He'd escaped. At long last, it had taken a lot longer and more cunning than he thought, but at least he was away from his tormentor. All it took was a little coaxing his kidnapper to dress up nice, they were going to have dinner together, like a little date for the two of them. Followed by a care-free drinking game; sort of a small competition to see who would last - and some sleeping powders he'd found in the cupboard. That must've been how the man had drugged him and stole him away from home.

Next, he'd pretended to gag on the taste of the champagne, this amused the older man, Bill, who'd reassured the boy he'd get used to it before taking a long swig of his own drink. A few glasses later, the man was involuntarily confessing his supposed undying love for the boy and how he's willing to anything and everything to keep him for himself alone. Finally as he leaned in for a kiss, he slumped forward, out cold. The boy shook him making sure he was fast asleep, before finding a way out. He tried the front door but it was locked then remembered the keys in the drawers. So he got them and escaped out the door like a fox being chased down by hunting dogs.

Yet now the boy had lost his way in his frightened flight and found himself glancing around, wondering where to go next and where to hide that he'd unknowingly backed up under an arbor… only to fall right through it, a blinding white flash and down a steep hill. He rolled through on wet soil and leaves before landing on his left side. And right in the middle of something straight out of something he'd read.

Once he lifted his bangs out of the way and froze at the sight. All around him was chaos, people screaming, did he just get caught up in a gang war?!

But then the place looked like a small village and the locals looked like… was this some kind of hidden hostel for people with dwarfism? It was the only logical thing he could think of.

The sound. The ominous clicking and clacking, shining purple eyes.

Next thing he knew he'd been shoved into a large wicker basket with several of the natives. Some were young, some were full grown yet they all bore the identical expressions of fear and despair.

Was this it?

And he woke up, he was in some small makeshift bed with worn blankets. He didn't dare open his eyes yet. Then he heard footsteps fast approaching.

Oh no, Bill had found him and had brought him back. Now he'll be forced to adapt to an awful life, forced to forget about seeing his family and home ever again…

"Up you get!" An unfamiliar voice chided. Wait, that didn't sound at all like -

Then sunlight streamed into the room, nearly blinding Dipper and causing him to cry out in pain/alarm. It was so bright at first.

"You know full well the slaves remove the food from the main table in one hour!"

Whoever it was hurried away, he finally opened his eyes in time to see one of the castle residents walk out of the room, layered robes sweeping the old patterned floor.

Oh wait, now he remembers…

After the large black crab/beetle creatures captured him and the small people, they'd brought him before the castle residents. He still didn't understand why – they'd spoken in another language aside from English – yet they spared him the fate as the others. Drained in the chamber of life they'd said, it gave him an ominous feeling. They definitely had something to gain from him being alive and well, he didn't know yet only that it had something to do with one of his relatives.

In the meantime, he'd been assigned under the watchful eye to one of the denizens – one of the few, he'd assumed was one from a handful of females.

She told him that perhaps one day he may return, but for now try to make the best of the situation and above all, not to forget his past. For it'll help him survive.

Will he ever see his family and home again? Who knows? It was only a matter of time.