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Chapter One: Opening the Door

She's only given in because she was lonely. She didn't think it was real. It was just a rumor. Mallory didn't have anybody. As she moved the dirt she thought back to earlier that day. The alarm had blared at 5 just like every morning. Groaning, a hand shot out from the old ratty comforter and slammed down on the off button. Sighing Mal had pulled herself from the warm bed into the cold room. Her floor was freezing. Looking over she saw that only one of the other beds was full. No surprise Lydia was already awake. Probably studying...again. It was the only thing the older girl did. Nerd. Mal snorted. Not that Mal was a popular kid. Hell Lydia was probably more popular. Mal groaned again she was rambling. To herself no less. Pulling on some clean? She hoped jeans from the floor she walked silently out of the room. Fawn could sleep for about another hour or so. Right now Mal was hungry. Stumbling as quietly as she could down the stairs she moved over to the coffee pot and started a cup before looking in the fridge. Ugh, they were running low on food. That meant that she had to go shopping. It also meant asking for money from Chris and Michelle. Her poor excuses for foster parents. It wasn't like they actually cared about any of the kids at all. The coffee pot beeped at her. Cereal it was. Pouring herself a cup she moved on to her cereal. There wasn't much milk. Better save it for the kiddies. Dry cereal and black coffee would have to do. Taking a small sip of the bitter liquid she scrunched her face up. Bleh. But she wouldn't make it through school without caffeine. So down the hatch. Sipping some more coffee she decided to mix it with her cereal. It was actually pretty good. After that Mal went about getting the rest of her school stuff ready before everybody else woke up. At one point Lydia walked in for some coffee but didn't say anything to Mal. Which was completely typical of her. Lydia was kind of stuck up especially if she thought you were not as smart as her. It was annoying really. So she did what she normally did and ignored her. She had to get the kids up anyway. Climbing the old stairs again she decided to start of Fawn. She wasn't as bad. The twins were demons. Little buggers. Walking back into her shared room she lightly shook the only other occupant.

"Fawn, honey. It's time to get up. You have school." She tried to be sweet. Mal wasn't good with kids. She just didn't understand them. Slowly Fawn got up. Opening her big blue eyes to blink sleepily up at the older girl.

"Can I wear my rainbow tutu?" She asked rubbing the sleep from one eye. Mal smiled. She don't normally like kids. She was never quite sure what to do with them or if they even liked her. However Fawn was different. She was so sweet and didn't have a mean bone in her body.
"If it's clean. Hopefully Lydia will do laundry today." Mal rummaged through the shared dresser. Technically the three girls were suppose to share it, but Lydia refused to let her clothing be squished and Fawn got upset when there was wrinkles in her tutus so Mal just put her clothing in a pile by her bed. It didn't bother her. It did bother Lydia though. Which led to many arguments. Finding said tutu she tossed it haphazardly over her shoulder to the younger girl. "But you also need leggings. It's starting to get cold now that it is the beginning of November." Turning around she found that Fawn had already finished dressing herself. Mal cringed slightly. Fawn was going through the phase where she wanted to dress herself and refused to listen. Under her rainbow tutu was leopard print legging while her shirt was white with purple polka dots. Fawn grinned happily.

"Well don't I just look as pretty as a princess?"

"Uhhh…" was all that came from Mal's mouth. She didn't really have a good answer. It was the same as Michelle asking if she looked fat in her new jeans. There was no winning answer for Mal. Apparently Fawn decided that she took to long and simply left. Mal sighed again. She hated Mondays. When she came back down the stairs it was chaos. The twins were fighting over cereal. Fawn was complaining that she wanted chocolate milk and the 7 month old Bailey was screaming at the top of her little lungs. Chris completely ignored all of it as he sat drinking his coffee and reading the morning paper. Lydia picked up Bailey and tried to make her stop crying. Toby the only other boy in the house besides the twins walked up behind them and pulled the cereal box from them. Pouring what was left he divided it equally and shoved the box back. He was mumbling something about practice after school and an upcoming algebra 2 test. Michelle spotted Mal at the bottom of the stairs cringing at the sight and rushed over.

"Mallory!" Oh great. "Why haven't you gone shopping. Fawn's been whining and bitching my ear off about not having chocolate milk with her breakfast. You have one chore and you can't even do that right! What use are you?" Mal just looked down at her old ratty converse. This was another battle Mal couldn't win. Michelle was always mad at somebody for something. Michelle glared at the girl who was ignoring her. "Hey!" Startled Mal looked up at her. "We took you in out of the goodness of our hearts! We didn't need a brat like you. Out of all the children we've taken in you are the only one that isn't good for something. Yet we still allow you to live here!" Something in Mal snapped. She started laughing. This was just too funny.

"Goodness of your heart? Lady do you even know what that means? No! You took us in because you are a money-grubbing whore! You don't care about any of us! You are just nicer to Lydia and Toby because she's on the honor roll and he's the star player on every damn team he's ever tried out for! Not all of us can be perfect!" By now everybody was staring at the two. Michelle's face got very red but Chris jumped in before she could say anything.

