Authors Note: With A Crush Like No Other finally coming to a close, I thought I would start work on Our Stories. But while looking through my stories folder, I found a bunch of half complete stories. So I thought I would post them as a series of One and Two-Shots. Hope You Enjoy!

The Belt Buckle

Ron Stoppable was in a situation. One that seemed to be occurring less and less ever since the introduction of the skinny jeans trend. But Ron, never one to follow trends, had opted to continue using his old baggy pants and belt. Ok, well the belt was new, having been given to him as a present by his girlfriend for their third anniversary. And there lied the problem, while almost any other day, he would have needed his pants to stay up, today, however, he needed them taken off. In a hurry if all possible.

The sensation in his nether regions were getting unbearable. The slight tingly feeling there was both uncomfortable yet oddly satisfying. After, minutes of wrestling with the buckle, he finally gave in, giving into his fate.

With a sad look on his face, he turned to Kim, bringing her the bad news. Which only seemed to prompt her to approach him. Without another word, she promptly brought her hands within proximity of his inner thigh. Slowly, she moved her hand around the area, appearing as though she was taking in the feeling. This only seemed to make the sensation worsen, as Ron once again attempted to remove his belt buckle, ready to vigorously yank at the dreaded piece of cast metal.

But this time, he was stopped by Kim, her other hand catching his before he made contact. Suddenly Kim, using the roaming hand, pressed firmly into his flesh. This only seemed to make the situation even direr, the sensation was getting worse. Ron could feel the heat on his skin. It was almost too much to bear. Disobeying Kim's orders, Ron once again started at his belt buckle. This time however, Kim started to help him by holding the belt buckle down for him. Much to her dismay this didn't help, rather only making the situation worse.

'Darn belt buckle' Ron cursed. This was a dire situation and he needed to get his pants off. Kim was waiting! But for the life in him he couldn't get this darn buckle open. To make matters worse Kim's rapid hand assault had caused a massive bump to form, clearly visible through his pants.

Freaking out, Ron finally started to get desperate, attempting to bit his belt buckle off. 'Darn neck, why won't you reach. I knew I should have taken those acrobatic classes with KP.' But Ron, being the tow headed teenager that he is, pressed on. After finally getting a bite in and tearing a bit of the material off, he decided to try again.

Kim once again offered her aid, this time however, she herself attempted to pry the belt open. The longer the belt stayed on, the greater chance of them getting caught. Which was why she was yanking at the belt buckle with all her might. "Darn you Wade, why did you make it so strong!" she mutter to herself. While this did help them on occasion, it didn't however her right now. Oh when she's done with this, she was going to chew Wades head off.

Five hours later, they still had no luck. Kim Possible had finally found her match, a belt buckle. They had tried everything: pulling, pushing, biting, igniting, pouring acid, heck they had even tried a chain saw. Not only would the belt buckle not budge, it also didn't have a scratch on it. Finally realizing that they had run out of time, they had finally decided to give up.

Two hours later, Ron finally got up to go home. Suddenly, the belt buckle finally came undone. Without a second thought, he pushed his pants down. The fresh air finally hit his thighs. "Ah" he sighed happily, finally free of his cotton cage. To Kim's Glee, some of the ants from her ant farm project had survived, crawled their way out of Ron's pants. Kim's glee turned to a blush as she got a good look Ron's nether regions, now propagated by many bumps.

"Um… Ron!" Kim squeaked.

Ron looked down "Eep!" He knew he had forgotten something that morning. Hastily, he pulled his T-shirt down to cover himself.

Looking back up he noticed the look currently plastered on Kim's face.

"KP, why are you looking at me like that?"

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