Chapter 3: Shopping Trip from Hell

Lydia watched as Mallory practically ran around the house like a crazy person. She had run out of the house like it was on fire this morning without breakfast or even her coffee and there had been a strange man outside a few seconds after Mallory pulled out a phone that was better that both Chris' or Michelle's. Where had the phone come from and who was the guy? Mallory watched the windows in between runs through the house. She was never this happy, or active. Suddenly the strange man was in the driveway. Lydia was about to call the police when Mallory ran out and hugged him without hesitation. She narrowed her eyes. Something strange was going on. Mallory laughed and the two walked down the street before disappearing. Not around the corner but actually disappearing into thin air. When Mallory came home the two of them were going to have a serious talk about what was going on with her and her new 'friend?' Lydia didn't know who he was.

"So where to...uhh?" Crowley trailed off realizing that he didn't know her name. Mal burst out laughing.

"I was wondering when you were gonna ask or if you would even ask." She was laughing at him.

"Okay well what is it?" She giggled again. She did that a lot.

"My name is Mallory Walker but you can call me Mal."

"Well where to Mal?"

"Well I need to pick up the money and the list from Michelle then we can go to the store so can you please bring me to the Barbecue Buffet?" With a nod they were gone. Mal had to wait a minute for her stomach to remove itself from her lungs. "Some warning would've been nice." She gasped coughing a bit. Vaguely she heard him snickering. The jerk was laughing at her. Smacking him in the shoulder Mal prepared for battle. She hadn't spoken to either of her foster parents since the argument the day before and Michelle always made a big deal about Mal taking money from her even though it was part of her chore. Striding into the restaurant Mal kindly asked for Michelle Birch.

When Michelle saw her she smiled in false sweetness. Michelle's coworkers saw Mal as a sweet young woman trying to help her foster family with the younger children. They had no idea how useless the girl really was. Michelle already had the list and the money but decided to tease Mallory. The two had only been arguing for about ten minutes when a strange man walked into the restaurant. Ignoring the hostess he walked right over to them. Apparently Mallory knew the man because she greeted him quite happily.

"Hey Crowley!" she practically chirped. The two engaged in small talk as if she wasn't even there. Michelle took this time to observer the newcomer her no good foster kid brought in. He didn't even notice her eyes roaming all over him, he simply continued his conversation with Mallory. Michelle cleared her throat to draw their attention to her again.

"Mallory," she tried her best to sound like a sweet concerned mother "Honey, who's this?" Michelle held her tongue when the younger woman rolled her eyes.

"His name is Crowley and he's just a friend, so could I please have the money and the list Crowley said that he would give me a lift to the store and you always taught us that it was rude to make people wait." Michelle opened her mouth but closed it again. Mallory always pulled something like this when she was trying to get out quickly. Something was up with Mallory's new friend. Dumbly Michelle handed the two items over and the two left her standing there. While Mal was talking to Michelle, Crowley decided to look her over. She was nearly as tall as him and quite lanky with mousy brown hair and slightly tanned skin. She was darker than Mal but that wasn't hard. Her eyes were dark and had slight wrinkles around them.

Mal giggled as they appeared in an alley way next to the supermarket. When he wasn't being sullen or snarky Crowley was really fun to be around. He was a good conversationalist.

"The best part by far was when you came in and her mouth just dropped. I've seen that look before!" Crowley looked at her and raised an eyebrow and she clung to the cart in a failed attempt to stay standing while she continued to laugh at something that he didn't get.

"Oh and what look is that Mal?" Mal sniggered some more. "She thinks your hot. She wants to do terrible things to you." Crowley chuckled with her as they made their way into the store. The thought of Mal's foster mother being into him entertained him and he wondered how Mal would react if he did do something with her. He was pulled out of his thought when Mal grabbed him by his jacket and pulled him into the next isle. Crowley grumbled about his jacket and smoothed it out again. Mal snickered at him again. "What are you laughing about hmm?" she laughed some more.

"You are such a girl." Crowley grumbled at her for that comment. He was not a girl. His jacket was expense and he didn't want it to be ruined. The two bickered as they wandered around the store Mal pulling things off the shelf and tossing them in the cart. Crowley couldn't believe he was spending his Tuesday with some obnoxious girl in the grocery store. What was he doing? Before he could say something witty or sarcastic Mal saw something that made her angry.

"What is it?" he asked moving to see what she was looking at. A young woman with short light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes hidden behind oval purple glasses. Her clothing were modest and in better shape than Mal's but still weren't great.