"You will not speak to either of us like that! You will be obedient and respectful!" He roared at Mal but she didn't care anymore. Grabbing her ratty old army green canvas backpack she ran out the door in anger. Not that school was going to be much better. But at least nobody was telling her that she was worthless.

Redwater High School was a large brick building with it's name spelled out in metal letters over the entrance. It had a few trees spread around the courtyard where the teenagers tended to hang out before school started. It was just like any other small town high school. School was just like anything else. Nobody payed attention to Mal. Not even the teachers. She just fell into the background. Mal sat in the branches of the tree watching the other kids running to meet their friends and talking about what they had done over the weekend. Mal wished she had some music or a music player like all the other kids but knew better than to ask. Lydia was the favorite and all she had was a crappy flip phone. The breeze blew through the trees causing the girl in the light hoodie to shiver. It was starting to get cold. The younger kids would need new jackets which would mean that Mal would need to get a heavier hoodie. Her blonde hair blew into her face while she was thinking. She needed a trim among other things. Hearing the bell brought her out of her trance. Time for another day of just existing. Most of school wasn't that interesting really. Same old stuff. Somebody broke up, others were having sex in the janitor's closet. The kid next to her had short curly red hair and was higher than a kite as he giggled into the sleeve of his black hoodie. She rolled her eyes and turned to her left to look out the window. However something interesting caught her ear. It was already about half way through school and almost lunch time. Some kids were gossiping so Mal subtly leaned in.

"Did you hear about Jen?"

"Yes! How did she do it?" Another friend spoke up.

"No what happened to Jen?" The first girl answered.

"Jen has always wanted to be a movie star! Yesterday a talent agent called her house looking for her! She now has a role! But that's not the best part." The other two moved closer to the first girl. "She told me that the night before she made a deal with a demon. She said that all she had to do was bury a box of a few things at a dirt intersection and the demon appeared. The demon told her she could have anything." Both girls gasped. One girl pushed her large glasses up.

"What did the demon want in return?" The first girl smirked pushing her dark hair away from her face.

"The demon will come for her soul in 10 years! This is so exciting." Mal leaned back. Anything she wanted? That was a pretty convincing sales pitch. The bell startled Mal out of her musing. Remembering that she left home without making herself lunch Mal made her way down to the library. She needed a computer. This whole demon thing had her curious. What if it was true? She could have anything in the world she wanted! Her life could be better than it had even been. Mal spent her lunch period researching demon summons. When the bell rang again Mal was no longer concerned with school. Her mind was busy waging war about whether she should try the demon deal or not. By the time school was over Mal groaned. All she had done was give herself a headache. However the real headache was yet to come. Now she had to pick up all the children, which included Loki and Darrell, not to mention Bailey. Lydia would be home by then and she could pass them off to her. Lydia was the main child caretaker in the house anyway. Mal still had a lot to think about. Was she really going to do it? What would she even ask for? What would be worth her soul? Or more accurately what would her soul be worth? Stopping at the entrance of the elementary school which looked like a baby version of the high school except smaller she found the fourth grade teacher standing there with the twins waiting for her. Great. Now she had to deal with this too. What on Earth had they done this time? Why couldn't they just behave? Mal sighed. Now she sounded like Lydia. Pulling on a fake smile she walked up to them.

"Miss Hawkins, how can I help you?" The woman sighed. She had been hoping for the parents but in the back of her mind she knew that the parents wouldn't care and the older sister was the best that she was going to get. The younger woman looked terrible and it was obvious that something was on her mind.

"I would like it if somebody spoke to Loki and Darrell about following the rules of the classroom. If I have to speak to them again this week they will be sent to the principal's office and the parents will be called." Miss Hawkins couldn't bring herself to cause the teenager anymore problems. Not with the one that was coming her way right now. Mal nodded about to thank the teacher for her patience when something colorful ran into her legs. She felt Fawn's tears seep through her jeans before she heard the sniffling. Kneeling down to her height she hugged the crying girl.

"Fawn what's wrong?" Fawn's teacher, Mrs. Gray came running after her. While Miss Hawkins was a fairly young woman with light honey brown hair and green eyes, Mrs. Gray was a plump woman in her late 50's with salt and pepper hair but lively blue eyes.

"I'm so sorry dear, some of the other girls made fun of Fawn's clothing today. They said some rather mean stuff. I spoke to them but Fawn is still very upset." Mal smiled at Mrs. Gray. She had been Mal's teacher and was one of the few adults that actually took notice of her. Mal nodded and thanked the elderly woman. Picking Fawn up she balanced her on her hip before calling out to the boys.

"Alright boys apologize to Miss Hawkins for disrupting class." Both mumbled an apology but Mal was to tired to make them speak up. The little group made their way down to the only daycare which thankfully wasn't far from the house. Mal was handed a crying Bailey and sent on her way the woman happy to have gotten rid of the fussy baby for the day. Mal made her way home Balancing Fawn, Bailey, and all three bags. Loki opened the door which Mal kicked the rest of the way.

"Lydia!" she shouted up the stairs. Hear a chair screech across the floor the light brown haired young woman came in pushing her purple glasses up.

"What Mallory?" Mal however just handed her the crying baby and went up the stairs with Fawn. She was going to do it and she knew exactly what she wanted.