world, it could also have been any amount of time. So maybe you may see them as an adult next time."

Mikoto knocks him lightly on the shoulder, and she goes to reach for toumas hand as Raiden gets into the storm fighter when she looks back, looking at all her friends. She decides to not leave them on such a note. Everyone was looking down when suddenly the sounds of a song started, and they looked up to hear mikoto start singing.

"Hold on for a second

If words can be weapons, Then what I say can affect it. They're not just words on a record. And I can choose to respect it, Or choose to infect it. But once that hits the water, It's too late to be selective."

She pauses before continuing, "'Cause one voice is enough, To make sleeping giants wake up. To make armies put their hands up. And watch whole nations stand up."

She holds up her hand and a single finger as she continues, looking at her friends, "It's one belief, one spark, One faith and one restart. And we can reboot the whole chart, Before it all falls apart"

"So stand up, shout it out. We can put 'em in the air if you like it loud. We only got one shot, so let's make it count. It's a take down, nobody can stop us now. Stand up, shout it out. Sing it loud, so the world can't drown us out. And before we depart let's leave a mark. 'Cause light shines brighter in the dark."
With that she instantly transforms to level 6 and her armor forms around her, causing a massive blast into the sky above them as she continues to sing, "When we scream, Our lips don't make a sound. We march with feet on solid ground. We walk, where no one wants to go, On this untraveled road."

With that she goes back to level 5, but keeps on the armor, now holding onto Toumas hand as she says, "We will return Fairy Tail, I promise." With that a bright light shines down onto them, and as everyone looks away, Mikoto, Touma, the storm fighter, and Raiden were all gone when the light dissipated. The Ace of Fairy Tail had left to return home, a place that needs just as much of her help as this world once did. Will she be able to fix it, and get her chance to return here, that is yet to be seen, but she will definitely try.

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