"Lydia what are you doing here?!" Mal shouted angrily. The girl stood up from where she was hiding behind the shelf.

"I don't trust your judgment. Who the hell is this guy? Where did you find him? Why the hell would he hang around you? What kind of crap have you gotten yourself into?" Lydia fired questions at Mal angrily as if she was a child. Mal crossed her arms and glared at the older girl. Crowley however was completely lost. Who was this girl? All he knew was that her name was Lydia and that Mal knew her.

"Mal who is this?" he asked looking over the girl. She glared at him and he had to stop himself from laughing at her. She was only a few inches taller than Mal herself. So there was nothing threatening about her.

"Her name is Lydia and she is the oldest in the house. She thinks that she's Miss perfect and all the rest of us are just peasants." Mal was practically hissing. This girl made her angry, really angry. Crowley could feel it in the air.

"Don't tell him that! Don't tell him anything about us! He could be some kind of creep." Lydia spits back at Mal. The two were like cats and Crowley was loving it. Mal started laughing.

"You have no idea!" Crowley joined in with Mal's laughing. He didn't even think Mal knew what she was getting herself into. "However it has nothing to do with you and your boring life so why don't you just move on and go back to the kids where you are suppose to be!" Mal was practically shouting now. Crowley put his hand on her shoulder to calm her down. They were drawing attention and he did not want to add getting kicked out of the grocery store to his list of things that have happened to him today. With a small tug Crowley started to pull her away. Any other time he'd just sit back and watch the fight with a some of his favorite scotch but he was stuck with Mal for the next ten years. Mal allowed Crowley to pull her away. She had other things to do. As they continued in the store Mal could hear Lydia following them around. Mal was itching to punch her. Maybe she would once she was done shopping.

Mal could still hear Lydia following them. Her temper was like a lit fuse and man was it short. Lydia always grated on her temper but lately it was getting worse. Maybe it was Crowley or maybe it was just her. She wasn't sure. They were almost done when Lydia started up again. Grabbing Mal by the arm she pulled her into the girl's bathroom leaving Crowley with the cart and a bit confused.

"Just listen to me!" She shouted. Mal growled at her. Lydia was always trying to tell her what to do and it was really pissing her off.

"No. I don't have to. I'm sick of people telling me what to do. I am happy being around Crowley and there is nothing you can do about it so knock it off." Lydia cut her off before she could continue

"No Mallory. You are young and naive and you don't know what is good for you so just listen to me." Mal glared at her and shrugged her off. Pulling away she made her way back to Crowley. She needed to get out of here before she did something that she would regret.

"Lets get out of here before I snap." Crowley made a noise that sounded like he was laughing at her. Turning her glare on him she stomped on his foot before going to check out. She needed to get out of here.

"Aw come on Love, it was funny." Crowley trailed after her still snickering. She was kinda cute when she was angry. In a short yappy dog kind of way. Man she would kick him in the shin if she heard him say that. Crowley was brought out of his musing by several bags being flung into his stomach.

"Well are you going to be a gentleman and help me carry my bags or not?" She was smirking at him. Grumbling he took the bags that she handed to him. Together the two started for the door. However Lydia wouldn't quit.

"Mallory Raizel Walker! You listen to me right now!" Lydia shouted. Mal froze. That was the last straw. Mal slowly handed the bags over to Crowley before turning around to face Lydia.

"Say that again, I dare you." Mal's voice was quiet and low. Lydia walked over to her.

"You are going to go straight ho-" Lydia was cut off by Mal punching her right in the face, She had finally lost her temper and it was not going to be pretty. Crowley was just laughing out loud. He was no longer trying to hide the fact that he was amused. Mal was short and yet she was fierce and it was entirely entertaining. He didn't even care that he was standing there holding her bags like some whipped boyfriend. Mal turned her glare over to him but simply stalked over to take some of the bags back. Once they were outside Crowley found her watching for something out of the corner of her eye. She was still looking for Lydia. Crowley would admit that she was persistent. Once out of the public's eye he turned to Mal.

"Shall we get going?" She shook her head.

"Sometimes I just want to walk, it helps me clear my head," she paused and seemed to think about this for a moment. "Well as clear as it can get in here." This time she smirked at him. Nice to know that things didn't bother her for long. He tucked that piece of information away in his head for later. "I mean I did made a deal with a demon." She winked at him and continued walking.